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 Ethical PR and Freelance Enquiries FAQ

I welcome opportunities with brands that share my ethos, and would love to hear from you!  Ethical business and collaboration enquiries may be sent to

For further reference on what types of businesses I cover, see below.

In terms of what I offer for The ecoLogical, I am open to:
  • collaborations for reviews and giveaways
  • sponsored monthly advertising space on the sidebar and/or sliding header
  • sponsored Instagram and/or Twitter posts
  • sponsored Instagram stories and/or Twitter fleets
  • sponsored guest posts
  • sponsored blog post (these are exceptionally limited and subject to approval)

I also offer freelance options for your ethical business, with prices starting at just £25:
  • blog posts and articles
  • product descriptions
  • instruction booklets
  • photography/video content
  • platform specific graphics
  • editing services
  • social media assistance
  • consultant services
  • email templates
  • and more! 
You can see examples of my content both here on The ecoLogical and other publications may be found here.

What products/brands am I happy to feature on The ecoLogical and associated social platforms or work with on a freelance basis?

  • ethical services and ethically made products
  • natural and nontoxic formulations
  • eco friendly / sustainably produced items
  • zero waste or plastic free products
  • organic goods
  • vegan friendly items, including beauty and fashion
  • fair trade products
  • green initiatives and charitable foundations
  • and more!

    If it is related to green living, ethical subscriptions, or natural beauty, whether that be beauty, fashion, food, or homegoods, I am happy to support ethical business either through sponsored content and collaborations or freelance work!

What products/brands do I not feature here on The ecoLogical and associated social platforms or do freelance work for?

  • non cruelty free brands
  • products that are not eco-minded
  • aggressive MLM and consultant sales companies (like Arbonne)
  • companies that use greenwashing marketing tactics in the hope to gain sales (ex: "organic formula" but ingredient list shows 0.0001% organic formula, "free from nasties" but contains harsh ingredients or known toxins, "vegan" but allows animal testing, etc.)
  • fast fashion
  • businesses that are not transparent about ingredients, sourcing, policies...

    I run on trust!  If you are an ethical business, I am happy to discuss sponsored content, collaborations, or freelance work.

For more information on PR, please see my Disclosures & Privacy page.

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