July Empties 2019 *

Last month I didn't have that many products I finished, but July's empties stash is definitely bigger!  With 24 green goodies gone, it's time to round up my thoughts on all the lotions and potions I used during the past four weeks and share which were my favourites, which I would buy again, and what ones might be best skipped!

Green Beauty + Wellbeing Empties July 2019

Fun fact: I make sure to finish up any products that are more than half gone already, as I follow the 'rule of whisky' which Tim so cleverly pointed out to me a few years ago -- basically, a bottle of whiskey stays 'fresh' until the halfway mark, but then once you drop below that point the flavour/aroma begins to change over time.  My approach to skincare and beauty products is pretty similar, and once a bottle reaches a certain point I try to finish it up within the next month or so just to make sure it doesn't go off.  Anyone else do this??

Overall it was a great month of products - more plastic packaging than last month sadly, but these were mostly items that have been in my stash for a while rather than new purchases.  I'm doing my best to keep away from unsustainable materials, but it can be tricky.  I can't wait until manufacturers develop more options - I feel like so many brands would get on board if there were affordable alternatives for them.

I found myself gravitating towards lightweight formulas, uplifting and refreshing aromas, and moisture boosts that provide non greasy finishes.  I also am really liking gel textures for summer, and products that rinse easily and don't cling to skin.  It's ideal for my combo skin, keeping me nourished but not shiny and not blocking my pores.  And for Tim, he's still using moisturizing products that help keep his dry skin looking radiant and glowing!

Just take a look at the twenty-four green goodies we emptied in July:

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some of these items have been gifted
No matter how I have received a product, whether it has been purchased with my own money, gifted by a brand, been subsidized by a brand, won, gifted by friends/family, or purchased with a gift voucher, my approach is always the same -- honesty, integrity, and highlighting both the good and the bad.  You can find more information on Disclosures and Privacy here.

Green Beauty + Wellbeing Empties July 2019

Guiltless Skin Timeless Daily Moisturiser (50ml):
Enjoyed?: yes
Positives: lightweight, non clogging, gentle, fragrance free, blends well with serums, doubles as a primer, nourishing, suitable for AM or PM
Negatives: n/a
Buy again?: I'd love to use this again, but have Endless to finish up first
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Savings: £5 off your first purchase

Love Absolute Naked Rose Nutrition Cream (5ml):
Enjoyed?: yes
Positives: very nourishing, non-clogging, great for PM but I also used AM on cooler days, smells lovely and calming, so smooth
Negatives: can be a bit too heavy on warmer days
Buy again?: I have the full size I'm working through already
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Love Absolute Amoral Calm Blue Balm (100ml and 5ml):
Enjoyed?: yes!
Positives: gorgeous in every way - stunning sapphire blue, smells sweet, rich gel-like texture that emulsifies on contact with water, so easy to use, nourishing but not heavy
Negatives: n/a
Buy again?: 10000% yes. already working through another full size jar!
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Earth Harbor Mermaid Milk (15ml):
Enjoyed?: yes/no
Positives: lovely creamsicle aroma (slightly creamy and sweet citrus), silky, rejuvenates complexion, good for AM, worked well for Tim's dry/dull skin
Negatives: coconut oil (breaks me out after a bit), may be too strong for sensitive skin types, alcohol scent is prevalent
Buy again?: possibly for Tim

Earth Harbor Amber Soul (60ml):
Enjoyed?: yes
Positives: beautiful with calendula petals inside, lightweight, perfect base prior to heavier duty products but also works on its own, lasted ages
Negatives: dropper was a little tricky to use at times
Buy again?: I would, but sadly it seems to no longer be available
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Anita Grant Gel Mask (15g):
Enjoyed?: yes
Positives: texture is fab (lightweight gel), glides across skin, doesn't stain skin, detoxifying but non-drying, lasts ages
Negatives: draws up impurities so make sure not to use the day before a big event as you may have a spot or two
Buy again?: yes
Savings: £10 off your first order

Skin & Tonic Gentle Scrub (20g):
Enjoyed?: mostly
Positives: very gentle, love that it's a powder as it lasts longer, great for face or body, love the simple ingredient list (just 6), love using on my nose area and upper arms especially
Negatives: for some reason I find it tricky to get the water/powder ratio perfect so it tends to be either runny or thick
Buy again?: maybe as it is very gentle

The Salt Parlour Energise Scrub (60g):
Enjoyed?: mostly
Positives: great scrub for body, love the scent, affordable, plastic free, leaves skin totally refreshed and soft
Negatives: clings to skin a bit so can be tricky to rinse off
Buy again?: yes - have a few more tins to finish already
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Old Faithful Shave Oil in Mañana (30ml):
Enjoyed?: yes
Positives: so silky and soft, gives a good shave, very nourishing, also works well for hair
Negatives: n/a
Buy again?: maybe

Belenos Skin Botanique Floral Toner (100ml):
Enjoyed?: yes!
Positives: smells incredible (unique, sweet floral + juicy fruits), so light and refreshing, even spray, lasts ages even though I constantly used it, hydrating, affordable
Negatives: n/a
Buy again?: yes I love this so much!
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Inner Senses Limited Edition Cocoa Capuacu & Pink Clay Cleansing Balm:
Enjoyed?: yes
Positives: smells delicious (creamy chocolate), so soft and nourishing, can be used as moisture mask or cleanser, liked to mix with more cocoa or clay as it was more suited to my skin type then, Tim's skin loved this and always looked glowing after use
Negatives: coconut oil (breaks me out after a bit)
Buy again?: it was a one time creation sadly!
Savings: GWP using code BRYANNA - just add your sample of choice to your cart, then add the code at checkout!

Moksa Lavender / Chamomile Cleansing Oil (10ml):
Enjoyed?: yes
Positives: so calming, lovely aroma perfect for AM or PM, lovely and soft on skin, not greasy, non clogging, moisturizes and thoroughly cleans face, removes even stubborn eye makeup, my skin always looks so healthy after rinsing
Negatives: n/a
Buy again?: already have a full size to finish up!
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Green Beauty + Wellbeing Empties July 2019

Kae Creme Arganaissance (50ml):
Enjoyed?: yes
Positives: smells lovely (slightly sweet nutty aroma), rich but not weighed down, blends well with serums, ideal for PM for me but worked great for Tim AM or PM, very nourishing, smooths everything out and makes skin look plumped
Negatives: plastic container
Buy again?: maybe as it is a lovely formula and perfect for when skin needs a moisture boost

Voya Mens Range Cooling Shave Gel (125ml):
Enjoyed?: Tim loved this!
Positives: easy and nick-free shave, close shave, feels fresh on skin, soothing, easy to use gel texture
Negatives: plastic bottle
Buy again?: he wants to if there is a sale - Tim loves this but he's not one to buy products (just be given them by me *sigh*)

Gallinee Hand Cream (5ml):
Enjoyed?: yes
Positives: instant boost for skin, leaves skin so soft and smooth, visible difference, only need a small amount, absorbs quickly, non-greasy
Negatives: fragrance, plastic bottle
Buy again?: I'm tempted to as the results can't be denied - so effective
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Green People Quinoa & Calendula Hand/Body Lotion (30ml):
Enjoyed?: yes - and I don't often like lotions!
Positives: even though it is a thinner consistency (lotion rather than cream) it gives a nice little moisture boost, great as a base for heavier duty products or works on its own, smells nice, lasts ages, absorbs so fast
Negatives: plastic bottle
Buy again?: maybe, as this is ideal as a hand/body serum for winter especially
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Ursa Major Recovery Cream (~1.5ml)
Enjoyed?: mostly
Positives: instant moisture boost, healing, sorts out dry patches quickly
Negatives: a bit thick even for Tim - takes time to 'blend' out as there is a white cast
Buy again?: maybe in winter?

Ursa Major Essential Face Tonic (.5oz):
Enjoyed?: yes
Positives: very fresh scent, helps balance and tone, non-drying, helps brighten complexion
Negatives: hard to use as it's not an even spritz, plastic bottle, sometimes too strong for my skin
Buy again?: have another sample to use before I decide

Trust Fund Beauty Lipgasm in Method to Madness:
Enjoyed?: yes - got me to rethink lip glosses actually!
Positives: non sticky, great colour (not overly pigmented but a lovely pop that accentuates natural lip tone), lasts ages, great wand applicator
Negatives: discontinued, plastic packaging
Buy again?: no longer available

Twelve Beauty Ideal Moisture Level Serum (1ml):
Enjoyed?: yes!
Positives: perfect texture and consistency - smooth, silky, absorbs quickly. lovely aroma, balancing, skin felt and looked so healthy with use
Negatives: n/a
Buy again?: I need to try this longer term!

Girl Undiscovered Under the Waterfall Crystal Cleansing Water (~5ml):
Enjoyed?: yes
Positives: interesting slightly sweet scent, gentle, refreshing, crystal charged, great for a quick routine in the morning or evening
Negatives: need to try for longer to know
Buy again?: maybe?

PHB Brightening Eye Gel (15ml):
Enjoyed?: yes
Positives: so lightweight, refreshes the area, cooling, moisturizing but not heavy, no white cast since it's a gel consistency, smells so uplifting
Negatives: can take a while to absorb sometimes or feel a little sticky, plastic tube
Buy again?: this was my second tube and while I do really like it I'm taking a break to try other options
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Weleda Lip Balm in Nude (10ml):
Enjoyed?: yes
Positives: easy to use, affordable, so moisturizing, not super sticky, handy to have in bag
Negatives: not my colour, plastic tube
Buy again?: I have two new shades to use already!
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Organii Hand Cream (75ml):
Enjoyed?: mostly
Positives: fragrance free, gentle, good for summer, so affordable, lightweight and non-greasy
Negatives: a bit wet for my liking and takes a bit to fully absorb/dry down, plastic tube
Buy again?: it's good, but no as I prefer thicker/less liquid products
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Shea Moisture Argan Oil & Almond Smooth & Tame Treatment Mask (2oz):
Enjoyed?: yes
Positives: really nice scent (and from EOs not synthetic), great as a deep condition or mask, softens hair and leaves it looking glossy, rinses easily, not overly heavy
Negatives: coconut oil (my scalp broke out badly if it got anywhere near), plastic packaging
Buy again?: no, but I'll try others without coconut oil if possible!

Green Beauty + Wellbeing Empties July 2019

Overall, Tim and I finished up twenty-four products - many of them were shared between the two of us, but there were several that we kept to ourselves.  Is that a lot do you think?  I am so curious to know what the average person finishes in one month!

We enjoyed pretty much everything, though there were a few products I just wasn't 100% sure on.  I'm getting more and more selective when it comes to what I will rebuy, as it needs to be perfect for my skin for me to consider using another bottle or jar.  For July, those winners were Love Absolute, Guiltless Skin, Twelve Beauty, Belenos, Anita Grant, Voya (for Tim), and Moksa.  I also really enjoyed the Weleda balm despite it not being my ideal shade, the Kae moisturizer, and the PHB eye gel.

Have you used any of these green goodies?? Any favourites? I would love to know which you enjoy, or if you have any more questions about anything.  I'm always happy to give more details! xx

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