Springtime Favourites - Best of Green Beauty

Green beauty favourites are always fun to check out, so it's about time I finally got around to sharing some of my top picks again!  It has been far too long since my last favourites roundup, and I'm excited to create another dedicated review to my most reached for products, go to goodies, and current hobbies.

There are a LOT of treats I have been loving this year, so I'll just jump straight into it!  Skincare, makeup, and more -- a little glimpse into all my favourite things...

Green Beauty Favourites - Top Picks Spring 2020

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No matter how I have received a product, whether it has been purchased with my own money, gifted by a brand, been subsidized by a brand, won, gifted by friends/family, or purchased with a gift voucher, my approach is always the same -- honesty, integrity, and highlighting both the good and the bad.  You can find more information on Disclosures and Privacy here.

Favourite Natural Skincare:

Antipodes Worship Skin Defence Antioxidant Serum
I have been pretty minimalist with my skincare routine over the last few months, as I just haven't felt as inspired or motivated to keep up with my usual ritual.  A big part of that is just feeling anxious about life, but I also found myself wanting something surprising...  And then I opened my mini bottle of the Worship Skin Defence Antioxidant Serum from Antipodes!

Wow.  That about sums up my thoughts on this weird and wonderful formula.  When I imagine a serum, it is usually either fairly light in colour (or even translucent) or at the very most a deep golden hue.  Well, Worship is neither.  At first I thought mine was off because it is just SO different.  A rich earthy shade reminiscent of wet clay, this terra cotta colour is just so far off from my expectations that I was immediately intrigued.  The formula has a slightly sweet fruity scent that I find irresistible, and despite how thick it looks on first glance this is actually very lightweight and absorbs into the skin pretty much immediately.

While I have not been using this long enough yet to see full results, I am happy with Antipodes serum.  I find it hydrating, and it is very gentle so I don't have to worry about irritation or redness.  The mix of boysenberry, blackcurrant, kiwifruit, grapeseed extract, and other antioxidant rich ingredients work to inhibit oxidative stress and keep the skin looking youthful, plus boost its overall health.  I just add a few drops before my moisturizer/oil, and let it work its magic!

I also absolutely love that Antipodes does try me sizes of many of their products, as I can test out the suitability for my skin type before I fully commit.  That's just what I did with the Worship serum, and I have to say I have been super impressed and will be looking to pick up the full size soon!

Meadow Skincare Instant Hydration Body Balm
In my most recent review, I shared my thoughts on a few of Meadow Skincare's latest launches, including the Instant Hydration Body Balm.  This is the star of the show for me, as it is just so luxurious in every way.  The balm is super silky with a texture that I could just stare at for ages, and the blend of apricot, mango, and kokum butter, oat, macadamia, safflower, and argan oil, and plant waxes works to create a treatment that is intensively nourishing.

But don't let the richness fool you - this does not give an overly slick or greasy finish, but instead absorbs well and leaves you with incredibly soft skin.  The Instant Hydration Body Balm really offers a healing touch, plus leaves you more radiant from top to toe.

And the combination of neroli, mandarin, bergamot, patchouli, and grapefruit is just perfect!  Like I said in my full review, every element of this body balm has a purpose and has been added with intention, and I think Meadow Skincare deserves a round of applause for such attention to detail and dedication to formulation.

Inner Senses Tranquil Body Oil
I shared a snap of this beautiful body oil over on Instagram recently, and it wouldn't feel right to do a roundup of springtime favourites without mentioning this multi-tasking marvel.  Like many of you have probably been, I'm stressed out lately.  Just an ever-present sense of unease and uncertainty that looms over me every day...  So I've taken to aromatherapeutic treatments more than ever in recent weeks to help combat the negativity that has been creeping in.

Inner Senses range of holistic beauty treatments is my go to for formulas that soothe both skin and senses, and the Tranquil Body Oil is the perfect fit for me this spring.  The sweet, delicate aroma of neroli, lavender, mandarin, and petitgrain is so soothing, and it helps quiet my mind and reduce my anxieties.  I can add a few pumps to the palms of my hand post-shower and slowly massage the oil into damp skin, letting the steam carry the essential oils around the room so I can breathe them in and truly embrace the moment of peace.  Or I can use a little amount on the ends of my hair to protect against damage.  Perhaps a little massage at the end of the week even!

Whether I add this to a bath or use it to nourish dry patches on my body, the Tranquil Body Oil is a gorgeous way to ease stress while also pampering yourself.  This is a product that embodies the power of plants and nature, and it is one I have been very thankful for.

Green Beauty Favourites - Top Skincare Picks Spring 2020, Antipodes Worship Serum, Inner Senses Tranquil Body Oil, Bodhi & Birch Lime Blossom Hand Serum, Guy Morgan Dagger Rose Cleanser, Meadow Instand Hydration Body Balm, Pamoja Multi-action Face Cream
Yes, I realize after the fact that this is NOT the Meadow Body Balm - that shows the state of my brain lately... Whoops!

Guy Morgan Dagger Rose Cleansing Powder
Powder formulas are definitely rising up the ranks for me personally, and I have been really loving Guy Morgan's Dagger Rose Cleansing Powder in particular since discovering it while judging in 2020's BSL Awards.  This formulation is pretty special so it is no wonder it has made its way into my favourites!

Dagger Rose contains a mix of powders and extracts such as kaolin, rosehip seed, neem leaf, chamomile flower, baobab seed, aloe leaf juice, orange blossom, and fennel seed, plus gentle oils like jojoba, geranium, and rose otto.  This blend provides a gentle but effective exfoliation as well as a deeply cleansing treatment, and I love the comprehensive approach.  The ultra-fine powder contains small particles that help buff away dead cells, and I find this helps reduce blackheads and refine the complexion which is a great plus.

I also love how it transforms with even a few drops of water, and it becomes almost creamy to the touch.  It doesn't lather tons, but enough to make it easy to work across the skin and wash away all the grime from the day.  And while it doesn't tackle eye makeup, it does a great job as a morning cleanser or as a second cleanse.  I love how soft it leaves my cheeks in particular, and find it helped keep my skin clear - it's surprisingly clarifying, and I found it helped keep blemishes at bay as it really seems to get deep down.

Plus, the packaging is perfect!  It has a very simple, classic design that suits the outer cardboard packaging and the plastic free jar.  Guy Morgan has opted for a fully glass bottle paired with a glass stopper, and I find it looks super high end as well as being ideal for upcycling.  I just love everything about this beauty!

Bodhi & Birch Lime Blossom Protecting Hand Serum
Another product that has landed in my favourites this year is the Lime Blossom Protecting Hand Serum from Bodhi & Birch.  This formula contains an exceptional blend of all natural ingredients that target ageing, loss of hydration, congestion, and of course dry patches, plus the serum smells absolutely divine.  In my full review I mention this was standout for me, and it continues to be!

I adore this brand, and the Lime Blossom serum reminded me once again of why -- Bodhi & Birch shows so much skill in their range, and proves to me again and again the innate beauty of nature.  When it comes to this particular creation, the combination of plant based squalane, fatty acid rich rosehip, softening sweet almond, ultra-nourishing plum, soothing safflower, and elasticity boosting Vitamin E provides a super powered formula that soothes irritated skin and heals quickly.  And lately that is precisely what I need thanks to all the extra washing I have been doing.

The Protecting Hand Serum absorbs really fast so you do not end up with greasy skin, and you can instantly feel the ingredients conditioning and softening where you massage the oils in.  This has really helped keep my hands happy the last few months, and I am so pleased to have discovered it!

Pamoja Multi-action Face Cream
Another brand I discovered while judging in 2020's BSL Awards was Pamoja Skincare, and while I enjoyed exploring the full range, this Multi-action Face Cream has been what I am drawn to most over the spring period.

My skin really struggles to get on with moisturizers and creams, so I am always hesitant when trying a new one.  Most lead to breakouts, or worse...  But with Pamoja I never struggled with blemishes or redness, and instead was excited to find an airy, lightweight, hydrating treatment that left my skin looking and feeling fab!

With a velvety and delicate finish despite the product looking so rich and heavy in the pot, the Revive Multi-action Face Cream is an absolute delight to use.  It massages into the skin nicely, working across easily and absorbing quickly so you do not have to worry about waiting for it to 'dry' down.  I really like how natural it feels, like having no product on at all, plus it gives an instant boost to the skin.  I feel like this eases tightness, plumps, and gives a great balance of hydration and moisture which is actually pretty hard to come by in a face cream.  Definitely a star, and one I am sadly missing now that I finished my jar!

Green Beauty Favourites - Top Makeup Picks Spring 2020, RMS Sensual Skin Trio, Inika Lip Glaze Rosewood, Madara Glossy Venom Lip Gloss Hi-Shine

Favourite Natural Makeup:

RMS Sensual Skin Trio
I haven't been wearing as much makeup lately, but I have found myself continually picking up the RMS Sensual Skin Trio for days when I want a bit of natural glam.  This palette is a game changer for those looking to minimize their collection, who want a multi-tasking trio, or who just love clean beauty -- I can't rave about this enough!

I shared my love for the RMS palette in a recent review, but let me share some of the best features:

  • Three versatile shades: Madeira Bronzer Luminizing Powder, Grande Dame Luminizing Powder, and Demure Blush
  • Large circular pans suitable for all brush types
  • Gentle on the skin, and non pore-clogging
  • Glow-tastic finish
  • Super blendable, but also buildable pigments
  • Minimal fallout 

The trio is pretty generously sized, and all three shades really can be used for pretty much anything.  Blush, bronzer, highlight, eye shadow, contour...  You can get as creative as you wish with this beauty!  I can't get enough of this, and have been loving it for eyes, cheeks, and more all through the springtime months, and I expect I will continue to reach for it as we move towards summer.

Madara Glossy Venom Hydrating Lip Gloss
If you remember my recent post about my current favourite lip products, you'll know that I am totally obsessed with glosses at the moment.  I used to hate the feeling of lip gloss on my lips, but once I discovered non-sticky formulas I admit I was hooked.  Not only do they add some sparkle and shine, they help highlight the lips, add a fullness that makes them look plumped up, moisturize, and sooth!  They are fab if you have drier skin on your lips, as they really give a boost of nourishment and can help heal just like a balm would.  Plus I love how they can give either a subtle pop of colour or offer a rich pigment - there is something out there for all types!

The Madara Glossy Venom Hydrating Lip Gloss in the shade Hi-Shine has proved to be an instant hit, as it is perfect for everyday.  This transparent gloss has a big dose of shimmer which reflects so beautifully in the sunlight, and I love how it makes my lips appear so sumptuous.  Not only that, but I can feel the vegan friendly oils and waxes working their magic on my skin immediately.  They feel so soft, silky, and smooth, and they stay moisturized the whole time I'm wearing this lovely gloss.

Two of my other favourites right now are the Sappho New Paradigm gloss in shade Hazey which I mention in my Lippy Love roundup, and the Inika Organic Lip Glaze in the shade Rosewood which I recently rediscovered.  This is a lovely bold shimmer that adds a bit of fierce and fun style to any look, and it feels so comfortable to wear!

Green Beauty Favourites - Top Picks Spring 2020, Love Absolute Essential Purifying Spray, No Secrets Hand Cleanser, Flaya Rose Perfume

Favourite Springtime Products:

Love Absolute Skincare Essential Purifying Hand Spray
I got this as soon as it launched, and oh my - I absolutely LOVE it!  Everything about Love Absolute's sanitizer is perfect, from the brilliant blue of the liquid to the aromatic scent that is calming and not at all harsh.  I find many sanitizers have a very abrasive aroma, heavy on the alcohol and very much in your face.  That isn't the case with this stunner.  This has a sweet scent that is soft and fragrant and actually moreish!

Also, rather than corn based ethanol, the Purifying Hand Spray uses a beet derived solution which has been shown to be more eco friendly since it produces twice as much per acre and uses 40% less water - that's pretty great!  I love that Love Absolute has considered every single way to make this product the very best in terms of sustainability and effectiveness.  This is a consistent quality with this lovely brand, and a reason why I adore the range so much!

The sanitizer has a 72% alcohol base which is more than enough to ensure germs are taken care of, plus a blend of witch hazel, blue tansy, lemongrass, and tea tree.  These essential oils add additional anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties as well as soothing antioxidants so your hands don't become irritated with use.  Overall this has shown itself to be a must have, and I will most definitely be repurchasing in future!

Indoor Plants and Gardening
Like many people in lockdown, I have turned to nature to get some stress relief.  I have spent a lot of time in the garden, but have also been tending my indoor jungle too!  I admit my plant family has grown substantially since staying home, but I have no regrets.  My plants really do calm my nerves and give me a constant source of joy, and I find working in the garden eases tension and helps clear my mind.  I'm excited to have our first home grown veggies, plus I'm hoping that this summer we will finally have the "B" paradise I have longed to create as our boxes are full of bee, butterfly, bird, bat, and beetle friendly flowers and herbs.  How cool is that??

Disney +
Yep, we have joined the masses and got ourselves a year subscription to Disney +! And guess what - is is well worth the investment!!  There is SO much content on here, ranging from modern kids tv for little ones to the absolute beginning of Disney in the form of black and white shorts.  We have been working our way through the ages, jumping in and out of the classics, watching hits like The Mandalorian, revisiting my old favourites like Sister Act and Lizzie McGuire, introducing childhood staples to Tim like Boy Meets World, and enjoying newer films too!  It's so so so good!!  What have you been binging on Disney +??

No Secrets Beauty Hand Cleanser
A fabulous offer for No Secrets Beauty was recently shared by the wonderful Nicola, and I jumped at the chance to try some green goodies from this vegan friendly brand.  The one I have been especially pleased about is the free gift I was sent - the ultra gentle Hand Cleanser!

This is not your average soap, nor is it a hand lotion.  It is like a fusion of the two, with ultra nourishing properties thanks to cocoa and shea butter, plant based glycerin, coconut and willow leaf extract, and coconut oil, as well as naturally derived foaming properties.  The Hand Cleanser works to clean your hands and wash away dirt, germs, and grime while ensuring your skin does not dry out or become irritated.  It's a lovely treatment, and has been a bit of a savior in recent weeks.

Along with feeling great on the skin, I also find it smells delightful.  With notes of neroli, geranium, ylang ylang, lavender, and patchouli, this is a soothing scent that eases the mind.  It's sensual, calming, and very much like a reassuring caress to your spirits.  Exactly what I needed, and although I have only been using this for a short time I am already a big fan!

Flaya Rose Perfume
I'll admit I have not been wearing perfume as often lately, but when I do I have been reaching for Flaya more than ever.  I adore their fragrances, as they are so different from other natural scent profiles.  Sweetly floral, dreamy, long lasting, and so affordable - what is not to love??

I've tried all the other Flaya perfumes in the past, so finally picked up the Rose version to see what it was like.  I do not usually like rose fragrances as I find them overwhelming or a bit sickly, but Flaya has created a really well balanced formula that is delicate, soft, romantic, and has a sugary finish that lingers at the end that makes this a truly special experience.  I think the description really does capture the Rose eau de parfum perfectly:

Our feminine, timeless classic eau de parfum. A fresh floral fragrance, the essence of elegance and romance. Capture the light, summary scents of country Rose gardens and newly mowed croquet lawns.

Flaya is one of my top picks for natural perfume, and now that I have tried the entire range I have to say it is most definitely the best all round collection I have tried.  Every single bottle is perfect, and I highly recommend!

Green Beauty Favourites - Top Picks Spring 2020, Inner Senses Tranquil Body Oil, Bodhi & Birch Lime Blossom Hand Serum, Guy Morgan Dagger Rose Cleanser, Antipodes Worship Serum, Meadow Instant Hydration Body Balm
Yes, I realized after the fact that this is NOT the Meadow Body Balm - that shows the state of my brain lately... Whoops!

I am sure there are other favourites, like making homemade pizza dough and marveling at the increased birdsong outside, but I don't want to keep you too long!  But if you are curious about how I have been keeping busy during lockdown, do let me know as I would be happy to share.  And of course I want to hear all about your recent favourites you have been loving lately too!  So drop a comment below so we can share all of life's little joys with one another, and let's see what everyone is getting up to these days! xx


  1. I absolutely love Antipodes and Four is a brand I am seeing more and more feature on my social media feed x


    1. yes Antipodes is fab! I want to start trying some of their makeup as that is the one part of the range I've not used much of. And yes Four is a rising star for sure! x

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