The ecoLogical is active on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and various Facebook groups, and is free to answer correspondence through any of those outlets.

Twitter: @the_eco_logical 
Pinterest: the_eco_logical
Instagram: @bskye7 

I have deleted the Contact Me form as updates have meant that most of these sadly go unseen as they are sent to spam for some reason!  I want to hear from you and be able to respond, so instead just pop me a message on any social media page or feel free to leave a comment on any post!

Additionally, business and collaboration enquiries may be sent to

I welcome opportunities with brands that share my ethos, and would love to hear from you! For further reference on what types of businesses I cover, see below.

What products/brands am I happy to feature here on The ecoLogical and associated social platforms?

  • natural and nontoxic formulations
  • eco friendly / sustainably made items
  • zero waste or plastic free products
  • organic goods
  • vegan friendly items, including beauty and fashion
  • fairtrade products
  • green initiatives and charitable foundations
  • and more! if it is related to green living, ethical subscriptions, or natural beauty, whether that be beauty, fashion, food, or homegoods, I am happy to support eco-biz!

What products/brands do I not feature here on The ecoLogical and associated social platforms?:

  • non cruelty free brands
  • products that are not natural / eco friendly
  • aggressive MLM and consultant sales companies (like Arbonne)
  • companies that use greenwashing marketing tactics in the hope to gain sales (ex: "organic formula" but ingredient list shows 0.0001% organic formula, "free from nasties" but contains harsh ingredients or known toxins, "vegan" but allows animal testing, etc.)
  • fast fashion
  • businesses that are not transparent about ingredients, sourcing, policies... I run on trust!

For more information on PR, please see my Disclosures & Privacy page.


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