Safe Sanitizers - A Natural Hand Sanitizer Guide *

Before Covid-19, I rarely used hand sanitizer as I didn't see the point.  A certain level of germs is healthy, and killing all bacteria just was not something I was super fussed about as I was happy to have a balanced microbiome.  But now it is pretty necessary, as there is just no point risking picking up this nasty virus.  There is so much the scientific community does not know about this yet, including what long term effects are, and while the survival rate may be high that does not mean it is not incredibly dangerous to all who are exposed.

I have friends who have recovered but are still experiencing daily side effects, from really low lung capacity (struggling to make it from one side of the room to the other without getting out of breath) to intense fatigue that makes it hard to do even the simplest tasks.  There is no understanding as to when these consequences of the illness will be over, and there is no guarantee they ever will be.  To me, that is more than enough reason to protect myself (and others) by following all the guidance from the WHO, CDC, and government.  And part of that involves having sanitizer at the ready...

Natural Hand Sanitizer Guide - Best Eco Sanitizers UK

According to the data, a sanitizer should have at least a 60% alcohol content to be effective, and so that is the main thing I look for when choosing a product.  Beyond that, I seek out natural (often organic) options so I am not loading my skin up with potentially toxic ingredients on the daily.  There can be some pretty nasty stuff in the big name sanitizers, and many of them are not cruelty free so I stick with small businesses and plant based formulas that are effective but planet friendly.  Also, do keep in mind that not all alcohol is created equal (both in terms of sustainability and how 'safe' it is), so try to see what specific type it is before grabbing that bottle off the shelf!  If you can't pronounce it, it's probably best to choose another option.

I will say that one thing that kept coming up was that many brands do not disclose the type of alcohol used in their formulation.  I found myself having to reach out to many in order to have the information clarified, as I know many people like to know the exact source be it corn, grain, rye, sugar beets, or something else altogether.  And while most brands were incredibly accommodating and quick to fill me in, there were some I just never heard back from.  It would be ideal to have this listed either on the label or on the website, but maybe that is just wishful thinking?

Either way, I have tried to be as specific as possible with all my information so you can make an informed choice based on your needs and preferences.  I even created a handy price cheat sheet so you can quickly see what sort of price point these options fall into.  All that being said, I hope you find this guide on natural hand sanitizers useful, and do let me know if you have any questions or further recommendations you want me to check out in future!

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Safe Sanitizers - Natural Hand Sanitizer Guide

Price Guide
£: £0-£5
££: £6-£10
£££: £11-£15
££££: £16+

Botanicals Sanitising Spritz

"A pure, natural antibacterial sanitiser to protect against harmful bacteria with a quick drying finish and a refreshing, comforting natural aroma. // Contains 60% organic alcohol (as per the Public Health England recommendations) blended with mineral rich spring water and organic antibacterial Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils."

Price: ££

Packaging: plastic

Alcohol: 60% (organic sugar beet)

Feel: fresh, lightweight, quick to evaporate, doesn't dry out skin, not sticky

Smell: soothing herbals, lavender notes, not too strong

Overall: This is one of my top picks for an everyday on the go sanitizer as it is super affordable, easy to carry around, simple to use, and doesn't irritate the skin.  The smell is pleasant and it doesn't leave your hands feeling wet or with any residue, plus they offer several options when purchasing such as a family pack, refills, the normal bottle, or travel sized.

Bloomtown Hand Sanitizer Spray

"Keep your hands clean and soft with our 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Spray, infused with palm-free plant glycerine to prevent dryness and our signature Cleanse blend of essential oils of lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary, cinnamon and clove."

Price: £££

Packaging: 100ml, glass bottle + plastic top

Alcohol: 70% (organic denat grain)

Feel: very lightweight, super quick to evaporate, gentle, non sticky

Smell: slightly sweet and warming, soft and fragrant sweet citrus that mellows out into a silky spice

Overall: As soon as Bloomtown announced they were launching a natural sanitizer I knew I had to try it out, and so as soon as this landed on Love Lula I placed my order - and I'm glad I did!  This is definitely less drying on the skin than many other sanitizers thanks to the added glycerine, plus it smells lovely.  This is a long lasting product in a generous size bottle for a reasonable price, and I love that the packaging minimizes plastic use.  Plus, they offer a travel size mini spray bottle too!

Safe Sanitizers - Natural Hand Sanitizer Guide - Bloomtown Flawless Flaya Review

Neal's Yard Remedies Natural Defense Hand Rub

"Containing 70% alcohol and delicately fragranced with a purifying blend of essential oils, this natural hand rub kills 99.9% of bacteria for hygienic hands on the go. With niaouli, lemongrass and witch hazel, the all-natural formulation will leave hands smelling fresh and feeling clean, with no sticky residue."

Price: £

Packaging: 40ml, plastic

Alcohol: 70% (organic denat)

Feel: lightweight, slightly drying on skin with frequent use, non sticky, quick to evaporate

Smell: refreshing, sweet crisp citrus tinged with herbal notes, calming

Overall: If you're needing a smaller size bottle for a short trip or your weekly shop, then the NYR Natural Defense Hand Rub is a good pick as it comes in one of the smallest sizes I have found while still being easy to apply with the spray nozzle.  It also has a pretty unique aroma to it which sets it apart and while I find it a little too strong for my skin at times it is ideal for those wanting to make extra sure they are super protected from bacteria.

Love Absolute Essential Hand Spray

Price: £££

Packaging: 100ml, plastic

Alcohol: 72% (organic denat grain)

Feel: non sticky, lightweight, quick to evaporate, doesn't dry out skin, refreshing, gentle

Smell: slightly sweet (almost like a sugary sour candy), delicate, not astringent at all, and super soothing

Overall: Top marks to this natural hand sanitizer!  The base alcohol has changed since I first purchased, but the core ingredients remain the same and I have no issues with this formulation.  It's gorgeous through and through, gentle on the hands, and just so lovely.  I use this when I get home after washing my hands as a final step, and it feels so special and soothing.  I never feel any irritation or dryness, and if anything my skin feels a bit softer after use!

Safe Sanitizers - Natural Hand Sanitizer Guide -  Botanicals, Alteya, Love Absolute Review

Flawless Hand Sanitising Gel

"Known for its powerful properties to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi the high alcohol content benefits from the addition of aloe vera to soothe the skin whilst essential oils of Rosemary, Lavender and Tea Tree provide an extra boost due to their antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. Hands are left feeling refreshed with a subtle scent and no sticky residue."

Price: £

Packaging: 60ml, plastic free (glass/metal)

Alcohol: 75% (99.8% Isopropyl Alcohol)

Feel: very liquid gel - not too sticky, lightweight, dries hands with frequent use

Smell: Very strong to start, vodka-esque, mellows out to a more calming soft floral

Overall: Honestly I hate the smell - it's pure alcohol on the nose and I find it overpowering to start with.  It does fade to a more soothing herbal floral mixture, but it's hard to get past the initial assault to the senses.  This also contains phenoxyethonal so I found my hands getting irritated after a few uses (as well as a bit dry).  That being said, if you don't mind the scent and you have hand cream ready then this is an affordable and plastic free alternative that is able to be popped in your bag and used when needed.  It does the trick, and if packaging is your main concern this ticks that box!

Alteya Hand Cleanser Spray

"Our Lavender Hand Cleaning Spray is designed to help clean hands while on the move or in places where you do not have access to water and soap. // In addition to 70% denatured ethyl alcohol, the product includes organic glycerin and organic lavender essential oil. The proven disinfectant effectiveness of ethyl alcohol is complemented by the natural antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiseptic properties of lavender oil."

Price: ££

Packaging: 100ml, plastic

Alcohol: 70% (denat grain)

Feel: evaporates quickly, fairly gentle though over time skin does begin to dry out, not sticky, lightweight

Smell: refreshing, light yet heady lavender, calming

Overall: This is another fab option and quickly grew to be a favourite on the go option for us.  It's so calming which is a plus during these stressful times, and I like that my anxiety is slightly eased when applying thanks to the lavender oil.  I find this on the gentler side, though pairing up with hand cream won't hurt if you are having to use this regularly!  And of course the price and size is brilliant, making this a great budget friendly pick.

Safe Sanitizers - Natural Hand Sanitizer Guide - Castilian Soap Company, Madara, Neal's Yard Remedies Review

Flaya Hand Sanitiser

"Produced to NFCC Organic Personal Care Standards this certified organic hand sanitiser has been specially formulated with 80% organic alcohol to cleanse hands. // Alcohol-based hand sanitiser with organic lavender oil and palm-free vegetable glycerin."

Price: ££

Packaging: 50ml, glass bottle/plastic top

Alcohol: 80% (organic denat grain)

Feel: slight oily residue on top of skin when first applied, non sticky, quick to evaporate, not too drying on skin

Smell: delicate but fragrant lavender, soft and soothing

Overall: I adore the Flaya perfumes, so I was intrigued when I heard they had launched a sanitizer - I'm happy I picked this up as it offers a high alcohol percent at a reasonable price, and while you might think this means it is harsher on the skin I find it surprisingly kind to the skin still.  The plant based glycerine helps moisturize your hands so they aren't left feeling super dry, and the lavender oil gives this a lovely peaceful scent that provides a glimpse of tranquility.  And I love that it comes in a glass bottle instead of plastic!

Haoma Hand Sanitiser

"An award winning refreshing antibacterial spray made with a blend of certified organic Tea Tree and Sweet Orange essential oils to keep your hands clean and fragrant. // This simple and effective pocket-sized blend is a must for everyday use. Thanks to its natural and organic formula you won't be swapping the bacteria and viruses with unnatural ingredients found in some hand sanitising gels."

Price: ££££

Packaging: 50ml, glass bottle/plastic top

Alcohol: 60% (organic fair-trade sugarcane)

Feel: Light, quick to evaporate, doesn't dry out hands, gentle, fresh, not at all sticky, slight oiliness when first applied

Smell: uplifting with antiseptic undertones, tea tree rich

Overall: There is no doubt that this is an exceptional product (I mean, it is award winning after all!) - it is kind to the skin, smells lovely, is light and refreshing, minimizes plastic, and is packed full of beneficial ingredients.  The only sticking point here is the price to size ratio.  This is the most expensive option and comes in a fairly small bottle.  However, it is definitely a star, so if you have a little extra to splash out then this is definitely a top tier sanitizer to get.

Safe Sanitizers - Natural Hand Sanitizer Guide

The Castilian Soap Company Natural Hand Cleanser

"Our natural hand cleanser with Peppermint & Chamomile cleans without drying out hands with just four natural ingredients - organic alcohol, organic chamomile water, natural plant glycerin and peppermint essential oil."

Price: ££

Packaging: 50ml, plastic

Alcohol: 62% (organic grain)

Feel: lightweight, quick to evaporate, non sticky, pretty gentle, not too drying on hands

Smell: soft peppermint tinged with peacefully sweet chamomile, uplifting and calming

Overall: This has such a unique scent compared with all the other natural sanitizers I have tested out, and I love how refreshing the peppermint is in the blend.  It brings positive vibes and helps ease the mind which is a huge plus, and while I'm not keen on the pump applicator method it is easy to use and super lightweight to carry.  This makes for a solid option for on the go, and is a great change of pace if you are looking for something a bit different when it comes to fragrance profile!

Madara ANTI Clean Hands Spray with Alcohol

"This instant cleaning spray for the hands is formulated with 70% pure plant alcohol, moisturising betaine, antibacterial and soothing extracts of cranberry, quince and camomile. Infused with the precious extract of Centella Asiatica, known as the CICA plant, to deliver advanced skin protection and balancing benefits."

Price: £££

Packaging: 30ml (bottle is 50ml but only 30ml of product), plastic

Alcohol: 70% (unspecified plant)

Feel: evaporates well, not drying on skin, slight residue but non sticky, gentle

Smell: slightly sweet with alcohol tinge at back of nose, fades quickly

Overall: Packaging wise this is one of my least favourites, however the formula itself is effective and the spray nozzle is easy to use.  Like most other Madara products I have tried, their ANTI Clean Hands Spray has that distinctive signature scent that is slightly sweet and hard to pin down but it is comforting and familiar.  I did notice this is the slowest to evaporate of the sanitizers I have tried, however it is pretty gentle on the skin and leaves our hands feeling soft as well as refreshed making it a good pick for on the go.

Safe Sanitizers - Natural Hand Sanitizer Guide

For the best size to price buy, I can't fault Alteya or Botanicals as they both offer everything you want from a budget buy.  These two sanitizers are effective, pretty gentle on the skin, have a pleasant scent, and are not very heavy making them easy to carry around on the go.  The spray nozzles make it easy to spritz hands, takeaway cups, arms, and more, and I really appreciate how a little goes a long way. 

When it comes to overall experience my favourite has to be Love Absolute, as the scent is just so intoxicating and the formulation is so kind to the skin.  Of course Haoma is fantastic as well, but it is just that little bit too expensive for my usual budget.  With Love Absolute, the price is a little more than others on this list, but it is not over the top expensive, and the generous sizing means it will last a decent amount of time.  Plus, I find this so kind on the hands which is super important when using an alcohol based product.  The formula is perfect, and I find myself gravitating towards this when I want that extra TLC alongside sanitization.  Both options prove that you really get what you pay for, so this is just a matter of price point.

For sustainable packaging I have to give the gold to Flawless with their 100% plastic free jar, but I also need to applaud Bloomtown, Haoma, and Flaya for their efforts too.  Each of these spray options are in glass bottles, and while they do have plastic tops they have minimized the amount of plastic used which is always appreciated. 

And if smell is your biggest concern, well then I highly suggest The Castillian Soap Company for its delicate and unique aroma, Love Absolute for its light and sweet deliciousness, Alteya for the soothing and simply lavender, and Madara for the distinctive but fast fading scent.  It's all a matter of what you are looking for, but when it comes to natural sanitizers there is just so much variety that you are bound to find the perfect fit.  I mean, I haven't even scratched the surface here.  There are so many options out there, all of which are safer for skin and planet, so you do not have to compromise on ingredients, feel, or fragrance!

Honestly, all ten of these are stand outs in there own way, so just think through what you are wanting in a hand sanitizer.  Will you be using it mainly at home to spray down parcels and your hands after handling items, or will it be for at your workplace where you want it to be fast to dry and fast to fade?  Do you want a super lightweight packaging or a sturdy plastic free alternative?  Are you looking for a super high alcohol content just to be on the safe side or do you want the minimum required amount?  Once you know what you are looking for, just take a glimpse at each of these natural sanitizers and see what suits you and your budget best!

And as always I'm keen to hear what you are thinking.  Have you been on the lookout for a natural hand sanitizer or are you a long term user?  Do you have any favourites I should check out that I have not mentioned today?  Let me know! xx


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