The Ultimate Ethical Gift Guide 2020 *

Feeling festive?? The Ultimate Ethical Gift Guide calls for some cocoa, carols, and cheer!  With less than 25 days until Christmas, it's crunch time for all those giving gifts this year and time to get all that shopping done.  And as always I am here to help!

In keeping with the #ShopEthicalInstead campaign, I want to point out that even though the corporate hounds are pressuring us to grab the latest and "greatest" goods, we do not have to let our ethics slide during the festive season.  That's why I have brought together the best of the best in this holiday present guide - and all are from ethically minded businesses!  There is a gift here for everyone in your life, and each and every one of these brands and products is high in quality, effectiveness, and eco standards.

While my previous ethical gift guide this year included my top picks for beauty brands, this one includes present ideas for yummy eats, ethical fashion, natural skincare, books, homeware, selfcare treats, subscription boxes, and more!  You will also find links to retailers I have widely tried, tested, and loved so you have the option to do a one stop shop to save on shipping as well as excess emissions and waste.

I'm covering every area, and at every price range (though this year I tried to prioritize more accessible products as I know budgets are tighter than usual)  -- I promised an Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide, and I'm delivering!  I hope this roundup offers you help in your present search and shopping, and maybe you can even add a few extras to your own Christmas wishlist.  Either way, if you like something you see here, just follow the link to find the listing, or if you want to learn more you can find past reviews here on the blog!

And if you have been very very good and find yourself on Santa's Nice List, you may just end up with a special treat at the end of this post...  Be sure to stick around to the very end so you can learn all about this year's 12 Days of Giveaways and how you can take part.  Plus, discover where you can read all about the featured brands and prizes - it's something you don't want to miss!

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019

PRICE KEY: you will find this on all entries
£ - 0-20
££ - 20-50
£££  - 50-100
££££ - 100+

LIFESTYLE KEY: you will find this on the majority of entries
O - organic ingredients
V - vegan
VO - vegan options
PF - plastic free
LW- low waste

* this post contains a few affiliate links and gifted products -- this does not influence my reviews! 
**Keep in mind, there are definitely other products from brands that have made an impression on me this year -- these are just some that have really stuck out and I think would make exceptional gifts to loved ones (even those who may not be super interested in ethical living!)

So without further ado, these are ethical gifts specially chosen for...

Stocking Stuffers:

  • Tweezerfile
    £: V
    Growing up, stockings were always a mix of practical and fun treats - and what could be more functional than a tool that saves money, waste, and time?!  Tweezerfile is a reusable sharpener designed to restore your old tweezers so they are just like new.  The diamond coated stainless steel blade transforms dull tweezer edges and makes them precise once again, and can be used again and again so you don't have to keep buying replacements!  It's so easy to use, super compact, and even comes in different colours so you can pick a vibrant lively coral shade or a classic stylish blue.  Designed to last a lifetime, what isn't to love??

  • Custom Face Mask
    £: O, V, LW
    2020 has been one for the books, and one thing we have all purchased is face masks.  While many people worry this takes away some personality, I think you can jazz up this protective gear and make it a super cute accessory as well - why not show off your style and flair while also protecting yourself and others?  I have found so many adorable designs in small shops as well as online, and picking out masks that match my vibe is actually pretty fun.  So why not do the same for your friends and family??  Have a browse on Etsy or check out a local crafty store, and you are bound to find some lovely options in no time!

    P.s. Some online sellers I have purchased from are Ellie & Kobe, Sai Studio, and Jesmonds Sew Shop, and Letterbox Luxuries - all have been well made, fit well, feel soft and comfortable, are durable, and had great service.

  • Neve's Bees Lip Balm
    £: O, PF
    Why not add a dose of plastic free goodness to stockings this year with a tin (or three!) of lip balm??  Neve's Bees creates nine different versions that come in gorgeous little metal sliders, and all have such colourful designs that you can't help but smile when you see them.  Each balm is made with premium local beeswax, plant based butters, a blend of apricot, coconut, and jojoba oil, and specially chosen natural essential oils.  Designed to keep your lips soft and soothed, this formula is definitely nourishing - plus, it can also double up for other purposes too if you're on the go.  This is a gift that keeps on giving, and Neve's Bees have a wide range of single tins and gift sets so you can choose the options that suits your needs best!

The Gift Box Guru:

  • Kiss the Moon DREAM Relaxing Eye Pillow & Aromatherapy Pillow Drops
    ££: V, LW
    Know someone prone to anxiety, migraines, stress tension, or who just needs a way to take a break?  The new DREAM set from Kiss the Moon is a perfect present and will have your friends and family blissed out in no time.  The gift box comes with two beautifully presented items: a silky soft pillow created to lie comfortably across your eye zone, and a little bottle of super concentrated aromatherapy drops.  The pillow is made with an inner filling of natural flaxseed and a Liberty Tana Lawn TM 100% cotton outer cover which is luxurious and super gentle on the skin - it feels cooling, calming, and restorative plus is so pretty to look at!  And the drops are stunning, with a combo of lavender, cedarwood, chamomile, and bergamot that ease the mind and work as nature's sedative.  You'll be tempted to pick up one for yourself too!

  • Help Me Organics Gift Set
    £: O, V, LW
    Want a gift that is sure to impress?  Help Me Organics have a selection of perfectly wrapped organic gift sets that are beyond brilliant, and your loved ones are sure to be thankful when they open up the box.  With six options to choose from, you can cater to the needs of friends and family, whether they need a boost of positivity or a helping hand with sleep!  Each set contains six special creations that are crafted to meet the problem that needs "help" with, as well as a handy guide that explains all about the treatments.  You'll find a massage oil (which can double as a body moisturizer), an essential oil blend, a reed diffuser, an aroma stone, a room spray, and a soy wax candle, all of which offer potent aromatherapy benefits that will pamper friends and family well beyond the holidays.  I've been loving the Help Me It's Way Past My Bedtime set with its peaceful aroma of lavender, petitgrain, eucalyptus, and ginger - it's the perfect way to prep for dreamland, and helps create a tranquil aura of calm.  Perfect for 2020!

  • Donate A Christmas Present
    ££: V, LW
    We all know that someone who insists that we don't get them any presents - so why not get them the present of GIVING!  Freedm Street have perfectly prepped gift sets ready to be donated.  And even better, for every box bought they are donating a second one to match the order! They say "we'll be heading out onto the streets in December to hand out the gift bags you've bought & the ones we matched. We'll also have plenty of homemade sandwiches, warm drinks & treats for those who have a doggie with them too!"  There are two options available: a "for him" and a "for her," both of which include a mix of essentials and treats like 3-in-1 shower products, sweets and chocolates, toothbrushes, toothpastes, soap, and more.

    P.s. Freedm Street are a wonderful online shop to support, with tons of brands both big and small featured, but they also do a subscription box which is fab!  Find stocking stuffers, daily items, beauty treats and more, and don't forget to grab £5 off your first order.

The Aromatherapy Aficionado:

  • The Universal Soul Co 3-in-1 Soul Mist
    ££: V, LW
    Aromatherapy comes in all sorts of forms, but The Universal Soul Co has captured their signature blend in a 3-in-1 spray that is sure to spread joy this holiday season.  STILL is a room spray, pillow mist, and meditation treatment in one bottle, and it achieves a magical balance of energy and calm.  With 100% natural essential oils, this creation captures the beauty of two types of lavender alongside patchouli, and provides a delicately fragranced experience that is grounding, serene, and long lasting.  This is pure clean luxury, and the multi-functional element just makes it all the more special!

  • Mono Earth Alchemy Chakra Oils
    £: O, V, LW
    I have raved about these beauties several times, but I can't help it - they are just SO divine and I think everyone deserves a chance to experience their benefits first hand.  These Chakra Oils are designed with intention, and they work in so many different ways: aromatherapy treatments, perfume, a calming dose of tranquillity...  Whatever is needed!  There are seven in the collection, all which have a synergistic blend of pure essential oils and are infused with a specially chosen crystal that amplifies the benefits of the formula - and all work towards awakening, balancing and nourishing the chakra centre.  I'm obsessed with these rollerball treatments as they smell so amazing and really do work wonders on your mindset and mood.

  • Soil Organics Essential Oils
    £-££: O, V, LW
    Anyone who loves aromatherapy is bound to have a little collection of essential oils, so why not add a few new bottles to get your friends and family working on new blends over the holiday period?  One of my favourite brands is Soil Organics, as I think they offer high performance products at affordable prices.  This South African brand offers a wide selection of mists, essential oils, carrier bases, rollerball remedies, and massage oils, all of which are natural, certified organic, and have a strong focus on quality, efficacy and purity.  They even have some lesser known and rarer EOs so you can gift a true surprise this year!

The Bathing Beauty:

  • Tisserand Bath Oil
    £: V
    One of the most affordable brands that offers stunning natural bath treats is Tisserand, and I can't recommend their bath oils enough.  While many treatments like this create a slick film along the sides of the tub or remain on the surface of the water, Tisserand have produced a formula that begins to disperse in the water so you can enjoy a lightly moisturizing and aromatherapeutic experience without feeling like you are covered in slippery oil.  The steam carries the scent really well so the whole room will smell gorgeous in no time, and with eight blends to choose from you can really tailor the fragrance to your giftee's preferences.

  • Micheline Arcier Aromatherapie Bath Oil
    £££: V, LW
    Seeking a luxury artisan treatment that makes a unforgettable gift this year?  Well, Micheline Arcier definitely delivers!  I had the joy of trying their Harmonie blend earlier this year, and I was blown away by how sumptuous and evocative the experience was.  The oil comes housed in a beautiful frosted glass bottle with a twist top that serves as a measuring cap, and the pure simplicity of the design speaks volumes.  With peaceful notes of chamomile, petitgrain, ylang ylang, sage, and linaloe wood, this bath oil is fresh, delicate yet present, slightly sweet, with a hint of soft herbals and heady florals.  It's perfectly balanced, and instantly soothes your mind while also bringing a dose of positivity - it's a real show stopper that is for sure!

  • Skin Alchemists The Chocolate Cove Body Exfoliate
    ££: O, V, LW
    Baths aren't just about bubbles - it's a time for a full body pamper, and that includes a stellar scrub!  I was a huge fan of Skin Alchemists' previous exfoliator, so I was initially hesitant about the change to The Chocolate Cove - however, as soon as I opened the jar I knew my uncertainties were unfounded!  This has a warmly spiced aroma that reminds me of winter, with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, peppercorns, and ginger, but also a tinge of chocolatey goodness that makes this an even more rich and full fragrance.  And as soon as you begin to work it into your skin - heavenly!  The Chocolate Cove is soothing and conditioning, and the gentle buffing leads to soft skin that looks and feels totally restored.  This makes bathtime all the more magical.

The Kids: 

  • Weaving Hope Whale and Friends Play Set
    ££: V, PF
    The early years are crucial for learning, so why not help out new parents by gifting a planet friendly toy that also helps little ones!  Weaving Hope specializes in handmade ethical playthings that are fair trade, made with handwoven cotton and eco-friendly dyes, and are created using methods that are not energy hungry.  The brand supports imaginative play in children, but also the preservation of traditional artistry by employing local people in Sri Lanka who are provided with fair wages as well as benefits like skills training, health education, and child care.  And with toys as cute and creative as the Whale and Friends Play Set, it's no wonder they are so loved by customers!  The set is lightweight and machine washable, and contains five little sea creature friends (all different shades making them perfect for learning counting and colours!) inside the tummy.  This is such a sweet set, and the vivid tones and different textures, shapes, and sizes make it irresistible for little ones.  I for one can't wait to watch my nephew play!

  • Borrow A Game Subscription
    £-££: LW
    Board games are always a great family present as they bring everyone together and can be enjoyed time and again.  However, they are also pretty pricey and so often people are limited to having to pick just one.  Not anymore!  Why not give the gift of gaming this season, and get a subscription to Borrow A Game?  This brand offers a board game rental service so families and friends can play all sorts of games, test them out to see what they love, and save loads of money (and waste!) in the process. They have three plans available and even have options for you to buy your favourite pieces.  My top recommendations?  Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Sheriff of Nottingham, and Betrayal at House on the Hill - but don't worry, there are plenty of titles for younger children as well!

  • Clothing
    Clothes are a great go to for children who are not in need of further toys or activities, and you can find a lot of vegan friendly, organic, natural, and fair trade fashion now so gifting planet friendly clothing has never been easier.  You can opt for a set of like-new secondhand outfits (a great way to ensure you are not contributing to landfill) which can be found at charity shops, mobile apps like Depop, or local groups on Facebook, or if you are set on buying new then check out retailers like Skin&Bliss which carry a wide range of sustainable children's lines or discover recommendations from ethical bloggers like Moral Fibers.

The Fashionista:

  • Po-Zu Ethical Shoes
    ££-££££: VO, LW
    Oh how I adore Po-Zu - their ethical footwear is the epitome of comfort, style, and function, and I can't fault their prices either!  While many unsustainable trainers on the high street run upwards of £100, this planet-friendly range keeps things pretty affordable while also offering great quality and eco-minded materials.  They have vegan options, a full men's and women's line, and a collection of officially licensed Star Wars designs - what more could you wish for??  I have purchased both trainers and flats from Po-Zu, and I can't rate them enough.  These are long lasting pieces that are made well, fit great, are super cute, and are guilt free thanks to their use of materials like Piñatex™ (vegan leather made from pineapple), natural latex foam, coconut fibre, fair trade rubber, and more!

  • Critically Endangered Socks
    £: O, V, LW
    I feel like socks get a bad rep as a gift, but personally I love getting gifted a great pair of well made and stylish socks!  And Critically Endangered Socks raises the bar even further with their ethics driven business that raises money for animals in crisis - not only are their pieces made with 80-85% organic cotton or 80% bamboo, but they donate part of the sales price directly to charities that protect the species featured on your socks.  There are six organizations involved, from the WWF to WildCats Conservation Alliance, and all receive a set percentage to help the animals.  And the socks themselves are beautiful, with cool designs, colour block patterns, and soft breathable fabric that is sturdy and keeps your feet warm.  Perfect for animal lovers, the fashion-forward, or just anyone who wears shoes!

  • Handmade Jewelry
    Everywhere you go, there is bound to be some super skilled and creative small business that creates one of a kind pieces, so why not support them this year and gift a beautiful handmade necklace, bracelet, or ring?  You can find loads of jewelers (both online and IRL) who utilize repurposed and upcycled materials, ethical stones, and recycled metals, and the final products are so stunning.  I love the care and craft that goes into handmade items, and there is usually a great story to them as well which helps make a gift like this all the more special.  Some stand out sellers for me have to be Ellie (ethically sourced gemstone jewelry) and Eva Fay Design (clay earrings), but I of course am still a huge fan of Amalena (ethical/eco gold) as well!

The Book Worm:

  • Positive News Magazine
    £-££: V, PF
    With 2020 being what it is, many have felt extra levels of anxiety - and the daily news definitely doesn't help ease that stress!  So why not opt for something a little different and more uplifting?  Positive News Magazine is such a great alternative for those who love to read or keep up with current events but who just can't take the negativity of mainstream media.  This is a publication containing "good journalism about good things" (like an article on a zero carbon emission journey made across the Atlantic in a sailboat!) and it's just what this year needs.  Full of well researched and relevant articles that are focused on offering the facts and stories alongside progress, possibility, and solutions, this quarterly magazine is the perfect pick for book worms as we move into the new year.

  • The Sustainable Book Club
    £-££: V, PF
    I love a good book, but sometimes picking one out leaves me feeling a little lost as there are just so many choices.  Cue one of my favourite finds of the year: The Sustainable Book Club.  This service is one for all the readers out there, as it offers a hand crafted eco-friendly box that contains a mystery book as well as a selection of treats to give you the perfect cozy 'curled up with a good book' experience.  First you choose your base, opting for The Original, XL, Vintage, or a special holiday edition, then decide if you want a one off delivery or subscription, and finish off your order by selecting a genre (either fiction, non-fiction, or SURPRISE ME) - The Sustainable Book Club will take care of the rest!  Each box will include a book, handmade bookmark, something to sip, something to nibble, and an extra surprise - plus 10% of the purchase price is donated to charity!

  • East by Meera Sodha
    £: V
    Not all books are designed to be read in one sitting, and a cookbook is a great gift since it will be used for many years to come!  We got East as a wedding gift this year, and it has been such a fun treat to learn more recipes, techniques, and flavour combinations - all of which are vegan friendly!  There is so much variety in here, with yummy desserts, moreish mains, and of course lots of ideas for noodles, rices, and salads.  I've been slowly working my way through the ideas in here, and it has been reinvigorating my interest in cooking plus teaching me loads.  For that reason, I think this would be a lovely gift for the holidays.

    P.s. Looking for even more vegan cookbook goodness?  I'm also a big fan of Bosh, Feed Me Vegan, and Vegan on the Go.

The Gardener:

  • Lazy Flora Subscription
    Combining the ease of online shopping with the joys of surprise, Lazy Flora offers collections of house plants, gardening tools, and subscription boxes, all of which have helpful care tips which makes it easy for even those with no experience to use.  Each plant Lazy Flora sends is picked to fit the season, so you do not have to do any guesswork and know that the weather will be suitable for when you actually put it in the ground.  While their pots are not always labelled, the flowers and shrubs are always great - plus, everything is suited for even those prone to killing plants!  This is a lovely living present, and one that will bring beauty and life to the garden - it's sure to be a hit!

    P.s. Keen to offer the gift of growing your own?  Why not opt for a seed subscription instead and let your gardening friends and family start their very own fruit and veg patch??

  • Wooden Planters
    ££-££££: PF
    If you know someone who loves flowers or herbs, is keen to garden, but just does not have space, wooden planters could be a great present that will make their planty dreams come true.  You can often find these at garden centres or online retailers, but also keep an eye out on local Facebook groups or places like Etsy if you want to buy from a small business or carpenter - often you can find upcycled or restored pieces that reduce waste, plus you can ask questions to see if the wood has been sourced sustainably.  And if you want to make these even more special as a gift, why not consider buying a rough and ready box that you can sand and stain yourself?  This way, you can add extra personal touches or design it to match your loved one's personality!

  • Silvan Skincare Gardener's Balm
    £: V, PF
    This Gardener's Balm is packed full of protecting oils, extracts and butters which will get rough and worn hands nourished in no time.  The blend of apricot, marshmallow, olive fruit, jojoba, sunflower, and shea make for a healing treatment that absorbs well and makes a real difference to your skin as it sinks in.  Whenever I use it, it's like a transformation has occurred - my hands feel so silky, and the deeply conditioning ingredients definitely make a difference in the texture of my skin.  Plus, it smells incredibly calming with a blend of juniper, cedarwood, lavender, and rosemary - a great way to relax after some time in the garden!

The Indoor Jungle Queen:

  • Burgon and Ball Watering Can
    £: V, PF
    Anyone else surprised at how hard it is to find a plastic free watering can that doesn't cost more than the rare plant on your wishlist??  Burgon and Ball are by far the best option I have found in my search both in terms of price point and design.  I picked up their "Indoor Watering Can" in charcoal, and I love the functionality, feel, and overall aesthetic - it's classic but stylish, sturdy, not too heavy despite being made of steel, flows well and gives more precision thanks to the long spout, and the FSC certified beech wood handle is so comfortable to hold.  I just wish they made this exact version in larger sizes!  That being said, they have a lot to choose from in all shapes and sizes, so finding the perfect match should be easy.

  • Macramé Planter
    £-££: V, PF
    While standing pots are of course classic, hanging planters are becoming more popular as people try to make their own indoor oasis.  Woven pot holders are such a great way to create a sense of depth to houseplant jungles, as they can be adjusted to different heights and blend in really well so they don't distract from the visual.  They also add a bit of whimsy and fun to a room, making them an instant hit for those wanting to fuse home decor with their love of plants.  There are tons of eco friendly macramé planters on the market, so just be sure to choose one that is made with sustainable materials and that doesn't break the bank.  

    P.s. On a budget, love to craft, or just want to insert that little extra something special into the gift you are giving?  Why not make your own planter?!  It's super easy, affordable, and makes for a fun way to customize the design perfectly to match your loved one's tastes.

  • Plants!
    When in doubt, why not gift the plant lover some plants?!  If you are unsure about what they have in their collection already or what specific specimens they would prefer, you can grab a gift voucher at most retailers, or if you have a good idea of what is on their wishlist why not pick it up and surprise them with their new green friend all potted up and ready to join their jungle!  Just be sure you are buying from trusted and responsible sellers, as plant poaching is a huge problem and has been getting worse with each passing week this year.  Since many went houseplant crazy in lockdown, the excess demand and strain on supply chains has led to really dodgy (and criminal!) acts in the botanical world - if something feels off or you are worried about the ethical and environmental impact of the brand, ask questions about sourcing!

    P.s. Want more on houseplants?  Let me know and I can get working on a guide of my trusted sources as well as what the issues are with poaching.

The Foodie:

  • Local Restaurant Vouchers
    Small business was hit hard this year, and restaurants are definitely included in this struggle.  If you have a foodie in your life that you are looking to buy for, picking up a gift voucher for a local restaurant would help keep the business afloat while also providing some yummy eats to your friends and family.  Even in lockdown a lot of these eateries were offering takeaway services, so there is not even a need to wait to use the voucher in many cases - it can be cashed in for delicious food at any point the restaurant is open.

    P.s. Any fellow Norwich/Norfolk residents here?  Why not support these vegan friendly restaurants by gifting a voucher from them this season!

  • Jungle Culture Coconut Bowls
    £-££: V, PF
    Ethically sourced in Bến Tre, Vietnam, the Coconut Bowls from Jungle Culture are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, upcycled from waste materials, and handcrafted by local artists.  On top of being super cute, they're also easy to wash, free from plastics, and really sturdy meaning they will last a long time - eco goals right?!  There are currently five styles to choose from, and each is stunning.  I adore the intricate designs, and the reclaimed wooden spoons that come with the set are just beautiful.  While the bottom is not cut flat, it still sits solidly on the table, and I appreciate how smooth and sleek the overall look is.  Everything about this adds joy to my daily routine, and I feel like my food feels much more special when inside the coconut bowl!

  • Kombucha Kit
    £-££: V
    Kombucha is a fermented tea-based drink that is becoming more and more popular across the world - but did you know you can easily make it at home??  I have recently started to test the waters of DIY kombucha, and I must admit I have been surprised by how simple the process is.  I love that you can get super creative with the recipe, using different types of tea, sugar, and flavours to adjust the flavour and get it exactly how you want, and it definitely ends up being leagues cheaper than store bought brews!  This is a fun project and can easily become a practical hobby, so why not get a starter kit as a present this year?  There are many to choose from online, but the essential part is scoby and starter tea -- with these you can get going in no time!

The Jetsetter:

  • Jungle Culture Reusable Cutlery
    £: V, PF
    I have been loving this gorgeous reusable cutlery set from Jungle Culture ever since it arrived, as I find the reclaimed and upcycled ebony wood just so stunning to look at as well as sturdy to use.  Plus, the story behind how they are made makes these even more special!  It contains six pieces: a fork, spoon, knife, straw, cleaning wand, and carrier pouch.  The hand-sewn organic cotton pouch make it ideal for on the go as everything fits snugly inside so you don't have to worry about anything falling out.  It's perfect for taking to work, going on hikes, camping, a long shopping trip, train rides, and more, and since they are practical, stylish, well made, and long lasting (plus easy to wash) I feel these will be a gift that will be well loved by travelers!

  • Ohelo Reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottle
    ££: V, PF
    Not all water bottles are created equal, and Ohelo surely proves this.  Their range of high quality but lightweight vacuum insulated, double walled high grade 18/8 stainless steel reusables provide the perfect fusion of style and function, and the fact that I carry mine everywhere I go at all times of the day is a testament to how great a product this really is!  The twist on lid is totally leak proof, the material helps keep warm drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold ones cool for 24 hours, plus the inside is electropolished which helps keep bacteria and corrosion at bay.  Oh, and did I mention the design is SUPER CUTE??  Ohelo has several varieties to choose from, but the "The Blue Swallows" has to be my personal fav - it's just so eye catching!

  • Soap Folk Travel Soap Gift Set
    £: O, VO, PF
    When traveling, you have to pack light, be careful about liquids, and have an awareness of potential environmental impacts - and since a great bar of soap has so many uses and can solve all these concerns, it makes a great present!  Soap Folk is a wonderful natural and handcrafted soap brand, and I have been a fan for many years now.  Their plastic free bars are super gentle, give a lovely lather, and have delightful scents that can uplift your spirits or calm your mind depending on the fragrance.  While their gift sets make a fab treat for anyone, this one especially is ideal for those constantly on the go as then they will have a soap for all occasions as well as a handy artisan dish made by Starling Pots to dry it in so they can travel in comfort.

The Homebody:

  • Panda The Cloud Duvet
    £££-££££: V, LW
    Panda Life creates eco friendly home goods from organic and ethically sourced bamboo, and each of their products is in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 meaning they are free from potentially toxic chemicals.  They provide style that is long lasting, better for the planet, and ultra comfortable - and The Cloud Duvet delivers on all counts!  This 10.5 tog duvet is the most luxurious bedding I have ever used, and it truly has changed how I sleep.  It has a hefty feeling to it that reminds me of a weighted blanket, but it is not at all heavy on your body - it's like a comforting cloud that makes you feel safe and warm, and I find myself sleeping so much more soundly since this was introduced to the bedroom.  If you know someone who is needing a new duvet and want to gift them an eco-friendly option, this is the one to get!

  • Marley's Monsters Reusable Cloth Sampler Kit
    £: V, PF
    Being a homebody isn't just about being cozy, so why not offer a functional present this holiday season?  Marley's Monsters have wonderful sets for cleaning, kitchen, and dining, but one of my favourites has to be their Reusable Cloth Sampler Kit which gives a taste of almost everything.  These machine washable pieces include three UNpaper Towels, six Cloth Wipes, and five Facial Rounds that are absolutely adorable as well as really soft.  These durable everyday products are great for wiping up messes, using for table settings, bringing on the go for picnics or lunch breaks, cleaning up baby, removing makeup, and more - seriously, you can use them for whatever you wish!  Each are 100% cotton and 1-ply and I find they are super absorbent, plus the mix of sizes makes this set a great way to see what suits needs best.

  • Slippers
    What's something every homebody needs?  Slippers of course!  And with more sustainable options hitting the market, this holiday season is a great time to pick some up for your friends and family.  Or, if the person you are buying for is a little fussy (like me - whoops!) then why not try your hand at handmaking a pair??  There are lots of DIY instructions online, and that way you can pick out the colours and patterns, select the exact material they would want (organic cotton, bamboo, ethical wool, or other natural materials!), and make them into the style they prefer!

The Skincare Fiend:
Okay, so this is near impossible to limit to three choices, so I have cheated a bit and decided not to include anything I have reviewed on The ecoLogical this year for this category!  Even this proved tricky, as there are so many wonderful formulations I have loved this year - but I did my best and decided to just share three so no one is overwhelmed.  If you want more ideas for skincare and wish to discover my top picks for green beauty brands and full ranges to gift this year, head over to my previous gift guide.

  • Elan Skincare Wonder Face Cleanser & Gentle Make-Up Remover
    ££: O, V, LW
    I have so much respect for Elan Skincare, and I am always in awe of their dermatologically tested formulations.  Their new cleanser is such a decadent and soothing treat, and I feel so lucky to have a bottle.  This lightweight fragrance free oil contains a magical blend of hazelnut, sea buckthorn, sunflower, green tea, lemon, raspberry, apple, vanilla, canteloupe, melon, and cucumber which all combine into a gentle, nourishing, silky sensation that has bright juicy notes that uplift the mind and bring a dose of positivity to the day.  It's an absolute delight, and one that everyone should have the joy of trying!

  • Lani Omega Glow Facial Serum
    ££: V, LW
    I'm a huge fan of Lani, but every time I try a new product I can't help but be wowed - and the latest addition to the collection is no exception!  The Omega Glow Facial Serum is a treatment designed to bring a natural radiance, retain moisture, restore complexion, maintain elasticity, regulate oil production, and protect against oxidative damage.  With an aroma that makes your mouth water and a silky smooth texture, this skin loving cocktail is a must try - it's like strawberry bliss meets balancing kiwi, and the combination of rare omega fatty acids make this a powerhouse that delivers real results.  And the packaging is unbelievably cute too!

  • 79 Lux Golden Oil
    £££: V, LW
    Don't let the simple ingredient list fool you - this is anything but basic!  The Golden Oil from 79 Lux contains a unique combination of colloidal gold, sweet almond, marula, frankincense, rose, helichrysum, rosehip, and mica, and while it feels ultra lightweight when applied it gives a replenishing dose of moisture to the skin.  It has a tranquil grounding scent that lifts the spirits, but more than that, it makes my skin feel amazing - it's an immediate boost in terms of suppleness and smoothness, and it leaves everything so so soft.  This is a creation that leaves the body looking more toned and the texture of the skin looking silkier, plus it doubles as a luminizer which leaves everything looking naturally radiant.

The Master Maskers:

  • Inner Senses Vibrant Earth Revitalising Detox Powder Mask
    £££: O, V, LW
    A long time favourite of mine, Inner Senses Vibrant Earth face mask is perfection - so of course it makes a stellar gift.  This multitasking marvel captures the wildness of the seas and power of the planet, and is such a stunner with its dark and moody tones.  With rare and potent microalgae, spirulina, indulgent cacao, green tea, grape skin, MSM, moringa leaf, baobab fruit, clay (both Canadian colloidal clay and Rhassoul clay), and more, this is a treatment that is prepared to detoxify and tone.  It's so effective, and works to boost radiance, regenerate cells, sort out spots, brighten, exfoliate, and repair the skin - that's what I call a powerhouse!

    P.s. Remember you can pick up a sample when purchasing direct with Inner Senses by using my ambassador code at checkout!  Just pop your sample of choice in your cart, click through to pay, pop BRYANNA into the "Discount Code" box, and you can try the sample free of charge!

  • Leafology Mermaid Magic Anti-Blemish Face Mask
    ££: V, PF
    A top discovery of mine in 2020's BSL Awards was the Mermaid Magic Anti-Blemish Face Mask from Leafology, and once experienced you will understand why.  With a pistachio hue and medicinal scent, this small batch treatment provides a supercharged skincare ritual that will totally reset your skin.  It contains green tea, an antioxidant rich and antibacterial ingredient that helps calm the skin and fight against spots, along with cooling cucumber, anti-inflammatory turmeric, antiseptic fennel, vitamin packed mint, healing marshmallow root, protecting spirulina, detoxifying clays, damage preventing kelp, and more.  It's such an effective mask, and one that targets not just blemishes, but redness and pore-tightening as well!

  • Dafna's Skincare Detoxify Mask & Exfoliation
    ££: V, LW
    A thirteen ingredient wonder expertly crafted to provide an all natural and vegan friendly reset to the skin, this will leave you feeling totally taken care of!  Detoxify offers a multi-tasking experience thanks to the blend of oils, powders, and eco extracts including grape seed, argan, and jojoba oil, vegan glycerin, and vitamin E which work to provide moisture and hydration, as well as bamboo and avocado powders for a gentle but powerful exfoliation.  Not only that, but the mask targets the effects of pollution and free radicals which can lead to a dull, tired, and blotchy complexion!  This is such a great pre-mixed treatment, and it would definitely make a brilliant gift for the holidays.

The Eco-Starter:

  • Marley's Monsters Eco Kitchen Gift Set
    ££: V, PF
    Making greener choices has never been easier, and it's such a joy helping others start their journey with making sustainable swaps - and since Marley's Monsters gift sets are so adorable why not blend eco-friendly living with stylish decor?  I love their reusable sponge, and of course their unpaper towels and cloth wipes are a big hit, so the fact that they are all bundled together in this perfect kit makes me so happy!  This bundle is perfect for adding some color to the kitchen, and it will be super helpful for anyone starting to switch out old products for more ethical and plastic free alternatives.

  • Subscription Box
    ££: V, PF
    Know someone who is a beauty lover who is just starting out on their journey with greener living?  Why not gift them an ethical subscription!  Two of my favourites that offer plastic free vegan friendly edits are The Natural Beauty Box and Happy Planet Box by The Evolution.  I've been getting TNBB for ages, and I never once have been disappointed - their monthly curations are always packed full of high performance products from big and small brands alike, and I always find new favourites within the deliveries.  While I have only recently discovered Happy Planet Box, I have been so impressed by their seasonal edits and can't wait to see what the future holds for this subscription service as the variety is great and there is clearly so much care taken.  I find boxes are a cost effective and fun way of testing new products and getting started with making ethical choices, and these two in particular are sure to bring smiles.

  • Friendly Soap Travel Selection Box
    £: V, PF
    Friendly Soap is one of my favourite budget friendly plastic free brands, and their Travel Selection Box is such a great choice for someone who is just starting out with their zero waste efforts.  The kit includes four bars: a Shaving Soap, a Tea Tree & Turmeric bar that is a solid all-rounder, a Peppermint & Poppyseed soap which offers a gentle exfoliation that is ideal for hands or body, and a Travel Soap that can be used to clean clothes, hair, and more.  This would make a great present if you're on a tight budget, or can even be a stocking stuffer - either way, it's packed full of green goodness that is fab for someone starting their eco lifestyle.

The Makeup Junkie:

  • PHB Mesmerise Mascara
    £: O, V
    With PHB being one of my top picks for natural makeup, it's no wonder that one of their creations has landed in this gift guide.  The Mesmerise Mascara is not only one of my favourite PHB products, it's also a favourite mascara!  This is a total rockstar designed to help strengthen your lashes and stimulate growth thanks to a blend of Quinoa Ferment Extract Filtrate and Biotin, and it is super gentle on the eyes.   PHB's mascara adds definition as well as volume, length, and dimension.  It's like wearing falsies, but better since it's truly your own hair!

    Offers: Grab 30% off your order using code BRYANNA30 (one time use only!)

  • RMS Sensual Skin Trio
    ££: O, V
    By far my favourite RMS product so far, the Sensual Skin Trio is a vegan friendly multi-tasking marvel that I recommend for everyone.  Whether you are a long term makeup enthusiast, a newbie looking to try quality formulas, or a once every so often user, this palette is for you.  This makes such a great gift as the trio combines three generously sized circular pans containing Madeira Bronzer Luminizing Powder, Grande Dame Luminizing Powder, and Demure Blush. The palette doesn't stop there though, and has even more uses - it encourages the user to get creative and really play with the powders, and I find that so special.

  • Boho Green Boho Gypsy Eye Palette in Earth
    ££: V, PF
    A perfect pick for those who like neutral tones and a subtle everyday look but who are also looking to minimize plastic usage.  The "Earth" palette has two compartments that are held together by magnets, and the wood case is stunning to look at with a natural grain texture and appearance that is accentuated by a carving of the logo on the top.  Boho Green has packed this palette full of complimentary colours, and the mix of matte and pearlescent formulas across the eight shades inside is fab.  Each wears smoothly and last a long time, plus they're really blendable which is always a plus!  This is a low waste palette that is a must try for any makeup lover.

The Perfume Perfectionist:

  • Neve's Bees Solid Perfume
    £: PF
    Perfume comes in all shapes and sizes, and the latest one to catch my eye is solid formulations.  Neve's Bees recently launched a line of solid perfumes, all made with natural local Oxfordshire beeswax, organic jojoba oil, apricot oil, Vitamin E, and pure essential oils.  They are a testament to traditional methods of perfumery, and offer a plastic free alternative that feels and smells great. There are four blends to choose from, and I have been loving the Bee Sleepy one over the last few weeks.  It contains lavender, frankincense, jasmine, vanilla, and rose, and has such a dreamy scent full of sensual heady notes that leave your mind and body at ease.  It glides on smoothly, and doubles as a little moisture boost making this a wonderful treat overall - I honestly can't wait to try more!

  • Walden Pefume
    £-£££: V, LW
    Inspired by the literary traditions of Henry David Thoreau, Walden is a fragrance brand that captures the delights of nature using natural absolutes, resins and essential oils.  There are currently eight signature scents available, and five ways to enjoy them - in full size 50ml spray bottles, travel friendly 15ml purse sprays, 10ml rollerball oils, 2ml rollerball oil samples, and 5ml liquid samples.  I have enjoyed all of the perfumes so far, but my favourite is probably See the Moonlight which has notes of jasmine, sandalwood, rose, bergamot, and ambrette seed - it's like a warm summer's night full of romance and wonder.  Each of these fragrances lasts a decent amount of time, especially when used on scarves or collars, and anyone would love to have a bottle (or three!) on their beauty shelf.

    P.s. Love Walden perfumes?  Why not check out another Amarya fav, Balm Balm!  They offer single note essential oil perfumes that are affordable and moreish.  My personal favourite is Ylang Ylang, though I keep holding out hope they will bring back the Spearmint version!

  • Flaya Perfume
    £-££: O, V, LW
    While many natural perfumes offer floral, spicy, woody, or herbal scents, it is not so often that you find a brand that crafts sweeter scents.  Flaya has mastered this art using 80-92% organic ingredients, and has seven divine fragrances to choose from.  You'll find a bit of everything here, from juicy aromas to sugary notes - all of which are handmade in Scotland using precious oils and natural aromatic compounds.  The lasting power is impressive, and I have become such a fan that I own every single one of their blends!  My favourites have to be Forever, If..., and No. 48, but I reach for all of them regularly because they are just that good.

And that wraps up this year's Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide!  There were so many options in this roundup of eco friendly, plastic free, and sustainable present ideas, and I can't wait to hear what is around the tree this year.  Whether you opt for new or used, a DIY or craft, a product or an experience... I wish you the very merriest of holidays!

Do you have any other items, activities, or projects you think would make fantastic gifts?  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.  And if you want to learn more about any of the goodies listed above, do let me know, or feel free to have a search here on The ecoLogical.  I've reviewed many of the products or mentioned them on social media at some time or another!  I'm always happy to give more guidance and answer questions.

And as a special treat to give back after such a hard year and to thank you all for reading and following along all this time -- a giveaway!!

I have been busy behind the scenes arranging this year's 12 Days of Giveaways for all you lovelies who have supported me, and that will be launching TODAY!  Rather than one giant prize, I want even more people to be able to take home some amazing gifts - so there will be 12 winners altogether.  This year I am thankful that several brands have been kind enough to offer their creations as prizes, and I will be sharing all of them in a special post.  If you want to discover the featured brands and all of the prizes on offer for each day, head over to the 12 Days of Giveaways reveal!

As for the giveaway itself, it will run via Rafflecopter and be focused here on the blog as well as Twitter, though you can find further snippets of prizes on Instagram stories each day too!  Want to take part??  There are 12 chances to win, extra surprises in store, and lots of excitement in the lead up to Christmas day!  Enter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Conditions:

There will be TWELVE winners, one for each day.

Day 5 + Day 9 winners will be drawn separately from Twitter as these prizes are more specialist and I want to be sure they can be used - you can find giveaway guidelines/entry on December 5th + December 9th direct on @the_eco_logical Twitter.

Any entrants who unsubscribe/unfollow entry accounts within 28 days of the giveaway will be excluded from future giveaways.

The prizes consist of ethical products from various brands - see the full reveal post for full details.

There is no cash alternative.

There is no limit on the number of entries per person, just follow the instructions to enable multiple entries.

Winner will be notified within 28 days.

The winner must claim their prize within 7 days of being notified or it will be forfeited and passed on to a new winner.

** Winner is requested to post a photo of their prize when it is received, tagging me - if this does not happen, winner will be disqualified from future giveaways.

All entries must be received by the date and time specified.

The winner will be picked at random by Rafflecopter & notified by email.

Giveaways are open to the UK only unless otherwise noted.  If a winner is from anywhere else, they can choose to pay the difference in postage or surrender their win.

The winner's name is available upon request.

All entries will be checked - any entry that is found to have not fulfilled the entry requirements will be removed.

This giveaway is hosted by The ecoLogical and Day 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 prizes are supplied by the brand and will be sent direct by them.  Once posted, responsibility of delivery is up to the service provider (i.e. Royal Mail).  


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