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There is power in plants, and despite what you might think EVERYONE can create a little green space which is why today I'm sharing my top gifts for gardeners!  Whether you live in a fifth floor flat or a detached house, a garden is most definitely a possibility - all you need is water, soil, and sunlight.  The rest is just a matter of personal preference!

There are so many reasons to get into gardening and plant care - not only does it look gorgeous when the greenery thrives, but the plants can support human health, diversity, declining species, and more.  And it doesn't even have to take a lot of effort.

Outdoor gardens can encourage wildlife by providing them with a safe space and offering the creatures essential foods (like nectar for pollinators!).  Sadly many bug colonies are in collapse due to loss of habitat and poisonous pesticides, and the whole food chain is affected by these declines.   But by planting "B friendly" flowers, grasses, shrubs, foods, and trees, you are contributing to a haven for bees, butterflies, beetles, bats, and birds - and the more animal life you support the more you are helping heal the planet!  Plus, you can grow your own staples at the same time so you can be a little more self sufficient (something that seems pretty important right now!).

Gifts for Gardeners Review

Don't have access to an outdoor space?  No problem!  Indoor jungles also have a whole host of perks because houseplants are just as giving as vegetable plots and flower bushes.  Did you know that they have the ability to naturally purify the air from contaminants like toluene, or that they can provide a small increase in humidity (something that can deter germs and minimize illness), or even help maximize productivity??  Nature is a powerful asset, and provides so much!

Even beyond all of these brilliant benefits, both indoor and outdoor gardens can help boost your mood and improve your wellbeing - plants just make people happy!  And right now, I think that is what everyone needs.

But how do you get started on your little patch of green space if you can't go to a garden centre?  Well, luckily I have found a lot of fab businesses, both big and small, to support my green thumb habits during the last month!  I've been so thankful to be able to keep my hands and mind busy with the help of these online shops, and I decided I wanted to give back a little of what I have discovered so all you lovelies can also spend some time with your hands in the earth too if you wish.

I've rounded up a handful of my top picks for gardener gifts, so anyone and everyone can get growing.  Whether you are looking to start working on your personal indoor or outdoor jungle for the first time, or if you want to expand your existing plant family, you can do so from the safety of your own home with the help of these plant powered products!

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No matter how I have received a product, whether it has been purchased with my own money, gifted by a brand, been subsidized by a brand, won, gifted by friends/family, or purchased with a gift voucher, my approach is always the same -- honesty, integrity, and highlighting both the good and the bad.  You can find more information on Disclosures and Privacy here.

Houseplant Shops

Picking out plants in person is of course the ideal, but sometimes it's just not possible.

We do not have a car, so anything we buy has to be light/small enough to carry OR needs to have a delivery option available.  And now that lockdown is in full swing, online retailers are really the only option for adding to your indoor jungle.

It's worth researching what local shops around you are offering drop offs for orders - I found quite a few places near Norwich that are still catering to online customers, at least two of which are actually driving your plants straight to your door (socially distanced of course!).  But there are of course tons of options that deliver nationwide, including individual sellers on Etsy and Ebay as well as garden centres and giant companies like Trouva.  Just do a quick search for the specific plant you are looking for and you'll get hundreds of hits to explore.

I'm a bit cautious when it comes to buying plants I'll admit, as I want to make sure that it will be in good health but also that it doesn't come from a dodgy supplier that has major issues with sustainability.  Because of this, I gravitate towards 'normal' people who are propagating from their own personal collection or local places that I know and trust.  One of my favourites is Bo-Tanical which has great prices, quick delivery, and kind owners as well as a huge presence on social media (meaning you get tons of photos of the plants available!).  They offer special local postage rates as well as UK wide shipping, and regularly update their stock so you can get tons of inspiration before finally taking the plunge.

Another new find which I have really liked is Green-Smiths who are super responsive, provide good value as well as quality, and are very personable.  The stock isn't updated quite as regularly, but they get some really interesting houseplants in so if you are seeking out a unique piece then this is a great place to check, especially if you are local!

What are your go to online shops for plants??

Gifts for Gardeners Review - Birds Nest Fern Bo-Tanical Norwich Review

Plant Subscriptions and Seed Deliveries

Lazy Flora
I stumbled upon Lazy Flora completely by accident as I was looking for a baby string of hearts plant online, but I couldn't be more pleased for this happy accident.  Combining the ease of online shopping with the joys of surprise, Lazy Flora offers collections of house plants, gardening tools, and subscription boxes, all of which have helpful care tips which makes it easy for even those with no experience to use!

I decided to go for the outdoor subscription as I am trying to finally work on getting our garden thriving this year, and I loved that these collections are quarterly.  This means I can space payments out, will not be overwhelmed by huge planting schedules, and can curate a space that blooms year round instead of just in the spring and summer.  Each plant Lazy Flora sends is picked to fit the season, so you do not have to do any guesswork and know that the weather will be suitable for when you actually put it in the ground.  Plus, everything is suited for even those prone to killing plants:

All our container boxes are designed for the widest possible variety of conditions, and to thrive with absolutely minimal care. We'll send you super simple step-by-step instructions on how to assemble your container garden so that it looks absolutely gorgeous. We'll even send you gloves to protect your hands.

My discovery came before lockdown started so my first order came pretty promptly, and when I had a question after ordering the customer service team responded really quickly which was great.  And while I was not at all keen on the plastic, I was happy that my concerns were addressed after I raised them in a message on Instagram.  I was told that an alternative is being looked into and that they share my views that the plastic waste needs to be minimized.

The mix of plants was great, and while I wish you could choose from the season's selection, I did like the surprise element.  There are 10 plants available each month, and you are sent eight from that list (unless they run out, and then they supply "the best sub-selection for you").  My delivery included narcissus bridal crown, white erica, juniper, festuca (which I thought was an odd choice, but is interesting all the same), pink saxifrage, iris, primula, and rosemary.

Everything looked very healthy when the delivery arrived.  I did struggle to identify some of the flowers as not everything was labelled, but overall my initial experience was positive.  And the details provided on the collection card were super helpful, explaining a bit about the plant, what level of watering it required, how much light it would need to thrive, if pollinators like it, whether it was an annual or perennial, how hardy the plant is, and if it is toxic.  It's a great little touch, and one I really appreciated as a beginner.

As for the plants, a few didn't last very long (the irises in particular struggled and were only in bloom for a week or two), but most are still going strong.  Lazy Flora states that each plant *should* live upwards of three months, and I have to say that for the majority of what I received this seems to be true.  And I'm super keen to see how everything looks next year when it blooms anew!

(P.s. want to try out Lazy Flora yourself?  Use my link to get £10 off your first purchase!)

Gifts for Gardeners Review - Lazy Flora subscription review

Gifts for Gardeners Review - Lazy Flora Outdoor Plant Review

Seed Pantry
Looking to grow from seed instead of starting from a plug plant?  The Seed Pantry is a great option for you!  With a catalog spanning flowers, herbs, vegetables, and even fruits, you can pick what suits you and your garden space.

There is a great mix of perennials, biennial, and annual plants, so you have a wide range to choose from and can decide what best fits your needs.  And everything is seasonal, so no matter what you add to your Grow Box you will have the perfect seeds and bulbs for the time of year!

Seed Pantry offers two sizes for their subscription: Discovery and Pro.  The Discovery collection is for smaller spaces and is the most popular option.  With this monthly edit you get six items that you select, plus handy how to cards that explain exactly how to get your plant to thrive.  For those with more substantial allotments, the Pro box is more in line with what you're probably looking for - you get ten plants in your subscription along with grow cards tailored for 'expert' gardeners.

Since our outdoor space is limited, I opted for the Discovery set and found that was more than enough for my flower and veggie boxes.  I split my choices between easy foods and perennial bulbs, and while there was a bit of delay with delivery due to Covid-19, I was happy with how relatively quick it arrived.  It gave me more than enough time to prep for planting!

The box is super compact and the packaging was pretty eco-friendly which I was excited about.  The seeds were either inside paper packets or in recyclable pouches made from 75% vegetable starch, so there was minimal waste.  Definitely a big perk for those concerned about environmental impact.

The seeds all seem great quality too, and I'm already seeing growth in the garden.  The carrots, kale, and lettuce rooted really quickly and have lovely sprouts that are going strong, and the flowers are slowly poking through the soil too.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what all the blooms look like come summer - I chose Anemone coronaria ‘Lord Lieutenant,' Tigridia pavonia ‘Mixed,’ and Dahlia 'Star Wars' VDTG14 (PBR) (Dark Angel Series) which are all tubers and bulbs that will come up yearly and are pollinator friendly.

I've paused my subscription for the time being as I do not need a monthly delivery (they make it super easy to skip months and to cancel which I like), but I will definitely be getting another box in future.  Any flowers or vegetables you think I should introduce to my garden??

Gifts for Gardeners Review - Seed Pantry Grow Club Review

Gifts for Gardeners Review - Seed Pantry Grow Club Review

Not confident in your green thumb yet?  No worries - Seedball offers a foolproof way to introduce wildlife friendly plants into your life.  Their plastic free tins are a great way to start a garden or add a splash of colour to your lawn, and they come ready made so you can just open, toss, and grow!

Seedball has loads of options at this point, ranging from colour specific flowers to a salad tin.  Just think about what you want or what your growing space can support...  Not a lot of natural light?  The Shade Mix will be ideal!  Want to draw more pollinators in?  Pick up the Bee or Butterfly Mix!  Seriously, there is something for everyone in this range.

And the little balls are made so you just sprinkle them where you want plants to appear:

Our seed balls have been created by Conservation Scientists to make growing wildflowers from seed simpler. Seed balls are their own mini ecosystem, protecting seed from birds, ants and slugs and giving them the nutrition they need to have a head start. With Seed balls you dont have to have any gardening expertise. There is no need to propagate the seed, or even plant it! Just pop on top of soil, water and watch grow! Each seed ball has up to 100 seeds, a mixture of species suited to different conditions. Seed balls are made from a unique blend of seed, clay (to protect the seed from ants, mice, birds etc.) peat free compost (to give seeds a boost) and chilli powder (an extra predator deterrent). This ancient technique of seed propagation provides all the nutrition and protection that a seed requires for its early growth – which is particularly useful for growing wildflowers, as their seeds often takes longer to germinate and grow than other garden plants. 

I've found these are generally fast to germinate and you can expect to see full blown plants in no time at all.  And since they are so compact, they make excellent gifts to pop through your neighbor's letterbox or to provide as party favours (you know, for when life gets back to 'normal').  Definitely a treat to bring a smile to a friend's face and a frequent buzz to the backyard!

Gifts for Gardeners Review - plastic free Seedball Review

Water Butt

Want to up your gardening game?  A water butt may be the next best step!

While it may not be the most glamorous gift, it is certainly useful and is one that keeps on giving.  A water butt allows you to save on water, something that is especially important during times of drought, plus it ensures your plants have a steady stream of fresh rainfall.  Many plants (both indoor and outdoor) do not play well with processed water, as the added chlorine and fluoride (or if you have a softener, the salts) can cause problems like leaf burn, spots, or discolouration.  And rainwater actually has benefits that you just can't get from the tap...

Rain can give plants more oxygen and nitrogen, and it also makes it easier to keep the soil slightly acidic which makes it easier for the roots to take in nutrients.  And storing in a water butt helps keep all these benefits at the ready.  The water butt can keep the water alive in a sense, and that is something that your plants will love!

When choosing one, be sure to get a large enough size so it won't regularly overflow and keep your needs in mind.  If you're growing a crop that requires frequent deep watering, you'll want a bigger container so it doesn't run dry, whereas if you just need it for infrequent use you can probably go for a more compact version.

Whatever water butt you choose, you're bound to get a lot of use from it!

Gifts for Gardeners Review - Water Butt

Gardener Hand Care

Antipodes Nirvana Hand & Body Wash
Gardening can be messy, both indoors and out, so having a great soap on hand is definitely needed.  Of course you want to wash away the mud, but soil can be a breeding ground for bacteria so washing your hands as soon as you are finished working with your plants is super important.

So why not bring the fragrant greenhouse vibes into the bathroom by choosing a natural soap that draws on the power of plants?  There are loads of lovely hand washes out there that capture the aroma of flowers, herbs, and greenery, but one that has stuck out to me for all those plant lovers especially is Antipodes Nirvana Hand & Body Wash.  This is a deeply cleansing and invigorating liquid soap that blends spearmint leaf, wild blackcurrant, parsley seed, cardamom, chamomile, kiwi fruit, green tea, and hibiscus into a distinct aroma that is most definitely one of a kind.

With notes of mown grass, damp hedgerow, and a hint of exposed earth, this hand wash is sure to bring pleasant feelings to gardeners.  I love how grounding it is, and find myself feeling much more calm after breathing in the unique natural fragrance.  When Antipodes promises this will revive your senses, they truly mean it!  Plus, it bubbles up really well so you can be sure to get every inch of soil off your hands, and the gentle formulation makes sure you don't dry out your skin.

Not sure that this scent is for you?  Why not try something a bit more floral (like The Rose Garden from Bloomtown) or herbal (like The Handmade Soap Company's Rosemary Thyme & Mint Hand Wash), or you can always opt for a bar soap -- there are so many great ones out there!  Let me know if you need any recommendations - I'm always keen to help.

Gifts for Gardeners Review - Antipodes Nirvana Hand & Body Wash Review

Silvan Skincare Gardener's Balm
Did you know dirt can dry out your skin?  Dirt draws in moisture, so if your hands are working with the soil regularly then you may find them feeling dehydrated, rough, or a bit sore.  Of course gloves can help with this, but having an intensive balm to heal your skin is a great way to keep everything soft and smooth.

I've been loving Silvan Skincare's formula lately, as the Gardener's Balm is packed full of protecting oils, extracts and butters including apricot, marshmallow, olive fruit, jojoba, sunflower, and shea.  This is a lovely nourishing treatment, and while it is dense in the pot and fairly rich, it is not greasy once you apply.  I find the balm absorbs well, and you can immediately feel it soothing your skin as it sinks in.  After a few minutes it's like a transformation has occurred - my hands feel so silky, and the deeply conditioning ingredients definitely make a difference in the texture of my skin.

In terms of scent, the balm is incredibly calming with a blend of juniper, cedarwood, lavender, and rosemary.  This is a surprisingly complex aroma, with a soft herbal sharpness that cuts through the more delicate floral notes, and I find it helps ease my mind, quiet my thoughts, and uplift my senses.  I love how different it is, and I think applying it after a few hours in the garden is such a perfect way to wind down and relax.

Gifts for Gardeners Review - Silvan Skincare Gardener's Balm Review

Bug Hotel

I've seen so many versions of these, both handmade and store bought, and I've been meaning to get one for ages.  We started a little compost pile by the big tree to draw snails away from the plants and to revitalize the soil, so our "Bug Mountain" was the perfect place to add a piece of prime real estate for insects!

Bug hotels are not only super cute, but they are actually really useful for wildlife.  They can help encourage biodiversity by providing a safe nesting place, provide a rest stop for solitary bees, deter pests from your garden, boost pollination, and more!

While we gather materials to build our own, I decided to order an initial hotel so I could see how they look and provide an immediate haven to some of the creepy critters that crawl around our pile.  The price was super affordable (about a tenner) and I love how bright and cheerful the colour is - it's the perfect little pop to what was otherwise a very neutral toned area.  I can't wait to add a few more hotels to Bug Mountain!

Gifts for Gardeners Review - Bug Hotel

Of course there are loads of other green goodies you can pick up for gardeners and plant lovers, from handy gadgets that measure humidity or pH to self watering planters and little ornaments that jazz up pots.  Honestly, anything to do with growing a green space will probably bring joy!

I would love to hear what other ideas you have.  Is there anything I should check out for my home garden?  Any devices I might find helpful, or any specific plants you think I would love?  Let me know! xx


  1. I don't have any plants in my home just yet but really want to get some soon. I have a shared garden which I get to use but don't really get to plant anything.

    1. succulents might be a good choice as they do not take up much room plus are fairly easy to care for :)

  2. What great gift ideas for any garden lover, I wish I had seen this before my dads birthday last week although he did get garden related presents. Always fathers day x

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  4. Gardening is such a great activity and I’ve been wanting to work on my garden since we moved house last year. I’ve never considering ordered flowers online before and there are some great tips here thank you and some great gift ideas!

    1. yes worth ordering online if you can't get out or are nervous about queues right now xx

  5. We have bug hotels, bird boxes and even a butterfly garden in our garden. I have also bought some plants for indoors too

  6. We are working on our garden at the minute, and we needed to some plants, these look like great options and I am going to be checking them out and placing some orders of my own. We really need to get a water butt so thanks for the reminder.

  7. Oh my goodness, I NEED that bug hotel! I'll check out Lazy Flora right now, they sound ideal for me. I've been slowly adding to my plant family over the past few years, bringing a bit of nature into our London home.

    1. isn't it adorable?? :) and yes same here - trying to make a little indoor jungle as well as an outdoor garden. takes time but is so rewarding x

  8. We are doing things to our garden recently with a little low maintenance and focused areas, there is some great advice and tips here, i was thinking the other day of getting some sort of Water Butt/storage, great article many thanks.

  9. I have just started buying indoor plants for my house. And there have really changed the look of the place and lifted my moods

  10. There are some really great ideas for the gardening gifts here. Especially now when more people have time to garden x


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