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Skinimalism is the latest hot topic in the beauty world, but what does it actually mean?  Is skinimalism a passing fad and buzzword trend, or is it actually a sustainable skincare solution that can help reduce waste and safeguard your health, pocketbook, and planet?  Today I share all!

Meadow Skincare light creamy yellow body balm with a silky soft texture

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The beauty business is responsible for a lot of hype, and often this leads to shelves and cupboards being overstocked with products that are not needed or that will go unused after the first few applications.  I mentioned recently that sources state that beauty brands generate over 120 billion units globally each year, and sadly since a lot of these are unable to be recycled (and recycling facilities are faced with their own controversies tied to waste), the majority of these products are destined for landfill.  With tons of excess packaging and a huge amount of waste materials, the reality of the industry isn't so pretty when you start to look closely.

This is where skinimalism comes in.  It is a response to overconsumption and flashy marketing, and poses a much needed answer to the big beauty problem - how can we continue to satisfy the demand for skincare while making it better for people and planet?

Skinimalism is all about minimizing - reducing unnecessary or unsustainable packaging, decreasing the number of ingredients in a formulation, shrinking the number of steps in a routine, and decluttering the cupboards and instead opting for multi-tasking creations.

Don't get me wrong - I love having choice when it comes to a pamper.  Indulging in a full on treatment from time to time where I do a longer ritual is so relaxing and enjoyable.  However, my normal step by step routine only involves a few products and I try to keep things simple as that is what my skin appreciates more often than not.  Plus, by choosing a less is more approach I can ensure I am reducing waste!

And that's why I have so much love for brands that confidently stick to a smaller lineup of green goodies.  With capsule collections you won't find sixteen serums with minuscule changes made to the base formulas.  Instead, you get fabulous multi-taskers, treatments suitable for pretty much all skin types, conscious ingredient lists, and routines tailored for a two or three step ritual.  And when it comes to green beauty each of these will also be made with gorgeous natural and organic goodness so you know that neither the earth (nor your skin) is compromised.

Curious?  If you're wanting to become a skinimalist or are keen to try out a brand that embodies skinimalism, today's your day because I'm sharing seven eco beauty capsule collections that provide real results in just a few steps!  Who's excited?!

Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm and muslin cloth in purple and pink boxes sitting amongst yellow flowers


I love Lyonsleaf for their budget friendly and effective treatments, but also because they are so confident in their range.  This natural beauty brand skips the call for targeted treatments and instead opts for multi-purpose products that can be used to tackle whatever skin or hair problem that comes up.  Made using home grown ingredients on a small farm in Somerset, this eco business believes in a waterless method and the power of plant oils, butters, and waxes.  

Lyonsleaf offers a skinimalist lineup to help conscious consumers reduce the number of products in their beauty bag as well as the amount of synthetics applied to the skin.  By utilizing unrefined cold processed natural compounds like shea and babassu, the formulas preserve the highly beneficial qualities of the ingredients and offer a way to help repair and maintain the skin barrier while also sealing in moisture.  It seems like lucky seven is a staple for skinimalism, and Lyonsleaf is a brand that hits this magic number - choose from fragranced or unfragranced versions of the famous Beauty Balm or Marshmallow Soften and Rejuvenate Facial Oil, plus a Mane Tamer, Calendula Cream, Body Butter, Calendula and Marshmallow Balm, and Zinc and Calendula Cream, and all your beauty woes from top to toe are addressed!

Desavery Skincare delivery with a mix of cardboard boxes and glass bottles


A recent discovery for me is Desavery, a brand with a mission to create products that boost skin health and mood with the power of plants.  This vegan friendly organic direct to consumer business produces small batches in house and focuses on responsible sourcing of ingredients, a simple but effective three step routine, and wellbeing benefits provided by natural essential oils.  Andrea, the founder, states she wanted to ""create skincare products that are like good food: unprocessed, highly nutritious, organic, fresh and sourced from the best growers and producers from around the world."  And from what I have seen, she has certainly achieved this goal!

I had the joy of testing out two products from the range during 2021's Beauty Shortlist Awards, and have since been sent a few more to try out.  The lineup includes a trio of serums (uplifting, deeply nourishing, and ultra gentle), plus a softening body oil, lush oil cleanser, and hydrating hyaluronic acid.  When combined, they offer bright, plump, replenished skin that is soft and smooth and totally gorgeous - and all made possible with just a few select bottles!  I love how Desavery recreates the image of simplicity and makes skinimalism seem so luxurious, and the holistic approach is something I respect.

Meadow Skincare discovery set with natural face balm, facial oil, mask, and cleansing balm

Meadow Skincare:

I have shared about Meadow Skincare many times here on The ecoLogical, and it is for good reason.  With mindful packaging, waterless formulations (which saves unnecessary waste and reduces the need for preservatives), highly effective vegan friendly ingredients, and a minimalist selection, the brand is focused on creating with purpose.  They produced a capsule range that in no way overwhelms customers, but instead provides a skinimalist selection of beneficial treatments.  It's all about saving time for busy moms, people on the go, and anyone stressed out by long rituals.  And with Meadow Skincare you can expect something special with their seven products designed to soothe, nourish, restore, and boost wellbeing!

Meadow Skincare makes my all time favourite face balm, but also a silky smooth cleanser, intensive overnight facial oil, lightweight daywear oil, unique clearing facial mask, non sticky lip and hand balm, and a luscious all over body moisturizer.  I have always been impressed by the relief each offers, and greatly appreciate the lack of coconut oil in any of the formulations as my fussy skin does not play well with this common ingredient.  Meadow makes an effort to tackle all skin types and conditions with their capsule collection, and takes steps to ensure that all seven products are calming while also rejuvenating.  In my eyes, they have totally succeeded!

[And remember, you can treat yourself to 10% off your first order by using code SKYE at checkout plus get free UK shipping on all orders over £18!]

Beauty Cleanse Skincare serums in glass pipettes held against red brick wall

Beauty Cleanse Skincare:

Another brand that has been featured before is Beauty Cleanse Skincare, and their capsule collection has certainly been turning heads.  With three formulas crafted to address over nine needs, this is by far the most compact collection I have come across.  The vegan friendly business is on a mission to cut out hidden plastics and synthetic fillers, and is truly committed to being totally transparent.  Plus, with a streamlined range that has been made to offer visible results, this is one that offers a big impact.

Beauty Cleanse Skincare is all about slow beauty, meaning the products work in harmony with nature and your skin and are made to last.  Plus, the brand takes all the steps to decrease any potential impact on the environment, from reducing the size of the protective recycled pulp fiber boxes to using what they call rock waste paper labels.  And the treatments themselves are gorgeous too of course!  A gel-to-milk cleanser doubles as a makeup remover, and the two serums address a wide variety of conditions from dry patches and dull complexions to cracked cuticles and split ends.  Pretty impressive, right?!

Skin Alchemists Chocolate Cove body scrub held up in a relaxing bath

Skin Alchemists:

Another long term favourite, and for good reason!  Skin Alchemists was inspired by the founder's heritage and ancestral rituals practiced by herbalists in her family, and the dedication, knowledge, and passion can be felt in every area of the brand.  With stunning designs and eco conscious packaging, the range is teeming with beauty while maintaining a skinimalist goals.  The vegan friendly organic treatments are created using the finest raw ingredients, and each one is packed full of nutrients and therapeutic properties.

Skin Alchemists offers a selection of plastic free soaps which are great for washing hands or body, massage candles that ease the mind while softening the skin, and three further treatments - an exfoliator, a serum, and a cleansing oil.  I find each of these offers so many different uses, making them excellent multi-taskers, and they are incredibly gentle, healing, and replenishing.  Unique and indulgent, you are sure to be wowed by this capsule collection as this is where luxury meets minimalism, and it is truly a wonder to experience.


Spring Botanicals Light Face Oil sitting in tree branches
photo from Spring Botanicals as I have not yet tried the rebranded range

Spring Botanicals:

Spring Botanicals has definitely grown since I first discovered the business (then known as Lime & Lilac) a few years ago - a full rebranding, new additions to the range, and even a fresh name.  But it is still the same gorgeous approach I loved so much.  Back when I reviewed them I remember quoting founder Lisa, stating "The idea of formulating and launching skincare quicker than a production line was never my aim; I can’t and wouldn’t want to compete with ‘The Big Boys’ in the cosmetic industry.  My line only consists of two products but these have taken many, many, many (you get the idea) months and sleepless nights of trial and error to produce."  To me, that captures the ideals of skinimalism perfectly!

With three products to choose from and two more in the pipeline, customers can trust that each is made with passion and star ingredient prickly pear.  The formulations have been designed to be bursting with antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins so your skin gets fully pampered, but you can enjoy a total reboot without the need for dozens of potions and lotions.  Right now they have a cleansing gelee, face balm, and light facial oil, and all are much beloved by fans.

Pamoja Skincare collection on a bookshelf surrounded by vining plants


A brand I have loved ever since discovering them at the end of 2019, Pamoja is a brilliant example of skinimalism.  The name helps tell the story here, with it being a Swahili word which means ‘together’ - and that's just what this ethical business is attempting.  With a focus on bringing together the power of plants as well as the many different skin types and lifestyles that people have, this green beauty lineup works to create a truly inclusive range.

With three products to choose from and an option for fragrance free formulas, Pamoja ensures that there is an option for everyone without overloading the shelves.  For this brand, it is all about crafting the perfect blend, and the gentle but potent products definitely deliver on this promise. Their face cream is a top pick for me when it comes to moisturizers, the rich cleansing balm melts away makeup, and the multi-purpose oils are a dream for protecting and repairing face, body, hair, and more!  A three step routine like this makes it so easy to get glowing skin without any extra effort, and helps skinimalism feel special.

woman with red hair in a pink polka dot silk robe applying minimalist skincare

Skinimalism is here to stay and offers a sustainable alternative to jam packed beauty shelves while also reducing the burden on your skin and planet.  If the brands above have proven anything, it is that simple does not mean boring - each offers exceptional formulations that provide real results, and I have truly grown to love the minimalist approach.

When life is so fast paced that you can't seem to find the time to shower or sit quietly for five minutes, a quick routine with just a few products can make all the difference.  Plus, by opting for fewer potions and choosing high quality formulas that can help multiple concerns, you reduce the burden on your skin AND the planet.  That's certainly a sustainable solution I can get behind!

But what are your thoughts?  Are you a skinimalist or are you struggling to get behind to a less is more approach?  I would love to know, so do share in the comments below xx

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