Live in the Light Haul - Pure Anada Review

You read that right - today's post is another haul from Live in the Light, the UK retailer that makes North American brands accessible even here across the pond!

Live in the Light is an online clean beauty and wellbeing shop I was lucky enough to find several months back, and I can't express how happy I am to have made such a discovery.  Not only do they carry loads of indie brands and cult favourites, but they are dedicated to sharing the best natural and organic products with their customers.  I explained in my last haul that they test and check every product and ingredient list they have available, so customers shopping with Live in the Light can be certain everything has been independently verified, plus they search out formulations that actually provide real results - no gimmicks, no nonsense!

Last time I was trying out a US brand that had been on my radar for ages, Fat & The Moon, as well as Live in the Light's own range of candles, and this time I have another green goddess to try -- Pure Anada!

Pure Anada Review from Live in the Light

You might remember that Pure Anada landed a spot in my top 20 brands under a tenner recently, and there's a great reason why.  This Canadian brand is one I had been hearing positives about for a long while, so I knew they must be special.  Not only are most of their products pretty inexpensive, especially their eye shadows and lip products, but the ingredients are really good too!  Ethically sourced and free from the "dirty dozen," Pure Anada's range is a great option for those looking for a more eco friendly alternative to mainstream products, and today I'm going to highlight a few of the wonderful creations they have concocted!

Garden Facial Mist:
Oh. My. Goodness.  This mist is magical!

Think of a warm breeze on a summer's day, with delicate petals floating gently down to the ground and heady floral aromas dancing in the air.  It's gorgeous, soft, and something I can't get enough of.

Pure Anada has created something truly special with their Garden Facial Mist, and I am so happy Live in the Light introduced me to such a beautiful toner.  The notes of neroli and rose are so incredibly smooth, and I find the scent oh so calming and inspiring.  It's almost like the two floral waters have merged into something totally new, and it takes on a pseudo-vanilla smell that is simply intoxicating.  It reminds me a little of Maison Meunier's Purifying Face Mask, but a little fuller in profile.

Pure Anada Garden Facial Mist Review from Live in the Light

The Garden Facial Mist is really refreshing, and I find it gentle enough for my semi-sensitive skin.  Since there are no essential oils in this formula, I don't have to fret about my skin reacting - I can just push the pump and enjoy.

The bottle sprays evenly making it the perfect pick me up morning, noon, or night, and I'll admit I use it for all since it's so addictive!  The hydrosol is so soothing on the skin, and I feel an instant boost whenever I spritz this over my face or body, especially in the warm weather.  Seriously, there is no better feeling than feeling hot and sticky and then cooling down with a lightweight mist!  It's super hydrating, meaning that my skin stays looking radiant and healthy even on the driest of days.

While I mainly use this as a toner after I have cleansed my face or as a rejuvenating treatment throughout the day, you can also use it to set your makeup, as a tonic for your hair, or as an all over body fragrance!  It's such a lovely multi-functional product, and I have to hand it to Pure Anada for crafting a floral water that perfectly captures the magic of summer.

Ingredients: Citrus Aurantium Distillate (Neroli Hydrosol), Rosa Demascena (Rose Hydrosol), Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera), Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid).

Shea Hand Cream in Tropical Coconut:
Another scent-sation from Pure Anada is the Tropical Coconut hand cream.  While the Garden Facial Mist evokes the slow trickle of sunshine, this beauty captures the sweetness of summer.

I first get notes of juicy pineapple before it rounds out with a creamy coconut that brings to mind a tropical paradise!  It's like an extra sweet piƱa colada captured inside a cream, and it's so uplifting.  When I apply Pure Anada's creation, I can't help but feel happier, as the aroma just works to lighten the mood and bring positive thoughts to mind.  I feel like come winter this will become such a nostalgic scent, bringing summer back for a few moments and brightening up the grey days.

And when the colder weather does come on, this will be ideal as it is so moisturizing!  The cream is fairly thick, though not heavy or greasy on the skin, and it fully absorbs into your hands in no time at all.  I love how soft my skin feels, and how smooth and healthy they look once I've applied Pure Anada's Shea Hand Cream.

Pure Anada Shea Hand Cream in Tropical Coconut Review from Live in the Light

Using a variety of oils and butters like argan, jojoba, shea, and olive, along with food grade coconut and pineapple flavour, the Pure Anada formula ensuring an indulgent feel at a reasonable cost.  Everything about this suggests a much higher price point, from the sleek packaging to the rich but absorbent formula - and I am so pleased that Live in the Light has introduced me to such a great product!

The hand cream leaves your hands feeling nourished and revived, and I love that it soothes your senses as well.  Pure Anada works to heal your skin and improve your mindset, lifting you up and getting you daydreaming about summer days and sandy beaches - it's brilliant!

Ingredients: Water, *Shea Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit, *Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil, *Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, *Argania Spinosa (Argan) Oil, Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate, Cetyl Alcohol, *Pineapple Flavour (natural food grade), *Coconut Flavour (natural food grade),  Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate
 *Certified Organic Ingredients

Awake Eye Gel:
I love a good gel formula.  My skin type tends to reject thick creams, rich textures, or heavy residues, so when it comes to the more delicate areas of my face I search for lightweight creations that offer competitive hydration.  And that's just what Pure Anada's Awake Eye Gel provides!

The gel combines potent peptides, cooling aloe vera, and conditioning honeyquat, all of which come together to make a soothing, moisture binding, smoothing eye treatment that is perfect for summer.

Pure Anada Awake Eye Gel Review from Live in the Light

Pure Anada's Awake Eye Gel doesn't have a scent, something I appreciate as I prefer my mists and oils to be the only products that have a noticeable aroma in my skincare routine.  And it applies so easily - you just squeeze the tube and the product comes out, then apply as much as you require!  I find I only need a tiny amount as it is super spreadable and absorbent.  And since a little goes a long way, this bottle will last a long time I think!

The only thing I don't like about this product is the packaging.  It's plastic, but I also find the clear tube doesn't really reflect the brand well.  Pure Anada is fresh and delicate, with a touch of luxury, yet the packaging for the Awake Eye Gel suggests something far cheaper.  On the plus side, this is a really handy size, as I can pop it away in my bag if I am going on a weekend getaway or tuck it to the side in my bathroom if I don't have much space available.  And the actual application method is so simple that I can overlook the aesthetic design.

As for results, I have noticed that my under-eye area is soft and smooth, and if I've had a bad night's sleep this really does help tone up the skin and reduce any puffiness.  I don't need much in terms of extra moisture during the warm months, so this is ideal at the moment and I'm loving that it is so cooling and refreshing.  Overall, I am pleased with how the Awake Eye Gel is performing, and I can't wait to see how it fares come the cooler weather!

Ingredients: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Hydroxypropyltrimonium Honey, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Acetyl Hexapeptide-5, Acrylates/C-10 Alkyl Acrylates, Leuconostoc/Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Sorbus Aucuparia Fruit Ferment Filtrate

Live in the Light Pure Anada Review

I've also been trialing a few samples of Pure Anada's makeup thanks to the lovely Julie from Complete Natural Clarity.  She sent me a selection, including the Tender Twig Pressed Mineral Blush, Sweet Pea Mineral Blush, Dahlia Mineral Blush, and Ivory Chinook Mineral Foundation.  So far I have to say I'm loving all the blushers, and find the shades so gorgeous.  They apply smoothly, blend well, and give me a lovely natural pop of colour on the cheeks.

Pure Anada has really impressed me with their affordable products, and have truly delivered on their promise of clean and effective formulations.  I have to say they are so skilled at crafting memorable and mouth watering aromas, and I cannot get enough of them.  And now that I know I can pick them up so easily in the UK, I'm even more delighted!

Live in the Light carry over 400 products from the Pure Anada range, so you can shop to your heart's desire and find all of your favourite (or soon to be favourite!) products.  From shampoos and essential oils to lipsticks and cleansers, this is a brand that offers something for everyone, and I can't wait to continue trying their range.

Curious to try Pure Anada for yourself?  Well, you can grab 10% off your first purchase from Live in the Light by using this link.  Discover any of the green goodies I've been loving, or select from any of the other amazing brands available!  I'd love to hear if you pick any up, or if you already are a fan of any of Pure Anada's formulas, so let me know in the comments below! xx


  1. I agree with you on the packaging for the eyecream, for me it makes it look really cheap! The face mist sounds heavenly though and I do love a good mist x

    1. yeah I like the application method but not so keen on the packaging. the face mist is GORGEOUS though I'm kind of obsessed haha

  2. Definitely right that the eye cream packaging doesn't fit in with the brand! That facial mist does sound pretty wonderful though, I like to keep mine in the fridge to make it even more refreshing!

    1. I really should start trying the fridge method - you're the second person to mention that to me this week! x


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