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Looking for a natural and vegan friendly perfume that doesn't break bank??  Look no further than Flaya!  Handmade in Scotland, this small family run business carefully blends precious oils and natural aromatic compounds to create stunning eau de parfum that is suitable for all occasions and is also safe for skin and the planet!

Flaya Eau de Perfume Review

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Each perfume contains 20% natural fragrance, meaning the scents are potent and pretty long lasting, and of course there are no parabens, phthalates, SLS, or SLES since Flaya only uses plant based ingredients in their creations!  I also love the steps they've taken to ensure customer trust:

"The products registered with the Vegan Society are also endorsed by the Naturewatch Foundation and have achieved the Ethical Consumer Best Buy Label. Flaya perfumes are produced to the Non Food Certification Company (NFCC) Organic Personal Care Standards."

Right now, Flaya has seven scents on offer, ranging from fruity to warmly spiced.  And to be honest, as soon as I discovered this range I just knew I had to try all the scents out (well, almost all of them).  I picked up three last month, and another three in June, and have been testing them ever since they arrived on my doorstep!

I say *almost* all of them, as I have not actually bought Rose.  I adore rose water and rose based oils, but I just am not overly keen on rose fragrance usually.  I decided to wait that one out, as it's just not my usual perfume preference.  However, having experienced how lovely each of the other six are, I may just have to try it out in the future too...

But for now, I am really enjoying the ones I do have!  They last way longer than other natural perfumes I have used (several hours minimum), and if I am overly zealous with spritzing then a few days later I can still get a hint of the perfume on my scarf or clothes.  Each starts out powerful and a bit in your face, but evolves into a more delicate and complex scent as it wears.  I've been impressed with the overall quality, and just love how they look in their little glass bottles too - perfect for displaying on my perfume shelf!

Flaya's perfumes come in two sizes currently: a full size in a square 30ml bottle, and a mini housed in a 10ml vial.  I have to say I'm happy with both, as the 'try me' option is lasting far longer than I expected, and the larger one will be around for the foreseeable future even with my generous spritzing!  I actually love the minis as they are perfect for popping into my handbag or for short-term travel, so I'll probably always keep one on hand just for that, and of course have the bigger ones for my day to day.

As for the smell of the perfumes, well, just take a look:

Flaya Eau de Perfume Review

The name captures the essence of this perfume perfectly I think, as it really does evoke different shades of love - from those initial sparks with a first crush to the deeper feelings that come with a long term partner, Flaya has created a potion that includes it all.  And with the very first sniff you can't help but feel lighter and more inspired.

"A secret blend of Love and devotion. A crisp, delicate fragrance capturing summer nectar and hints of ornamental exotic blossoms. Flaya Love epitomizes eloquence, purity, beauty and grace – our bottle of liquid Love."

This perfume borders on the edge of young love, and has major blushing bride vibes.  "Love" has elements of innocence but also of something more eternal.  Powdery, fresh, and full of life, the aroma offers an enchanting blast of happiness that is refreshing and gives a lovely lift to your spirits.  It's youthful yet elegant, and combines a really interesting mix of oriental sharpness with sweet blossoms.  It's an interesting one for sure, and perfect for any occasion, especially during the summer months!

Get ready to unwind when you spritz this beauty!  Flaya's "Forever" is another aromatherapeutic creation that is both dreamy and romantic.  I love this so much it made its way into a Favourites post already, and it continues to be a staple in my beauty routine.  If you like warmer scents, then this one is definitely for you:

"Our favourite Forever fragrance. A sublimely rich, powerful scent of Jasmine with fruity, woody undertones. Flaya Forever is an intensely floral and highly fragrant lasting aroma prompting passion and relaxation."

I have to agree with Flaya on this, as it is truly a delectable smell that I would be happy to wear forever.  Sensual, romantic, soothing, and utterly enchanting, "Forever" couldn't have been the more perfect perfume to pick up in the larger size.  It's full and feminine, and has beautiful jasmine notes that envelop you in a calming cloud of heady blossoms.  The scent starts out really strong, but does soften up over time, leaving you with a lovely blend of sweet and spice.  It's a top pick of mine from their collection, and I find myself catching a whiff throughout the day and feeling automatically more chilled out and happy.  How nice is that??

Another favourite of mine, "Island" offers a perfect blend of juicy fruits and comforting spices.  It's lush, smooth, and full, and a great way to change things up if you're finding yourself bored with your usual selection.

"Our warm, fruity, fun fragrance. Deliciously cheerful fruity notes with fresh yet sensual undertones creating a lively scent and a hint of ylang ylang for depth. Flaya Island is cheeky, delightful and modern – an attractive alternative to our traditional fragrances."

One thing to point out is the liquid in real life is no where near as golden as it shows in the picture.  "Island" is a paler than pale yellow, like dry straw, but don't let that fool you into thinking this is in any way a grassy perfume.  Instead, you'll find yourself transported to a far off world filled with warm sunsets and sea breezes, soft sandy beaches where you have no need of shoes, and a magnetic desire to explore.  It's so aromatic, it almost makes your mouth water when you breathe it in!  Flaya has captured all the joys of summer in this creation, and it's a great way to get your dose of sun even on the greyest of days.

Flaya Eau de Parfum Perfume Review

Again, it's amazing to me how brilliantly Flaya captures the feel of this perfume in the name.  "Imagine" gets your mind working, and is a fab fragrance if you're needing a way to reconnect with your more thoughtful nature.

"Our bright, sweet scent to attract and enchant. A light, fresh, powdery fragrance symbolizing stability and nobility. Imagine beautiful bridal bouquets with a dash of lavender and delicate hint of spice to emulate feminine grace and beauty."

I find the description here interesting, as I would almost switch this with "Love" personally.  While you do get similar vibes from both, I find "Imagine" more delicate and rounded, and far less in your face.  It's gorgeous, but not powdery in the same way - rather, it has a complex body to it, simultaneously sweet, floral, spicy, and with just a touch of soft aniseed.  This perfume has an almost mysterious quality to it, and is ideal for evening wear in particular I find.  I really enjoy it, and find it both calming and exotically dreamy!

"If only, if only, " the woodpecker sighs,
"The bark on the trees was as soft as the skies, "

I can't help but think of that quote from Louis Sachar whenever I go to use this Flaya perfume, and the smell actually reminds me of the fictional "sploosh" he writes about in Holes.  It's softly sweet and juicy, but has so much more going on that it can't just be described as simply fruity.

"Our mysterious mix of fruit and floral fragrances. Gloriously sweet yet slightly spicy and sensual, this complex creation intrigues and excites. A wonderful web of melons, mint and green notes is perfected with a dash of myrrh to mesmerize."

Intriguing for sure, "If..." has quickly made it onto my list of favourite natural perfumes.  It takes you on a journey from the first blossoms in springtime, to the delight you get from a cold drink in the high heat of summer, to the crispness of fresh autumn leaves clinging to branches, all the way to the silent air that hangs still on a bright winter day.  It's a bottle of all the possibilities life has to offer, and is such a delight.  I adore this fragrance, and I find it totally unique to any perfume I've owned. Almost like cucumber melon, but not quite, and reminiscent of body sprays I used as a teen, but more refined and polished - it's definitely one to give a go!

No. 48:
Flaya's "No. 48" is the most eye catching of the range, as the perfume has a beautiful caramel colour to it, like golden summer sunshine or rich honey.  You know just by looking at it that the scent will be more complex and warming than the rest.  And it doesn't disappoint:

"Our luxurious signature scent. Sweet organic Madagascan vanilla beautifully blended with exotic floral bouquets. A smooth, deep, sultry scent which lusciously lingers in an intense sub-tropical haze."

"No. 48" is creamy from start to finish, with buttery vanilla notes at the very forefront that are softened by a heady floral aroma that lingers in the background.  It reminds me of hot summer nights, deep orange sunsets, tropical islands overlooking oceans that expand out indefinitely into the horizon, and romance.  For me, this is a perfume to be worn in the evenings, maybe out to a nice dinner or a special date night.  It exudes decadence, but is also familiar in such a cozy way.  It's definitely a fragrance to try if you like warmer aromas, or if you are looking for something with a bit of depth to it.

Flaya Eau de Perfume Review

Of the six perfumes from Flaya I have tried, I think my favourites so far have to be Forever, If..., No. 48, and Island.  I keep going back to those over and over again, and will definitely be repurchasing when they reach the end.  And while I am not usually super drawn to rosy perfumes, I do think I will pick up a bottle of "Rose" just to try out.  It sounds like more than your typical scent profile: "Our feminine, timeless classic eau de parfum. A fresh floral fragrance, the essence of elegance and romance. Capture the light, summary scents of country Rose gardens and newly mowed croquet lawns."  What do you think??

Overall I am really impressed by Flaya, and I love that they use natural essential oils instead of fragrance oils that can be fairly irritating when breathed in.  I also love that they use 80-92% organic ingredients, and that all their formulations are vegan friendly!  For the price they are at, these are exceptional blends with stunning aromas, and I highly recommend you pick up a bottle (or two!) to try for yourself if you are on the lookout for new natural perfume.

Which one sounds most in line with what you like in a fragrance??  Are you more drawn towards the sweet sounding scents or the ones with spicier notes?  Let me know!  xx

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