Monday, 19 March 2018

I first started using Tisserand about a year ago when I stumbled upon their aromatherapy roller balls in T.K. Maxx, and I was immediately hooked.  Any brand that boasts 100% natural and pure oils is one that I have to investigate, and I am so glad that I did!

Tisserand sources pure essential oils in either organic, wild-crafted, or ethically harvested conditions, meaning that the product is as high quality as possible without tampering with the environment or endangering the sustainability of the resources.  All of their product ranges include the holistic power of plants, and are expertly blended to create the effect you desire, whether that is mental or physical.

I have to be honest, I am a sucker for anything that claims to help with focus or energy or relaxation, as I can really struggle with my mood, memory and motivation.  So I have tried a LOT of aromatherapy products.  Tisserand definitely ranks high in all aspects - amount of products on offer, quality, lasting power, and formulas - everything impresses, so it is no wonder they have won fifteen awards just last year!

The brand offers a huge variety of products, from straightforward essential oils and essential oil blends, to massage oils, shower gels, body lotions, and more.  I have yet to try the bath and shower range, but I have been lucky enough to get the Neroli & Sandalwood body lotion from my January The Cruelty Free Beauty Box.  I love anything with neroli, so this was a huge hit for me.  The lotion is thick enough to be moisturizing without being slick or slimy, and it is packed full of natural goodness.  The product is soothing and restoring, and it smells absolutely beautiful.  Soft, sensual, and uplifting, the lightly floral formula is perfect for any season.  Even better, it is 100% naturally fragranced, meaning my sensitive nose did not suffer from the dreaded sneeze attack!

The ranges I have more experience with are the roller balls, mists, and essential oils.  I find the pulse point oils the perfect product to keep in your purse for when you need a little pick me up, or if you are travelling and need a little extra help drifting off to sleep.  Each vial is safe to use directly on the skin, and can be applied at the temples, behind the ears, neck, and wrists.  I prefer using it on my wrists as then I can inhale when needed.  The smell is not overwhelming, so you could use this periodically throughout the day without disturbing anyone with a hardcore smell (nothing worse than getting a headache from someone's strong scent!).  Two of my personal favourites are "Energy" starring orange leaf, coriander, and lime and "Focus" which utilizes rosemary, grapefruit, and coriander, as both are perfect for getting me ready for the day (and through it successfully!).

Another winner for me are the room mists, especially the "De-Stress" MoodFix Mist.  Tisserand describes this as creating a "cloud of calm" and I could not agree more.  One spray of this aromatherapy blend and my anxieties start to dissipate.  Let me clarify -- this is not a 'quick fix' for stress or anxiety.  It does help reduce these feelings though, at least for me personally.  The mix of fruity, floral, and spice really works wonders, and I tend to spray this every day after I get home just so I can start to unwind and prepare for an evening of calm.

My newest find from Tisserand is their Spa Diffuser, a machine that dispenses essential oils in vapour form.  The ultrasonic diffuser quietly produces steam inside the chamber and then releases this as a fine mist throughout the room.  You can add several drops of a single essential oil, mix and match oils depending on your needs, or use one of Tisserand's own blends, and then wait for the machine to carry these aromas out through the evaporated water.

The diffuser is seriously soothing, as it very quietly bubbles while it mists.  If you close your eyes it almost sounds like a babbling brook.  If you want to keep your eyes open, the machine offers some exciting functions like soft mood lighting for chromatherapy.  For such an easy to use product, it has a lot of options, like two modes of diffusing (30 second intervals or continuous spray for 4-5 hours), automatic shut down, and a huge choice of colours you can either have on rotation or singly set.

Tisserand has actually had some exciting developments recently, having released both a new product line and a new look!  I was thankful to be sent one of the newly packaged essential oils (Lavender, not pictured!) and two pre-release diffuser oils that are now available to buy.  "Sleep Better" and "Total De-Stress" are both blends designed specially for the diffusers, and have been a total blessing for my partner who has been struggling with sleep the last eight months.  We add about five drops to the machine and run it for around twenty minutes before bed, and it really has helped him settle down, relax, and turn of his mind.  Surprisingly, these blends actually seem slightly more potent than the pure essential oils, but not in a bad way.  However, if you don't want too strong a smell, go for the lower recommendation of drops!

I have loved using all the Tisserand products I have tried and tested so far, and really hope I get to experience some of the bath and shower range at some point in the future as I imagine they are just as lovely and helpful as the other product ranges.  In the meantime, I will continue using all these amazing aromatherapy goodies and appreciating the help they have given in balancing and improving me both emotionally and physically.

What do you think of aromatherapy?  Have you tried any products like this, or do you have a favourite Tisserand item?  I would love to hear your thoughts down in the comments below!

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  1. I love aromatherapy as well as essential oils. I've not heard of Tisserand before but reading your post I am excited about it.

  2. I have to admit I love aromatherapy, I find scents can really lift me up and often have things on around the home. I am going to have to look into Tisserand more :).

  3. I love aromatherapy and have used Tisserand in the past and love their oils. This has made me want to dig my oils out!

  4. I do find that the pulse point oils do work quite well for me when it comes to calming and relaxing me before sleeping x

  5. I've never heard of this brand before but they sound amazing. I bet the Neroli & Sandalwood body lotion smells lovely. The Spa Diffuser sounds wonderful too.

  6. I love aromatherapy products, been using them quite a while. I have never heard about this brand, so will definitely check it out.

  7. oh i love aromatherapy but havent heard of these - will check them out!

  8. Ive never heard of this brand. Looks like they make some good products

  9. Oooo I would like to try their spa diffuser, it sounds wonderful

  10. I love products and machines that bring spa vibes right to my home! I will check this out!

  11. I once sent a diffuser and essential oils as a gift to my friend who I think really needed it to calm her nerves. She said it helps her to relax and thanks me for it.

  12. I'm also into aromatherapy. It calms my nerves. I definitely have to check Tisserand.

  13. I love aromatherapy, especially lavender. It can really help me to chill out and get a good nights sleep xxx

  14. This sounds like a great range that I would love to try, as I can feel that my levels of stress have been going up lately. I never tried aromatherapy before.


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