Stand Out Formulas - Best Bizarre Beauty Products

Bizarre beauty.  For a product to stand out, sometimes all it needs is that little extra something that sets it apart from all the rest.  An odd texture, unique scent, weird packaging, unexpected colour, surprising effects, or souped-up benefits...  Whatever it is, today's post is capturing a bit of it all.

Bizarre Beauty - Stand Out Formulas Roundup

Now, I don't want you to think bizarre means anything bad.  Just the opposite in fact!  These green beauty marvels all stand out for good reasons, rather than anything negative, and they all have achieved something extra special that makes them total superstars in my eyes.

So get ready for the bizarre, the bold, and the beautiful!

Oilixia Gummy Cleanser

I'll admit, the first time I use this product I felt like I had fallen into a risque adult film.  The consistency is viscous, sticky, and a bit thick when it first comes out of the tube.  But don't think for a second that Oilixia's Gummy Cleanser is gross in any way.  Once you accept the oddness, it's a delight to use, and it has actually become a favourite of mine!

The cleanser itself comes out as a thick gel, almost like a thick glucose paste.  It smells fabulous, with a mix of semi-sweet Australian kakadu plum and tangy notes that sneak beneath the surface.  Oilixia's Gummy Cleanser is a blend that I find perfect for a morning skincare routine, both calming and mood boosting.  The texture, as I mentioned, starts out very concentrated, and the tacky texture creates a suction sensation that acts as a mini facial massage as you apply the product.  Great for stimulating the cells!  It is so different, and definitely a one of a kind experience.

Bizarre Beauty - Stand Out Formulas Oilixia Gummy Cleanser Review

Once you apply water, the magic continues, as the gummy qualities transform into a delightful milky wash that rinses so easily.  This makes for a fab face wash if you have sensitive skin or are looking for an effective second cleanse option, as no muslin is required to remove!  Your skin is left clean, but not stripped, and feeling fresh and bright thanks to the levels of natural acids and antioxidants within the ingredients.  Definite winner, and a perfect example of the beautifully bizarre!

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Okoko Cosmetiques Summer Mist

I love facial mists, but to be totally honest I don't find that most make a huge difference in my skincare routine.  Sure, they're hydrating, but I tend to use them as a refreshing spritz to cool me down, wake me up, or refocus my mind rather than as a necessary part of my lineup.  But then in walks Okoko Cosmetiques with a groundbreaking mist that promises to do so much more than wet the skin.

TrĂ©sor Summer Mist offers an innovative formula that boosts protection against harmful UV and infrared rays!  With four potent actives, including green tea, edelweiss, lycopene, and a micro-algae called Venuceane, the product works to protect against premature skin aging and add to effective skin defense with continuous use.  In fact, Venuceane is a heat activated ingredient, meaning as the sun hits your skin the effects of Okoko Cosmetiques' mist is actually increased and becomes stronger!  How amazing is that??

Bizarre Beauty - Stand Out Formulas Okoko Cosmetiques Tresor Summer Mist Review

Handy at any time of year, this unique creation can be popped in your handbag for a barrier top up on the go, or applied right before going out for the day after you have applied your usual mineral sunscreen.  Or, if you have spent a bit too much time outdoors and have some overexposure to the rays, this is great for soothing the skin and reducing that redness!  And of course it is refreshing too, so great for a hydration boost and revitalizing boost to mind and body.  Now that's a facial mist with some proper unique powers!

Meadow Gently Resurfacing Facial Exfoliator

A new release from Meadow Skincare is actually what inspired this whole post, as it had me thinking "whaaaaat is this???!" from the first moment I set eyes on it.  The Gently Resurfacing Facial Exfoliator is not your average scrub.  Far from it in fact, as the exfoliation is actually pretty mild compared to most buffing products that leave your skin screaming for help.

The physical exfoliating properties come mainly from the colloidal oat powder and apricot powder, while hibiscus powder contains natural acids that help provide chemical exfoliation as well.  Together, they assist in healthy cell turnover and leave your complexion clear plus totally soft and smooth.  But that's not the 'bizarre' bit of this beauty.  That stems from the actual texture and feel as you apply.

Bizarre Beauty - Stand Out Formulas Meadow Skincare Gently Resurfacing Facial Exfoliator Review

Meadow Skincare's Gently Resurfacing Facial Exfoliator is like the richest butter, and has a fairly dense, compact feel that is totally unexpected.  Almost creamy as you apply, with a unique pilling effect as you massage onto a lightly wet face, this spreads well and makes for an unusual experience that is oh so lovely.  It's early days for me with this creation, but I'm impressed by how different it is from your standard scrub.   All in all, the ultra-nourishing shea and avocado help make this a brilliant multi-tasker, as the formula thoroughly moisturizes and calms any irritation.  Perfect for this capsule collection, and definitely one of the more bizarre (but beautiful!) experiences I have had lately.

Love Absolute - The Terrific Trio

I haven't specified one product here because that's just the thing -- Love Absolute doesn't have one stand out formula... They have THREE that I have personally experienced.  The Amoral Calm Blue Cleansing Balm, the Soulful Spice Mask and Balm, and the Rose Glow Clay Mask and Balm.  Each has such a stunning shade that shows of the beauty present in nature, but also presents the most unexpected reaction when mixed with water.  And I admit, I am kind of obsessed.

Each of these three formulas are gentle and totally gorgeous, with the cleanser being more in the jelly-balm realm and the two masks offering a rich clay balm experience.  However, when activated with liquid (whether it be water, hydrosol, or something else), the product completely transforms --  from a nourishing balm to a milky lather (without drying sulphates!), the products taks on totally new qualities and offers a faff free cleanup that is so refreshing.  No sticky or greasy residue, no clogged pores, just a delicate cleanse and skin boost that delivers the results you desire.

Bizarre Beauty - Stand Out Formulas Love Absolute Review

Seriously, it is a special experience, and offers a treatment so different from anything else in my skincare stash.  I love watching the sapphire sensation morph into a frosted white emulsion, the terracotta red mask shift into an opaque cleanser, and the warm ochre melt into a cloudy blend that rinses away with ease.  This has totally upped the game when it comes to multi-functional formulations, and I have to say I haven't found anything that quite measures up to this trio's milky magic.

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Lani Tropical Cacao Detox Mask

You all know I love a good face mask, but when I first opened this jar from Lani I knew I was in for something spectacular.  The Tropical Cacao Detox Mask stands out for a few reasons. First, the scent, which is like a gourmet French dessert.  Rich, full, and luscious, like freshly made cocoa, yet still delicate so as to not overwhelm the senses.  And once activated, the powder becomes even more complex in aroma and somehow becomes even more delicious!  In fact, this definitely lands a spot in my top three best smelling masks of all time list!

The second super special quality?  The texture.  Oh. My. Goodness.  It's out of this world, and I have no idea how Lani has achieved such a unique looking and feeling formula.  When mixed with water (or hydrosol as I prefer), the powder takes on a mousse-like consistency, like a super airy whipped pudding.  It's so interesting, and makes for a detoxifying experience unlike any other.  Light, yet so rich and full of depth, almost fluffy in how it rises when activated, and super gentle -- I can't wrap my mind around how it achieves so many sensations in one powder!

Bizarre Beauty - Stand Out Formulas Lani Tropical Cacao Detox Mask Review

And I love love love how my skin feels afterwards.  So fresh, relieved of impurities, yet not dried out in the least.  It doesn't leave that tight feeling that some clay based masks create, and it clears the complexion without the use of any harsh ingredients.  This is one mask I will always keep on my shelf, and I can't recommend it enough!

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Inner Senses Greenhouse Tomato and Carrot Seed Renewing Cleansing Oil

When I think of cleansers, whether it is an oil, gel, cream, or clay, I think of aromas that capture an element of sweetness, medicinal herbals, or minty zing.  There is not much else in terms of fragrance when it comes to these facial products -- well, that is until I met Inner Senses' Greenhouse Renewing Oil Cleanser.  This is a formula like no other when it comes to scent profiles, and when the oils first hit your nose it is a totally unexpected experience.

Like wet garden earth and freshly cut vegetables, Greenhouse is the perfect product for those searching for something totally unique that will surprise their senses thanks to the inclusion of carrot root, carrot seed, and tomato seed oil, along with tomato leaf absolute.  It really captures the atmosphere of a greenhouse, and brings those feelings of homeliness, warmth, and peace that working with your hands in earth inspires.  Inner Senses' cleanser is just so fresh in every sense of the word, and helps uplift your skin and the mind.

Bizarre Beauty - Stand Out Formulas Inner Senses Greenhouse Cleanser Review

More than the average way to wash your face at the end of the day, this oil cleanser is a total treat.  Sure, it rids the grime from your skin and rinses away the day, but it also melts away makeup, brightens the complexion, nourishes and soothes, uplifts the senses, and softens your whole face.  And it also totally ups your masking game!  If you're looking for a bizarre beauty experience, this is one of the best when it comes to surprise scents, and I highly suggest trying it!

P.S. Remember you can always use Ambassador Code BRYANNA at checkout to grab a free gift with purchase! Just state what sample you would like to try in the "Notes" section at checkout, and that will be added to your delivery order!  Samples range in value and size, but all are more than enough to get a through idea of how your skin reacts, as well as how you get on with the scent, texture, and results.  Find out more here.
Or, if you want to do a one stop shop, why not check out Love Lula??

Bizarre Beauty - Stand Out Formulas Roundup

Well, that's it for 'bizarre' beauty products for now -- I just had to share these wonders, as they are unlike any other product I have come across and are so unique, special, and intriguing.  From one of a kind textures and consistencies to unusual aromas and skin benefits, the six green goodies I shared are seriously something else.  Have you tried any of them?

And I would love to hear what other products you think are bizarre or different from anything else on the market.  Any stand outs you want to share??  Let me know!

Do tell me if you would like to see this as a regular series here on The ecoLogical -- I would love to relay even more out of the box formulas, and already have a few in mind, so be sure to tell me if you would like to hear about the extraordinary green beauty bits I've come across! xx


  1. This is amazing Bryanna! I do appreciate a delightful and unusual product. The Love Absolute cleansers you've described sound fantastic and are on my radar! Xx

    1. I think you would adore Love Absolute -- I have been so impressed by their entire range :) and yes it was fun writing about these quirky formulas! hope to do another installment soon! x


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