All Purpose Oil? - Terre Verdi ThéBianco Review

Terre Verdi is by no means a newcomer in the skincare world - they were one of the first COSMOS certified brands in the UK and the first ever to register a water based moisturizer with Soil Association..  And in fact, they have been a favourite with me for some time now - so of course I am thrilled to be exploring their exceptional range a bit more today with all you lovelies!

Founded by Alessandra, Terre Verdi has become an award winning certified organic skincare brand that uses the finest botanicals to create effective cruelty free and vegan beauty products.  Her all natural formulations are so gentle and soothing, and each has been expertly crafted to tackle a variety of skin conditions without compromising the planet:

"Terre Verdi is committed to bringing you ethically-sourced products, lovingly crafted from organic ingredients. They reflect the respect and care for our own families, our concern for the environment, and the integrity with which we aim to treat our customers and business partners alike. We use organic ingredients because we believe that nature should be respected and not tampered with. We want to make products that heal your skin and soothe your soul and hope you will enjoy using them as much as we enjoy sharing them with you."

Based in London and inspired by Sicily, the range covers all the necessities for healthy and glowing skin, including serums, oils, masks, and more.  I have had the pleasure of trying a pretty large selection over the years, and recently I was offered the chance to test out a few more.  I was kindly sent a bottle of the Thé Bianco Camellia Oil as well as a sweet sample of the Good Oils Cleansing Oil, and I have been using them ever since they arrived!

Today I'm excited to share my thoughts on these green goodies, plus a brilliant limited time offer from Terre Verdi that can get you a whopping  £7 off orders of £30 or more - so stick around to discover all about their white tea seed oil and cleansing sensation as well as this discount!

Terre Verdi Review - The Bianco Camellia Oil and Good Oils Cleansing Oil

Thé Bianco Camellia Oil:
Used in Japan for centuries, white tea seed oil is a traditional beauty secret known for its moisture retention and deeply penetrating properties.  This magical ingredient is similar to the skin's natural sebum, and therefore has been a treasured staple for many as it is rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals!

White tea seed oil is packed full of beneficial antioxidants, oleic acid, Vitamin A, D, C, and E, and polyphenols, meaning it defends against damage and can help the skin stay looking fresh by reducing oxidative stress.  Plus, this all natural substance works to prevent water loss, aids in replenishing the skin's barrier, and protects against harmful UV rays!  That's pretty impressive for a single ingredient!

Terre Verdi has harnessed the benefits of this powerhouse in their Thé Bianco Camellia Oil, and it has proven to be a master of multi-tasking with its ability to cater to all skin types, quickly absorb, and provide a nourishing boost.  While delicate in nature, the treatment is actually deceptively rich and feels oh so silky.  Just a single pump is all I really need for my congestion prone skin to feel fully pampered, meaning a bottle of this beauty will last absolute ages!

The pale oil has just a hint of straw to its colouring, and I love how even the appearance suggests how gentle this single ingredient treatment is.  It instantly starts to sink in, adds a wonderful softness as it immediately conditions where you applied, and the fact that there is no prominent scent just makes this the ultimate dream for sensitive skin!  I also noticed it gives a gorgeous dewy appearance to the complexion, making your face look brighter and more radiant.  If you aren't keen on highlighter but want that little pop, this is a fab way to get a glow up!

Truly, Thé Bianco is like a subtle caress that aims to replenish, restore, and nurture with every drop - and it's not JUST your skin that will be receiving all this wonderful TLC...  This single ingredient star has certainly surprised me, and I am so thankful I had a chance to try it out and discover the many ways in which it thrives.  I'm particularly loving Terre Verdi's Thé Bianco Camellia Oil for my hair, as it provides a lovely natural shine as well as a protective barrier that helps defend against environmental stressors.  I find a tiny bit on my ends goes a long way, and it doesn't weigh down my locks at all.  Or, I can work a small amount throughout all my hair after a shower as a frizz preventative and a glossy healthy look.  I've even tried this as a hot oil scalp treatment!  My hair drinks this stuff up and really seems to love it.

Seriously, however you use the Thé Bianco oil from Terre Verdi you are bound to be pleased with the results.  Try it on dry patches on elbows, hands, and knees, pop some into your favourite powder cleanser to add an instant moisture boost, add a drop to your night cream for nourishment, pop a bit on your lips to combat flaky and cracked skin...  The only limit is your imagination!

Ingredients: Organic camellia oleifera (white tea) seed oil

Terre Verdi The Bianco Camellia Oil Review

Terre Verdi The Bianco Camellia Oil Review

Good Oils Cleansing Oil:
Along with the full size bottle of Thé Bianco, Terre Verdi sent me a generous size sample of their Good Oils Cleansing Oil to try out, and I couldn't have been more happy to see that this was a plastic free product.  The bottle itself is glass, and it has a tin twist off lid that is easy to remove so you can slowly drip out the precious formulation inside.

With a blend of camellia, castor, jojoba, argan, roman chamomile, and vitamin E, this cleansing oil is designed to gently remove all traces of makeup and daily grime without clogging the pores or leaving your skin feeling heavy or slick.  It gentle in every way, from the way it glides easily across the skin and requires no pulling or tugging to wash away dirt and debris to the soothing aroma that is utterly peaceful and works to ease tensions.  It's like a hug for both your mind and skin, and it is delightful to apply both morning and night as it conjures up such tranquil thoughts!

The oil itself isn't overly rich, but the almost transparent formula definitely feels healing and restorative with its nourishing qualities and glossy texture.  I will be tempted to pick up a full size bottle in future as I want to see how my skin fares longer term - as of right now, it definitely won me over, and I am really happy with the experience!

Ingredients: camellia oleifera (white tea) seed oil*, ricinus communis (castor) seed oil*, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil*, argania spinosa (argan) kernel oil*, tocopherol (vitamin E), anthemis nobilis (roman chamomile) oil*, geraniol**, citronellol**, limonene**, linalool**
* denotes organic ingredient
**occurring naturally in essential oils

Terre Verdi Good Oils Cleansing Oil Review

Of course I am a fan of Terre Verdi - I have been using their products for a long while now, and their NeroliPom Moisturiser is a staple in my skincare routine.  It has been a joy getting to test out even more from their organic and vegan friendly formulas, and I've definitely found a ton of uses for the multi-tasking master Camellia Oil.  And generous size samples are always a hit with me!

I will definitely be putting together a full brand spotlight showcasing all the lovely green goodies I have tried from Terre Verdi in future, as I know how handy it is to have a full rundown all in one place.  I just have one or two products I have not tried in the range, so it will be fun to get those and then put together a comprehensive review!  Anyone else excited??

UPDATE: Terre Verdi is now stocked on Love Lula - double excitement!!

In the meantime, do feel free to drop me any questions about Terre Verdi.  I'm always happy to help!  And do let me know what product you are most interested in hearing more about.  Is it The Bianco that tops your wishlist, or is it something else?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!  Plus, remember you can grab £7 off orders of £30 or more using code Ecological7 -- that's a brilliant savings, and the perfect way to let yourself try out some new products!!

And as an extra special treat...  Terre Verdi is offering up one of their gorgeous products to one lucky winner!  This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY (wow!!), and entry is via Rafflecopter so there are lots of ways you can be in it to win it.  Find the full details listed here:

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