Top 5 Beauty Shortlist Awards 2022 Winners

2022's Beauty Shortlist Awards featured incredible sustainable and ethical brands, and today I'm reviewing five of my favourite winners.  Read on to discover my top picks from all the natural, organic, and eco friendly treatments I tested this year!

all natural skincare and wellbeing products from Beauty Shortlist Awards 2022

How is it that time of year again??  I always have such a great time participating as a judge in the Beauty Shortlist Awards, but my favourite part is always celebrating all the winners.  It's such a thrill reading through all the names, discovering what products were recognized across all the categories, and congratulating all the amazing businesses that were chosen as the best of the best.

The Beauty Shortlist Awards are always exceptionally competitive, with brands from all over the world submitting entries to be judged by expert judges.  It's a rigorous process, and one that takes many many months to complete.  But it all comes down to that one day... Awards day!

It's such an amazing experience to be able to test such a range of products.  Aromatherapy candles, room sprays, pillow mists, soaps, shampoo and conditioner, face masks, vitamins, serums, oils, butters, teas, period products, lipsticks, perfumes - these awards cover everything, so when you are a judge you need to be prepared for just about anything.

And this year was no exception.  I discovered so many new treatments, and met with many familiar faces too.  It was wonderful!  And today I will be sharing just five of my top picks.  It's no easy choice, but I'm excited to feature a selection of the products I was able to help judge this year...

1: Rua Soothe Softening Serum

Oh Rua... I am so impressed by your serum! This Scandinavian brand really caught my eye this year, and I as honoured to test this treatment.  With a beautiful lightly sweet scent of blue tansy that invites peaceful vibes and a lovely green tint to the oil, this is a serum that softens and smooths on contact.  It truly feels beautiful on the skin, and I appreciated how my face looks so radiant and feels revitalized after each use.  I also love how 90% of the ingredients are sourced in Europe, and that most are either organic or wild harvested.  The Soothe Softening Serum is very gentle and works to replenish and restore my skin, leading to a noticeable decrease in redness and irritation.  This is definitely a favourite so far this year.

gentle green oil droplet from Rua Soothe Softening Serum

2: Maison Von Room Spray

Can you capture beauty in a bottle?  Maison Von proves you can!  This collection of room sprays is mesmorizing and utter magic for the senses.  Everything from the haute couture biodegradable outer boxes and the sleek classic miron glass bottles to the ease of use and unique aromas is perfection.  I don't think I have ever been this impressed by an aromatherapy or fragrance line.  I love that the brand is opting for sustainable alternatives to ethically questionable ingredients (like sandalwood) as well as transparency with ingredients.  Each scent was inspiring, and I couldn't help but be smitten by the aromatic blends which range from delicate, fresh, and invigorating to sharp yet soothing combinations.  It's no wonder Maison Von won so many wellbeing awards this year, including Best Aromatherapy Home Fragrance Brand, Best Aromatherapy Room Spray, Best Incense, and Editor's Choice Awards Winner.

a lineup of sleek aromatherapy room spray boxes from Maison Von

3: Jane Scrivner Nourishing Cleanser

Colour me surprised - as someone who doesn't usually love cleansing balms I am converted with this Nourishing Cleansing Balm from Jane Scrivner!  Winner of Best All In One Cleanser, this is certainly a stand out product.  It's so luxurious and I love that it doubles as a moisturizing treatment.  A stunning shade of yellow pairs perfectly with the beautiful aroma of uplifting sweet zest and tranquil vibes, and the texture is next level. This solid balm transforms into a silky smooth oil as you massage into skin, and it applies so easily gliding across face and melting away makeup. It's gentler than I expected, and while it definitely clings to skin when you first apply it doesn't leave the face feeling greasy or like there is a heavy residue once you wipe it away. And the plush cloth is such a nice touch! This is a winning formula for sure, and leaves skin feeling so nurtured, refreshed, and cared for after use.  My complexion looks radiant and healthy after rinsing, and the cleanser really boosts my evening ritual.

Jane Scrivner Nourishing Cleansing Balm with bright yellow silky texture

4: Sacred Elemental Glow Balancing Facial Oil

Sacred is another brand that really stood out to me this year, and their Sacred Elemental Glow Balancing Facial Oil quickly became a favourite.  This Editor's Choice Beauty Winner gorgeous in every way - the colour, scent, and results all really wowed me! The rich blood orange shade and the sweetly spiced and grounding aroma brings everything to the next level.  This is a facial oil that is really unique and special, and I found myself looking forward to using this every day as it boosts and comforts spirits as well as skin.  My face drinks this up, absorbing the treatment quickly and leaving skin glowing. Sacred have crafted a radiance boosting formula that is gentle enough for my fussy skin, and I am left with a soft, smooth, and replenished complexion. The brand also offers plastic free options for repurchases, uses repurposed and organic ingredients, and takes part in regenerative projects. Definitely a winner.

vibrant orange natural facial oil from Sacred

5: Relax Ay Voo Solar Power Herbal Tea

Another wellbeing favourite this year has to go to the RelaxAyVoo Solar Power Herbal Tea.  Not only is this a delicious tea packed full of uplifting and energizing natural ingredients, but it also was super unique.  The blend of spearmint, lemongrass, and green mate is different yet really works great when paired together.  I drink a lot of tea and this was a really lovely surprise in terms of flavour and I found it really moreish.  This cuppa offers a decent energy boost, but even more importantly I found it also brought clarity of mind and helped wake up my brain a bit during dips in the day.  Plus, it's really pretty too!  The colour combinations of petals and tea leaves creates a wonderful aesthetic, and everything comes together to win the spot of Best Morning Tea!

RelaxAyVoo Solar Power Herbal Tea pouring out of the low waste pouch to show a variety of vibrant colours

Of course there are far more brands and products I loved when judging, and there are loads of others that were selected as winners among all the other judges.  I was so pleased to see some of my favourite brands among those being celebrated, including Beauty Cleanse Skincare, Kri, Skin Alchemists, Kiss the Moon, and Ben & Anna. So be sure to check out the full winners list to have a browse or catch some of my highlights over on Instagram.  There is just so much to discover!

What were some of your stand outs from this year's Beauty Shortlist Awards?  I would love to hear your thoughts, so be sure to share in the comments below or pop over to social media to have a chat! xx

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