Fall Favourites: Autumn Eco Friendly Health & Beauty Staples

Ready for some autumn eco friendly favourites?  Today I am sharing my health and skincare staples for the spooky season, and chatting all things green beauty and vegan wellbeing as I round up my top picks for the fall season!

Eco friendly beauty and wellbeing products inside a black gift box

It has been a while since I posted here on The ecoLogical, and I am excited to get back into sharing all things ethical and sustainable with you lovelies.  Teaching has taken up a lot of time as I get into the swing of things and prepare lessons from scratch for the year, but I'm back and ready to roundup some of my current autumn favourites!  I hope you enjoy, and be sure to share your top picks in the comments below too so I can see what you are loving this dark and breezy season xx

Ben & Anna Paper Tube Sensitive Deodorant:

Ben & Anna are a long time favourite here on The ecoLogical, and I highly rate their range of natural and plastic free goodies.  I have actually tried their deodorant in the past, but I am enjoying the Sensitive version lately as it is super gentle and mess free.  I have been drawn to push up deos more so than usual these days as they are so quick and easy to use, and as my teaching schedule has been so hectic and I have a lot of early mornings I find the ease of application a huge benefit.  Plus, it smells nice too!  This natural deodorant is effective for me all day long, and I haven't experienced any irritation so my underarms are fresh as well as soothed.

Ben & Anna natural plastic free deodorant in a pink cardboard tube lying on a tropical cotton background

Beauty Cleanse Skincare Nearly Everything Powder Mask:

You know that Beauty Cleanse Skincare is a favourite here on The ecoLogical, but did you know they have a new product out?  This all purpose mask is the penultimate addition to the natural beauty brand's multi-functional skincare range, and it is one that ticks all the boxes.  With upcycled and all natural ingredients, a six-in-one formula, and high performance results, this is a mask to try!  It is designed to leave skin feeling mattified, refine pores, brighten and tone complexion, soften, smooth, reduce irritation, and even minimize the appearance of dark spots and scarring.  That's pretty special, right??

natural face mask from Beauty Cleanse Skincare mixed up in a coconut bowl

Kiss the Moon Body Cream

I was lucky enough to test this pre-launch, and I quickly fell for the silky texture and lightweight feel.  Kiss the Moon's latest launch is a body cream that offers a restorative skin treatment and aromatherapy session all in one fab jar.  With a blend of orange and geranium as well as nurturing cocoa and mango butter, this is an intensively moisturising product that will sort out dry patches in no time.  I've been using it on rough elbows and within just a few days everything is back to being smooth - it's incredible!  Plus, it doesn't leave any greasy residue at all making it a big winner in my book.

silky smooth body cream from Kiss the Moon surrounded by autumn leaves

Vegums  A-Z Multivitamin

Taking vitamins is something I find hard to keep up with.  I always forget!  However, I find that when I take gummy vitamins it's much easier to keep on top of it as it's like a sweet reward.  I've been a fan of Vegums for a while as they make a great vegan supplement that is tasty, affordable, and available on subscription.  When I heard they were launching an A-Z version, I jumped at the chance to try it.  This one contains ten vitamins and minerals, including A, K1, B6, B12, C, D3, biotin, folic acid, niacin, and zinc.  It comes in the same familiar bear shape, but this time tastes of tart and tangy raspberry.  The texture is much firmer than the original, and while I miss the squishy structure I'm happy with the results.  Plus, it's sugar free so I am extra pleased!

plastic free vegan vitamins from Vegums next to a bright orange pumpkin

Anita Grant Single Cream 

Some of my favourite haircare products come from Anita Grant, and the leave in curl conditioner is a new obsession this year.  I picked up a jar of the Damage Repair Single Cream in my last order, and it has been such a wonderful addition to my haircare routine that I can't help but list it as a holy grail find.  The blend of jasmine and ylang ylang is so dreamy and calming, and I find the lightweight texture doesn't weigh down your locks but still manages to give a great moisturizing boost.  It helps define waves and curls, nourishes and fights breakage, and doesn't cause any irritation or breakouts on my scalp, shoulders, or neck.  I really love this formula, and think it has been a huge help with my long thin hair over the last few months.

leave in conditioner from Anita Grant inside a glass jar in front of a wicker wooden basket

Adaptology Red Avert Skincare

I was sent a few products from Adaptology to try out, and I am so glad I got the chance to test this natural beauty brand as I am well impressed!  There are several ranges to choose from, with each one being tailored to a specific skin type and using intelligent adaptogenic and organic ingredients.  I am using the Red Avert products which are for improving sensitivities and helping your complexion remain calm.  The moisturizer smells INCREDIBLE and is so velvety soft that I can't help but feel like I'm getting a spa treatment at home, and the cleanser has such a stunning colour and texture that I find myself looking forward to washing my face every morning and evening.  I am really looking forward to seeing longer term results with these two, and I am thrilled to have found a new favourite brand.

blue silky gel cleanser and white smooth moisturiser from natural skincare brand Adaptology surrounded by autumn leaves

I definitely have other favourites this season as well, from video games (I'm currently playing Tales of Vesperia!) and books (reading The Moonstone) to clothes and snacks.   Let me know if you are curious about those as well as my green beauty and natural wellbeing picks, and I can try to share them over on Instagram if you would like.  And of course I want to hear all about your autumn favourites, so be sure to comment your all star products below! xx

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