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Beauty at its purest - that's what Sakrid believes in, and their range of ethical hair and skin products captures this understanding!  Today I'm sharing two of their vegan and natural creations in a special review featuring the Superfood Frenzy collection.

Sakrid Beauty Superfood Frenzy Organic Face Wash and Serum on white steps with books and plants

Transparency Key:

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About Sakrid:

Is your planet sacred?  Well what about your skin??  Sakrid believes it is, and that has led to a mission to provide a range of beauty products that is safe for both.  Co-founded by Nick and Natalie, Sakrid aims to do better:

"Removing toxins, with love. // Every day we are silently exposed to many harmful toxins and chemicals that can be damaging to our health and our planet. They are hidden in the everyday self-care brands that we trust. They don’t need to be there.  We are Sakrid, and we are lovingly removing chemicals from personal care products, for you, your family and your loved ones."

I think it's important to highlight the fact that everything is chemicals - there are beneficial ones (like the ones we aim to nourish our bodies and skin with) and potentially toxic ones (the ones we try to avoid like parabens, phthalates, and harsh sulfates).  That being said, I love that Sakrid is offering such a wide selection of vegan friendly products that are free from ingredients that pose negative effects for planet and people.

Not only are Sakrid's formulas free from animal based products and halal, they use a selection of organic ingredients to ensure their selection of staples is as pure as possible.  I also love that the collection has been created with intention - they produced a line that includes the most commonly used beauty treatments all so customers can cut out the most harsh chemicals from their routine as quickly as possible.  Their shampoo, conditioner, body wash, serum, moisturiser, and face wash are all designed with this goal in mind.

When speaking about the range, Sakrid share that they want to do better for everyone, and I love the transparency about the struggles they face and achievements they make:

"Of course, doing anything new is never easy. We are committed to only partnering with suppliers that share our philosophy. We are using recycled plastics, chemical free print materials, local providers and sustainable supply chains. And we will continually search to improve on what we do, to support the communities that support our ingredients."

For me, this sort of transparency and acknowledgment that there is still room to grow and improve is essential, and it is a big reason why I am enjoying Sakrid so much.  That, and the products are pretty fab!

Sakrid Beauty Superfood Frenzy Organic Face Wash on a fluffy brown cushion

Superfood Frenzy Organic Face Wash Review:

When asked what I would like to try from the Sakrid beauty collection, I was immediately drawn to the Organic Face Wash.  I love a good rinse off product for mornings or when I am too tired or rushed in the evenings, so I thought this would be a lovely treatment to test out.  Would it be gentle on the skin?  How would it cope with makeup?  Will it be easy to splash away or would it cling to my skin?  These are always questions I have in mind when trying a new cleanser or wash, and I was keen to discover the answers.

Well, I was in for a treat with this Organic Face Wash!  It surpassed all my expectations, and proved to be an easy to use, effective, and refreshing.  Sakrid has crafted a product that is ideal for all occasions, and it is also super cute to look at with its black and white botanical pattern on the bottle. 

With a blend of green tea, aloe, vanilla, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, pomegranate, kojic acid, turmeric, neroli, and more, this face wash offers a host of beneficial ingredients that renew and enrich skin, brighten the complexion, and keep oils at bay.  It has been designed to deeply cleanse, but it also works to reduce UV damage, target fine lines, reduce acne, and restore a nice natural radiance so you can wake up and glow everyday.

The Superfood Frenzy Organic Face Wash has a lightweight but full bodied gel texture - it's pretty distinct actually, as it is aqueous but has a nice grip to it as well.  The consistency makes it so a little goes a long long way, and it slides across the skin without any effort at all.  I love the feeling, as it's cooling on the face and helps awaken my senses as I massage the product in and begin to rinse.

Sakrid's formula does a good job of removing most makeup too, though I still prefer using an oil for mascara as I find this method best for the delicate eye area.  However, the fact that a face wash can get rid of oily residues, highlighter, and SPF is pretty impressive and I like how this leaves your whole face feeling super fresh.  It really helps reset the skin, and it's a feeling I especially love at the start of the day.

Delicate sweet citrus compliments the whole experience, as the comforting and uplifting aroma from the mix of essential oils give a boost of positivity alongside the calm.  Between the sharp grapefruit, sunny orange, buttery neroli, peace inducing vetiver, relaxing petitgrain, rich helichrysum, and romantic ylang ylang, you have a scent that is destined to enhance wellbeing.  You know I adore a treatment that addresses both mind and body, so of course this was a huge plus in my book.

Overall Sakrid made a great first impression on me with their Superfood Frenzy Organic Face Wash, and I couldn't help but look forward to using it every morning.  I didn't find it stripped my skin, though I definitely wouldn't skip my moisturizing steps afterwards, and it is gentler than I anticipated.  Often I find face washes a little bit more aggressive personally, but this one is a pleasant surprise and never left my skin feeling irritated or dry.  And the fact that my complexion looks less dull and unwanted blemishes are few and far between when using this makes it all the more special.

Sakrid Beauty Superfood Frenzy Organic Face Wash on a bookshelf filled with books sitting between two crystal bookends and plants

Superfood Frenzy Organic Facial Serum Review:

After browsing through the Sakrid beauty range, I couldn't help but be intrigued by their Organic Facial Serum.  Not only is it packed full of superfoods, it promised a big boost in both hydration and radiance.  With winter seeming like a never ending season in the UK, I was excited to see if this treatment could give my skin the boost it so desperately needed.

The Superfood Frenzy Organic Facial Serum was created to perfectly pair with the face wash and moisturizer in the Sakrid collection, bringing balance while never compromising on ingredients.  And this formula certainly delivers, with a beneficial blend that harnesses the power of nature to totally rejuvenate your skin.

While many of the core ingredients are similar to the other items in this range (like hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, aloe, green tea, licorice root, and turmeric), the serum also contains a mix of soothing rose water, AHAs that aid dull and uneven complexions, and an array of nurturing oils rich in fatty acids and linoleic acids like broccoli, safflower, rosehip, and avocado.  Altogether, they work to soothe the skin and bring a brighter and replenished appearance that will have you bidding farewell to winter woes.

When it comes to texture, the Organic Serum definitely deserves praise.  It has achieved the perfect fusion, meaning it is rich enough to instantly calm tight skin yet light enough to absorb in an instant and not leave your face feeling like it has a thick film sitting on its surface.  I often find serums containing oils can struggle to find this ideal middle ground, so it was really great that the consistency was so well realized.  It's not watery, nor greasy, and it is perfect for layering with other products!

Plus, the scent matches the face wash meaning it is fruity, sweet, and such a treat for your senses.  You have a soft creaminess from the vanilla and neroli, the uplifting zing of orange and grapefruit, and the tranquil elements brought by vetiver, petitgrain, and ylang ylang.  It's such a delight!  I love breathing in the excess on my fingertips after massaging in, as it allows me to have a quiet moment to myself where I can just enjoy the inspiring aroma.  And since this is a formula that suits my routine both morning and night, I get to have twice as much joy with this serum.

Over the four weeks I have been using Sakrid's Superfood Frenzy Organic Facial Serum, I have noticed my complexion looking more radiant and renewed, my face feels and looks firmer and less dry, and I have seen improvement in the texture of my skin too.  It takes time to see results, but you can feel that this is beneficial right from the start as it offers a good dose of both hydration and moisture which leaves everything soft and ready for the next step in your ritual.  This has been a great addition to my line up, and I will definitely be keeping it in my rotation!

Texture shot of Sakrid Beauty Superfood Frenzy Organic Face Wash and Serum

Sakrid Beauty Superfood Frenzy Organic Face Wash and Serum on a bookshelf with books and plants

So what do you think about Sakrid?  Are you excited or tempted by any of the green goodies in their vegan and organic range of beauty treatments??  I would love to know what catches your eye most!

And of course if you want to learn more, show your support, or see loads of lush skin and hair care creations, you can head over to follow Sakrid on Instagram.  They post about their products regularly of course, but also share lots of handy information about the ingredients they use and potential issues with synthetics.  There is always something to learn!

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