Repurposed Beauty: 6 Ways to Reuse Packaging!

Ready to get repurposed?  We love using skincare and makeup, but today I'm focusing on what happens to the empty container when the product is finished.  Time to skip the bin and get creative with ways to reuse old beauty packaging!

Love Absolute Blue Cleanser upcycled into a baby plant pot
Love Absolute makes great skincare, but also makes a fab home for houseplants!

We have all come across beauty branding that is just too cute to throw away, but the question of what to do with it once the bottle is empty can be a hard one to solve.  Did you know that skincare, makeup, haircare, bodycare, and other personal care products that are designed to pamper us are responsible for a huge amount of waste?  Some sources state that the industry generates over 120 BILLION units each year!  And sadly, since much of this remains unable to be recycled (and recycling facilities are faced with their own controversies tied to waste), the majority of these products are destined for landfill.

Luckily, I've become super savvy about repurposing products in my efforts to reduce my impact on the environment and I'm excited to share my top five ways to reuse packaging.  I hope to give lots of ideas about breathing new life into old items and give some inspiration for upcycling projects.  Do let me know what you think!

Kiss the Moon Love Pillow Spray reused as a diffuser aromatherapy treatment
Kiss the Moon helps you sleep beautifully even after the product is gone!

1] Storage

One of the most functional ways of repurposing beauty packaging is to turn the empty jar into a storage container. I find bath salts, scrubs, and body butters are usually the perfect size for holding kitchen ingredients like seeds, lentils, spices, herbs, oats, and dried fruits, and I love how the old labels add a quirky and fashionable touch to my pantry. If cooking isn't really your style, you can turn to cleansers, face masks, and lip products instead and use them to hold small pieces you don't want to lose like earrings or loose change!

2] Planters

As a crazy plant lady, this is by far my favourite way to upcycle beauty packaging as I get to mix two things I love. Planters can be super pricey, so saving waste while also helping my bank balance is a no brainer. I just add some airy soil and adorable little plants like succulents or newly rooted cuttings, pop in the windowsill, and admire the finished work! My favourites to repurpose are miron glass jars as I find they really pop, but lightweight plastics are fab as DIY propagation stations or for hanging in windows too. Or, if you want to save bits of a special bouquet why not try drying the flowers and then using empty toner, mouthwash, or perfume bottles as mini vases?

Empty bath salts jar repurposed into pantry staple, upcycled food storage
From bathtime to dinnertime - who knew bath salts could be so versatile? (just remember not to eat them!)

3] Travel

We all have tried samples of products in the past, or maybe that favourite face cream came in a handy size pot that you just didn't want to ditch – either way, these smaller bits are ideal when packing your bags! I love saving airtight jars and vials as they make my life so much easier when traveling. I never have to stress about airport security as I can decant my essentials (like shampoo and body wash!) into packaging that fits within the rules, plus it saves so much space.

4] Organization

Whether you have plastic tubes or glass bottles, these empty beauty products can be transformed into an office staple or a super handy space saver.  Get organized and limit waste all in one go by repurposing old packaging into units to separate pencils and pens or eyeliners and lip crayons.  This is such a great way to arrange your items in a tidy way, and you will never end up searching through cluttered drawers again!  Plus, by having everything out in the open you are much more likely to use what you have instead of forgetting about it.  It's a win win!

Empty Ben & Anna mouthwash bottle turned into a farmhouse decor vase for dried flowers
Ben & Anna keeps my mouth fresh, but they also keep my room bright and cozy

5] Crafting

If you have kids or just love making art, why not repurpose packaging into craft projects? This makes for a super fun activity, something that we all need during this crazy year, and can lead to great creativity! Try a simple DIY that transforms an empty bottle into a pencil holder or lava lamp, eyeshadow cases into on-the-go paint palettes, or mascara into a hairbrush for dolls. If you're up for more of a challenge, go for a more elaborate craft like creating a biosphere or making a sculpture. There are so many things you can make, and the imagination can really go wild.

6] DIY Beauty

Just because the product is empty doesn't mean that has to be the end of beauty. Handmade products are really making a comeback, so why not take some time to try your hand at crafting a simple formula in the comfort of your kitchen? The old packaging was made to house skincare or makeup already, so refilling with your own homemade beauty recipe seems so right! Mix a few nail polishes together in the empty bottle to create a special blend of your own, or try adding some old eyeshadow in a clear base to get a totally unique shade. DIY body cream is another great one to get started with, and can be such fun to customize. If you're feeling super adventurous you could even try out candle making or whipping up a perfume!

Candle votives repurposed into storage containers, upcycled money holders to separate foreign currencies

There are so many creative ways to give new life to empty beauty packaging, and each old bottle or jar you save keeps that little bit extra out of landfill. Repurposing products can prevent waste, save money, and give a fun activity to try out, and it doesn't even require you to leave the house – so next time you finish up a face wash or lipstick, why not try out a few new ideas and see what you can make?

Be sure to share your creations, and if you have any more ideas for upcycling used beauty products do let us all know! xx

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