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Say hello to Live in the Light, the green beauty and wellbeing retailer that is out to make nontoxic living easier for all.  They only sell natural, organic, and "no nasties" beauty and personal care products.

Live in the Light tests and checks every product and ingredient list they have available, so their customers can be certain everything has been independently verified, plus they search out formulations that actually provide real results - no gimmicks, no nonsense!

"Live In The Light have a very holistic approach and firmly believe that what we do and use in our daily regime has a huge impact on everyone and everything around us. There appears to be many like minded people out there who don’t want to carry on using harmful products but want to use exceptional, beautiful and effective ones while at the same time are helping to preserve and respect our environment."

When I was asked if I would like to review a selection from Live in the Light, I was super thankful and intrigued.  I spent a fair amount of time browsing the brands they offer, and I couldn't help but be excited.  They carry so many amazing US and Canadian brands, like Annmarie (a brand that has been on my radar for ages!), Pure Anada, and Orgaid - I was like a kid in a candy store!

Since I am trying to use up some of my skincare stash before testing too much more, I decided that trialing a few makeup and wellbeing treats would be best for me, and I found myself gravitating towards Live in the Light's candles and Fat and the Moon's plastic free pots.  Shortly after, a parcel with three lovely products inside arrived at my doorstep!

Live in the Light UK Green Retailer Review

Transparency Key:

 This post contains gifted products

No matter how I have received a product, whether it has been purchased with my own money, gifted by a brand, been subsidized by a brand, won, gifted by friends/family, or purchased with a gift voucher, my approach is always the same -- honesty, integrity, and highlighting both the good and the bad.  You can find more information on Disclosures and Privacy here.

Let's start with Fat and the Moon.

This US brand wasn't easy to come by in the UK - until now.  Fat and the Moon, founded by herbalist Rachel, is a natural beauty brand which provides intentionally made potions that are simple, healing, and good for both body and the environment.  This is translated into minimal ingredient formulations, minimal packaging, and an artisanal vibe that carries through every aspect of their range.  And now all of us eco-lovelies who have been waiting to try their green goodies can now do so thanks to Live in the Light.  Those who have been hoping to test out these non toxic products can finally pick them up without worrying about customs charges or international shipping fees!  And WOW is it worth picking some of their green goodies up.

The other brand I just had to try for myself is one that has been created by the retailer themselves - Live in the Light.  They offer a selection of hand poured natural candles, all of which are natural and nontoxic.  They come in three sizes: a "try me" style 100ml votive, a 350ml jar, and a super long lasting 650ml jar.  I have to say, even the smallest of these is really generous, and has an estimated burn time of around 25 hours.  For the price, you can't get much better!!

Live in the Light have six blends available, all of which address specific needs.  These range from incredibly calming scents perfectly suited for a pre-bed ritual to ones that dispel negative feelings and would be great to burn when you are having an off day.  I'm tempted to slowly make my way through them all, as I've had such a wonderful first experience with the one I was gifted and am curious to explore the rest of the scent profiles!

Fat and the Moon Beam Highlighter Review - from Live in the Light

Fat and the Moon Beam:
"Beam is the magic love child of plant medicine and a desire to shake what your mama gave you. Fat and the Moon takes the root word of ‘cosmetics’, ‘kosmos’, seriously. Kosmos meaning order, to arrange and ornament. Our cosmetics aim to adorn, rather than cover, the unique arrangement of each personal galaxy."

I love a bit of glam, and the one type of makeup I have really started loving in the last year or so is highlighter.  It's a great way to get a pop of sparkle and shine without relying on messy and garish glitter (which also so happens to be a huge polluter!).  Plus, it gives an immediate brightening effect which adds new life to the face.  So of course when I saw Fat and the Moon had a highlighter duo I knew I had to try one out!

This cream highlight comes inside of a super cute metal tin, and contains only six ingredients.  There's no fragrance, no irritating synthetics, just pure nature given beauty.

I don't get on with most 'cream' makeup as they break me out, but this hasn't given me any issues.  Instead, I get the stunning shimmer and sheen of 'Beam' without any pesky blemishes the next day.

This is fab for a natural looking glow, and perfect for popping on cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, or bringing attention to your lips by adding some to your cupids bow.  It goes on so easily, and is pretty billable too so you can make it as intense or gentle as you desire.

If you want a highlight that's not super glittery but rather gives a dusting like moonlight, this could be a great pick for you (especially if you're looking to reduce plastic waste!!).

Ingredients: sunflower oil*; beeswax; mica; arrowroot starch*; titanium dioxide; Spirit Medicine of Madrone     organic*

Fat and the Moon Lip Paint in Dusk review - from Live in the Light

Fat and the Moon Lip Paint in Dusk:
I've been trying to cut down on plastic packaging for over a year now, and Fat and The Moon offer so many fab options in recyclable and plastic free tins, including this gorgeous lip paint.

Not only is the packaging super cute and unique like the one on Beam, it is incredibly handy as I can easily pop this into my pocket, handbag, or even my change purse!  It's like the perfect travel companion, and one I don't ever really want to be without.  The formula is creamy, buildable, and applies so smoothly with either a finger or lip brush (like I prefer to use).  And the pigment is fab.

"Dusk and sunrise are my favorite parts of the day- they are truly the magic hours. This color is inspired by that hazy, pinkish lavender that only shows itself in the sky during those times. Dusk on feels like a mellowed and well traveled 70’s bombshell. This color is very matte. You may also use a bit on your sweet cheeks for a lovely effect."

Dusk is the perfect shade for me, as the deep mulberry/merlot tone compliments my fair skin without being too dark or making me look washed out.  It's elegant but ideal for day to day, warming, and oh so comfortable on the lips.  No drying sensation whatsoever, just a nourished and perfectly puckered pout.

I adore this product, and I have to give a thumbs up to Fat and the Moon for crafting such a beautiful lip product that is safe for skin and the environment.  Big thumbs up!

Ingredients: sunflower oil*; cosmetic grade mineral oxide; cosmetic grade manganese violet; beeswax; vitamin E*; organic*

Live in the Light candle in Inspiration review

Live in the Light Candle in Inspiration:
If you are a candle lover, you have to try out Live in the Light!

Housed inside a lovely recycled glass jar with a wooden 'pop jar' top, this candle captures a calming vibe from the very start.  Even before you open it up to take your first sniff you will feel a bit more relaxed, as it has such a nice homely look to it.  And then when you do breathe in the fragrance, you'll be transported to days of calm, sunshine, and positivity.

You might remember me mentioning my struggles with ADHD, so when I saw the description for this candle I knew it had the potential to be a great fit for my lifestyle.  Uplifting and energizing thanks to the blend of rosemary, lavender, sweet orange, and neroli, the combination helps you feel invigorated and refreshed.

I find the aroma so beautiful - simultaneously sweet and herbal, and it is great for both night and day.  This has been a bathtime favourite for both of us as well as a wonderful treat for mid-afternoon if I'm feeling anxious or jittery.

The candle burns evenly, though I will say the flame is pretty tall - it makes for an impressive evening ritual!  And since there are no nasties within this candle, I don't have to worry about getting sneezy or having irritated breathing.  No headaches either!

This candle has been a fab addition to my collection, and I'm so drawn to the delicate aroma that I keep returning to it again and again.  I'll definitely be coming back for more when this reaches the end.

Live in the Light Review - Fat and the Moon

I have been really impressed by my first experience with Live in the Light, and am so excited by their brand offerings - so many amazing North American names to check out and explore!  Plus, it's so nice not having to worry about nasty ingredients lurking in formulas.  Everything available from this online retailer is natural and nontoxic!

Do any of the treats I tried have you curious??  I'd love to hear which is your favourite or has maybe made your wishlist.  Let me know, along with any questions you might still have.

Keen to try any of these green goodies for yourself, or want to explore some of the other amazing brands Live in the Light has on offer?  Get 10% off your first purchase by using this link!


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