About Me

Hello!  Glad you stopped by!  I’m Bryanna, and I am the author of this blog.
If you have not yet guessed it, I am passionate about everything to do with green, toxic free living.
I also love travel, coffee, and language.  Reading, writing, listening: I find the ability to communicate fascinating.
I live in the UK, but I was born and raised in Western New York.  Never heard of it?  No worries, most people haven’t!  Smooshed between Buffalo (near the Canadian border) and Erie, PA, WNY is a fairly rural area, and promoting sustainability is far from most people's minds.  So how did I come to be so interested in my ethical lifestyle?

By chance, to be perfectly honest.  I was part of the honors program during my undergraduate degree, and I signed up for Environmental Chemistry to fulfill a science requirement.  Professor Sherri Mason taught me so much (although I still know absolutely nothing about actual chemistry - sorry!) and illuminated this whole new way of living for me.  I learned about the harmful effects of ingredients, the consequences of mass-production, the devastation that was happening to the environment due to irresponsible handling/disposing of products, and the sad reality of how ignorant I had been.

I have been living as green as possible since 2013, eating less meat and animal products (update: have nearly eliminated all meat from my diet!), more locally, using products I feel safe using, buying items I know do not harm the world around me, and actually looking into the effects of my habits.  I am not perfect by any means, and there are still a lot of things I have yet to change, but I hope you all can help me through, and that I can help you with your own journeys too :)

- B x


  1. Hi Bryanna- reading your blogs you have a great tone and love your green ethos.

  2. Meow!
    Hello, pretty! It's greatto see the product of so much work, congratuations!
    *carries on reading*

  3. its nice to see a blog thats actually about natural products so many say they do then sneak other products in

  4. Great to hear you're close to eliminating all animal products from your life :) If you're interested, OneBillionVegans is a great facebook group & the friendliest & most helpful if you're on a journey to veganism; I have learnt so much from the members on there. Thanks for your posts x


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