Quiet Blue Review: Ethical Candles, Eco Soaps!

Aromatherapy is always a great wellbeing treat, but did you know that Quiet Blue is out to make natural candles, soaps, and other treatments that are also passports to far off lands??  Get ready to breathe deep and be transported with this ethical small business!

Quiet Blue natural handmade soaps and candles

About Quiet Blue:

Quiet Blue is certainly the perfect name for such a beautiful earth friendly shop!  Founded by travel loving Bob and Jackie, this ethical business is all about capturing the spirit of discovery.  It all started after returning from a trip to Corfu last year - the pandemic hit hard, but rather than put their wanderlust on hold this inspired duo decided that the experience of traveling didn't have to end.

The small business was born as a way to deliver the enchanting sensations of far off beaches and rolling hills, and "to curate a collection of luxury artisanal products that have their own captivating stories and travels. Items that are ethical and handcrafted, that are made with passion and soul; and have core values of kindness to flora & fauna."  It will sweep you off to another world without you ever even having to leave the house.

Quiet Blue offers peace, tranquility, and a serene sense of joy with their selection of handmade soaps, candles, and diffusing oils, but they also stock lots of other stunning goodies from artisans so you can nibble some special chocolate while breathing in soothing aromas.  There really is a whole lot to discover from this ethical business!

Quiet Blue Eco Natural Handmade Candle in scent Tuscan Summer surrounded by dried flowers and crystals

Hand Poured Soy Candles:

Handmade aromatherapy candles are a big love of mine, and so when I saw how generously sized the votives from Quiet Blue were I was thrilled.  That excitement only grew when I saw the price - definitely affordable which means you don't have to fret too much about only using the candle for special occasions!  Anyone relate, or is this just a weird me thing?  Either way, these vegan friendly soy candles are the perfect treat for an evening in, and I have been enjoying the wellbeing boost!  

These use a wooden wick which gives off a comforting crackling sound as it burns, and I love that I don't have to worry about any sooty residue.  Plus, this material is actually argued to be more sustainable than cotton wicks and they don't contain any additives.  They also help the scent carry more quickly which is always appreciated!  And since these burn evenly and slowly, you will get to enjoy that aroma for a long time to come.

Quiet Blue has five scents to choose from at the moment, and they all sound exceptional:

Citrus / Celebrate: The first of two samples I was sent, Citrus is a great boost for motivation, energy, and low spirits.  The trio of essential oils (lime, orange blossom, and basil) work to bring renewed positivity, and if you are needing a dose of happy this powdery fresh and zesty aroma might just be the one for you.  "Uplifting and powerful this energy boosting scent increases alertness whilst reducing stress and anxiety. Freshly floral and crisply herbaceous, basil herb is believed to have a fortifying effect on a person’s mind and emotions."

Fig / Comfort: This was another sample I was sent, and as it was one of my top two choices when trying to decide which full size candle to try, I was elated to be able to breathe in its aroma.  I love unique scents, especially as I use a lot of aromatherapy treatments and natural perfumes - it's nice to be surprised or discover interesting combinations.  The Comfort blend from Quiet Blue is certainly one, with a mix of green fig, jasmine, and bergamot.  It's unexpected, and I find it reassuring.  "These warm intense aromas reminiscent of baking and creating a home full of family, friends and togetherness."

Leather / Grounded: The only candle to go for a matte coloured glass rather than transparent, Leather is a sophisticated and timeless piece that is sure to be a hit.  "Our Leather lux candles exude musky sensual scents that are smoky, woody, earthy, and leather-like. Ideal for use in spiritual practices, this grounding mellow and long-lasting fragrance lends a reassuring quality that is emotionally balancing.  Reminiscent of Polo ponies, leather saddles and fallen leaves, this fragrance is soft, masculine, musky, and sensual."

Tuscan Summer / Sentiment: Since I could not choose between Fig and Tuscan Summer, Quiet Blue selected for me and I am so pleased that I got the chance to try this beautiful candle.  The aroma is powerful and has a great throw.  Even when it is not burning I catch myself getting a whiff of the blend of neroli, petitgrain, and lemon.  I love the smoothness to the scent, and find it both incredibly calming and mysterious.  It contains an element of the wonder you get when exploring a new place in the evening sunshine, and it brings a feeling of positivity to the room.  "Even if you’ve never explored the hills of Tuscany, this bouquet will transport your thoughts to laughter-filled warm summer evenings and dining under the stars."  And if you love this one, you can even get it in a larger size!

Botanical / Festive: This is an extra large size candle, and while there is not a ton of information about this one listed it looks like it would make a huge impression as a centerpiece during the winter season.  You can spot citrus peel lurking within, and I can just imagine the sumptuous scent this mega candle would have!

melting natural soy wax candle with wood wick from Quiet Blue sitting on top of white crystal

I have really been enjoying the full size Tuscan Summer hand poured soy candle from Quiet Blue, and I appreciate the polished aesthetic and attention to detail.  I feel like natural aromatherapy candles often go one of two ways - they try to be incredibly high end (like 'how could I afford to spend my grocery budget on a candle' price point) with metallic finishes and decorative wrapped boxes that I never know what to do with, or they go for a minimalist approach with bright coloured glass to stand out and look super relevant.  Well, I don't need five feet of ribbon and I don't always want a kitschy design, so I find the Quiet Blue candles to be the perfect middle ground.

I love the simple and elegant illustrations on the label, that these come with as little packaging as possible, and that I can see how much of the candle I have used in one glance.  Plus, they match any decor which is a huge plus!  And the price point and quality makes them all the more wonderful, especially with how long these actually last.

Quiet Blue Eco Natural Handmade Soap in Surf & Suntan. The soap has five layers of colour: dark grey, light grey, cream, cappuccino, and tan

Handmade Soaps:

Quiet Blue also kindly sent me one of their natural bar soaps to try (along with a selection of minis too so I could get a feel for the range!).  Right now there are five to choose from, four of which are inspired by days at the beach.  After such a long winter, I was definitely in need of some sand and sea vibes, so of course I was excited to try these out!

Each vegan friendly soap shares a base of olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, rapeseed oil, castor oil, coconut milk, and kaolin clay, meaning these are nourishing and detoxifying so you can fully cleanse your hands without worrying about your skin becoming too dry or irritated.  And since I am still washing my hands a thousand times a day it seems, this is very much welcome!  I also love that these are free from palm oil and that Quiet Blue uses traditional cold process methods to create each soap.  This means that the bars have no added detergents and they require less water to produce.

In the handmade soap collection from Quiet Blue you will find:

Stormy Tide Soap: This is one of the samples I was sent, and oh how happy I am that it was in my little parcel.  Stormy Tide is surprisingly soothing, with a comforting aroma that is somehow simultaneously soft, familiar, and brisk.  Quiet Blue combines uplifting peppermint, calming lavender, and affirming lime in this special bar, and it really does capture that feeling of the sublime you get just before the weather turns.

"Rhassoul Clay is rich in trace minerals, reduces dry or flaky skin, whilst Indigo has traditionally been used for its healing properties for psoriasis & eczema. This soap has the perfect combination to improve clarity, elasticity & texture of your skin."

Charcoal and Lemongrass Soap: A total classic when it comes to scent profiles, this blend has been created to be an antibacterial powerhouse.  "Activated Charcoal is highly beneficial for removing toxins & impurities from the skin. It controls facial oils drawing impurities from the pores. With our added benefits of Tea tree & Lemongrass essential oils this anti-bacterial, anti-fungal soap is the perfect every day essential."

Pebble and Clay Soap: Another one of the samples I was sent, Pebble & Clay is a breath of fresh air and really nostalgic.  It harnesses the benefits of Dead Sea mud, French Green clay, calendula, and a mix of spearmint and eucalyptus oils to offer an awakening aroma and gentle experience.  This is a scent that is super refreshing and will help reset your thoughts, and it is definitely a favourite.

"These powerful healing ingredients, are renowned for detoxifying & purifying the skin whilst remineralising the tissue.  Cooling Spearmint essential oils beautifully infuse whilst also providing essential anti-bacterial properties."

Bum Cheeks and Beach Sand Soap: A name to make you chuckle and a scent to make you relax, Bum Cheeks and Beach Sand is a multi-tasker designed for face and body.  Quiet Blue blends French pink clay with colloidal oatmeal for a soothing and moisturizing experience, then throws in dried ground rose petals for an extra special touch that provides a gentle exfoliation.  "Sweet Orange & Rose Geranium Essential Oils give it a truly gorgeous scent, which is sweet & fresh, with floral undertones."

Surf and Suntan Soap: This is the full size bar I was sent, and I think it was the perfect pick for me.  It has a sweetness to it that reminds me of SPF and warm sunny rays toasting bare skin, but also a salty edge that brings memories of gentle waves and clear blue seas to mind.  This bar has a subtle shimmer to it which is so lovely and adds to the summer vibes of the aroma, and I find it lathers just the right amount, giving enough suds to easily wash your hands without becoming too irritating on the skin.  Surf & Suntan combines "a mouthwatering luscious medley of brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa, maple, walnut, citrus and caramel," and it really is a sensational soap.

Quiet Blue Handmade Soap in scent Surf & Suntan.  The soap is sitting on a red and white striped background next to a big tropical green leaf. This soap has five layers of colour: dark grey, light grey, cream, cappuccino, and tan.

Based on the full size bar and samples I got to try, each of these soaps is a star in their own right.  They are super aromatic and clean your hands without drying out your skin.  Quiet Blue has crafted handmade soaps that lather well, gently cleanse the skin, look stunning, and smell completely unique and special.  These are definitely a gift to give (either to yourself or a loved one!), and you will want to come back to try more!

I also really like that Quiet Blue does their part to reduce plastic waste - they use biodegradable clear film & recyclable cardboard to protect the bars.  This helps each soap arrive in pristine condition, and you can experience the engraving all the more.  Seriously, this is a gorgeous touch and it highlights the handmade nature perfectly.

Quiet Blue sample size Candles and Soaps on a textured wooly maroon coloured hat

Quiet Blue has wowed me for sure, and their scents have proven to be passports to far of lands.  I feel like I can be transported to Italy, Australia, Morocco...  Wonderful places to be explored, but all from the comfort of my living room!

Not only does this small ethical business offer something different and very much needed during this extended period of lockdown, they also truly embrace their passions and deliver works of love to their customers.  There is so much attention to detail, and I can't help but appreciate the hard work and efforts to reduce waste.

From the use of cold pressed oils and dedication to vegan friendly formulas to the packaging chosen and materials used, Quiet Blue is doing their best to provide eco conscious luxury at an affordable cost.  That's pretty incredible!  I mean, even their candle care instructions come on biodegradable paper that is holding a generous amount of wildflower seeds.  You can plant these in the garden or in little pots and watch them grow into a haven for wildlife.  It's an extra gift that will keep on giving even after your Tuscan Summer has burned away.

Quiet Blue candle care instructions which double as a wildflower seed gift!


What are your thoughts on this ethical business though?  I would love to know if you are aching to travel, and if you think this will help carry your mind to those dream destinations.  And of course I want to hear what scent you like the sound of most!  Is it a candle, a soap, or one of Quiet Blue's other green goodies that draws you in most??

If you want to learn more about Quiet Blue, show your support, or keep up with their beautiful creations, do head over and give them a follow on social media.  They share some lovely photos on Instagram, and I'm sure they would be thrilled to hear from you xx

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