Sacred Skincare: Elemental Glow Face Oil Review

This is not your average natural face oil.  The Elemental Glow oil from Sacred Skincare offers moisture, radiance, and protection that will have your complexion looking its best in no time.  Don't believe me?  Check out today's Snapshot Series review to learn all about this vegan friendly formula...

Sacred Skincare Elemental Glow Face Oil is bright orange

About Sacred Skincare:

Sacred Skincare is a natural beauty brand from Kent, but their ethical skincare products will have you feeling like you fell into a whole new world.  Founded in 2020, this sustainable business aims to advocate for slow, mindful beauty and aging well while also not causing harm to the environment.

To achieve this aim, Sacred Beauty offers plastic free options for repurchases, uses repurposed and organic ingredients, and takes part in regenerative projects.  For example, they reclaim coffee grounds from specialist coffee shops, use grapeseed oil that is upcycled from the wine industry, and utilize seeds left over by the juicing industry.  They also choose every ingredient with intention, so nothing goes to waste and there are no unnecessary fillers.

As a circular brand, Sacred Beauty values both the health of people and planet, so they select sustainable ingredients,  create their formulas by hand, and focus on producing a capsule collection rather than a massive lineup.  This is to encourage breaking the cycle of consumption, and I couldn't be more supportive of this goal.  Especially since their products are so effective and memorable!

Sacred Skincare Elemental Glow Face Oil

Elemental Glow Face Oil Review

Oh. My Gosh.  I was smitten with this natural face oil from the very first moment it arrived.  When it won an Editor's Choice Award in 2022's Beauty Shortlist Awards, I wasn't surprised because everything about this vegan skincare is stunning, from the gorgeous blood orange colour to the real results it offers.  The vibrant shade is so eye catching in the glass bottle, you can't help but be excited to show the treatment off on your shelves and on socials.

Elemental Glow is a balancing and nourishing face oil that is absolutely moreish.  The blend of natural and bioactive botanicals works to boost radiance while offering a gentle dose of moisture.  My skin drinks up this lightweight formula, absorbing it quickly so I don't have to worry about slick or greasy residue.  I can just enjoy all the TLC is provides (which is a LOT!).

This natural face oil from Sacred Skincare helps banish blemishes with the help of grapeseed and hemp oil, and it regulates sebum production so oily skin types benefit too.  Elemental Glow also works to fade scarring, boost collagen production, and repair the barrier, meaning your complexion will be calm, clear, and healthier than ever.

And I haven't even mentioned one of my other favourite elements about Sacred Skincare's natural face oil... The scent!  The combination of adaptogenic basil, soothing ylang ylang, and uplifting mandarin create a unique and delectable aroma that is totally next level.  It's sweetly spiced, grounding, and incredibly special.  Not only is it comforting and warming, it is super relaxing too.  I find it ideal for the colder months as it helps ease my heart and mind.

The Elemental Glow Facial Oil from Sacred Skincare is a total winner in my book, and this is a product I always want in my lineup.  The glow boosting and detoxifying properties are just what I need, and I loved how my skin was softer, smoother, and looking replenished.  Everything appeared energized, and I was so pleased that it helped calm my skin.  Who doesn't want fewer blemishes and less irritation?? 

Be sure to check this beauty out, and have a look at the rest of the Sacred Skincare range -- you will be just as impressed!

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