Brand Spotlight - Love Absolute Skincare Review

Love Absolute Skincare, founded by the lovely Sarah, is a brand that is vegan friendly, fully focused on sustainability, and prioritizes bee and bug friendly ingredients, and it has stolen my heart with all the fabulous formulations on offer.

Love Absolute Skincare Brand Spotlight Review

The whole range is housed in eco packaging like miron glass bottles and jars, and have stunning labels that offer a modern apothecary vibe thanks to the beautiful floral illustrations that capture the eco and natural qualities of the brand.  Seriously, the whole design is inspiring, and is something you will love to showcase on your shelves.

Everything about Love Absolute works in harmony and highlights the importance of sustainable living, from their use of English grown wildflowers that support biodiversity to their efforts to source from ethically harvested and sustainable wood and trees resins.  Their mission is to "create holistically designed skincare, with every part working toward healing and supporting skin health," and that is just what their range of multi-tasking natural products has proven to do.

Right now there are over fifteen products on offer, from cold creams to coconut mask bowls, making this the perfect brand to choose as a one stop shop.  You can get your whole beauty routine here, saving on shipping and reducing your carbon footprint in the process.  But where do you start if you've not explored the range before??

If you are like me, hesitant and nervous about buying a full size product because your skin is fussy and revolts often, you can rest assured that won't be a concern when you're shopping the Love Absolute range!  Why?  Because they have so many ways in which you can try before you commit!

You can pick up individual 5ml samples of eight products, 15ml samples of seven products, or opt for a tester kit that comes with a selection of five green goodies.  How amazing is that??  Plus, when you've decided which formulas suit you best and are ready to pick up the full size versions, you can actually try even MORE free of charge, as Love Absolute has a great offer where you can add two Skin Taster Samples to your order for free - just pop your choices into your basket and the price will be deducted at check out!

And if you are so hesitant you're not even sure where to start on your sample selections, don't fret - I've done the work for you, testing out nine products from this brilliant brand and rounding up all the details so you can see what might be the one for you.  From face masks to cleansers, face creams to oils, get ready to discover a variety of skincare from Love Absolute!

Love Absolute Skincare mini samples

Transparency Key:
 This post contains some gifted products

No matter how I have received a product, whether it has been purchased with my own money, gifted by a brand, been subsidized by a brand, won, gifted by friends/family, or purchased with a gift voucher, my approach is always the same -- honesty, integrity, and highlighting both the good and the bad.  You can find more information on Disclosures and Privacy here.

Snapshot for ADHD-ers and on the go readers:

Packaging - all come in glass, including the samples; many have plastic caps/lids
Ingredients - cruelty free, natural, vegan, bee friendly, contains organic ingredients
Essential Oils? - yes
Price - £-££
Shelf Life - no preservatives, so use quickly (most within 3-6 months)
Skin Type - variety available, and many suit all skin types

Love Absolute Skincare samples

Amoral Calm Blue Cleansing Balm:
I first discovered Love Absolute while judging in 2019's BSL Awards when I fell hard for their beautiful Amoral Calm Blue Cleansing Balm.  The texture and consistency is unlike any other I have come across, and I immediately recognized this as a magical creation.

The cleanser is totally soap and detergent free, yet has an almost gel to milk formula.  It begins as a fluid, lightweight balm in texture and then transforms when activated with water.  When wet, it melts away, emulsifying into an easy to rinse product that still feels so nourishing on the skin.  All the issues I have had in the past with cleansing balms are nonexistent here - no blemishes from waxy or heavy formulations, no residue left behind that drives me bonkers, no greasy look or feel, no need for a second cleanse...  I can use a small amount on my damp face and be certain that after applying I will have clean and clear skin that is totally refreshed.

But that's not the end of what's so special about the Amoral Calm Blue Cleansing Balm from Love Absolute.  In fact, that's just the start of it.

For one thing, this product contains an ingredient that offers some pretty amazing benefits:

"Butterfly pea flowers contain an abundance of the superfood antioxidant proanthocyanidin, which is thought to promotes collagen growth and skin cell elasticity. [...] This antioxidant is currently being studied for its role in preventing premature ageing, and the part it is thought to play is in preventing ‘Glycation' which is skin damage caused by an influx of sugar molecules, which can cause damage to the skins surface proteins and its collagen."
Love Absolute Skincare Amoral Calm Blue Cleansing Balm Review

The formula also has immortal flower oil, a healing herb known to be antibacterial, starflower that has regenerative properties and is brilliant for treating conditions like eczema, and blue chamomile which is great for calming and soothing irritations.  Combined with non pore clogging oils like white poppy and thistle seed, this blend becomes a superpowered cleanser that does so much more than simply cleaning your face from the day's wear and tear.

Another huge plus?  It smells AMAZING.  I love washing my face more than ever because I get to breathe in the relaxing aroma that is delicate, sweet, a bit zesty, with just the hint of herbal notes lurking behind the more floral sensations.  Every time I use this I find myself blissing out, especially if I rinse off in the shower where the steam can fully envelop me as the balm lathers and rinses away.  Sometimes I will apply as a moisturizing mask for about ten minutes before removing it, just so I can enjoy the scent that little bit longer.  I mean, can you think of anything more zen?

Ingredients: *Thistle Seed Oil Carthamus Tinctorius; U.K. grown pure White Poppy Seed Oil Papaver Somniferum; U.K. grown Camellina Seed Oil Camelina Sativa Seed Oil; U.K. grown Starflower Seed Oil Borage Officinalis; (Glycerine*, Prunus amygdalus dulcis (Sweet Almond) oil*, Sucrose Laurate, Citrus aurantium dulcis (Orange) fruit water*. from 94 % Organically produced ingredients. ); *antioxidants Butterfly Pea Clitoria Ternatea; *Helycrysum Immortal Oil Helycrysum Italicum; *Blue Chamomile Chamomile Recruia Flower Oil; Naturally occurring potential allergens from essential oils Limone, Linalool, Citronellol, Geraniol    * Organic ingredients 

Deep Ocean Facial Mud Bar:
The Deep Ocean Facial Mud Bar is absolutely beautiful to look at and use, and is totally different from what you're used to.  You may have seen plastic free cleansing bars before, but nothing quite like this.  With a unique cylindrical shape that fits in the palm of your hand perfectly, Love Absolute's product is topped with natural wildflowers so it makes an impact from the very first moment you open the tin.

This 100% vegan cleanser is gentle, non drying, and packed full of super powered ingredients.  From sustainably harvested aquamarine sea clay that contains 60 rare earth minerals to blue chamomile with soothing azuline, every element has been picked to heal, balance, and boost skin health, and you can really feel that each time you use the Deep Ocean Facial Mud Bar.

"Blended carefully with U.K. grown blackcurrant seed oil, which contains a high percentage of gamma linolenic acid (Omega 6 essential fatty acid) and stearidonic acid (Omega 3 essential fatty acid) which help to keep the skin hydrated, firmer, and younger looking. The oil has approx 27-34% essential fatty acid content that supports skin health."

I got this one of a kind product in the first quarterly plastic free edit of The Natural Beauty Box, and have found it such a great way to wipe away the day's grime.  It's a welcome addition as both a single wash if I just need a quick treatment, or as a second cleanse to ensure residual oils are rinsed away.  It smells lovely, delicately sweet and juicy with just a hint of herbal peace.

And unlike some other cleansing bars I have tried, it did not leave my face feeling tight or that stripped skin feeling.  I definitely needed a floral water spritz afterwards, but I basically need that no matter what cleanser I choose because our water is so so hard here.  The difference here is that there were no dry/flaky patches after use, and I found my skin felt refreshed and looked less red.  And, thanks to the addition of biodegradable Jojoba wax grains which provide an oh so gentle exfoliation treatment, this cleanser turns into a multi-tasker that leaves your face feeling softer too!

Ingredients: Aqua *Glycerin **Sodium Palmate English Black Blackcurrant Fruit Oil Ribus Nigram Sucrose ***Sodium Cocoate **Decyl Glucoside *Aquamarine Ocean Glacial Clay (Pristine Sea Silt dry) Sodium Chloride Citric Acid *Helycrysum Essential Oil *Blue Chamomille Essential Oil ***Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder *** Sodium Citrate Sodium Palm Kernelate Jojoba wax exfoliation beads
* Organic  ** Manufactured from certified organic oils  *** Certified organic material

Salvation Angel Clay:
If you love a powder face mask that you can mix and activate yourself, then Salvation Angel Clay is for you!  This powerful blend of organic seaweed, blue green algae and mineral clay works to deeply cleanse pores while also buffing away dead cells, leaving you with super smooth and rejuvenated skin.

"Salvation Angel Clay is the ultimate pure and fine tuned elixir of rare and powerful earth and sea clays that are ph balanced and blended with raw organic sea greens, in a deeply cleansing and soothing green powder."

This blend is a masking multi-tasker, as it exfoliates, detoxifies, and heals all in one.  It's great for balancing the delicate facial skin, regulating natural oils and helping get problematic blemishes under control.  It has been shown to reduce excess sebum production by 95% after use, and the anti-inflammatory properties add even further safeguards against acne.  Plus, blue green algae with Phycocyanin works to trigger the reaction that helps skin repair, meaning your cells will be healthier as well as just looking more radiant!

I like that this mask is gentle despite having a bit of grain to it, and I think even sensitive skin could get on with this formula.  Those with dry skin can gently massage the product into the skin for further exfoliation, whereas someone more prone to irritation can easily rinse it off to ensure they aren't being too rough on their face.  You'll still find your skin looks and feels softer, so no worries about that!

Salvation Angel Clay has a slightly medicinal quality to it, which I personally find very grounding.  This is a mask I like to use when I'm feeling off kilter, as it helps reset my mind as well as my skin.  It's fragrance is raw, crisp, and earthy, but there is still that trademark Love Absolute smell of blue chamomile and immortal oil that brings an element of calm to the whole blend.  It's pretty special actually, and makes for a unique experience.

Ingredients: Kaolin *Illite  Betonite *Sodium Chloride ** Maris Limus * Spirulina Maxima Extract *Ascophylum Nodosum *Matricaria Flower Oil *Helycrysum Italicum Flower Oil natural occurring allergens  Limonene Citronella Geraniol 
* Organic   ** Sustainably harvested 

Soulful Spice Mask & Balm:
Ahhh, Soulful Spice Mask & Balm, a mask unlike any other I have tried before.  This is a true powerhouse, and is yet another creation that shines bright in the Love Absolute collection.  With cleansing abilities, exfoliating properties, toning qualities, and aromatherapeutic abilities, this blend offers another holistic experience that is one of kind.

Just take a look at some of the incredible ingredients utilized here:

"Wild Tumeric is renowned for helping with healing of acne , psoriasis and many skin conditions and blemishes and is anti inflammatory yet very gentle with a long history of use for facial skin. [...] Organic Thanaka is  a Thai herb with the beautifying actives Coumarin and Marmesan which have Tyanese inhibition activity which can even out skin tone, preventing sun spots with antibacterial ant blemish activity plus slightly exfoliating. [...] Saffron has been shown in research to be a mood positive herb with a history of medicinal use and study and can help regulate hormones just by smelling it. [...] Sandlewood is an astringent herb renowned for clearing blemishes."

Soulful Spice Mask & Balm is guaranteed to inject some brightness into your life, as it works to boost mood and relieve stress while simultaneously clearing the skin and working to totally refresh the complexion.  It has a magical texture much like the Amoral Calm Blue Cleansing Balm and the Rose Glow Clay Mask and Balm, as it begins with a relatively thick and semi-sticky consistency that later transforms when it comes into contact with water.  The curry coloured balm evolves into a milky gorgeous goldenrod emulsion that just melts away, leaving skin ready to take on the rest of the day - no residue, no mess, no faff!

The scent is one that is a bit like marmite, as you will probably either love it or reject it.  Personally, I have embraced the unique smell, as the earthy floral notes of the saffron really lends itself to the rejuvenating experience.  It verges on acidic, almost bitter but without any real bite to it, but it retains a lingering aromatic sweetness to it that softens the whole fragrance and makes it sound round and balanced.  It's hard to put into words, but it's a scent that I find strangely energizing.

Also important to note that despite the colour and the inclusion of tumeric in the formula, this product does not stain the skin.  No rigorous scrubbing or additional cleanses are needed here, and you can just sit back, let the mask do its work, and relax -- and honestly that's just what you'll end up doing whenever you apply Soulful Spice from Love Absolute.

Ingredients: *Thistle Oil (Safflower Oil) - Carthamus tinctorius **White poppy seed oil   Papaver Somniferum  *Wild turmeric **Camellina oil seed oil Camelina sativa seed **Starflower seed Oil  *Thanaka Limonea Acidissima Borage officinalis  Coco Glucocoside,  (Glycerine*) Prunus amygdalus dulcis (Sweet Almond) oil*, Sucrose Laurate, Citrus aurantium dulcis (Orange) fruit water* Natural Vitamin E ( Tocepherol )Saffron **Sandalwood essential oil.
* Organic   ** Sustainable and Biodiverse 

Rose Glow Clay Mask and Balm:
This is the 'glow restoring' face mask offered by Love Absolute, but it's more than that - Rose Glow Clay Mask and Balm is another all in one wonder that provides the full works.

"Natural exfoliation paves the way for the Pink, Rhassoul Clay and Kaolin to even out skin tone, reduce blemishes, smooth and clarify, overall improving the appearance and reflective qualities as well as the health of the skin."

And that's not all!  Rose Glow Clay Mask and Balm works to cleanse and exfoliate first, polishing and smoothing the surface layer in order to achieve a vibrant and healthy complexion.  Then, once the dead cells have been buffed away, the crushed rose petals help deliver Vitamin C and antioxidants directly into the opened pores.  Each ingredient has been carefully considered, ensuring that the entire process is carried out with purpose.  From retaining lipid and moisture levels, to smoothing out fine lines, this formula delivers so much in a short amount of time, and that's made possible by the expertise shown by Sarah.

Even the colour of the mask adds something to the experience.  With a rosy chocolate shade, this mask suggests a richness that will deeply nourish the skin, and while that's accurate there is a bit more magic to it -- for this mask begins as a gel-like balm but then undergoes a dramatic change in texture when activated.  It begins to melt away once wet, transforming into a lightweight lotion that surprises you with how gentle it feels.  By turning into a cleanser after the masking process is complete, the product is able to easily emulsify any remaining dirt and guarantee the skin is left clean and glowing, but also not weighed down by too many oils.

And that's what is so interesting about Love Absolute's balms - these deliver a moisture boost, but don't require you to leave on the product.  They don't rely on slick residues to keep your face healing and feeling soft - they perform fully prior to you washing away the oils and allow your skin to actually breathe.  These are exceptionally powerful in my experience with them so far, and are perfect for those with combination/sensitive/acne prone skin and who usually struggle to find something that doesn't leave them breaking out after using a mask.

Plus, Rose Glow Clay Mask and Balm smells delicious, like a heady meadow, a "light sweet to floral scent which is relaxing, and supports peace of mind."  I mean, you can't beat that, right??

Ingredients: (English White Poppy Seed Oil) Papaver Somniferum, (English Camelina Seed Oil), Camelina sativa seed oil, (English Starflower Seed Oil) Borage officinalis,* Rose Petal Powder Rosa centrifolia Powder, English Kaolin, Dead Sea Salt, Bentonite, Rose de Maroc  *Glycerine*, Prunus amygdalus dulcis, Sweet Almond oil*, *Sucrose Laurate, *Citrus aurantium dulcis (Orange) fruit water* from 94% Organically produced ingredients.

Facial Radiance Oil Serum:
Say hello to sunshine, as that is what Love Absolute's Facial Radiance Oil Serum is!  This winner of an Editor's Choice Award in 2019's BSL is such a gorgeous product, it's no wonder it got such prestigious recognition!

"English grown and biodiverse this plumping and repairing serum contains high levels of miraculous  plant derived sda’s, which smoothe skin and improves any dryness, while diminishing the effects of weather and pollution on the surface of the skin."

I have to start with the shade and smell of this oil, as this is where it first shines.  A pale but potent goldenrod yellow, the serum is just bursting with positive vibes, and it continues to emit mood boosting benefits when you untwist the cap and take a slow sniff of the contents.  Luscious, dreamy, a hit of herbal, and a bit sensual, the Facial Radiance Oil Serum captures all the aromatherapeutic qualities of rose geranium, ylang ylang, and jasmine in one perfect formula.  I can't help but feel more at peace and uplifted after breathing in this beauty, and with just one whiff I can feel my stress residing.  This is more than just skincare - this is a true holistic treatment that addresses both body and mind.

In terms of texture, the serum itself is pretty lightweight, meaning it should be suitable for most skin types.  I found with just a few drops my face was set to go.  It absorbs fully and quickly, and the overall effect is one of a healthy glow rather than an oily looking finish.  In fact, it's even okay to wear underneath moisturizer or makeup!  The Facial Radiance Oil Serum is proving to be the perfect product, especially as the weather warms, as I can use it on its own (I usually use at night, but it's good for day too!) or as a base for further products if my skin is needing a bit more TLC.  Plus, it leaves my skin feeling incredibly smooth, something I always appreciate!

If you're needing a multi-tasking oil, this is definitely one to try, as it gives a radiance and glow boosting treatment, provides moisture, and offers a dose of tranquility with every drop.  The liquid gold works to soothe dry skin, rejuvenate dull complexions, or if you are getting even more imaginative you can use a bit to condition split ends and protect against fly away hairs or even try oil cleansing with this blend!  Plus, the Facial Radiance Oil Serum from Love Absolute can be utilized as either a stand alone formula or as a first layer to a more in depth routine.  How many bottles can boast that many effects in one??

Ingredients: Starflower oil Borage Officinalas (Borage) Oil Whirl flower oil Avensis Buglossoides Officinalisis Blackcurrant Oil Ribes Nigrum Camelina Camalina Satva Poppy Seed Papavar Somniferum Vitamin C Absorbable Palmiatate  Natural Vitamin E Tocepherol  *Helanthus anuus Seed Oil Rose centifolia *Pelargonium graveolen *Cananga Oderata Jasmin Grandiflorium (Rose Geranium Jasmin Ylang Ylang) *Organic ingredients.

Naked Rose Nutrition Cream:
Love Absolute offers four face creams that share a base formula of English blackcurrent, raspberry, elderberry, poppy seed, rosehip seed, safflower seed, and sunflower seed oil, and each offers distinct benefits depending on which extracts are used in the final product.  Naked Rose Nutrition Cream is the creation that promises to smooth and plump while also boosting hydration and radiance thanks to the addition of geranium flower oil and rose centrifolia flower extract.

Love Absolute Skincare Naked Rose Nutrition Cream Review

"Our English biodiverse fruit oil blends are unique, and contain naturally occurring essential fatty acids, gamma linoleic acid, micronutrients, lipid soluble antioxidants, tocopherols and amino acids. [...] Organic flower oils deliver organic micronutrients, organic pigments, amino acids, carotenoids, viburnic acid and are extremely vitamin rich. [...] With a perfect balance of omega fatty acids 3:6:9 plus natural antioxidants and line smoothing plant protein based vegan hyaluronic acid, in a range of densities."

The powerhouse of skin and earth friendly ingredients lend a whole host of benefits to Love Absolute's cream, including moisture, tension relief, balance, reduction of fine lines, protection against weather and pollution, water retention, and even brightening effects.  And all without weighing down your delicate facial skin!

Yes, the cream is rich and quite thick, but as the pump only dispenses a small amount this is okay because you only find yourself using a thin layer.  Personally I only need the single pump for my face, then one further for decolletage.  Naked Rose feels a bit heavy before applying, but once on the face it sinks in surprisingly well and ends up with a lighter consistency than expected.  This is like the perfect compromise between a heavier duty cream and the non-greasy finish of a lotion/milk, as it offers a very nourishing formula that rivals the intensive moisture of a night cream, but without the oily residue or shininess left behind.

You lovelies know I tend to struggle with moisturizers, as more often than not they end up breaking me out.  Well, Naked Rose Nutrition Cream doesn't clog pores in my experience, though my chin did seem to continue to be an issue (as always, *sigh*).  However this was easily sorted by using a congestion serum before use.  Then, instead of unwanted spots popping up, this product made my skin look fuller, smoother, and in better health overall!

Another fab thing about Naked Rose Nutrition Cream?  It has such a lovely scent – fragrant, lightly sweet, oh so delicate, and freshly floral.  The aroma is very natural and soothing, so perfect for starting or finishing your day as you can breathe in the excess product and just feel your worries melting away.  It's a beautiful scent, and one that is so pure that it just has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Ingredients: Aqua (Water) (*Safflower) Seed Oil Carthamus tinctorius (Poppy) seed oil Oleum papaveris seminis (*Rose) hip seed oil Rosa rubiginosa (Blackcurrant) seed oil Ribes Nigrum (Red raspberry) seed oil Rubus idaeus (Elderberry) Sambucurus N (*Sunflower) seed oil Helianthus annuus,C14-22 Alkyl Alcohol, (Aloe vera) extract Aloe Barbadensis Cetearyl alcohol Glycerol stearate, Vegetable Glycerin Tocepherol C12-20 (Alkyl Glycoside) Dodecanoic acid Vegan Hyaluronic acid, Benzyl Alcohol, Salicylic Acid Glycerin, Sorbic Acid.Pelargonium Graveolens *Geranium flower oil Rose centrifolia flower extract *Organic

Amoral Vital Daily Facial Oil:
You have already heard about my love for the Amoral Calm Blue Cleansing Balm, so it shouldn't be a surprise that this adoration extends out to its sister product, the Amoral Vital Daily Facial Oil.  Love Absolute has created yet another wonder with this beauty.

This is more of a 'traditional' facial oil than the previous one, as it feels just that little bit more substantial on the skin.  It's not heavy at all, but the nourishment it brings is more noticeable and makes additional creams/moisturizers unnecessary.  This formula is a one (wo)man wonder, helping to restore the skins essential fatty acid balance while also providing a huge dose of micronutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants every time you apply.

"Our carefully blended ingredients can help to reduce redness and irritation, whilst increasing the hydration of dry skin. With Biodiverse English grown ingredients that have been clinically shown to improve the appearance of the overall complexion and reduce the appearance of fine lines." 

While of course you can still turn this creation into a multi-tasking marvel, using a few drops to do quick oil cleanse or to protect your hair or dry spots on the body, I would say that Love Absolute's facial oil is best reserved for its original purpose because it performs so so well.  The infusion of helycrysum, blue chamomile, calming cabbage rose, frankincense, ylang ylang, and geranium is pure perfection, and will leave you questioning why you didn't have a bottle in your skincare collection sooner.

I have noticed that my complexion is much more even and balanced since introducing the Amoral Vital Daily Facial Oil into my routine, and it did absolute wonders to soothe my skin after a terrible reaction to a product that left my face bright red and painfully irritated.  I had cut my routine right down to the basics in order to give my sensitized skin the break it needed, but the healing time was so much faster thanks to this magic green potion.

And if you thought I loved the scent of the Facial Radiance Oil, buckle up because the Amoral Vital Daily Facial Oil is out of the park as well!  It is like the Amoral Calm Blue Cleansing Balm, but even more crisp, clear, and clean.  The aroma is described by Love Absolute as being "sea fresh," and that does a great job of giving you an idea of what to expect from this rich sapphire blend - it has the warming, peaceful qualities of blue chamomile, with a hint of apply sweetness embracing the fragrant notes.  It doesn't have quite the same citrus blast that lurks in the background of the cleansing balm, but instead has a more herbaceous base.  Overall, it's super calming but also brings some added light and positivity to even the greyest of days.  How can you not fall for this oil??


Faux Lemon & Vitamin C Treatment Oil:
I haven't used many products like this, as Vit C treatments often leave my skin feeling more sensitive and irritated, yet Love Absolute has managed to craft one that is suitable for my fussy skin - yay!  The Faux Lemon & Vit C Serum is light enough for all skin types (including congestion prone!) and is rich in micro nutrients and vitamins which help to improve complexion over time.

With all the benefits of the serum's base, the signature Radiance Oil, this formula offers up a host of wonderful effects: plumping, repairing, soothing, redness reducing, smoothing, nourishing, anti-inflammatory, protects against weather and pollution, softening, reduces fine lines, and glow boosting.  This is magic, right??  Well, pretty much!  So what is the secret behind this stunner?

Love Absolute Skincare Faux Lemon Vit C Serum Review

"In this signature oil blend, our most unusual and unique ingredient amongst our Speciality English Grown and Biodiverse Oil Seeds is Avensis also known as (Ahi Flower)  and Corn Cromwell. 

Its to a totally new with unique benefits to skin.  it’s also very hard to use as it’s a fragile oil, absolutely loaded with actively absorbable Omega 3 stearidonic acid (SDA’S). in fact it contains more Omega 3’s than any other plant oils, including Hemp, Chia, Sacha Inche etc."

I love Sarah's alchemy, as it leads to such incredible results and really stands out from the crowd.  The Faux Lemon & Vit C Treatment Serum is a delight to use - it definitely has that lemon zing with a zesty herbal burst when you first apply, but this does soften after a little while and evens out into an uplifting aroma that quietly lifts your spirits.

The oil sinks in perfectly, not sitting on the top of the skin at all and absorbing so fast which is a huge perk in my eyes because I get a bit impatient waiting for products to sink in.  It's not greasy, making it good to use day or night, and I have found it is working well to keep blemishes at bay - double win!

Ingredients: Starflower oil Borage Officinalas (Borage Oil) Whirl flower oil (Avensis) Buglossoides Officinalisis (Blackcurrent) Oil Ribes Nigrum (Camelina) Camalina Sativa Papavar Somniferum (Poppy Seed) Natural Vitamin E Tocepherol *Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil Tea Tree *Litsea Cubeba May Chang Absorbyl Palmitate Vitamin C *Rose Marinus Officinalis Leaf Extract   *Organic Ingredients

Love Absolute Skincare samples

There are still six products I have yet to try from Love Absolute Skincare, but based on the nine I have used and loved, I know that the rest of the range will be just as incredible.  Love Absolute's founder Sarah is an absolute genius when it comes to skincare, and has perfected such a wide range of products from face masks to cleansers to daily moisturizers...  Seriously, everything is just out of this world, and I applaud her for all the hard work!

My favourites so far have to be the Amoral Calm Blue Cleansing Balm, Amoral Vital Daily Facial Oil, and the Rose Glow Clay Mask and Balm, followed closely by the Soulful Spice Mask & Balm and the Facial Radiance Oil Serum.  But honestly, every single product has proved a delight to use.  Nothing has irritated my skin, nor have I disliked any of the formulations.  Each offers something special, and each presents multi-tasking opportunities that make this a fab brand to base an entire routine around.

Have you tested out any of Love Absolute Skincare's products yet?  Or do you have any on your wish list?  Let me know, and of course I'm happy to help if you have any questions still! xx


  1. The packaging is lovely and all the natural ingredients are really appealing too!

  2. I love the try before for you commit possibly with the smaller 5ml sizes. Great for when you are trying something new

    1. yes and the samples last way longer than you would expect! x

  3. What a truly unique and fascinating brand! Thank you for the introduction. I particularly like the look of the cleanser and vitamin C serum.


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