Jungle Culture Review - Plastic Free Living Staples

Looking for sustainable essentials like bowls, straws, or cutlery?  Jungle Culture has your back!

Jungle Culture is a lifestyle brand that has sustainability and ethics at the heart of everything they do.  They utilize what is considered waste products like coconut shells as well as eco crops like bamboo to craft long lasting and stylish designs for the home and on the go.

I was immediately impressed by how upfront they are about where their resources come from and who is involved with creating their products.  When I sent a question over about their coconut bowls, I got a fast and very thorough response that left me confident and excited to show support!  They sent me over a selection to try out, and I was so impressed that they quickly were featured in my Low Waste Living roundup.  But as I continued to incorporate these sustainable options into my life, I knew I had to give them even more time in the spotlight...

Coconut Bowls:

Ethically sourced in Bến Tre, Vietnam, free from pesticides and harmful chemicals, upcycled from waste materials, and handcrafted by local artists, these Coconut Bowls are by far my favourite kitchen item I own now.  They're super easy to wash, totally cute, free from plastics, and really sturdy meaning they will last a long time - eco goals right?!

"For many years the local farmers have made a modest income from selling coconut by-products such as coconut oils and coconut milks. Once the products were harvested the coconut shells and trees were seen as waste and burned to make way for the new crops. // By using coconut bowls you are helping to provide the local farmers with a secondary income, as well as preventing more coconuts and trees being needlessly burned. // Once the coconut shell bowls have been harvested they are hand carved by talented craftsmen to create a selection of stunning patterns. Organic, eco-friendly & sustainable."

When I read the story about where the coconuts came from and how they were selected, I immediately felt a connection to the product as I spent time on the Mekong Delta several years ago.  It's an absolute maze of rivers and islands, and with climate change becoming more and more of a threat globally, the area is actually at risk of more and more severe flooding.  Even in just my short visit I experienced the unpredictable weather when a powerful tropical storm swept in without warning when we were out on the water.  These events can have a devastating impact on local business, so Jungle Culture's efforts to allow farmers a secondary income is huge.

There are currently five styles of coconut bowl to choose from, and each is stunning.  I adore the intricate design along the front of the piece, and the reclaimed wooden spoons that come with the set are just beautiful.  While the bottom is not cut flat, it still sits solidly on the table and I don't find it wobbling around or anything, and I appreciate how smooth and sleek the overall look is.  Everything about this adds joy to my daily routine, and I feel like my food feels much more special when inside the coconut shell.

These coconut bowls are such a great size, perfect for my daily vegan yogurt and granola lunch as well as rice, soup, cereal, salad, and anything else you may pop inside a bowl.  I hate when a bowl has just enough room for what you're adding, so the extra depth really suits my needs and means I don't have to worry about any bits spilling out as I mix.  And since they are super smooth, I find washing them by hand simple and not at all time consuming - I just do a quick rinse, then wash with a mild natural soap (let me know if you're keen to hear about my usual eco friendly cleaning products!) and set out to dry.

Overall this might just be my favourite product from Jungle Culture, and I will be buying a few more in future I think so I can have extras for when company is over!  They're not just Instagram-able, they're practical and functional which makes these a no brainer to me.

P.s. Curious about my vegan yoghurt bowl I make for lunches?  Let me know and I will write up the recipe! 

Jungle Straws - Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws:

You all know I'm a big advocate for reusable straws for people who find it hard to let them go, and I really think they have come leaps and bounds in the last few years.  There are so many types made from different materials (from super flexible ones to the more solid options) and you're bound to find something that works for you.  I make sure to have a good selection for visitors and one or two in my on the go bag as well, so of course I was excited when I was sent the Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws to try out.

But oh my goodness, they went above and beyond!

THEY HAVE MY NAME ON THEM!  It's amazing how much joy a personalized item can bring, so of course I couldn't help but smile when I saw these.

The ultra lightweight bamboo straws are handmade in the Thanh Hoà region of Northern Vietnam, and are produced at a single family-run farm using just fresh water and sunlight.  You won't find any harmful pesticides or chemicals here!  And in fact, these straws were actually the start of Jungle Culture:

"Jungle Culture was conceived to remedy the damage a single straw can do to our environment. Currently, 500 million plastic straws are discarded each year. Each of those straws can take 200 years to break down, and will still exist as micro particle plastics.

Before Jungle Culture came Jungle Straws, which was launched in August 2018 with ethically sourced, reusable drinking straws made from the lungs of the East, bamboo. Every straw is handmade in Northern Vietnam at a family-ran bamboo farm. Now they are the #1 best-selling bamboo straw product on Amazon and Jungle Straws have partnered with the likes of National Geographic, BBC Earth and TOMS."

Jungle Straws definitely get the job done and I love the natural look to these - it's a simple but honest aesthetic that is really timeless.  Plus, I think it is so cool that no straw is exactly the same.  You'll see that they have slight variations in size which just adds to the handmade nature of these.  Throw in the beautiful jute bag and bonus cleaning brush and you've got the perfect gift for yourself, your co-workers, family -- anyone!

Reusable Eco-friendly Cutlery Set:

Of course I've talked about reusable straws a few times in the past, but something I have not touched on enough is the importance of opting for a reusable cutlery set.  While plastic silverware is finally becoming less common, it's still given out by loads of cafes, grab and go shops, and takeaways, and none of these disposable tools are cost effective to recycle meaning many local programs do not accept them.  Their destination is landfill where they will sit and stagnate.  Having your own fork, knife, and spoon available wherever you go can make a real difference over time when it comes to your environmental impact, and it's so simple to make the switch!

I have been loving the gorgeous Reusable Eco-friendly Cutlery Set from Jungle Culture, as I find the reclaimed and upcycled ebony wood just so stunning to look at as well as sturdy to use.  The story behind how they are made is well worth reading, and I really appreciate how transparent the brand is with every aspect of the business - they don't just list materials, they let you know where they came from as well as who is making the products!

"Our eco-friendly dark wood cutlery sets are made using reclaimed and upcycled ebony wood scraps, bought from a furniture manufacturer in Southern Vietnam. Jungle Culture then designed this set in collaboration with the same craftspeople who carve our coconut bowls, making them the perfect coconut cutlery set! // The organic cotton bag that houses our sets was hand sewn by a group of seamstresses in Hoi An, Vietnam. A historical fishing town, famous for high-quality tailor made products."

Jungle Culture's Reusable Eco-friendly Cutlery Set contains six pieces: a fork, spoon, knife, straw, cleaning wand, and carrier pouch.  This on the go kit comes inside a hand-sewn organic cotton pouch, and everything fits snugly inside so you don't have to worry about anything falling out.  It's perfect for taking to work, going on hikes, camping, a long shopping trip, train rides, and more, and I don't feel like I am sacrificing anything at all when using these reusables.  They are practical, stylish, well made, and long lasting, plus easy to wash which is a big plus!

Jungle Culture offers such a lovely selection of handcrafted plastic free staples, and I love how each and every one values quality and functionality above being photogenic (which let's be real - they're also totally picture worthy!).  The transparency behind how they source materials, the efforts they put in to helping local people, the time they take to ensure everything is done ethically, and the craft put into the final product is exceptional, and I can't help but be a fan.

But what about you?  Do you spot anything that you connect with or are interested in maybe trying out for yourself?  I would love to hear!  And with holidays just around the corner, it might be a good time to start thinking about gifts for you and your loved ones - perhaps Jungle Culture's goodies might make it onto your wishlist??  Let me know! xx


  1. Love this post! I have had coconut bowls on my apartment wishlist for quite some time, but I haven't been doing much shopping recently. I'll have to check these out!
    Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? Life of an Earth Muffin

    1. They were on my 'I'm intrigued' radar but after actually trying them out I am so pleased to have them - they're my favourite!


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