5 Natural Haircare Brands for Dry and Curly Hair

Today is all about natural haircare as I share five green beauty brands that offer effective and eco friendly treatments for dry and curly hair!  Discover ethical and organic haircare in today's special roundup...

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You might remember that I had a real struggle with my hair a while back, with intense thinning and hair loss due to stress.  While my locks have recovered for the most part, I still have pretty brittle strands that need extra help, so natural haircare has become a big part of my routine.  And today I am excited to share five green beauty brands that create beautiful ethical and organic treatments that fully pamper your scalp and hair!

I also have been embracing my natural waves and so am trying my best to encourage curls.  So not only are these five brands great for dry and damaged hair, but they are also curly girl method approved and fab for enhancing the shape and structure of your hair.

From clarifying formulas and plastic free shampoo to deeply moisturizing masks and leave in conditioners, there is a little bit of everything in this post.  Of course, these are not all of my favourites, but they are some of my newer or less hyped up finds that I thought needed their moment in the spotlight here on The ecoLogical!

Anita Grant:

Anita Grant is a brand I have adored for years now, and whenever I run out of natural haircare products or need a little something extra special I always put in a big order.  My latest green beauty haul included a lot of new products for me, as I was excited to test out some more of their pH balanced formulas.  While many of the treatments include coconut oil and are not as suitable for me (my scalp/face just cannot cope with this ingredient!), there are still so many goodies perfect for me - and this time I decided to focus on the natural haircare that would help deeply nourish, support waves, and strengthen my long locks.  The Single Cream, Soft Hold Hair Gel, and Daily Leave In were all new experiences for me but I have been so impressed and can't imagine my hair routine without these moisturising conditioners and styling treatments anymore.  The curl conditioning cream in particular is just so lush, with a beautiful aroma of dreamy florals (like jasmine and ylang ylang) and a silky texture that is lightweight but so so intensive.  It really transforms my hair.  And of course I couldn't place an order without picking up a pot of the incredible Creamy CafĂ© Latte Daily Leave In Butter!

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I have raved about Rahua several times before, but today I'm showcasing a product I have not talked about on The ecoLogical.  My hair has definitely recovered a bit since my immense PhD stress, but it is still on the damaged and dry side.  To combat this, I like to turn to a weekly treatment like a mask - and the Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask has certainly worked to replenish and restore my brittle locks!  This natural haircare treatment is crafted to rejuvenate, strengthen, and boost shine, and I love the sleek glass bottle it comes in.  I truly wondered how this would be any different from the conditioners in the range as the ingredients are very similar, but the formulation offers a much thicker consistency that is rich and much more suited for leaving in.  Sadly it does not have the iconic Rahua scent of palo santo, but the lavender is very calming and ideal for a pamper session.

bottle of Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask next to a watermelon peperomia on book stairsrmelon peperomia on b


Even dry and curly hair needs a full reset every once and while, and that's why I love the Fushi shampoo.  Not only does it use less plastic (the packaging is primarily glass!), but the formulations are hand blended, natural, and made with sustainably sourced ingredients.  The Argan & Amalaki blend is made to refresh and revitalize, and it has a gorgeous scent that uplifts and revives your mood while you cleanse your hair.  With a bright, crisp aroma with hint of sweet fruits, this is just such a beauty.  The gel-like consistency is lovely, and I find it works so effectively as a clarifying treatment without being too drying.  If you are looking for a natural shampoo that resets your locks and leaves them shiny, light, and totally fresh, this is one to check out!

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Natural Wisdom:

I have followed Natural Wisdom on Instagram for years now, and I lusted over their gorgeous looking skincare, hair treatments, and solid perfumes until I finally was able to buy something.  I picked up bar of their vegan friendly and pH balanced shampoos, and while I was unsure how I would get on with it (as shampoo bars are so hit and miss for me personally) I was excited to finally experience the beauty first hand.  And I am SO glad I went with the Grapefruit and Lemongrass blend.  This was seriously so perfect for my hair, with a gentle touch, nice lather, lovely aroma, and softening finish - it may just be the queen of all shampoo bars!  Not only is it plastic free (with old pages from books as protective wrapping), but it contains organic ingredients that help condition, clean, and reduce frizz.  Plus, the actual look of this is stunning - each bar is so unique with ripples of blue green spirulina adding eye catching patterns.

deep yellow shampoo bar from Natural Wisdom with blue green ripples throughout , lying on top of an old book page

Inlight Beauty:

I had the joy of testing a handful of Inlight Beauty products last year, and I was blown away by the quality of this green beauty brand.  Not only is everything super gentle and 100% organic, but each item is handmade in Cornwall using in house botanical extracts. And the Hair Elixir is no different...  This natural haircare is luxurious, effective, and ideal for anyone who needs an oil but struggles to find one that doesn't weigh down locks or leave everything looking greasy.  The elixir is rich but it sinks into hair and doesn't lead to breakouts or an oily shine, and it really seems to nurture each strand.  It's the ultimate TLC product, resulting in a soft, bouncy, revived look.  It's perfect for those struggling with dry or damaged hair especially, or for those who are in and out of chlorine for swimming.  Plus, it smells so nice with a relaxing blend of soft herbs, delicate lavender, and a hint of sweetness from ylang ylang.

Inlight Beauty Hair Elixir held up in front of brown lattice fencing on wall with hanging plants

I hope you enjoy and find something special that works for you, and I am also keen to hear your thoughts in the comments.  What products catch your eye, and what green goodies should I look out for in future to try myself??  Let me know xx

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