Best Ethical Beauty Products of 2019 - Top Home + Hygiene Picks *

I'm back with more picks for best ethical beauty products of 2019!

Like I said in my previous post (which rounded up my top picks for natural makeup),  I've decided that every week in January I will share with you my choices for best in show.  A bit late, as now we're into February, but finishing soon!  I started with makeup, and now it is time to highlight the shampoos, shower gels, candles, everyday staples, and other home and hygiene goodies I couldn't stop reaching for.

These don't include any BSL entries I tested (but don't worry, I will be writing about those nearer Awards Day - March 2nd!!), nor do they include any products I began using in the final part of the year as I just didn't have enough time with them to fully assess their effectiveness.  But who knows, maybe some of those will make their way into my favourites from 2020!

Best Ethical Beauty 2019 - Home Hygiene Products Review

For now, I'll be focusing on the formulas I have tried, tested, and trust 100%.  So without futher ado, it's time for my selections for best ethical...


Last year this category proved to have the most additions to my beauty cupboard, as I was pretty new to the world of plastic free dental products and shower treats.  This year I became even more selective as I have tested more than my fair share of duds trying to find a star alternative -- but that just means that all of my top picks are absolute winners!

All of the following products have been approved by both me and my partner (well, mostly - Tim *still* has a vendetta against most plastic free toothpastes), and have showed fantastic results.  Plus, every single product in this roundup is vegan, cruelty free, and of course totally clean when it comes to ingredients!  Ready to jump in??

Transparency Key:
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No matter how I have received a product, whether it has been purchased with my own money, gifted by a brand, been subsidized by a brand, won, gifted by friends/family, or purchased with a gift voucher, my approach is always the same -- honesty, integrity, and highlighting both the good and the bad.  You can find more information on Disclosures and Privacy here.


Toothpaste: Ben & Anna's
I can't express how happy I am that I stumbled upon this plastic free toothpaste last year.  I first picked a jar up in July, and have not been without a pot ever since!  The formula is smooth, with no gritty particles and no rough texture, and it tastes exactly like a traditional tubed version.  This vegan friendly toothpaste comes in three varieties: White, Sensitive, and Black.  The white version is my personal favourite as I drink a lot of coffee and appreciate a gentle whitening effect and also want something that helps sensitivity, but honestly all three are great.  The charcoal one is ideal for those looking to target discolouration, and the sensitive one is for those needing the gentlest approach.  I find each helps leave my mouth feeling clean, teeth spotless, and breath fresh, and I am loving that it helps me reduce my plastic footprint.

Mouthwash: Weleda Ratanhia Mouthwash
Second year running, Weleda still gets my vote for best natural mouthwash!  The Ratanhia Mouthwash is seriously impressive stuff once you learn how to use it, and while I have been trying out a few other plastic free (or primarily PF) options, I haven't found anything better.  With myrrh, ratanhia, sage, peppermint, eucalyptus, and more, this mouthwash leaves your breath fresh and mouth cleansed, plus my sensitive gums felt soothed and protected.  The mouthwash itself is a concentrated blend of these potent oils, and you just drop 5-10 drops in a glass of water.  A shot glass size works best to ensure it doesn't become too diluted, and you just swish around your mouth and then spit just like you would a 'traditional' mouth wash.

P.s. feel free to check out my Plastic Free Living Bathroom Essentials Edit for more ideas about oral hygiene, including top picks for toothbrushes and floss!

Best Ethical Beauty 2019 - Dental Hygiene Products Review


Room Spray: Ilapothecary Beat the Blues Room Spray
Oh my goodness, talk about instant relief.  It's not often you find a room spray that is long lasting and so potent you only need a single spray -- but Ilapothecary is something special.  It's no wonder the likes of Demi Moore include this in their favourites lineup!  Beat the Blues contains a powerful blend of clary sage, rose geranium, petitgrain, and tuberose, with underlying soft citrus notes from sweet orange oil, and it is truly a fragrance that needs to be experienced.  The aroma immediately sparks a release when you breathe it in, and you feel all the negative energies begin to lessen -- perfect for those whose emotions are in turmoil, who suffer from anxiety, or who are in need of balance.  I'm kind of obsessed with this!  I find it the perfect room spray day or night, as it offers immediate relief when you are feeling down, and the heady scent truly helps beat the blues.

Pillow Mist: Kiss the Moon LOVE After Dark Pillow Mist / Alteya Certified Organic Lavender Water
You all know I adore Kiss the Moon, and I have talked about this gorgeous pillow mist in the past as it is just such an effective method to instill calm.  The LOVE After Dark Pillow Mist is a luxe option that delivers on all aspects of pure dreaminess.  The packaging is gorgeous (reminiscent of Parisian boudoirs or 40's era glamour) and the formula is absolutely lovely with heady floral notes and a gentle hit of spice.  Rose, ylang ylang, and frankincense combine to bring the perfect pre-bed treatment, and I love drifting off to this beautiful blend.  As for the Alteya spray, this is a wonderful option for those wanting a more subtle aroma or who love the smell of lavender.  The floral water is delicate, soft in fragrance, but super soothing for the senses.  Lavender is great for anxiety, stress, and anyone who struggles with getting a full night's rest, so incorporating Alteya's floral water into your routine can really ease those symptoms.  Whether you spritz it on your face or mist your pillow prior to sleep, you'll reap the benefits!

Candle: Lola's Apothecary Delicate Romance / URB Apothecary Ritual Candle
Honestly there were so many candles I enjoyed over the course of 2019, but two that stood out to me in particular were the Delicate Romance blend from Lola's Apothecary and the Ritual Candle from URB Apothecary.  Both offer all natural, nontoxic fragrance that slowly fills the room, and I love the wellbeing benefits each brings.  Lola's Apothecary creates a warm and loving atmosphere that embraces you with comforting vibes - rose, geranium, lavender, vanilla, ylang ylang, sweet orange, hints of lemon, and patchouli - it's stunning, and the perfect way to cozy up in the evenings and relax.  As for URB Apothecary's Ritual Candle, it is so grounding, peaceful, soft, and uplifting thanks to the balanced notes of palo santo, vetiver, and bergamot.  I picked two of these up from The Green Jungle Beauty Shop before they were discontinued as I needed to stock up - they are just so good for my mind and help me settle the chaos in my brain.

Essential Oil: SOIL
This organic aromatherapy brand from South Africa offers a wide selection of products, but their essential oils are most definitely at the top of my list for 2019.  The whole range is natural, certified organic, and has a strong focus on quality, efficacy and purity.  I've been so impressed with all the oils I have tried so far, and this quickly became a staple for my aromatherapy shelf last year as they offer such a variety of products and everything has proved to be highly effective.  Plus, the price is super competitive!  Some of my favourites are the myrrh and juniper berry, as I found I could make so many wonderful wintery blends with them.  Looking forward to mixing up some springtime creations soon too!

Best Ethical Beauty 2019 - Home Fragrance Products Review


Liquid Shampoo: Ursa Major Go Easy Shampoo
I got to test this thanks to the OBL Club, and I was impressed from the very first wash.  This shampoo is gentle, smells fresh (and while the aroma is not my usual choice, it is good) and isn't overpowering, and gives a great clean without drying out the hair or relying on harsh chemicals.  The formula provides a frizz free finish, and I find my hair feels lighter after use and has a fab shine to it.  You only need to use a little bit of the product, as this lathers well and is easy to thoroughly apply throughout the hair, and I was surprised by how long even the mini travel size bottle lasted!

Solid Shampoo: Beauty Kubes / My.Haircare Rescue My.Hair
2019 was most definitely a year of reducing plastic waste, and so I ended up testing way more plastic free products in my effort to find effective alternatives.  I already loved Beauty Kubes, as their vegan friendly powder offers a thorough cleanse and an innovative solution.  The cube transforms into a paste when mixed with water, and lathers up just as well as your favourite bottled shampoo!  I have found that my hair only needs half a cube most times as it is fairly thin, meaning the box will last me ages (since I only wash about 2x a week).  Plus, my hair looks and feels super clean after a wash, without added frizz or drying out!  I even found a bar shampoo that treated my brittle locks with kindness thanks to My.Haircare.  Their selection of soap-free shampoos bring balance to hair and target your needs, from hydration to anti-pollution.  I found these super easy to use, loved how much they suds up, and was happy to find they did not strip my hair or leave it feeling weighed down.

And 2020 is most definitely going to be bringing even more plastic free solutions... Stay tuned!

Clarifying Treatment: FreyaLuna Geranium & Ylang Ylang Gentle Shampoo
Winning two years in a row, I still find Freyaluna's Gentle Shampoo the best clarifying treatment for those wanting to totally reboot their scalp and hair.  I reviewed this as part of an October edit of The Natural Beauty Box, and while I didn't get on with the shampoo as part of my regular haircare routine, I found it absolutely brilliant as a clarifying treatment.  The vegan formula completely refreshes the hair, leaving it shiny and smooth, and my scalp always feels incredibly clean and cleansed after use.  And along with these already great results, the oils in the shampoo help promote healthy sebum production, regulate dandruff and grease, and prompt hair growth.  Talk about a fab treatment!

Liquid Conditioner: Tabitha James Kraan Clean Conditioner
Another product winning top spot second year running, TJK continues to impress me!  When it comes to luxury products (and expensive things in general), I am always hesitant to make the splurge as I always question if it truly will be worth the money.  Well, the Clean Conditioner is one of those green goodies that indeed *is* worth spending that extra bit on.  I went through my second bottle of this thick but lightweight conditioner last year, and I have to say I think the smell is lovely, the formula is really moisturizing, and the results are smooth and soft hair without any oily residue. While I still usually opt for an oil treatment in shower, this is fab for days where I didn't have time for a tonic rinse or evenings where I would be going out and wanted extra fresh looking hair.

Solid Conditioner: TBA
I *have* found a solid conditioner that I really like, but I will be reserving thoughts until after 2020's BSL Awards!  In the meantime, I thought I would share one of my hair hacks instead.  Often I choose to use excess cleansing balm or oil as a leave in treatment for my hair, and I find this works just as well as any conditioner!  I apply right after cleansing, and this helps make sure no drop goes wasted.  Plus, I love how it incorporates fully into my hair and doesn't end up looking too oily once it dries.

Brush: Hayo'U Xiuyan Jade Beauty Restorer
Made with high quality 100% certified Xiuyan jade which is known for its restorative properties, this tool can be used in a "daily ritual to promote healthy hair, while reducing stress and tension, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed."  While the results in terms of hair growth and health are not instant and require repeated use, the relief you feel after a scalp massage is definitely immediate and so restorative.  Plus, the comb looks so beautiful that you can't help but want to show it off on your nightstand or shelf!  I love the gentler approach I can take with this tool, and find it is much better for my brittle hair.

Best Ethical Beauty 2019 - Hair Hygiene Products Review

Freshen Up

Deodorant: Awake Organics Space Cat
By far my favourite deodorant I used in 2019, Awake Organics' Space Cat is plastic free, smells lovely, and is bicarb free meaning I can use it regularly without worrying about any irritation occurring.  I can use bicarb based deodorants for only so long before my underarms start to get a bit itchy and sore, but Space Cat has now made sure this never happens!  I got a sample before these launched, and I was so impressed by it.  The texture is soft, almost fluffy and mousse-like when you apply, a consistency which I find so simple to apply and means the product dries down quickly so it doesn't transfer to clothing.  This is super effective for me, and I don't need to reapply during the day - just once in the morning and I stay fresh until bedtime!

Liquid Hand Soap: Bloom Remedies Serenity Hand Wash
I wasn't so sure about this castille soap at first, but oh how it grew on me.  Serenity smells peaceful and delicate, full of sweetly floral notes that help ground your mind and lift your mood.  While this does not lather loads, it does a great job of cleansing skin and removing all dirt, daily grime, germs, and even excess oils from skincare products in your routine.  The scent becomes more subtle once you rinse away the soap, and leaves your hands smelling and feeling fresh.  This doesn't strip the skin, and I love that it can serve as a multi-tasker - makes this even more lovely, and I found myself looking forward to washing up as I could breathe in this beauty.

Bar Soap: Kiss the Moon / Mallow + White
Like last year, I had quite a few favourites in this category (and I think 2020 will be even more filled with bar soaps!), but the two that stood out the most were from Kiss the Moon and Mallow + White.  Both are plastic free, full of gentle ingredients, and smell stunning, and I can't help but be impressed by them.  The Pure Essential Oil Soap is beautifully presented with the signature Kiss the Moon ribbon, and each blend smells incredible!  I have been loving Calm in particular, which is a gorgeous mix of jasmine and sandalwood.  I find this helps relieve my worries throughout the day, plus gives my hands a little moisture boost when I wash them.  As for the Mallow + White bars, well, you know how much I adore the Coffee Scrub + Mint version, but I have also been enjoying the Tumeric + Citrus Spice and the Green Clay, Avocado, and Lime ones!  Each lathers really well, offering a full and easy cleanse for the skin, and I don't find my hands feeling dry at all even with frequent use.

P.s. If you're looking for a self care package, you can also pick up one of Kiss the Moon's bar as part of  Sleep Set which comes with a candle and bath salts!

Shaving Soap: Soap Folk Spiced Apple Soap
I talked about Soap Folk's plastic free bars a few times before, including their lovely gift set which made a fantastic gift for Christmas,  But did you know that one of their newer creations is ideal for shaving??  This super bubbly bar smells so good, like mulled cider and apple pie, and I find it brings a great sense of warmth and comfort which is perfect for cold evenings.  The bar is easy to handle, and lathers up quickly so you can have a smooth, close shave without any irritation, cuts, or nicks!  I find this a delight to use, as it cleanses skin as well as working as a shaving foam, making it a brilliant multi-tasker.  All in all, a handy bar that is a clear cut winner for 2019!

Shaving Gel: Voya Cooling Shave Gel
Know someone stubborn about switching but ant to help them at least change over to an all natural formula??  Voya is by far the best when it comes to a bottled shaving treatment, and even Tim who tends not to care what he is using as long as he can shave was so impressed by this that he actively went seeking a replacement when he ran out!  Both of us really got on with this product, but Tim especially loved it as he found it helped ensure a close, clean shave without him coming out of the bathroom looking like he had just been in a fight with broken glass.  His sensitive skin found this gentle and it never failed to soothe his face, plus it smells so different with rosewood, lime, and clove.

Razor: Reco 3R Double Edge Safety Razor
It took me a while to brave a safety razor, but once I took that step with the help of Reco, I was happy to find there was nothing to be afraid of after all!  Their safety razor looks so slick with its shiny silver handle, and it feels so weighty and solid in the hand - really luxurious, and exceptional quality for the affordable price!  Not only is this way more eco friendly than the high street options, it's also super cost effective (costing as little as 30p per blade) and can save a person over £400 in just the first five years!  And Reco's starter set includes a stunning silver double edge safety razor (made from zinc alloy with chrome plating), a pack of five blades, and a bar of all natural shaving soap making this a brilliant starter set for someone looking to make a simple swap!

Body Wash: Bodhi & Birch Bath and Shower Therapy
If I'm going to use a body wash, it needs to be one with distinct aromatherapy benefits as well as a gentle formula.  And that's just what Bodhi & Birch offers with their bath and shower creations - there are eight blends to choose from, all providing their own unique qualities, and all that I have tried so far are top notch in every way!  I adore the revitalizing properties of Mint Thé, how it eases headaches and clears the sinuses; I love the calm that Jasmine Falls offers and how it reduces any tensions in my body and mind; the soothing vibes that Chamomile Sky creates is just brilliant, and I find it the perfect remedy for when I sense myself focusing on negatives; and the complex aromatics of Ylang Ylang Incensa are so grounding, uplifting, and balancing, making for a fantastic reset at the end of the week.  I can't express my appreciation for these enough, as they truly do make a difference.

Best Ethical Beauty 2019 - Body Hygiene Products Review

And that's a wrap on my top selections for best ethical home and hygiene products of 2019!  I tried to narrow it down to just one pick per category, but as you know I have tested so many amazing natural, cruelty free, vegan, and organic goodies over the course of the year that it can be tricky to choose just a single formula to be a representative.  Of course there are other products I loved in 2019 (many of which you can find in my reviews!), but these are the ones that really stood out and impressed me.

I would love to hear what your favourites from last year were -- what was your best toothpaste find, or shaving saviour, or perfect shampoo?  Let me know, as I would love to test it out if I haven't tried it already!  I'm always on the lookout for the best of the best of ethical beauty, so share your top finds of 2019 in the comments below!

And remember to keep an eye out for the next installment in this Best Of 2019 series -- I have still got skincare to cover! xx

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