Terre Verdi NeroliPom Moisturiser: One For All Seasons

Terre Verdi NeroliPom Moisturiser held up in front of pink flower on a bush

I have tried a LOT of moisturizers, but none of them have ever been quite 100% perfect for my skin.  Too heavy, too sticky, or not even moisture have been the main issues, along with irritation from high concentrations of essential oils and unseemly spots brought on by ingredients high on the comedogenic scale.  Through all my trials, I've discovered I react to phenoxyethonal, that my face cannot handle coconut oil at all, and that I don't get on well with 'creamy' or rich formulas.  Honestly, I was getting to the point where I thought no moisturizer would ever totally suit my needs.  Then I got a sample tin in a subscription box that totally changed my mind.

Terre Verdi is an award winning certified organic skincare brand that uses the finest botanicals to create effective cruelty free and vegan beauty products.  Based in London and inspired by Sicily, the range covers all the necessities for healthy and glowing skin: serums, oils, masks, and more.

"Terre Verdi is committed to bringing you ethically-sourced products, lovingly crafted from organic ingredients. They reflect the respect and care for our own families, our concern for the environment, and the integrity with which we aim to treat our customers and business partners alike. We use organic ingredients because we believe that nature should be respected and not tampered with. We want to make products that heal your skin and soothe your soul and hope you will enjoy using them as much as we enjoy sharing them with you.

Terre Verdi is one of the earliest UK based companies to manufacture COSMOS Organic products, and the first to manufacture a water based face moisturiser to gain COSMOS Organic certification by Soil Association, our NeroliPom Moisturiser."

Old packaging

Not only was NeroliPom the beginning of a great future and innovative future for Terre Verdi, but it was also the answer to my moisturizer woes.  Never have I tried a formula that is so lightweight while also delivering a high level of nourishment.  My skin loved the stuff, and when my 5ml sample pot ran out I was gutted.  I knew I had to really test this out long term on my skin to see if it was as good as my initial experience hinted it was.  So when I was offered the chance to review Terre Verdi's NeroliPom moisturizer courtesy of Rare Beauty, I was over the moon.

NeroliPom is technically formulated for dry or mature skin, but my skin is neither of those things.  Normally, I would worry that a product targeting a skin type that is far from my own would be disastrous, but I had full faith in this moisturizer based on my original trial run.  And I was right to trust Terre Verdi.

The cream is a dream - light, smooth, fully absorbing, and satin-soft.  White tea, pomegranate seed oil, aloe vera powder, and neroli flower oil work together to make an antioxidant packed moisturizer that is both soothing and wholesome, and the formula helps tackle problem prone skin and sensitivities.  Just what my fussy combination skin needs!  The texture is a cross between a lotion and a serum, and it applies effortlessly.  The moisturizer glides across your face and neck and feels weightless once on, and not greasy at all -- what more can a girl ask for??

Oh, a moisturizer that also works well under makeup without the need for tons of other products, that's what!  I don't wear foundation often, but I did trial NeroliPom on a 'full face' just to see how it faired.  I expected my makeup to shift or 'melt' like it usually does, but that was not the case at all.  The moisturizer replaced the need for any primer, and since the formula is not oily my foundation and blush stayed matte all afternoon.  Just be sure to let the product sink in fully first before applying makeup, as otherwise you may find things get a bit messy.

I have a feeling this is going to save my skin this winter, as despite the moisturizer being delicate, it is also deeply nourishing.  I tend to get dry patches on my cheeks and nose as the weather turns colder, and I have confidence that NeroliPom will keep my entire face looking smooth and supple even on the windiest and bitterest of days.  Even just after a few weeks use I can tell my skin is looking more elastic and glowy, so just imagine what months of use will do...  I can't wait to find out!

Something else I love about this skincare product from Terre Verdi is the fresh smell -- it is uplifting and so delicately floral with a hint of sweet fruit.  The product is perfect for those mornings or evenings where you need a little boost but don't have time to light a candle or fuss about with aromatherapy treatments.  Just breathe in the excess from your fingertips and feel any bad energy leave you.

One thing that has become increasingly important to me when buying a new item is it being plastic free or as free from unsustainable materials as possible.  Well, not only does Terre Verdi use biophotonic violet glass, but the bottle is shipped box free meaning there is no excess or wasted packaging.  The pump applicator is the only plastic involved with NeroliPom, but to be fair it is difficult to find a moisturizer that is totally free from plastic.  

The pump keeps the product sterile and hygienic, and allows it to last longer as very little oxygen is exposed to the inside.  Plus, the applicator gives the perfect amount every time, meaning you don't over-apply.  Based on how long just the 5ml size lasted me, I think the full 50ml size bottle will keep my skin healthy and hydrated for a long long while!

Old Packaging

I am beyond thrilled that Terre Verdi's NeroliPom lived up to my high expectations, and so thankful I have finally found my perfect moisturizer.  No break outs, no redness, and no faffing about using different formulas to address each part of my fussy face.  I am well impressed by this skincare product, and now I cannot wait to try more from Terre Verdi in the future.  Who knows, maybe my next favourite beauty treat is waiting to be found in this certified organic range!

Thinking of having your own spending spree?  Will you grab the perfect moisturizer from Terre Verdi?  I would love to hear what your wish list includes or even what you would like to read a review of next!

New packaging update!

A huge thank you to Rare Beauty who sent this 50ml bottle out to me to review, and who continue to deliver exceptional service to all their customers.  If you have not checked out their online shop yet, definitely head over and have a browse -- they have amazing women-led beauty brands on offer, including Alexa Sky Botanicals, Mallow + White, FreyaLuna, Magical Tree, and MyRoo.  I reviewed both my first shopping experience with Rare Beauty and my thoughts on my selection of green goodies back when they launched in May, and I have continued to be impressed ever since.  New brands are being added regularly, so it is always worth signing up to their newsletter or following on Insta/Twitter/Facebook to keep up to date on all the latest news.

And if you are a new customer to Rare Beauty, be sure to grab your first order discount before checking out -- just pop over to their website, sign up to their newsletter, and you will receive a code for 20% off to use on your purchase!

[Rare Beauty has sadly closed, but if you are looking to try Terre Verdi for yourself then for a limited time only you can grab £7 off orders of £30 or more using code Ecological7 -- just pop this offer in at checkout and the discount will be applied!]


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    1. it's honestly brilliant! definitely on my Love List permanently now :) x

  2. I love learning about cruelty free and vegan beauty brands. White tea, Pomegranate and neroli sounds like a great fragrance combination.

  3. I think you had me at one moisturizer for all seasons and knowing it cruety free makes it a must try for sure

  4. That's good that it worked for you. My skin is dry so this should work well for me x

  5. Now this sounds like an interesting moisturiser, I like the fact it seems to transcend seasons as well, definitely something I could see myself trying!

  6. Sounds like a worthwhile moisturizer and would make a great stocking stuffer.

  7. Ooh I'm quite interested in this, recently I've been complaining to my husband that the moisturiser I was using just wasn't doing anything for me. I love finding cruelty free products too. Thanks for the review.

  8. It can be really difficult to find a decent moisturiser! This brand looks really good!

  9. Sounds lovely but I have to be really careful with fragranced stuff as it irritates my skin -

  10. Finding the perfect moisturizer that can be used for all seasons, esp. the cold harsh winter can be so hard. I'll keep my eyes open for this one.

  11. That's good that it worked for you. My skin is dry, more so during the Winter months, so I will give ths a try!

  12. That sounds brilliant! So wearable, and soothing to use.

  13. Ooh I love the sound of this! It looks ideal x


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