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I'm so excited to be rounding up Alteya Organics' floral waters in today's review -- if you've been around for a while, you'll know that I have been loving Alteya's rose water for a long long time.  It has been a staple in my beauty and wellbeing routine for almost two years, and it will continue to be for years to come!  But did you know that they offer more than the rose water??

Alteya Floral Water Mist Review

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Alteya offers a selection of five hydrolat concentrates: Chamomile, Melissa, White Rose, Rose, and Lavender.  Each comes in a range of sizes, from 100ml to 500ml, as well as a variety of packaging options like amber glass, bio glass, and recyclable plastic.  This provides so many different ways to enjoy the brand's floral waters, and means there is the perfect pick for all types of customers.

One of my favourite things about these facial mists from Alteya Organics is that they are surprisingly affordable for such a pure, organic product.  You're not paying excessive prices here, meaning you can keep coming back for more time and again without worrying about denting your bank balance.  And, since most of them are under a tenner, you can take a chance on a floral water you might not have otherwise been brave enough to try out!

That's actually how I came to test out all five types from Alteya -- I used my discount codes from the Love Lula Beauty Box on the already budget friendly goodies, and I picked up all the ones I had not tried previously!  It was such a good gamble to take too, as I ended up loving each!

I'll say each floral water performs the same in terms of packaging - whether you pick up the glass, plastic, or more luxe looking black bottles, all of them have a fab spray that is delicate and even, and they all last a long time.  The glass is definitely more aesthetically pleasing, and of course it is infinitely recyclable.  Also, I find these great to keep even once the water is gone because they work well for watering indoor plants or mixing up essential oil blends like the one I use for my DIY spider repellent.  However, I have to admit that even though I avoid plastic as much as possible it is really nice having the lightweight plastic bottle for traveling with or even just keeping in my backpack or purse for on the go use in my day to day life.  I now decant a bit from my glass bottles into the old plastic ones so I always have both ready for all occasions!

But what about the differences in each formula?

Alteya Organics Organic Bulgarian Rose Water:
When you use as much rose floral water as I do, you want something that doesn't break the bank - that's how I initially fell for Alteya's products.  I love the smell of this, as it is not too heady, but instead is full, freshly floral, and verging on juicy.  The mist is almost romantic, and gives a little jolt of calm and positivity, making this a joy to use everyday.

The benefits for skin are great, as rose water is anti-inflammatory, helps prevent acne, works to balance the natural oils of the skin, rejuvenates, hydrates, offers anti-aging properties, stimulates the cells, and is just harmonizing overall.  In terms of wellbeing, it is therapeutic as it helps calm your senses, and can actually be used to stimulate digestion or enhance the flavour of food and drink.  I'll admit I don't really use it as a consumable, but I would love to hear from any of you lovelies who have tested this out!

Alteya's rose water is ideal for summer too, as the mist feels so lovely on hot skin.  It really helps to beat the heat!  I can't be without this product during this season, especially if I know I'm going to be out in the sunshine.  Just spray 3-4 times around your face, arms, chest, and neck, and you will be feeling cooler in no time!

For me, one of the most helpful uses of this rose water is as an ADHD aid.  You know how some people use a spray bottle of water to help train their pets or stop them from tearing up the furniture?  Well, I basically treat myself like a cat and spritz myself in the face whenever I feel my attention declining or wavering.  Between the shock of the cool refreshing sensation and the soothing scent of the mist, I find my brain can immediately re-focus and I can get on with whatever task is at hand.

What's your go to use for rose water??

Ingredients: 100% pure organic steam-distilled Rosa Damascena floral water. Steam-distilled from fresh hand picked Bulgarian Rosa Damascena rose petals.

Alteya Organics Organic Bulgarian White Rose Water:
Okay, first things first -- this isn't leagues away from the traditional rose water from Alteya Organics.  It carries the same amazing skin and wellbeing benefits, including the instant hydration, cooling and refreshing effects, balancing qualities, and more.  The difference doesn't come from the results, but from the scent profile.

While the Rose Water is a bit juicy, the White Rose is sweeter and more delicate.  This is the perfect pick for someone who wants all the benefits of rose but without the expected scent.  Alteya's use of one of the rarest oil-bearing roses has led to a hydrolat that is incredibly bright and clean.  It still offers that sense of calm you get from rose, but it also brings an energy that I've not experienced with any other rose water.  This is so restorative and invigorating, and the smell helps my mind find a great balance that readies me for anything the day has to throw at me.

I love this mist first thing in the morning and for a mid-afternoon pick me up.  It's lovely, light, and just perfect for a little refresh to makeup, complexion, or your mood.  Sometimes I even like to add a little bit to my bath or use as a hair rinse after a mask -- since it's not overly fragrant it's perfect as a neutral addition to anything!

Ingredients: 100% pure USDA certified organic steam-distilled Rosa Alba water.

Alteya Organics 100% Pure Bulgarian Lavender Water:
Okay, so you know how I've mentioned floral waters are great multi-taskers?  Well, this next one is a master of the all in one formula!  Alteya Organics' Lavender Water is one of the more aromatherapeutic creations, and is ideal for use in your skincare routine, nightly regime, pest repellent, or even as a home fragrance!

For skincare, lavender hydrolat concentrate works to fight blemishes due to the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, plus it helps soothe and invigorate your skin.  This product also clarifies and detoxifies, and it's oh so gentle so great for those with sensitivities.  It softens, hydrates, and of course refreshes, and I personally like it in the evenings as a pre-bed treatment because of the super calming scent.

"This rejuvenating fragrance harmonizes the spirits and calms down the mind. It can be used to increase concentration and improve inner balance."

Lavender is great for anxiety, stress, and anyone who struggles with getting a full night's rest, so incorporating Alteya's floral water into your routine can really ease those symptoms.  Whether you spritz it on your face or mist your pillow prior to sleep, you'll reap the benefits!  The scent isn't as strong as what you'd expect either, meaning you aren't overpowered by the fragrance like you might be with an essential oil blend.  The aroma is a bit earthier, rounded, and herbal with the sweeter notes coming in after it settles for a few seconds.  This is a quieter smell that will ease you into relaxation rather than force you headlong into it, and I appreciate that change.

Another surprise that comes along with this option?  It can actually help ease sunburn, and repel pesky insects like mosquitoes and household pests like clothes moths!  Can't get more multi-purpose than that, right??

Ingredients: 100% Pure organic steam-distilled Lavandula Angustifolia water.

Alteya Organics Organic Bulgarian Chamomile Water:
"The gentle sweet and fresh fragrant mist provides hydration and balance to dry, lifeless skin. It contains skin enhancing and illuminating constituents revealing renewed and healthy glow. It helps relieve and soothe skin and protects it against moisture loss."

I was a huge fan of the Balm Balm chamomile floral water back in the day, and was really sad when my bottle ran out.  I've been meaning to pick up another chamomile hydrolat, but I find it's tricky picking one out as it's a scent that is really hit and miss. With some formulas from other brands the aroma is so understated it is barely noticeable, and in some it comes across fairly sour... Well, I'm happy to say that Alteya got it just right!

Slightly cheaper than Balm Balm but with all the same organic goodness, this floral water has a light feel on the skin that is so refreshing and soothing, and an aroma that is faintly sweet, delicate, and oh so calming.  You only need one or two spritzes to fully apply over your face and neck, and it doesn't leave any tacky or sticky feel on the skin at all.

I am loving this before bed as part of my skincare routine, but also find it works well as a pillow mist just like the lavender variety does.  That's the wonderful thing about a floral water -- they are so versatile and you can choose how the product will best suit your needs.  Hair, skin, sleep aid, mask activator... You name it, you can try it!  Are there any other ways you like to use chamomile water??

Ingredients: 100% Pure USDA Certified Organic Chamomile (Anthemis Nobilis) flower distillate

Alteya Organics Organic Bulgarian Melissa Water:
Not so keen on floral scents?  Well, then the Melissa Water might just be your best bet!  This hydrolat concentrate is one of the more unique options in the Alteya range, as it is an odd mix between lemon and mint.  You get both a hint of zesty uplifting notes along with cool, bracing aromatics which combine into a sharp herbal sensation that helps enliven and uplift your mind.

"Our Melissa Water is gentle energizing flower mist that helps awaken, balance and tone dull, tired skin. It has great benefits for troublesome skin and supports fresh, matte appearance, soothing irritation and redness."

The floral water also helps reduce inflammation, reduce oiliness in the t-zone, detoxify the skin, refine and tighten pores, and lock in moisture in dryer areas.  Overall, it's fab for pretty much all skin types, and is a great addition into any skincare routine.

The freshness of the scent also makes this a useful mist for mood boosting, as it can aid in alleviating any sleepiness or reducing negative thoughts.  Think of this as diluted lemon water, as that's the vibe the smell gives me.  It's   Some also believe this can help with cognitive function over time, which is part of why I bought this - anything that might help my ADHD is a must try in my book.

I do find it interesting that both the Melissa Water and the Chamomile Water are the only two distillates that don't suggest using in food and beverages.  I'm curious about this, as I've read a lot into the potential benefits of lemon balm and of course chamomile tea is a hugely popular drink, so I have to wonder why these don't offer any tips for using them as consumables.  Any ideas??

Ingredients: 100% pure USDA Certified Organic Melissa Officinalis (Lemon Balm) Flower Distillate

Alteya Floral Water Mist Review

I love how many options Alteya Organics offers customers, as there is a floral water for everyone in their range.  From the uplifting notes in the Melissa Water to the more sensual qualities of the Rose Water, over to the soothing elements offered by the Chamomile and Lavender varieties.  No matter your need, there's something for you to try.

Plus, I love how these are marketed.  Alteya doesn't describe these as facial mists, but allows the buyer to decide how they will utilize them.  They give a handy list on the box that explains some of the uses, but don't put any restrictions.  They can be used for food or drink, skincare, aromatherapy treatments, as a sleep aid...  The possibilities are limitless!

Honestly, I've not come across a better range of floral waters, especially in this price bracket.  The quality of these mists is so impressive, and I personally will continue to repurchase them time and again as they offer so many benefits for my skin, health, and wellbeing.

Have you used any of Alteya Organics' floral waters before?  I would really like to hear your thoughts on these, especially on all the uses you have found for your chosen bottle!  Let me know in the comments, and let's share tips on how to make the most of these amazing distillates!


  1. Fantastic Bryanna, this is so useful! I've always wondered about the differences between the regular rose and the white rose hydrosol. Chamomile water is great for little ones. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. so happy you find it helpful!! yes I had wondered too so finally just bought both to try at the same time haha. which is your favourite one you've tried so far? x

  2. This is an interesting post and makes me want to get one of them! I always look for good face mist and the Alteya ones seem amazing! It's great to give idea for other things to do with them too! Thank you :)

    1. luckily they're not v expensive so you can try them all pretty easily (esp if another discount pops up for Love Lula!) xx

  3. I'm also a great fan of Alteya rosewater and have been using it on a daily basis for several years. I use it every day as a toner before moisturising and sometimes mix it 50/50 with frankincense hydrosol too as a great combo for mature skins (Balm Balm do a great frankincense hydrosol). I also add rosewater to water and notice since I've been drinking it on a regular basis (two years or so) I haven't had a cold. It's also delicious. I keep some in a dropper bottle and add about twenty drops or so, sometimes more to a 250ml glass of water. Their chamomile and lavender waters I mix 50/50 and spray on my pillow every night and also spritz on my face if I wake in the night. Thank you for such an interesting article. I've always been a great fan on hydrrols - so many benefits.


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