The ecoLogical Merch

Did somebody say merch?!  I'm excited to be launching a 'store' section to the blog which includes a few products and bundles I created especially for you eco beauties!

From skincare diaries and handmade prints to plant cuttings and beauty boxes - I am sharing my passions and I sure hope you love them!

In time I hope this catalog will grow, but for now you can enjoy:

Skincare Diary - 6 Month Digital Edition - £10

Perfect for new skincare enthusiasts, slumber parties, teenagers struggling with their skin, bloggers testing new products for review, beauty judges, and those looking to track the results of a formula.

Plant Positivity Cards - Aroid 3 Pack - Digital Edition - £5

Plant Cuttings Box - 5 Houseplants - £15

I have a limited number of surprise cutting boxes available each month. You will get 5 unrooted cuttings from a selection of over 100 plants - all for just £15 including postage! (UK ONLY).

Choose from:

🌱 ALL KINDS COLLECTION - a mix of everything

🌱 SUCCULENT SURPRISE - a mix of succulents

🌱 LEAFY LOVE BOX - a mix that doesn't include any succulents

Plants will be a mix of fresh cuts, leaves, divisions, and/or bulbs (no duplicates in any box!), and I can offer advice for rooting if needed 🙂

Potential cuttings include...

🌱 heartleaf philodendron

🌱 peperomia rosso

🌱 maranta kerchoveana

🌱 hoya tricolor

🌱 crassula marginalis

🌱 philodendron micans

🌱 silver pothos

🌱 tradescantia tricolor

🌱 begonia arctic breeze

🌱 string of hearts

🌱 sedum burrito

🌱 zz raven

🌱 string of bananas

🌱 peperomia napoli nights

🌱 hoya carnosa

🌱 golden pothos

🌱 jelly bean

🌱 tradescantia zebrina

🌱 alocasia polly

and more!!!!

First come first serve 💚 When they're gone they're gone!

Natural Beauty Bundles - Price Varies

On occasion I will be offering curated boxes.  These will always be worth double the price and contents will be shown in the listing.  These will only be shared via Instagram stories, The ecoLogical Facebook page, and special Facebook groups.

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