Ethical and Eco Spring Favourites 2021 *

Spring may have just started, but my ethical and eco favourites are ready to be shared.  Get ready to discover what I think are the best green beauty products, aromatherapy treatments, sustainable swaps, and more in today's spring favourites roundup!

I love sharing my favourites with you lovelies, and it has been far too long since I offered my top picks.  So after a long dark winter, I am ready to burst into spring with a selection of uplifting, vibrant, and inspiring goodies!  From organic skincare and refillable makeup to sustainable wine and vegan chocolate, I'm talking about all the things I have been loving recently.  And when you're done checking out what I'm using, it would be great if you shared your current favs too!

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No matter how I have received a product, whether it has been purchased with my own money, gifted by a brand, been subsidized by a brand, won, gifted by friends/family, or purchased with a gift voucher, my approach is always the same -- honesty, integrity, and highlighting both the good and the bad. You can find more information on Disclosures and Privacy here.

Luxe Botanics Rainforest Revive Discovery Set with five natural skincare products

Luxe Botanics Rainforest Revive Discovery Set:

After picking this kit up at the end of 2020, I knew it would be something special.  The packaging is swish while maintaining an eco mindset, there are lots of little details that make the sampler stand out, and it includes a product I had never even heard of before!  Luxe Botanics Rainforest Revive Discovery Set includes five green goodies developed with marula and kigelia for sensitive and combination skin: a hydrating pre-cleanser, brightening cleanser, brightening face mist, corrective serum, and corrective moisturizer.  Each offers a generous sample size so you can test out the formulations and see how your skin responds before committing to the full bottles, and I was impressed by the gentle but effective qualities in each treatment.  The cleansers are light and rinse nicely, the spray is purifying and refreshing, the serum is full bodied and helps plump the face, and the moisturizer is soothing and not at all clogging.  Definitely a great find!

Madara Acne Acute Spot Roll On in teal glass vial surrounded by golden leaves

Madara Acne Acute Spot Roll On:

After a long search for a replacement to my beloved Trilogy spot treatment, I stumbled upon the Acne Acute Spot Roll On from Madara (with a little help from the lovely Lu!).  While it is not an exact match, it is really effective at targeting pesky breakouts and banishing blemishes.  The formula itself is on the harsher side, with alcohol being the primary ingredient, but as long as you are not applying constantly this shouldn't be an issue.  The application adds a cooling element to the product which helps alleviate some of the discomfort of an angry spot and reduce the redness, and the intensive treatment works to minimize the problem area in just a few days.  Plus, it's such a handy little size - perfect for traveling or keeping on your side table!

Sakrid Superfood Frenzy Brightening Face Wash lying on a fluffy brown cushion

Sakrid Superfood Frenzy Brightening Face Wash: 

I reviewed the Sakrid Superfood Frenzy Brightening Face Wash recently, and it continues to impress a month later.  This gel-like cleanser surpassed all my initial expectations, proving to be an easy to use, effective, and refreshing product that is ideal morning or night.  The packaging (while plastic) is super cute with the botanical patterns, the face wash itself smells great with a mix of sweet citrus and buttery neroli, and the ingredients offer a host of benefits as it works to renew and enrich skin, brighten the complexion, and keep oils at bay.  I love that it is totally faff free and that I can use it in the shower if I am short on time or just want a super simple routine, and it has certainly made a great impression.

Ere Perez Chamomile Eyeshadow Palette Lovely with six neutral shades on top of a green hoya

Ere Perez Chamomile Eyeshadow Palette - Lovely:

Last year I was loving wearing makeup just to have a play and make myself feel done up despite me not having anywhere to go.  This year that's not the case anymore - I barely put it on.  However, as the sunshine starts to become more regular and I feel myself waking from my long pseudo-hibernation, I wanted to find a fab natural eyeshadow for when I started to wear makeup again.  I had always heard great things about Ere Perez, but it wasn't until recently that I finally picked a few pieces up, one being the gorgeous Chamomile Eyeshadow Palette.  Lovely is a great choice for those who aren't so keen on darker shades but want a neutral everyday selection of colours.  I love the subtle shimmer, the gentle formula, the blendable and buildable nature of the shadows, and the fact that it can be refilled.  This palette is becoming a fast favourite, and I can see myself loving it for many years to come.

Kri Skincare SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen on top of colourful rolled up mats

Kri Mineral Sunscreen:

Okay, so this one is a bit of a cheat as it technically isn't a favourite (yet!) - I actually only got it a few days ago!  That being said, Kri is a long time love and this ethical sunscreen is something I have been looking forward to for a long while.  All the ingredients are reef safe and biodegradable, it is SPF30 and offers UVA + UVB protection, and it boasts a matte finish with no greasy or slick residue.  I tested out so many different sun protection options last year trying to find my perfect match, and I am really excited to see how this compares.  My first impressions?  The texture is initially rich but transforms into a lightweight 'second skin' once you work it in, it doesn't leave any white sheen, and it feels super gentle.  I'll be sure to give an update when I have had more time to test, but I have high hopes.

[Note: this is not the final packaging - a new version is coming soon!]

Moser Roth vegan chocolates, a trio of white milk and dark, held up in front of tropical plants

Moser Roth:

I love chocolate, but I'm usually a darker the better kind of person when it comes to cocoa content.  So when I saw that Aldi had a selection of vegan chocolates, I thought why not try something new?  The Moser Roth range has three vegan friendly bars: a white, a milk, and a dark.  Each is 100% natural, is certified by the Rainforest Alliance (meaning there are measures in place to make sure the cocoa is created sustainably and ethically), and comes in a super generous size within plastic free packaging.  Honestly, everything was pretty perfect!  The flavours are fab, with the white chocolate not being too sweet, the milk offering a creamy finish, and the dark providing the rich bitterness that I find so delicious.  For the price point, these are certainly stand outs, and with the bright and cheerful designs they could even make a great gift - if you can find the strength to not eat them first!

Majukooo wood earrings, one dangle back style with anthurium clarivernium design and one stud style with variegated monstera


You probably know by now that I love plants, so when I saw a post for plant themed jewellery in a Facebook group I'm part of I couldn't resist!  These handmade earrings were such a nice treat, and the fact that the shop owner agreed to customize the metal to suit my sensitivities was amazing.  I picked out the anthurium clarivernium and the variegated monstera, and decided to go for a mix of dangling and studs.  The illustrations are beautiful, and I appreciate how lightweight the pieces are - they don't weigh down my ears at all and are super comfortable meaning I can wear them all day without any issues.  I'm definitely looking forward to picking up a few more items in future if she is kind enough to offer sterling silver for me again, and I hope I can find some more studs as those are my favourite type of earring.  It's so great I can show off my love of all things planty in such a sweet way - fashion for the win!

Quiet Blue Tuscan Summer Candle burning with a small golden orange pool of wax

Quiet Blue Tuscan Summer Candle:

Another recent review and a fast favourite is the Quiet Blue soy wax candles.  These vegan friendly natural candles are gorgeous, with a sleek eco-luxe look, wooden wicks, and magical aromas.  I was lucky enough to sample a selection from the range, and the Tuscan Summer blend has earned a solid spot in my spring favourites list thanks to its mix of neroli, petitgrain, and lemon.  I love the smoothness to the scent, and find it both incredibly calming and mysterious.  It contains an element of the wonder you get when exploring a new place in the evening sunshine, and it brings a feeling of positivity to the room.  The candle itself burns really evenly and lasts ages, and it has such a good throw - I even find myself catching its scent when it isn't lit which is just such a nice surprise.  If you miss travel or just want a special aromatherapy treatment that will brighten your space, this is one to try.

Sea Change Chardonnay Wine next to a handpainted sea turtle wall art

Sea Change:

Love a good wine but wanting to make your drink of choice a little more sustainable?  Cue Sea Change.  This ethical brand is out to make a difference one bottle at a time!  They minimize plastics by skipping the wasteful wrap, reducing the amount of glass used, opting for natural cork, and even using food waste in their labels.  Plus, they donate to ocean conservation projects and have raised over  €90,000 since their launch in 2008!  The wine is stellar too, so you can get the taste you want while also helping bring change.  I was sent a bottle to test out, and I am already wishing for another.  I love the crisp clean profile of this white, and while it offers the traditional traits of a chardonnay it is bringing something new to the table with its fruity lightweight qualities.  It's such an easy drinking wine, and one I have really enjoyed.

Agatha Christie The Murder on the Links book cover surrounded by trailing philodendron leaves

Agatha Christie

Last, but definitely not least, is a favourite that I am so thankful to have back in my life - reading.  I really started to fall out of love with reading after so many years of only sifting through academic articles for my PhD.  A few weeks ago I picked up my first 'for fun' book in ages, and it was pure joy to get lost in the story.  Since then, I have been making my way through some Agatha Christie stories.  I never was super into murder mysteries (unless you count things like Nancy Drew, The Boxcar Children, or Sherlock Holmes which I read when I was very young), but the Poirot cases are interesting and I like trying to work out who committed the crime and what their motives were.  Anyone else a fan??

I know spring has just started, so I am bound to have more favourites as the months roll on, but I couldn't wait to share some of these early ones with you.  It was lovely putting this roundup together, especially since I got to film a video in collaboration with some wonderful ladies.  If you want to check out my spring favourites a little more and see them in action, be sure to watch the full review over on Youtube!  And I would love if you checked out everyone else's content too.  You can find them here:

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