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Love low waste products and supporting small business?  Zero Zen is a family run eco friendly shop you have to check out!  Today I'm sharing all about a plastic free swap that will boost your shower routine, and chatting about how Zero Zen makes greener living all the easier.

Zero Zen is a small family run online shop out to make greener alternatives accessible to all.  After struggling with anxiety and having a series of job letdowns after lockdown began, the motivated founder decided to take what little money they had left and start on a new dream.  Together as a family they combined their passion for eco friendly living with their interest in business, and Zero Zen was born!

Packed full of low waste treats, from reusable cups and degradable sponges to plastic free toothpaste and bamboo duvets, this sustainable shop is definitely a great place to find all your essentials.  Whether you need to stock up your bathroom cupboards or reinvent your bedroom, Zero Zen has got it covered.  You'll find brands like Panda London, Truthpaste, Patch, Jungle Culture, and more - it's a great mix of small businesses and cult classics, and it's definitely got me excited!

One of the selections from Zero Zen are a series of vegan friendly plastic free bars which offer an alternative to traditional shower gel.  You know I love a great sustainable swap, so I was of course excited to test out Shower Blocks and see how they stacked up.

"On average each person uses 10-14 bottles of gel a year. That doesn’t sound too much when you just look at your own little pile, but imagine what that pile looks like through your immediate family, then your street, your city… and then the whole of the UK. // Unfathomable, right? // SHOWERBLOCKS are bubbly, hydrating and totally plastic free alternatives to shower gel, here to remove single use plastics from showers all over the UK."

Shower Blocks plastic free shower gel soap bars stacked up next to purple and pink  primroses

Not only do Shower Blocks offer an affordable, gentle, and eco friendly solution that won't leave you feeling like you're missing out, they come in a great range of scents.  There are six available: Naked, Lime and Sandalwood, Mango and Passionfruit, Coffee and Vanilla, Mint and Grapefruit, and Peppermint.  All share the same soap base containing gentle surfactants, but each offers their own aromatherapeutic benefits and vibrant aesthetic.

That's one thing I love about Soap Blocks - while the packaging is plastic free, it still is so youthful, fun, and bright!  The colour combinations are cheerful and super cute, and the bars themselves each come in their own special shade.  This actually makes storing them easier too, as you can tell each one apart even if it isn't inside the cardboard box!

I was sent two types of the Totally Solid Shower Gel from Shower Blocks to try - the Naked bar and the Mint and Grapefruit scented one.  I was keen to try out the unscented version as I love having ultra gentle creations on hand, but I also was curious about the essential oil blends too as it's always lovely have a bit of uplifting or calming fragrance during the day.  The fact that Shower Blocks offer both is fab!

Totally Solid Shower Gel - Naked Unscented

If sensitive skin is a concern, going fragrance free is often the safest option as it minimizes potential irritants even further.  That's why I love when a range includes an unscented version, as it makes the brand even more inclusive and shows that they value all skin needs.  Shower Blocks certainly wins some points with me here!  Since my skin is prone to flaring up from time to time, I always like to have an ultra gentle formula on hand, and so when Zero Zen asked which scents I would like to try I knew one would have to be the Naked bar.  I was keen to see how it worked, if it was kind to the skin, and what level of lather it gave.

Now, I want to clarify something that I think often goes misunderstood - just because something is fragrance free doesn't mean it doesn't have any smell.  Natural oils, butters, and waxes can offer a subtle aroma without any added components like essential oils or synthetic fragrance, and often provides a soothing experience for both skin and senses.  The Naked bar from Shower Blocks is definitely one of these special natural treatments.  With a soft buttery scent with a touch of cocoa that gives the solid shower gel a comforting touch, this is a lovely way to clean yourself up on the daily.

Ingredients: Sodium Palmate*, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Olivate, Aqua, Glycerine, Parfum, Sodium Hempate, Caprylic capric triglyceride, Sodium Castorate, Sodium Sunflowerate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Sodium lactate, Sodium citrate    *Sourced from RSPO certified sources only.

Shower Blocks plastic free shower gel bars in scents Neutral and Mint + Grapefruit held in front of bright green fern

Totally Solid Shower Gel - Mint and Grapefruit

The Mint and Grapefruit bar is a pretty pink shade which is eye catching and reflects the fun and fresh vibes of this blend so well.  Combining the refreshing crispness of mint with the zesty burst of grapefruit is ingenious, and I think it works so well as it creates a bar that is simultaneously uplifting and awakening.  This has fruity notes that carry through with a lingering sweetness and crisp tang that offers a grounding quality.  It helps drive away negative energy and leaves you feeling more positive and ready to enjoy the day.  If you are a morning shower person, this is one for you!

I will say the aroma is VERY strong right out of the box, so if you like something mild you may find the fragranced versions of the Shower Blocks a little too much.  That being said, it does mellow out after you begin to use it and I like how it gives an immediate burst that enlivens your senses.  Tim actually loves the scent, and called to me asking what smelled so good - he is convinced the initial aroma is reminiscent of something called cherry cola bubble gum and he was super enthusiastic about it.

Ingredients: Sodium Palmate*, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Olivate, Aqua, Glycerine, Parfum, Sodium Hempate, Caprylic capric triglyceride, Sodium Castorate, Sodium Sunflowerate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Sodium lactate, Sodium citrate, Colour (Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Glycerin, Sodium Stearate, Sorbitol, Sodium Laurate, Sodium Chloride, Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Tetrasodium EDTA, +/- CI 77266, 74160, 51319, 21108), Hexyl cinnamal, Limonene, Linalool     *Sourced from 100% RSPO certified sources only.

Shower Blocks from Zero Zen, a bright pink solid shower gel and a plain cream coloured bar stacked on top of each other

Both versions of the Shower Blocks were great, offering a simple way to swap out the plastics and maintaining the thorough cleanse you expect from a shower gel.  As soon as they are wet you can start to get a lather, and it bubbles up just enough for you to easily wash your body without any extra effort.  I like that they save so much excess waste, as just one bar lasts ages, plus since they are solid they reduce the amount of water needed in the production process!

The gentle surfactants work really well to rinse away dirt, sweat, and daily grime, plus these eco friendly bars have the added bonus of containing more than 10% moisturizing ingredients which means your body will be left clean AND nourished.  There is no dryness, no tight sensation, no irritation - the multi-tasking formula has been crafted to leave your feeling refreshed through and through.  It's a great eco friendly treat, and one that both of us have been enjoying.

And if that's not enough, Shower Blocks is partnered with Toiletries Amnesty, meaning for every bar sold the brand donates a miniblock to help those in need!

Shower Blocks plastic free shower gel in bright teal and pink + green packaging

Zero Zen has certainly picked wonderful eco friendly products to feature in their shop, and I love how easy it makes stocking up on green lifestyle staples.  There are so many plastic free alternatives available, and if you're looking for a sustainable swap you're bound to find a great choice here!  I also love that they belong to 1% for the planet, which means they donate 1% of annual sales directly back into environmental projects.  They say, "the website is not just about making sales, its about creating awareness, as we know the small changes we make today, make greater changes for our future."

Seriously, whether you are needing zero waste options for washing up in the kitchen, packing your lunch and eating when out and about, boosting your mood, or keeping up with personal hygiene, Zero Zen has a little bit of everything making it a great place for a one stop shop, and the passion behind the business makes it all the sweeter.

Do you have anything you're wanting to try from Zero Zen?  I definitely have a few green goodies I've got my eye on.  I would also love to hear which Shower Block you would like to try the most!

And thanks to the kindness of Zero Zen you might actually get to try one sooner than you think.  They have been so lovely and are offering up not one, but TEN Shower Blocks to you lovelies!  Be sure to enter this fab giveaway for your chance to try these plastic free bars, and share all about it on social media to spread the word xx

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