Vegan Friendly Eats Review - Top 5 Vegan Restaurants in Norwich!

Today is getting foodie here on The ecoLogical, as I'm going to be rounding up my top five spots to grab vegan food here in Norwich!

With the rise of veganism and a lot of people trying to reduce their impact, there have been an extraordinary amount of vegan friendly options popping up in restaurants all over the country, and lucky for me Norwich seems to be a hotspot!  In fact, the city was recently named THE number one spot in the UK for being vegetarian and vegan friendly.  Not only do we have several dedicated vegan cafes and a one stop shop for all your household needs, but the city has been gifted with proper sit down restaurants too.

It's not easy to find fancy sit down restaurants that serve a full (or at least substantial) vegan menu, but Norwich has delivered - not once, but over and over again!  And today I am going to round up some of our personal favourites, plus share my runners up and special mentions.

I've never done a post quite like this, so do let me know what you think in the comments!

Erpingham House -
You all know my attempts to limit plastics from my life, so imagine my excitement when I discovered a Norwich restaurant that claimed to be plastic free as well as 100% plant based!

Erpingham House resides within a beautiful building that dates back to the 1890s, and is fully vegan so you have the ENTIRE menu to peruse, not just a small section, plus they don't use any single use plastics (and what plastic they do use is "vegware" made from plants).  They are also a Certified Carbon Free Dining Restaurant, meaning they counterbalance the environmental impact of the meals they serve by offering customers the chance to plant a tree for just 99p (a charge added onto the final bill).

Erpingham House nachos and pizza - best Norwich vegan restaurants

The menu switches up fairly often it seems which I love, so if you LOVE anything you order, be sure to let them know and check if it will be a permanent offering.  Luckily, one of my favs seems to have made the cut to be available all the time (at least as a sharer if not as a technical 'main' dish) - the nachos!  The chili that comes with this meal is incredible, with perfect guac, delectable salsa, and just enough heat that slowly builds but doesn't overpower or overwhelm you.  It actually was so good it inspired me to learn how to make it at home so I could have it again and again!  Now that's special.

Location: 22 Tombland, Norwich NR3 1RF
Open: Monday - Saturday

The Tipsy Vegan -
Another fully vegan restaurant to try out in Norwich is The Tipsy Vegan, a cozy restaurant and cocktail bar with a speakeasy vibe and a lot of creativity.  Serving a wide range of food (with a menu that changes things up every few months it seems), this is the place to go if you want a naughty treat.

Why naughty?  Well, many of the options here use 'fake meat' so you will find a lot of comfort foods like burgers, mac n cheese, and burritos.  They use tofu, tempeh, jackfruit, seitan, and a mix called sosmix to replicate foods that will have non-vegans watering at the mouth and wondering if they should just give up animal products there and then.  But don't fret - there are dishes for those wanting straight up veggies too!  Everything tastes fab, so it is just a matter of preference when it comes to ordering.

A few dishes I love are the Mexican Bean Dip (seriously can I just eat this forever??) and the Arancini, both of which are great if you want a tapas style meal.  I'm actually gutted as they recently got rid of my all-time favourite small plate, the courgetti salad which was dressed with red pepper and almond tapenade with sundried tomatoes... Can I petition for a revival??

Location: 68-70 St Benedicts St, Norwich NR2 4AR
Open: all week (Monday - Sunday)

Shiki -
Okay, so this one is a bit misleading as it is not by any means a vegan restaurant.  BUT hear me out!

I love good Japanese food, but it can be really difficult to find vegetarian options, let alone vegan friendly choices.  So when Tim booked a table for my birthday at Shiki last year, I wasn't really sure what to expect.  Well, I was amazed to say the least.  Not only did they have a fair selection to pick from, but they were all absolutely delicious.

Shiki vegan sushi board - best Norwich vegan restaurants

They let me know that for almost all their vegetarian options they could do a vegan friendly version, so you're not really limited in any way.  And they're really helpful if you are confused in any way - they even guided us through the menu our first time there!

From sushi to mains, there is something for every course, and you will be hard pressed to just choose a few items.  I'm totally obsessed with their Inari as well as the Yasai Age Gyoza - honestly I could go there and just have endless amounts of that and be totally blissed out.  If you like Japanese food, then Shiki is a must try for you!

Location: 6 Tombland, Norwich NR3 1HE
Open: Tuesday - Saturday

The Belgian Monk -
Another restaurant with great vegan offerings is the Belgian Monk.  While at first this is a place you might not first think of as a vegan paradise, it actually has a ton of options, and I am never stuck for choice when we visit.  From Middle Eastern fusions to traditional Belgian meals, there is so much to try!

A favourite of mine is the Sweet Potato, Chickpea and Quinoa Burger - it is so filling, flavourful, and moreish that I am hard pressed to pick something else whenever we make a trip for lunch.  It's served with crispy sweet potato chips that are cooked to perfection, and it also now comes with "roasted sweetcorn bites" (which if I'm honest I'm not super keen on, but to each their own!).

If you are there with a big group, another thing to try is the vegan hot cheddar and jalapeƱo dip.  It is a HUGE portion so don't get caught out ordering this all on your own, as you just won't have room for anything else if you do.  The cheese is so melty and delcious, and with just a little kick of spice to add some extra depth to the taste.  It's one of the best vegan cheeses I have had in a restaurant, and totally worth getting.

Location: 7 Pottergate, Norwich NR2 1DS
Open: Monday - Saturday

The Green Grocers -
Not only is the Golden Triangle's Green Grocer a fab place to do your zero waste shop, but they also have a cozy cafe where you can munch the afternoon away!  With daily specials, handmade pizzas and baked goods, fusion dishes, and a permanent set menu, there are so many yummy things to try.

I adore The Green Grocers' fresh smoothies, especially the "Energy" berry one as it is perfectly tart and not too sweet.  And their open sandwiches are incredible - so fresh, light, and wholesome!  The last one I tried was the hummus and avocado which was great for an early Sunday lunch.  They also do a fab cashew cheese option (though the most recent one I was served went a little heavy on the cheese), and are really nice about adapting their set plates to suit your dietary needs.

I also love that they source as much as possible locally, from the coffee and beer to the vegetables.  It adds that extra eco touch that tips this over into one of my top five picks for vegan restaurants in Norwich!

Location: 2-4, Earlham House Shops, Earlham Rd, Norwich NR2 3PD
Open: all week (Monday - Sunday)

The Green Grocer open sandwich - best Norwich vegan restaurants

But don't think those are the only places to grab a bite in the city.  No, that's not even scraping the surface.  There are so many bars, cafes, restaurants, and takeaways that it's impossible to do a full review.  It's hard to even pick five as favourites!  And there are more options popping up all the time - it's no wonder Norwich ranked top in the UK for being vegan friendly.

Want a few more ideas?  Well, here are some of my honorary mentions:

Tofurei: Want to grab a bite before picking up your dinner sausages or cheese board selections?  Well, Tofurei serves fresh sandwiches, baked goods, burgers, baps, and sometimes even little pizzas!  And you can grab a coffee or tea while you're at it too - yum!

River Green: Just outside of Norwich technically, but worth the short bus trip.  The River Green delivers meat free cooking from around the world, and has a ton of vegan options alongside their veggie menu.  Word to the wise - if you aren't keen on coriander, be sure to let them know!

Kinda Cafe: If you want a snug cafe to sit sipping a coffee and munching on a sweet treat, this is a prime spot to do so.  There is a small lunch menu, all of which are pretty healthy and very affordable.  Not recommended on a hot day, as there isn't much airflow unfortunately.

William & Florence: While this isn't just vegan, this Adnams pub does have a good selection on their menu and what they do have is absolutely delicious.  The wild mushroom tartine is spectacular, and they even do a vegan sharing board.  They also do a special bottomless brunch for parties, but I'm not sure if they offer a vegan version - worth asking?

William & Florence mushroom tartine - best Norwich vegan restaurants

Namaste: There are two locations to choose from, and both are fully vegetarian with many vegan options on offer too.  If you love Indian food, this is a must try, as the flavours are authentic, mouth watering, and varied, and there are just so many dishes to taste.

Sahara Cafe: A long term favourite of ours, Sahara Cafe is super affordable and the staff is always very accommodating and kind.  They serve North African inspired cuisine, and have yummy fresh juice, great Arabic coffee, fab hummus, perfect roasted veg, and lovely baked goods.

Little Shop of Vegans: This is more for a grab and go bite after you have done your shopping or if you just are fancying a yummy homemade treat, but definitely worth checking out if you haven't already.  Choose from brownies, scotch eggs, ice creams, or various rolls, or pick up your pooch some dog biscuits!  Bonus: the owner is a wonderful woman who is always super helpful!

Wild Thyme: Strictly vegetarian and vegan, this relaxed cafe uses consciously sourced produce and places emphasis on seasonality and locally grown ingredients.  They have a great breakfast and light bites menu, plus a really solid selection of mains!

Wild Thyme cauliflower tacos - best Norwich vegan restaurants

And if you are needing a chain restaurant because you are saving savvy and need to use a voucher code, or if you just want a space where you and your hesitant friends and family can go for a bite to eat, then no worries -- Norwich is packed with vegan friendly chains.  Some of my personal favourites are Pizza Express, Wetherspoons, Wagamama, and Brewdog.  Each has a wide selection of vegan options on their menus (and in some cases, a fully separate vegetarian and vegan menu!) plus most are very helpful and willing to adjust dishes to suit your dietary needs.

Norwich is so spoiled for choice, and I have barely scratched the surface.  I went through some of the cafes and restaurants that I know have loads of options available, but there are so many more pubs, market stalls, and other eateries with vegan friendly food on their menus.  If you're needing more food for thought, you can check out The Wild Life's guide, or just have a wander through the city - you are bound to find something delicious around every corner!

Have you been to Norwich and tried any vegan friendly spots you think are worth mentioning??  Let me know - if I have not been there, I will be happy to check it out.  Tim especially is always up for a lunch out!

And how would you say Norwich compares to where you live?  I'm super interested to hear xx


  1. Wow so many vegan places compared to other smaller cities! It's great you have so many options :)

  2. It's great that there are so many places where you can get a good choice of vegan food in a small city.

    1. yes tons of choice which is fab!! and none are super expensive which is really nice

  3. Amazing to find so many places to eat! Food looks lovely!


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