Love Lula Beauty Box Review: June 2021

Looking for a cruelty free subscription box in the UK and not sure where to start?  The monthly collections from Love Lula are one to try.  With affordable edits sent straight to your door, there is always something new to discover in these ethical beauty boxes!  And today it's time to check out the contents of the June delivery...

Love Lula Beauty Box June 2021 collection including Dr. Hauschka lotion, Balm Balm face balm, Lamazuna shampoo, Castilian Soap Company soap, and Ayumi face cream

Cruelty free subscription boxes in the UK are definitely becoming more and more popular, and one that I always recommend is the Love Lula Beauty Box.  It's been a while since I got to enjoy the experience of opening one of these edits, so I was excited to have one gifted so I can share my review of this month's collection!

With five products inside and a great discount to enjoy during your next shop on Love Lula, this is an edit that offers a little bit of everything - great savings, new brands to try, and a good variety of types of products.  From shampoo to day cream, the June version of this cruelty free subscription is one that restocks you on all the essentials.  But let's take a closer look:

The Castilian Soap Company Natural Castile Soap (250ml/£8.00):

"Our Natural Castile Soap with Peppermint Essential Oil is a true liquid soap made from an organic castile soap base with natural vegetable oils of the finest quality. The Peppermint Oil is refreshing, invigorating and uplifting, ideal for a wake-up wash in the morning."

I have had the joy of trying The Castilian Soap Company before, and so I was happy to find a large bottle inside the June edit of the Love Lula Beauty Box.  This budget friendly natural beauty brand is one that makes a good staple for any home, as the soap is so versatile.  It can be used to wash hands, dishes, clothes, or even as a shower gel if you're traveling and packing light.

With six scents to choose from, The Castilian Soap Company offers an aroma for all tastes (including a fragrance free version which is fab for those with more sensitive skin).  It does feel different from what you are used to, with a slightly drier texture and less bubbles, but it thoroughly cleanses and cleans plus it lasts ages.  Definitely a great product to have around, and one I was happy to see in this box!

The Castilian Soap Company peppermint soap on top of a cute pastel yellow kitten print background

Balm Balm Fragrance Free Face Balm (30ml/£9.50):

"Made from shea butter, sunflower, beeswax, jojoba & calendula, gently melted together to create a medium soft balm formulation to soothe, moisturise and nourish."

Balm Balm is another brand I am very familiar with, and as an affordable green beauty range I find them pretty high quality and I love the focus on organic ingredients.  They create gentle formulations that are budget friendly as well as effective, and I'm always pleased with the experience.  I especially like how their selection of natural face balms have so many uses.  These are true multi-taskers, making them a brilliant choice for a minimalist routine or for those wanting to save money.

The organic face balm can be used as a facial moisturiser, cuticle treatment, for babies, to tackle dry patches on the body, and to help soothe cuts and scrapes.  It is on the heavier side, so only a little amount is needed meaning it lasts a long time, and as it comes in a small glass jar it is easy to carry around on the go.  This is a multi purpose skincare product that keeps on giving, and it's definitely a welcome addition in the June edit of the Love Lula Beauty Box. 

Balm Balm Fragrance Free Face Balm on top of a prickly succulent in front of a window

Lamazuna Solid Shampoo (55ml/£8.99):

"Washing your hair is a fundamental step in your hair care routine, to rid hair and scalp of build-up and keep it clean and fresh. Lamazuna’s shampoo bars are tailored to hair care needs and were designed to thoroughly cleanse, nourish the hair and help control sebum production."

Another brand I am familiar with, Lamazuna offers plastic free staples like solid toothpaste, deodorant, conditioner, shaving bars, and more.  The latest cruelty free subscription box included one of their eco friendly shampoo bars which is designed to minimize waste.  It requires less water to make, no plastic bottles, and is meant to last longer than traditional haircare products too - pretty great, right?

I received the Vanilla & Coconut solid shampoo from Lamazuna which is ideal for dry hair.  The blend of coconut and sunflower seed oil along with Vitamin E offers moisture alongside the cleansing properties that help refresh the hair.  Plus it smells pretty tropical, like a cocktail on a sunny beach.  The shape is very unique too, and while it takes some getting used to holding in the shower, it does fit the hand nicely and looks super cute on the shelf when drying.  I think this will be a hit with Love Lula subscribers looking to try out a plastic free shampoo.

Lamazuna Solid Shampoo sitting on a red and white stripe cloth in front of a shelf of plants

Ayumi Facial Day Cream (100ml/£8.99):

"With an infusion of hydration, Fairness Daily Facial Day Cream has been created to add radiance to lack-lustre complexions - our Ayurvedic blend of nourishing botanicals and peptides imparts glow and luminosity to skin."

I have tried a few Ayumi products before thanks to this cruelty free subscription box from Love Lula.  This UK natural beauty brand focuses on creating affordable skincare and hair goodies that are vegan and inspired by Ayurveda.  They aim to bring balance, and their formulas attempt to reflect this through the essential oils and organic ingredients they include.  The Fairness Daily Facial Day Cream uses fruit, flower, and plant extracts to achieve soft supple skin, and it works to help balance marks, blemishes, age spots, and pigmentation.

The blend of tumeric, papaya, goji berry seed, and liquorice brighten and even out skin tone while peptides tackle discolouration.  Plus, arjuna gives a boost to collagen so the face looks hydrated and smooth.  I think that this is a day cream suited for those with dry or mature skin in particular, so I'm not sure how suited it will be to all subscribers, but the discount you get in the June Love Lula box will definitely make this a worthwhile discovery.

Ayumi Fairness Daily Facial Cream held up in front of a jukebox

Dr. Hauschka Soothing Day Lotion (1.5ml):

"Soothe your sensitive skin with this moisturising lotion especially suitable for skin prone to redness. The silky-smooth texture offers the skin long-lasting protection throughout the day. Enjoy a peaceful start to every morning – whatever the day may bring. This lightweight moisturiser strengthens sensitive skin and makes it more resilient. The silky-smooth texture also absorbs quickly making it an ideal base for make-up."

I haven't tried much of the Dr. Hauschka skincare range, though I am familiar with the makeup collection.  This German green beauty brand has over seventy years of experience, and it takes pride in utilizing quality bio-dynamic, organic, and natural ingredients in their creations.  The Soothing Day Lotion is no exception, and contains a mix of marshmallow root, borage extract, coconut, apricot and avocado oil, and more.  It's a lotion designed to soothe sensitivity and reduce redness, and while I am not happy to see a plastic sachet, it is a product I think many subscribers will enjoy giving a try.  It may not be a good fit for those with more congestion prone skin, but that's why a sample can be beneficial.

Dr. Hauschka Soothing Day Lotion sample sachet on a brown and black textured mat

The June edit of the cruelty free subscription box from Love Lula is worth a total of just over £35, and with four full size products and a bonus sample it is certainly one that offers a generous amount of products.  I think it was a very good value, and with the amount of multi-taskers you really are getting a steal.  And with the discount you get inside too - that's pretty brilliant!

My star product would have to be the soap this month, as I find it such a handy all natural product to have on hand.  I love the price point, the size, and the amount of uses you can get from it, and while it is in plastic (something I try to avoid), I can reuse the bottle pretty easily.

But what was your favourite this month?  I would love to hear your thoughts on the June collection of the Love Lula Beauty Box.  Did you have a stand out treat in this cruelty free subscription box??  And if you didn't manage to get this edit, do be sure to check out the monthly boxes before the end of the month if you want to grab July's goodies.  And you can even check out my past reviews too if you want an even better idea of what you might get inside.  Whether you live in the UK or are buying from abroad, Love Lula offers international shipping as well as domestic rates so everyone can enjoy!

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