May Eco Friendly Favourites + Lifestyle Loves

Another month has come and gone, and today I am going to be rounding up my favourite green and clean products, stand out shows, and memorable treats!

I asked over on Twitter at the beginning of the month if you eco-beauties would be interested in me reinstating my Favourites posts, and the vote was a resounding YES.  So today marks the start of what I am hoping will be another monthly series!  I'll do my best to share all my favourites at the end of each month so you can get a sneak peek at some products I am currently testing and some tried and true goodies that continue to be staples, but also get to know what other things I am loving in life!

Let's jump into it, shall we?

May Eco Friendly Favourites + Lifestyle Loves
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To be honest, there are far too many green goodies to cover here, so I will be focusing on a handful of brands that I am loving this month.  Some I've only recently discovered, some have been favourites for the long haul, but all are absolutely brill!

Lani **: I discovered Lani a while back while watching So Natural Beauty's Insta stories, and I was entranced from the start.  This vegan friendly natural beauty brand creates tropical inspired formulas that don't cost the earth or your month's rent!  I actually reached out recently as I was so impressed by what I was seeing, and I'm so thankful to now be testing a selection from their range.  So far every product has shown to have strengths, but some of my all time favs have to be the Tropical Cacao Detox Mask and the Blue Mint Facial Cleanser.  The stand out colours, delicious smells, and incredible feeling my skin has once rinsed make these two creations absolute stars in my mind!  A full review of five fab formulas will be landing soon, so be sure not to miss it.

Love Absolute: Again, this is another brand I will be reviewing in more detail soon, as they deserve a full feature!  I first discovered Love Absolute while judging in 2019's BSL Awards, and I fell hard for their Amoral Calm Blue Cleansing Balm.  The texture and consistency is unlike any other I have come across, and it is just so magical.  Then, I was lucky enough to get two more of their creations in an edit from The Natural Beauty Box, both of which wowed me with their unique and gentle formulas.  Love Absolute's founder Sarah is an absolute genius when it comes to skincare, and has perfected a wide range of products from face masks to cleansers to daily moisturizers...  Seriously, everything is just out of this world!  Lately I am particularly enjoying the sample set ** that I was sent to test out, especially Soulful Spice, Rose Glow Clay, and of course my beloved cleansing balm.

Inner Senses: Of course Inner Senses has to make my favourites list - it wouldn't be a proper favourites roundup without their creations!  You can find a full Brand Spotlight here if you want to know about everything in the range, but for May I have to say my go tos were Vibrant Earth, Quiet Earth, Tranquil, and Deep Blue C.  This combination has kept both my mind and my skin calm and clear, and has helped balance my face and body through all these dramatic weather shifts.  Do let me know if there are any specific products you would like to see a full review of - I'm happy to take requests!

Remember, you can use my special Brand Ambassador code to grab yourself a free trial size product with any full size order by using BRYANNA at checkout.  No minimum spend required, and samples range from £3.25 to £10 across the face and body range so this is a great way to trial a blend you are not 100% sure about yet.  Once you have picked your blend of choice just pop it in your cart, click through to checkout, pop the Ambassador code BRYANNA into the "Discount Code" box, and you can try the oil free of charge as easy as that!

May Eco Friendly Skincare Favourites + Lifestyle Loves

Belenos Skin Botanique: I first came across Belenos thanks to an Instagram story from the wonderful Ro.  I immediately placed an order for the Floral Toner as the ingredients really intrigued me, and oh my am I happy I picked this out.  Not only is it absolutely juicy in all the right ways, with uplifting notes of neroli, soothing jasmine, and sweetly floral rose, but it has such a lightweight mist that is totally revitalizing on the skin.  This has quickly found a way into my top 5 facial mists, and is on my repurchase list as I don't want to have to go without it.

Want to try Belenos for yourself?  Head over to discover the full collection.

Okoko Cosmetiques: I've been loving Okoko Cosmetiques for quite some time now, but the hectic weather this month has re-proved to me how incredible their formulas are, as the lip serum has kept my lips from cracking and the gel-to-milk mask has helped my skin stay smooth and clear.  These products are luxury through and through, but also highly effective.  I love the comforting scents, the silky soft textures, the way my skin glows afterwards.  And not only that, but the brand itself is one to be proud to support - just look at the new Okoko Academy initiative!  It's not often you find a founder so giving, so kind, and so willing to help other new entrepreneurs by sharing their expertise.


PHB Pure Organic Lip Gloss: I used to hate lip gloss.  That is, until last year when I got a tube in an Ipsy bag and my preconceptions were shattered.  So I decided to give glosses another go - and oh boy am I glad I did!  PHB has been a big favourite of mine lately, as the colour is subtle but oh so pretty and the formula isn't sticky at all.  The gloss is moisturizing, gives a little pop, adds glow, and is perfect for all occasions.  I've worn it on a night out, to a PhD meeting, to the GP, around the house...  I will definitely be exploring more shades soon I think.

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Natural Origin Mascara: I decided to switch things up recently and try a few new mascaras since I had repurchased my tried and true PHB one so many times, and after getting this in a box swap I did a while back, I thought it was time to give it a go.  I was hooked from the first use.  The wand is one of the best I have tried, as it gives a clump free look that is both volumizing and lengthening.  The formula is really buildable so you can go back to add another coat (or two!) for even fuller lashes.  Plus I've found it very gentle on the eyes!

May Eco Friendly Makeup Favourites + Lifestyle Loves

Fat & The Moon Beam Highlighter **: I have been eyeing up this brand for a while now, but it was always just not the right time to order.  This US brand wasn't easy to come by in the UK - until now.  Now stocked with Live in the Light, those who have been hoping to test out these non toxic products can finally pick them up without worrying about customs charges or international shipping fees!  And WOW is it worth picking some of their green goodies up.  I'm working on a full review of the items I was sent from LitL, but I've got to at least mention how beautiful this highlighter is here.  I don't get on with most 'cream' makeup as they break me out, but this hasn't given me any issues.  Instead, I get the stunning shimmer and sheen of 'Beam' without any pesky blemishes the next day.

Keen to try?  Get 15% off your first purchase by using code BryannaMartonis15!

Fat & The Moon Dusk Lip Paint **: I've been trying to cut down on plastic packaging for over a year now, and Fat & The Moon offer some fab options in recyclable and plastic free tins.  One of which is this gorgeous lip paint.  Dusk is the perfect shade for me, as the deep mulberry tone compliments my fair skin without being too dark or making me look washed out.  It applies so smoothly with either a finger or lip brush (like I prefer to use), and the pigment is fab.  Again, I'll be doing a full review soon so keep an eye out, but for now know it has been a fav find for May!

Keen to try?  Get 15% off your first purchase by using code BryannaMartonis15!

Other Beauty Treats

May Eco Friendly Favourites + Lifestyle Loves
Flaya: I'm not going to go into too much detail here, as I have a full review in the works, but I couldn't make this favourites post without mentioning Flaya.  This vegan friendly perfume brand uses natural and organic ingredients to craft amazing scent profiles that actually last for a fair amount of time.  Each one I've tried so far is fairly sweet, juicy, and just so different from the other natural perfumes I have used in the past.  Love captures summer nectar and exotic blossoms, Island is cheerful yet sensual with notes of ylang ylang, and Forever is rich, powerful, and highly fragrant thanks to the jasmine within the blend.  All have grown on me so quickly, and I will be picking up more next month when I do another Love Lula order.

Butterfly Clip: This has been a lifesaver on days where my hair is a mess but I don't have the time or energy to fix it.  I just pop my clip in and immediately look more put together.  I love that this suits my personality (a bit quirky and quaint at the same time) and am living for the nineties vibes!  Plus, it's not often I find something that can fit all my hair in it, and this manages perfectly.  No idea where I got it, or when even, but what I do know is it's been a staple recently!

Kiss the Moon Love Night Cream for Hands: I mean, this probably should go under skincare but it is a fusion of a skin treat and a sleep aid in my opinion so I am popping it here!  Both Tim and I love this hand cream from Kiss the Moon, though for different reasons.  I like massaging it in right before bed, breathing in the dreamy notes of rose and frankincense and getting ready to drift off to sleep.  It is so intensively nourishing, so I can wake up the next morning with soft and smooth hands that feel totally healed.  Tim, on the other hand, enjoys the scent for a more... "unique" reason let's say.  He says this smells of a particular Doctor Who DVD case he has, and finds it comforting in its nostalgia. *shrugs*  Either way, this is a delight to use.

Tabitha James Kraan Clean Conditioner Golden Citrus: I had pretty much given up on conditioners until I got a bottle of this beauty.  I had switched entirely to hair oils, but I'm so happy to have discovered a formula that offers non-oily moisture to my locks.  This product smells so good, and is almost more of a nourishing rinse than a traditional conditioner.  I like to use this on days I am going out right after a shower, as I can know my hair is healthy but it isn't going to look weighed down at all.  A fab hair treatment, and one I will continue to use!


I just realized how many wellbeing treats I have on my favourites list for this month, and thought I would take a second to explain why I have been relying so heavily on this type of product.  I am beyond stressed at this point, with my PhD deadline looming overhead, day to day tasks needing to be done no matter how overwhelmed I feel, and my desire to keep up with The ecoLogical is no small effort either.  I mean, I've developed a near constant twitch in my eye...  So anything to ease the tension and anxiety and straight up panic is automatically on my good list!  Check out some of my stand outs from May:

May Eco Friendly Wellbeing Favourites + Lifestyle Loves

Live in the Light Inspiration Candle **: You might remember me mentioning my struggles with ADHD, so when I saw the description for this candle I knew it had the potential to be a great fit for my lifestyle.  Uplifting and energizing thanks to the blend of rosemary, lavender, sweet orange, and neroli, the combination helps you feel invigorated and refreshed.  I find the aroma so beautiful - simultaneously sweet and herbal, and it is great for both night and day.  This has been a bathtime favourite for both of us as well as a wonderful treat for mid-afternoon if I'm feeling anxious or jittery.  Keep an eye out for the full review coming soon!

Keen to try?  Get 15% off your first purchase by using code BryannaMartonis15!

Mono Naturoils Chakra Anointing Oils: I won a full set of these incredible oils a while back, and have been marveling at their beauty ever since.  Not only is each crafted from certified organic plant based ingredients, but they are perfectly formulated to offer an array of benefits.  These oils target your mind, body, and spirit, and the different blends address different needs.  One of my favourites is the Crown oil which has dreamy notes of sacred palo santo.  I could just spend all day breathing the aroma in, that's how delectable it is.  I roll down the top of my head and on my pulse points, and feel myself becoming more at ease, less anxious, and more connected with my surroundings.  A full look at these Chakra Anointing Oils is definitely on the way, so keep posted.

Nature's Wish Joy Energy Spray: I picked up a few goodies from Nature's Wish a while back, and was impressed from the get go.  Not only do their products utilize a variety of powerful ingredients, including floral waters, essential oils, flower, crystal and environmental essences, but they smell incredible.  Joy is such an uplifting yet calming blend, with bergamot, lemon, geranium, ylang ylang, and chamomile.  If you're having negative thoughts or just can't shake a bad vibe, this is a great product to have around as it really helps lift you up and settle your spirits.  A few quick spritzes and you'll be feeling balanced in no time!

Maison Meunier Tranquility Bath Salts **: You may remember I talked about Maison Meunier recently in a review of The Natural Beauty Box, and I am going to continue the love here!  A few months ago I was so thankful to be gifted a selection of their products, and I have been enjoying them ever since.  Don't worry, a full review is coming soon, but today I wanted to share one item that has been an essential weekend treat throughout the month of May - the Tranquility Bath Salts.  This lush treatment is made from a combination of Himalayan and Epsom salts, kaolin clay, dried flower petals, and an infusion of lavender, ylang ylang, and sweet orange essential oils.  They smell amazing and leave you feeling totally relaxed.  The perfect way to unwind!

Tisserand Lavender & Chamomile Body Mist: This may be marketed as a body mist, but I have found it makes the PERFECT pillow spray.  In fact, this may be the best one we have tried yet.  Tim says it "smells of sleep" and I have to agree.  As soon as I spritz it on the pillows and sheets, I feel myself start to relax and my eyes getting heavier.  I try to spray this as soon as we get up, so we have about fifteen minutes or so usually to just breathe in the aroma before actually lying down and drifting off.  The smell is heady, full, and so so calming, and it doesn't stain at all which is obviously a big plus.  If you're needing a deep and restful night's sleep, definitely give this body mist a go!

Urban Lune Crystal Candles: I have talked about Urban Lune in the past, and have featured them a few times on Instagram as well, so it's no surprise they continue to be a favourite here in our house!  Recently I'm loving Ostara and Phoenix Rising.  Ostara is a beautiful green shade with green petals scattered on top and a rose quartz tumblestone.  It evokes an English garden with its floral scent of peony, violet, and rose, and it is just so playful and fun.  Phoenix Rising is on the other end of the spectrum, with a crisp orange colour and dried yellow petals giving it a very warming feel.  This candle is optimistic but heady, with sandalwood, amber, vetiver, patchouli, and cedarwood bringing a richness to the aroma.  Both are absolutely wonderful, and have been ongoing staples this month.


May Eco Friendly Food Favourites + Lifestyle Loves

Erpingham House: When I heard that there was a proper sit down vegan restaurant in Norwich, I was thrilled.  When I heard they also are single use plastic free, I was beyond excited!  We first visited a few months back, and I was so impressed that it quickly landed in my top five food spots for the city.  We booked in for another lunch a couple weeks ago and it was just as delicious.  I love that their menu changes, as that means there is always new yummy foods to try.  The decor is so cute (Instagram vibes all the way) and they have great prices and portion sizes.  And it is just so nice to have a dining experience like you would at a non-vegan establishment - no gimmicks, just great service and fab food.  Definitely a place to try if you are ever in Norwich!

Tacos & Chilli: I'm really digging Mexican flavours at the moment - cumin, cayenne, paprika...  And Tim thinks it is awesome we can have "crisps for dinner," so that helped with my current craving for all things crunchy.  I love that I can make a giant portion and then not have to cook for the next few nights as we survive on the leftovers.  Tonight I'll be whipping up some chickn style tacos using Fry's Family, a fast fav of ours.

Cawston Press Rhubarb with Sparkling Water: I don't like soda, but I'm currently obsessing over the Rhubarb drink from Cawston Press.  When the weather is warm and the sun is shining, I do get that desire for something fizzy, and this has hit just the right spot.  It's sweet, but not super sugary, crisp, and so refreshing.  I love that the flavour is not run of the mill and that the ingredient list isn't packed full of nonsense.  This drink has been a recurring purchase throughout May - I just wish these came in bigger sizes or that the multi-packs were not wrapped in plastic.


Drawfee: This YouTube channel has been a favourite of mine for ages now, but this month I really was enjoying the one on one sessions with the members, especially the episodes with Jacob and Julia as I find them both adorable and hilarious.  If you like art, people making hilarious creations on the fly, goofy friendships, failed Pokemon, talent, and just good fun, then definitely give this channel a go.  It's a great one to have on in the background while you are working, to wind down in the evenings with, or to drink your morning coffee to - and will give you some good ol' belly laughs from time to time too!

Line of Duty: Tim heard some hype about a recent season/episode of this and convinced me it was a must watch.  I was hesitant at first (I mean, don't get me wrong I LOVE CSI and have watched far too many episodes of Law & Order... it's just I don't love action-y cop shows usually) but was quickly won over by how well plotted and tense this show is.  Each season has a case with a bit of a mystery behind it, and it is up to the anti-corruption team to solve what is going on and bring those responsible to justice.  But it is never quite that straight forward.  We're now on season three, and I am so ready to keep watching!

Glee: I never got into Glee during the height of its heyday, and actually mercilessly made fun of my mother for watching it so religiously.  Well, something got me curious recently (there were many people claiming that season 1 is one of the best representations of 'nerdy' kids on tv) and so I dove in.  And then six hours later was still watching - whoops!  I'm loving the story lines, am intrigued by the relationships, and for the most part enjoy the covers.  It's good fun, and I definitely "get it" now.

Anastasia: I have no idea why, but I've been watching Anastasia on repeat lately.  Maybe it's the nostalgia, or the great musical numbers, or just having something on in the background that is comfortable and familiar but that I don't have to pay attention to...  Whatever it is, I've watched it at least four times this month and have more than made up my Now TV subscription thanks to this!

May Eco Friendly Favourites + Lifestyle Loves

And that is a snapshot of what I loved throughout the month of May!  There were even more products I tried and enjoyed, but these are some of the stand outs that I have been returning to almost daily.  I would love to hear if you have used any of these products are watched any of the shows I'm working through.  And of course share what your favourites have been this last month too!  It's great seeing what others are using and gives me ideas on what I should maybe test out next xx


  1. Lovely picks 😀 I’m so glad that you mentioned Belenos - they’re one of my favourite brands. Fab products and such brilliant value too.
    I’ve only recently come across Live in the Light. I was so impressed with their free sample kits. But now you’ve made me want to try Fat and the Moon too!

    1. I have several more of their products on my wishlist - hoping to pick them up as soon as my beauty cupboard empties up a bit :) and ooh yes Fat & The Moon is fab and I'm so happy Live in the Light carries them! I've got my eye on a few more of their products too - they've got so many unique items x

  2. I've only just discovered the existance of pillow sprays, and my husband is adoring their use at night, helping him to get to sleep! Using this Tisserand one sounds lush!

    1. it's so good! and really affordable which is fab :) which sprays have you used? x

  3. Oh wow this is mammouth, thanks so much for sharing. Posts like this make me realise how unadventorous I am, as I stick with the same things mostly. Time for a change! Mich x

    1. sticking with your favourites is okay too! :) I like to try new things, but then when I find something magical I keep repurchasing and using over and over again x


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