Top 20 Under £10 - Affordable Green Beauty!

Going green but scared by the price tags on a lot of the brands being talked about by your friends, shop assistants, and influencers??  Don't fret -- cleaning up your routine doesn't have to be crazy expensive!

Affordable Green Beauty Roundup

Everyone loves a bargain, but when you're on a budget shopping smart is especially important.  It's not possible to spend £60+ on a single product if your bank balance is tight, no matter how good the credentials or ingredients are, but that doesn't mean it's not possible to get quality makeup, skincare, fragrance, or beauty tools!

Today's post is rounding up the top twenty clean beauty and wellbeing brands that offer nontoxic formulations (no "nasties" or sneaky fillers!) that are super effective.  These are all products I actually buy, enjoy, think are worth picking up, and recommend regularly to eco-lovelies who ask me for affordable green options.  Most are vegan friendly, though a select few do use ethically sourced beeswax (which is a post for another day as I've got a *lot* to say on this!). And as you'll see as I go through all these fab brands, they are all in my current collection!

Plus, everything in this roundup is actually budget friendly - some of the 'value' lists of natural and organic products I've seen are laughable, as in no way shape or form can Leahlani be considered cheap in my opinion.  Up until recently, I was horrified to spend more than five or six quid on a single item, and even then I always tried to find a discount or sale.  So when I say these brands are good value for money, trust me!

I want to point out there are other cheap brands out there, some of which I mention at the end of this post, but I wanted to keep my top twenty for ranges that are primarily around or under the £10 mark, are pretty easy to find, and that I truly have been impressed by.  These all go above and beyond, performing above their price bracket.  So if I don't mention a brand, that's because I either can't recommend them because I haven't personally tried them yet (which is the case for Skinlove and 100% Pure) OR I have tried them and found they just aren't very good or are full of synthetic fillers that just aren't necessary.  But remember, ingredients are a personal choice, so just because I don't approve doesn't mean you can't have a different opinion.

But enough chat, let's jump into the top twenty cheap eco friendly brands that won't break the bank!

Affordable Green Beauty Roundup - Cheap Natural Products

Transparency Key:
* This post contains affiliate links
some of these items have been gifted
No matter how I have received a product, whether it has been purchased with my own money, gifted by a brand, been subsidized by a brand, won, gifted by friends/family, or purchased with a gift voucher, my approach is always the same -- honesty, integrity, and highlighting both the good and the bad.  You can find more information on Disclosures and Privacy here.

One of the very first budget brands I ever tried was Benecos, and honestly if I didn't know the price already I would guess it cost at least double!  The quality in their makeup formulas especially rivals brands that are around the £20 mark.  The eye pencils, eye shadows, lipsticks, blusher, mascara, and nail varnish are all fantastic, and their skincare that I have tried has been gentle and effective too.  And they're coming out with some plastic free bits now too!

This affordable brand from Estonia offers generous sizes as well as high quality budget friendly products, and it is one I have slowly been working my way through.  I am a fan of their bath treatments especially, as they are so well priced and smell great.  The salts last for ages, and the truffles are wonderful for winter when your skin needs a big moisture boost.  Plus, I recently got their silky lip balm in a Love Lula Beauty Box and now feel the need to explore the range even more!

I got to test quite a few products from the Lavera range when judging 2019's BSL, and I found a few bits that stood out to me as being really great value for money.  The Illuminating Eye Cream is my new dupe for the Origins Ginzing, as it offers a brightening quality that is awakening without being in your face, and the SOS Help Lip Balm was soothing and I liked the tingling sensation it left on my lips (though it is a bit sticky).  Next on my list to try is their makeup products!

Yellow Gorse:
This natural beauty and wellbeing brand handmakes all their products in Dorset, and you can feel the love in all their creations.  I love the apothecary vibe in the packaging design and that they use minimal plastic - great ingredients and thoughtful about waste!  Plus, they have loads of items falling in under the £10 mark, like the Clay Facial Mask, mini Facial Elixirs, foot mist, body scrubs, and nearly all of their balms.

Green People:
While most of the skincare is a bit more than £10, their personal care products and daily essentials are great budget friendly options!  Toothpaste, hand sanitizer, shower gel, deodorant, children's shampoo and conditioner, and sun lotion - there's a lot to work with for both adults, teens (see the Oy! range), and little ones, especially if you manage to pick some up in a sale.  They also have a sensitive collection that is fragrance free for anyone who has allergies or skin conditions!

Some Green People products are available from Love Lula if you need to do a one stop shop to save on shipping - grab 15% off your first order (plus a free gift!) and save even more by using the link at the end of this post!

Affordable Green Beauty Roundup - Cheap Natural Products

Love bar products?  Then Friendly is the brand for you!  They make such great soaps, shampoos, cleansers, and shaving pucks, and are cheap as chips!  My partner is a regular user of the Lavender & Geranium shampoo bar, and though I personally don't get on with most hair bars, Friendly is the closest I have come to one that works for me.  I do love the Detox soap though, as well as their shaving products which last for absolute ages.

Some Friendly products are available from The Cruelty Free Beauty Box if you need to do a one stop shop - grab 15% off your first order and save even more by using the link at the end of this post!

With almost every single item under £10, this could be a great all in one skincare range for you if you're on a budget.  My partner really gets on with their Pack Your Bags eye cream, and it is my number one suggestion for those wanting to reduce the appearance of fine lines but who don't want to spend and arm and a leg to do so.  The formulas are fairly rich, so great for those with dry, mature, and normal skin in particular, or if your skin needs some TLC.

Balm Balm:
A 100% natural and 100% organic brand with a whole host of products ranging from perfumes to body balms, Balm Balm is always featured in my beauty stash.  Each of the many items is free from common nasties like parabens, SLS, and synthetic preservatives, and is gentle on the skin.  I love the focus on five ingredient or less products, and everything I have used so far has been incredibly effective and very affordable.  Some of my favourites are the hydrosols (especially rose and chamomile) and the Little Miracle Rosehip Serum.

If you are out for aromatherapy products, or skincare items that have aromatherapeutic qualities, then Tisserand is a brand not to miss out on.  Not only is the majority of their collection under a tenner, but they're such good quality.  They make one of my all-time favourite bedtime sprays (Lavender + Chamomile), have lovely bath oils that dissipate in the running water, and such a wide range of pulse point rollerballs.

Some Tisserand products are available from The Cruelty Free Beauty Box if you need to do a one stop shop - grab 15% off your first order and save even more by using the link at the end of this post!

Affordable Green Beauty Roundup - Cheap Natural Products

Need to pick up some makeup bits but don't want to break bank?  PHB is a fab choice, and one of my favourites!  The pencil eyeliners, lip liners, pressed shadows, and mini foundations are all under £10, and many of the other items (like the lipsticks and mascaras) fall in that price point with a discount code or sale.  I love that they're vegan friendly, how pigmented the colours are, and how long lasting the formulas can be.  And the best thing is that I don't have to worry about my bank balance so much when it comes time for a  restock!

This vegan friendly brand is super cute and super affordable, and they have a wide range of products that can suit anyone's budget.  From lip balms to body gels, eye shadows to eco glitter, Fairypants has a little bit of everything.  Plus, nearly all of the packaging is plastic free - win!  Next on my list to try is the perfume roll ons - they have such unique sounding scents, I'm sure no one else will smell like me when I use one.

Also available from The Cruelty Free Beauty Box if you need to stock up on a bunch of essentials all at once - and save more by grabbing 15% off your first order by using the link at the end of this post!

Anita Grant:
One of my favourite haircare brands lately, Anita Grant is amazing at offering a variety of sizes, all of which are pretty budget friendly.  Most of their small and medium jars and bottles are under a tenner, and some are just a few quid for the samples if you want to try out a bunch of green goodies before totally committing.  I adore their leave in detangle conditioner, body butter, and the ylang ylang floral water, but honestly you can't go wrong with this brand (at least in my experience!).  They also do makeup, though I haven't tried much of it (yet!).

Bonus - you can grab £10 off your first purchase!

Affordable Green Beauty Roundup - Cheap Natural Products

Pure Anada:
This Canadian brand is one I have only recently started to try out, but I had been hearing positives for a long while so knew they must be special.  Not only are most of their products pretty inexpensive, especially their eye shadows and lip products, but the ingredients are really good too!  Ethically sourced and free from the "dirty dozen," Pure Anada's range is a great option for those looking for a more eco friendly alternative to mainstream products.  One of my favourite aspects so far?  The gorgeous aromas!

Live in the Light stock this fab range, and you can grab 15% off your order by using the link at the end of this post!

If you need large sizes, inexpensive prices, and quality ingredients, Organii is a great bet.  They have generous sized bottles of shower gel, foam bath, different creams, and sun protection, and have a range specifically for fragrance free options too if you have super sensitive skin!  These are especially good for families with little ones, or for those looking for a super affordable certified organic brand.

Another long time staple of mine is Bloomtown, the palm free body and skincare brand from Cornwall.  They offer eco friendly formulas in primarily plastic free packaging, and have a variety of core blends to choose from, including The Cafe, The Hedgerow, The Meadow, The Grove, The Woods, and The Rose Garden.  All smell lovely, so it's just a matter of preference when it comes time to choose.  Some favourite green goodies from their collection are the tinted lip balm, sugar scrub, bath and body oil, and rollerball oil.  The latter two are especially lovely since they are great multi-taskers!

Konjac Sponge Co:
Forget the Clarisonic or the Magnitone style spin brushes, you can achieve similar results for under a tenner and with far less waste involved. Rather than a pulsating machine, the "Korean beauty tool" made from natural plant fibers puts you in total control of how and where you scrub and can be used without any additional product.  This is a great option for those with incredibly sensitive skin, as the exfoliation is so gentle - more so than any muslin I've ever used, and definitely a softer touch than a spin brush!

Also available from Origins of Beauty and from The Cruelty Free Beauty Box if you need to stock up on a bunch of essentials all at once - and save more by grabbing 15-20% off your first order by using the link at the end of this post!

Celtic Herbal:
Combining beauty and wellbeing, Celtic Herbal is a lovely Welsh brand with budget friendly products that are kind on the skin and the planet.  They make delightful candles and bath/shower products, but also have great balms which I have been enjoying lately.  Not only are they super easy to travel with, and of course free from pesky plastic, but they are also so potent. Don't let their size fool you - these little tins are packed with aromatherapeutic goodness that soothes your skin and your mind.

P.S. if you are super quick you can actually enter to win a collection of their plastic free balms!  Find the international giveaway over on Twitter and Instagram.

Affordable Green Beauty Roundup - Cheap Natural Products

I feel like Weleda is one of the OG clean beauty brands, so it makes me really happy that so many of their products are still affordable.  I was lucky enough to be selected for their blogger shortlist last year, and they kindly sent me a gift to celebrate making the top five entries.  That's where my real appreciation started, as prior to that I had only tried a few items.  Some of my favourites are the tinted lip balms (which are more of a gloss, but without being super sticky!), body wash, and the mouthwash - I have gone through several of each, and will keep buying them as they're such good value for money!

Beauty Kubes:
Say hello to your shampoo solution - a plastic free cube that dissolves when wet and transforms into the perfect lather that cleans your hair without weighing it down.  This is ideal for those wanting to reduce waste but don't get on with a shampoo bar, and a box of 27 comes in just under a tenner.  I find I can split one cube into two washes for my long hair, and sometimes even then I have some excess lather that I can use to wash my body with.  Fab stuff!

Another wonderful budget friendly brand is Alteya, the green beauty brand with Bulgarian roots.  I've been a fan of their skincare for some time now, especially their floral waters, and while they do have some more luxury ranges like the Rose Jasminium line, much of their collection is between £4 - £10.  Lip balms, hand creams, cleansers, oils, hydrosols... You aren't limited when it comes to choices!  I find their organic rosehip seed oil super versatile, and their mists are perfect for so many situations.

You can opt to be plastic free, have clean products, and be on a budget thanks to Sknfed.  They have four especially affordable green goodies in their range, two of which I have tried and enjoyed.  First up is the Chocolate Bar Face Soap, a solid cleanser that you can break off into squares and use to gently exfoliate and wash your face.  It's so handy, and one square lasts me about a week (or more!), meaning the whole thing should last ages.  Second is the delectable Espresso Body Butter, another breakable bar that doubles as an exfoliating treatment as well as a deeply nourishing skin treat.  It smells amazing and is so easy to use that you'll forget why you ever used other body butters!

Also available from The Cruelty Free Beauty Box if you need to stock up on a bunch of essentials all at once - and save more by grabbing 15% off your first order by using the link at the end of this post!

BONUS NONTOXIC VALUE BRANDS: Belenos Skin Botanique, NiskamaAA SkincareLaboratoire du Haut-Segala, Conscious SkincareFair Squared...

Affordable Green Beauty Roundup - Cheap Natural Products

Further Tips to Stretch Your Money:

  • opt for multipurpose products to get most bang for buck
  • try to focus on larger sizes when you have money spare (but only if you can actually finish them in time)
  • brands that offer refill discounts can be a good investment, as they often provide free return postage for empties and/or a money off voucher (see Awake Organics and Heavenly Organics for an idea of how these programs work!)
  • keep in mind shipping prices - retailers can be a good way to stock up as often they offer free shipping options if you spend a certain amount
  • green beauty doesn't have to be expensive - but also keep in mind some budget 'clean' brands use filler ingredients, and strike a balance between affordability/quality/usability
  • keep an eye out for sales - sometimes those more expensive products are worth waiting for so you can snap them up for a total steal!
  • sometimes samples are smarter, especially for products that take ages to finish up like face oils or balms.  There are lots of brands that do decent priced minis that last a long time like Mallow + White, Lucky Cloud, OKKO, and The Salt Parlour

Want even more savings when you shop?  Never forget to take advantage of first order discounts or free gifts with purchase deals - these will make your money go much further and you'll be happy you took the minute or two to pop in the voucher code.  I usually do a quick search to see if there are any specials running, and if not, have a browse of the website to check if I'm missing any promotions listed.  More often than not I will find something!

Some of my favourite discounts come from brands I use time and again, like Love Lula who do regular sales (sometimes as much as 40% off!), but I also enjoy rewards programs like those set up by The Cruelty Free Beauty Box, Rare Beauty, Anita Grant, and Guiltless Skin as you can save up your points and then use them to get future rewards like money off, free shipping credits, or even free products!

And in terms of first order discounts for retailers, here are some notable ones to check out next time you're looking to stock up on green beauty treats.  These can help get your already budget friendly shopping basket down to an even better price!:

15% off Love Lula + FREE GIFT - carries budget friendly brands like Balm Balm, PHB, Joik, Lavera, Benecos, Ayumi, Jason, Crazy Rumors, Bloomtown, Natura Siberica, Ben & Anna, GK Natural Creations, Weleda, Organii, Alteya, Naked Lips, Laidbare, Pacifica, Madara, NYR, Lucky Cloud, Odylique, and more...

20% off Origins of Beauty - carries budget friendly options like PHB, The Konjac Sponge Co, BYBI, Beauty Without Cruelty, and more...

15% off The Cruelty Free Beauty Box - carries budget friendly brands like Alba Botanica, OKKO, Sknfed, The Konjac Sponge Co, Balm Balm, Ben & Anna, Benecos, Chobs, Bloomtown, Organii, Lucky Cloud, Tisserand, Fairypants, Flawless, Friendly, Jason, and more...

15% off Live in the Light using code BRYANNAMARTONIS15 - carries budget friendly options like Pure Anada, Fat & The Moon, Vermont Soap, and Live in the Light...

Affordable Green Beauty Roundup - Cheap Natural Products

Want even further ideas about budget friendly green beauty brands and what products are worth picking up?  Well, luckily there are some amazing guides others from around the world have created that can help!  Like Renata's lovely roundup of cheap products from Love Lula that truly perform, or Evelyn's stocking filler list (that works all year round, not just for Christmas!).

And of course I want to hear about your favourite finds that are great value for money - what better way to save than to share the best deals with each other!  What are your go to budget friendly natural beauty brands??  Drop your top picks in the comments! xx


  1. What a great post Bryanna! I think sometimes people assume all natural products are out of their price range but there are some really affordable and high quality brands out there x

    1. thank you so much! :) yes and I think I'm sometimes guilty of featuring too many higher priced products, but my routines are so mixed when it comes to price point - "cheap" ranges can be just as lovely as the expensive ones imo! x

  2. Its good to know that these green products are budget friendly too and affordable for everyone.

    1. yes I think many don't know there are high quality eco brands that don't break bank - hope this roundup helps! x

  3. Great list - I hate spending a fortune on beauty products, I really don't think you need to when there's such affordable alternatives out there.

    1. very true so many cheaper options that work great! I like a mix - I just love finding things that work :)

  4. I loved the PHB mascara I used before! And Lavera is one of my favourite affordable brand, no doubt! I love their eyeliners, lipsticks and brow gel!

    1. PHB mascara is fab! hoping the reformulated one is just as good - it's a bit pricier sadly so fingers crossed it's worth it! and yes agree about Lavera they're so well priced! x

  5. What a great post Bryanna! Some brands I didn't even know about, so I will have to check them out. Also many thanks for the shoutout :) Have a great holiday xo

    1. thank you so much for reading lovely :) and thank you! xx

  6. Wow so many choices for green beauty, it goes to show that being good on the environment doesn't have to cost a lot x

  7. Brilliant, this is just what I needed. There's qute a few new brands in there that you've introduced me to and all affordable. Mich x


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