2024 Beauty Shortlist Awards - Stand Out Winners

The 2024 Beauty Shortlist Awards have announced this year's winners in the Wellbeing, Beauty, and Men's Products categories -- so of course it is time for me to share my top finds from judging!

green beauty products from the 2024 Beauty Shortlist Awards laid out to see textures and colours

“No other awards champion beauty brands, both established and upcoming, like The Beauty Shortlist does.  

A true celebration of the best, the awards’ impartiality and inclusiveness mean that there’s an opportunity for every brand to take part irrespective of budget, size or provenance, and to share a platform that brings them wider recognition”

The British Beauty Council

Each year I am wowed by new and established brands alike, and it is always a wonderful journey being part of the judges panel.  I love getting to experience a variety of ethical and natural products from around the world, and it is a pleasure being able to share my thoughts about each experience.

Judging is time consuming, and requires patience as well as knowledge.  I can't help but be overjoyed that I have been part of the Beauty Shortlist Awards for so many years now, and 2024 is no exception.  I began testing treatments back in October, and took detailed notes on each and every formulation from the texture and scent to the packaging and performance.  And last week all of the results of the judges findings were finally announced!

Be sure to check out the full list of winners, editor's choices, and commended over at the Beauty Shortlist -- there are so many products to discover: candles, vitamins, serums, bath salts, creams...  And don't forget to congratulate the brands too.  This is a huge achievement, and sharing your enthusiasm will mean a lot too!

But for now, let's take a moment to celebrate a few of my favourites from 2024's Beauty Shortlist Awards...

three products from the Skoho natural skincare line in front of a fluffy orange pumpkin cushion

Skoho Soothing Lavender Drift Body Wash

Commended for three products in this year's awards, Skoho is an EcoCert brand with COSMOS certifications from India that aims to "use the best of science to offer a unique and amazing User Experience to everyone."  I tested several of their treatments this year, but my favourite had to be their Soothing Lavender Drift Body Wash.  While the packaging wasn't the most sustainable (lots of plastic), the treatment itself was gentle and thoroughly cleanses your skin.  The scent is very strong, so this is more ideal for dispersing in a bubble bath or in the shower steam, but the combination of lavender and spearmint was a unique combination that soothes your senses while simultaneously boosting your spirit.  It provides a lot of lather, and despite all the suds it never felt drying on my skin.  With a generous size bottle and an affordable price, I had to include this treatment in my roundup of 2024's Beauty Shortlist Awards winners.

three products from The Rose Tree on a grey and white diamond pattern sheet

The Rose Tree Rose & Marula Facial Essence

The Rose Tree is a brand I am very familiar with, as I have helped judge them previously and have purchased their products several times.  Landing three Editor's Choice awards, they proved once again that their aromatherapeutic treatments are something special.  While I enjoyed each, my stand out has to be the Rose & Marula Facial Essence.  Made with 92% organic ingredients, this intensively moisturising oil works to soothe and nourish the skin.  It is fairly heavy, but it eases tightness, itching, and redness making it a great overnight option to heal and replenish while you sleep.  Plus, the scent offers a dreamy quality thanks to the heady rose that calms and quiets your mind.  If you have dry, mature, or irritated skin, this is definitely a formulation to check out.

Naela body oil in front of a shelf of old books

Naela May This Be Love Nourishing Body Oil

Oh how I adore this body oil.  Naela burst into my life and provided a much needed surprise in the shape of a beautiful green glass bottle...  This UK based brand draws on the founders multicultural background to create luxurious beauty products that benefits both our wellbeing and our skin.  As a Finalist in the Best Body Oil category, it should be no surprise I fell head over heels for this handcrafted marvel.  Rich, but not greasy, aromatic, but not overwhelming, and packed full of natural organic ingredients, this formulation wows on every level.  I am obsessed with the soft and mindful scent of creamy florals and gentle sweetness, and the full bodied texture spreads so easily that you can moisturise from top to toe with ease.  My skin feels like silk after use, and I will be budgeting in future so I don't have to go too long without this beauty.

Silktown Soap Co Sunbeam bar soap on a green background

Silktown Soap Co. Sunbeam Natural Soap

Can you be best friends with a bar of soap?  If so, this is the lifelong pal for me.  Silktown Soap Co. is a small family owned business from North West England, and their Sunbeam Natural Soap left be flabbergasted.  By far my favourite aroma of the whole year, it is bursting with creamy citrus and positive vibes.  You will be trying to find an excuse to wash your hands just so you can breathe in the comforting smell of neroli and orange -- it truly is like a sunbeam!  Not only does it smell incredible, but it also lathers well and is gentle on your skin.  It washes away dirt and oil easily, but leaves your hands feeling fresh and soft after you rinse away the rich foaming suds.  If you're seeking out some soap, be sure to pick this one up to experience.

Nakin natural skincare products laid out on a grey and white diamond pattern background

Nakin Lip Treatment Balm

Nakin is another brand I have enjoyed previously, so I was excited to have another chance to test their products for 2024's Beauty Shortlist Awards.  Winning three Editor's Choice awards and one Commended product, this UK brand has a lot to celebrate -- and I want to share about two of my favourites to spread the excitement.  First, the Lip Treatment Balm which is an intensively conditioning treatment that is rich, slick, and offers total rejuvenation for your skin.  It feels more like a gloss, but without any stickiness, and the touch of mint provides a light tingle that is very soothing.  I found my lips becoming softer, smoother, and less irritated after just a few uses, and I like how I can rub any excess into my cuticles and see similar results.  This balm is one of the best I've tried, and I recommend checking it out for yourself next time you're shopping for a lip treatment.

Nakin Matt Formula Face Cream

The second stand out from Nakin is the Matt Formula Face Cream.  This has a neutral aroma so is perfect if you are sensitive to scents, and it has a lightweight texture that absorbs easily making it a good fit for a range of skin types.  I love how it glides across your face, as you do not need to use too much product, and despite how thin the formula feels, it does actually strike a balance between hydration and moisture so your skin feels replenished.  I noticed my face felt less tight and tired after a few days' use, and after several weeks I could visibly see how it revitalised my dull complexion and worked to plump and smooth.  My skin has been on the sensitive side for the last year, and this cream worked perfectly to calm as well as nourish.  It is definitely one that I want on my skincare shelf from now on, and with a pretty affordable price I am happy I can make this a reality.

Zaza & Cruz natural face mask on top of a ukulele

Zaza & Cruz Glacial Mineral Detox Mask

Another British beauty brand for the win!  Zaza & Cruz aims to "enhance your beauty not to mask it."  Awarded Best Face Mask for the detox category, the Glacial Mineral Detox Mask is a minimalist formulation that maximises the potential of natural ingredients.  Seriously -- this mask punches well above its weight.  The treatment soothes irritation and decreases sensitivity, reduces redness, and works to banish blemishes all with one affordable powder.  The mask blends well with liquid and remains lightweight on the skin, and despite the pure Canadian Glacial Clay, it does not feel drying.  Instead, my face felt soft, balanced, and calm after each use.  I was so impressed by this natural face mask, and hope to purchase a jar in the future.

Suk Calm Your Mind Blue Cream resting on top of a keyboard piano

Suk Calm Your Mind Blue Cream

With an Editor's Choice award and a Commended product, Suk was a brand I was happy to be newly introduced to.  Handmade in London, these products are crafted in small batches to guarantee freshness.  Their Calm Your Mind Blue Cream especially stood out to me this year, as it has such a gorgeous blue colour and is gentle in every way.  With 64% organic ingredients and a calming aroma filled with the softly sweet and floral blue tansy, this skin cream eases tension and helps clear your headspace which is perfect for chaotic moments.  I love breathing in the scent and feeling more at peace.  Plus, the texture is light but very moisturising.  You can feel it replenishing your skin as soon as its applied.  I love how soothing this is, and it leaves my skin feeling pillowy soft.  I also noticed a reduction in blemishes -- it really balances everything out and boosts hydration so your skin feels less tight and looks revitalised.

2024 Beauty Shortlist Awards winners lined up in front of a fluffy yellow pumpkin cushion

I experienced so many wonderful products when judging in 2024's Beauty Shortlist Awards, and I discovered many more that I want to test out in future when reading through the list of winners.  I even made a little Instagram reel to help celebrate the brands I tested or was familiar with previously -- it is always such an exciting morning when the results are released to everyone and the winners are sharing their excitement, so joining in that enthusiasm is a blast.

Did you have a chance to look over this year's winners?  And did you recognise any brands who were awarded?  I would love to hear all about it, so do share in the comments below! xx

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