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That's right, Inner Senses has launched another new product (two actually!), and the latest arrival is indeed a face mask!  I bet you can guess how excited I was when I heard this was in the works -- I was beyond thrilled!  Just think for a moment... the beauty of Inner Senses blends, the ever present craftsmanship of the formulas, and the expert knowledge of ingredients all combined into a brand new type of product for Inner Senses.  It all led to the perfection that is Vibrant Earth.

Inner Senses Vibrant Earth Face Mask
gifted pre-release as part of my Brand Ambassador role

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Gifted products as part of Brand Ambassador role

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Inner Senses are a multi award-winning British artisan brand of organic beauty and wellbeing products, aromatherapy based, with a holistic approach and apothecary traditions.  They offer a natural, cruelty free, and vegan friendly range that is full of passion, skill, and dedication that can be observed in each and every bottle.  Every batch is hand-crafted in the workshop to ensure freshness, but also to keep the therapeutic natures of each ingredient in tact so that the final product can fully capture their beneficial powers that work to boost both beauty and wellbeing.  Plus, all the oils in the Inner Senses range are between 92% and 98% organic -- how amazing is that??

For me, the best formulations are those that incorporate both inner and outer beauty, passion, the vast possibilities provided by nature, and just a touch of magic.  Inner Senses has done just that, not once, but well over a dozen times, and their new collection adds two more to that list with Vibrant Earth, the mask I'll mainly be talking about today, and Quiet Earth.  The duo offer a synergistic experience that offers a multitude of benefits, and whichever you opt for you are sure to be on your way to radiant, clear, smooth skin!

"Able to nurture the development of a flower from tiny seed to full bloom, earth in all its forms nourishes the flora (plant life) with an abundance of nutrients sufficient to support life and growth. It is the supreme bearer of energy and facilitator of healthy growth, and this forms the basis of Quiet Earth and Vibrant Earth powder masks.

Complementary yet opposing in both ingredients and therapeutic effect, Quiet Earth and Vibrant Earth are 100% natural, active clay-based powder masks representing the concept of Yin and Yang and whose pairing helps achieve a perfectly balanced skin."

I have not actually had a chance to test out Quiet Earth yet (hopefully soon!), so today I will be sharing my thoughts on the Revitalising Detox Powder Mask that is Vibrant Earth.  This deep, dark fusion of high performance natural ingredients is just what my drained skin needed after the long winter, as "the unique formula brightens, clarifies, heals and regenerates, resulting in a smoother, clearer, firmer and more luminous skin."

Inner Senses Vibrant Earth Face Mask

Snapshot for ADHD-ers and on the go readers:
Packaging - glass jar, plastic lid
Ingredients - cruelty free, natural, organic, vegan
Essential Oils? - yes
Price - ££
Shelf Life - 12 months once opened
Skin Type - all, though if you have sensitive skin Quiet Earth is more suited

Inner Senses' face mask includes a host of powerful ingredients that work to transform the skin, including a star of the show, blue-green algae, one of the rarest and most potent microalgae on earth, ethically wild harvested from Klamath Lake in Oregon, USA and certified organic.  You'll also find spirulina, indulgent cacao, green tea, grape skin, MSM, moringa leaf, baobab fruit, clay (both Canadian colloidal clay and Rhassoul clay), and more!  The blend is rich in antioxidants, AHAs, and Vitamin C, making for a potent punch that supercharges this formula - it's no wonder I saw almost instant results after use!

I'm not usually one to offer impressions of a product after just one use, but with Vibrant Earth I felt I had to as I was so blown away.  After my first masking session I shared my first thoughts over on Instagram - I noticed my skin was noticeably softer after rinsing off, and smoother than it had been in ages.  It's not often I find something that works so effectively so quickly, and this was the proof to me that Vibrant Earth is something very very special.

While the dark colours may look moody, Inner Senses' face mask is actually an absolute joy.  It has an aroma that evolves with each step of the masking process, starting out very green then developing into something softer when activated.  It is grounding and almost familiar, yet mysterious and intriguing.  It reminds me of an overcast day at the seaside, where there are so many possibilities as you look out at the rolling waves, all fueled by your imagination.  This is part of the draw to Vibrant Earth, as I'm finding it so versatile in terms of what it can offer the skin.  It's not just a detox treatment, but radiance boosting, regenerating, a spot solution, brightening, exfoliating, and repairing.  How many masks can boast that level of action??

Inner Senses Vibrant Earth Face Mask powder
Pro Tip: cleanse with Greenhouse cleansing oil before masking for the ultimate experience!

While Vibrant Earth mixes especially well with Glow and Reset facial oils, you can add anything you want to this stunning powder and tailor it to your personal needs.  I've tried a calming blend of lavender water and Deep Blue C, a super glow potion of neroli water and lemongrass + green tea serum, a simple but soothing dash of rose water, and the mask all on its own -- no matter what I added (or didn't add!) this face mask proved a winner each and every time.  Not once did my skin get irritated or suggest any sensitivity to the ingredients, nor did I find myself having any unexpected breakouts, making this plant powered formula all the more magical since I often tend to have issues with my fussy skin.

I've been using Vibrant Earth since before it even launched, and I must say that my impressions have gone from strength to strength with each new session.  I'm fixated by how the mask seems to shift colours depending on the light and stage its in, going from dark grey to richly pale green as a powder, and from a stormy seafoam to a lush grassy shade when activated.  Lighting really makes a difference with how this mask looks, and I just find that fascinating.  I also love how it transforms from a lightweight clay to a thick paste as you slowly add water or hydrosol, how smoothly it applies with a mask brush, how it doesn't dry out my skin, and how it gives such fast results.  I mean, there's so much to appreciate about Inner Senses' formula, it's hard to avoid gushing!

Inner Senses Vibrant Earth Face Mask

Inner Senses Vibrant Earth Face Mask powder
Image provided by Inner Senses

Vibrant Earth is a face mask that captures all the best possibilities of natural beauty.  I know it has only been about a month, but I'm just so impressed by the potency of this creation and by how gentle it is on the skin.  This has become my go to for an all-in-one treatment, as it addresses all the needs I can think of, especially when I add a few drops of nourishing facial oil and activate with calming floral water.  Inner Senses' launch into the world of masks has been beyond successful in my opinion, and I cannot wait to experience Quiet Earth, as I imagine the sister product to this formula is just as beautiful and brings just as many delightful moments of surprise.

Of course I will continue to update you eco-beauties on longer term results as more time goes by, but based on 4+ weeks' use, I have nothing but positive feelings towards Vibrant Earth.  I'd love to hear what you lovelies think -- have you tried this face mask yet?  Did you have the same type of experience as I did with super soft and glowing skin??  I'd love to hear, so let me know in the comments!

If you want to pick up a jar of this mask (or of Quiet Earth!) you can do so over on Inner Senses shop, and remember if you use code BRYANNA you'll get an extra treat added to your order!  No minimum spend required, and samples range from £3.25 to £10 across the face and body range so this is a great way to trial a blend you are not 100% sure about yet.  Just pop your sample of choice in your cart, click through to checkout, pop the Ambassador code BRYANNA into the "Discount Code" box, and you can try the oil free of charge as easy as that!

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Inner Senses Vibrant Earth Face Mask


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