The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019! *

It's December, so get your cocoa on, turn on those carols, and get ready for the Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide!  With less than 25 days until Christmas, it's crunch time in terms of getting all your shopping done, and I am here to help!

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Like I mentioned on Twitter recently, even though the corporate hounds are pressuring us to grab the latest and "greatest" goods, we do not have to let our ethics slide during the festive season.  That's why I have brought together the best of the best in this holiday present guide!  There is a gift here for everyone in your life, and each and every one of these brands and products is high in quality, effectiveness, and ethical standards!

I didn't want to add to the pressures or ever present influence of the *buybuybuy* attitude by posting a gift guide super early, so I decided to postpone my recommendations for the holiday season this year until the start of December.  But don't worry - the time has come and I'm excited to share a whole host of eco friendly options that will suit every type of person you have in your life!

This guide includes yummy eats, ethical fashion, natural skincare, books, homeware, selfcare treats, subscription boxes, and more!  Plus links to retailers I have widely tried, tested, and loved throughout 2019 so you have the option to do a one stop shop to save on shipping.   I'm covering every area, and at every price range -- I promised an Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide, and I'm delivering!

I hope this roundup offers you help in your present search and shopping, and maybe you can even add a few extras to your own Christmas wishlist!  Either way, if you like something you see here, just follow the link to find the listing, or if you want to learn more you can find past reviews here on the blog!

And who knows, maybe if you have been very very good and find yourself on Santa's Nice List, you may just end up with a special treat at the end of this post...  Be sure to stick around to the very end for a special sneak preview of an exciting event I have put together!

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019

PRICE KEY: you will find this on all entries
£ - 0-20
££ - 20-50
£££  - 50-100
££££ - 100+

LIFESTYLE KEY: you will find this on the majority of entries
N - all natural
O - organic ingredients
V - vegan friendly
VO - vegan options

PPF - primarily plastic free (meaning either all or the bulk of the product is free from plastic)

* this post contains affiliate links and some gifted products -- this does not influence my reviews! :) 
**Keep in mind, there are definitely other products from brands that have made an impression on me this year -- these are just some that have really stuck out and I think would make exceptional gifts to loved ones (even those who may not be super interested in ethical living!)

So without further ado, these are ethical gifts specially chosen for the...

One who thinks December is their spirit animal:

  • Celtic Herbal Christmas Collection (£-££: N, VO, PPF)
    It doesn't get more December inspired than this!  Celtic Herbal creates fabulous and affordable soaps, candles, balms, and more, and every holiday season they introduce their Christmas collection which has two signature scents: Christmas Cwtch (spiced orange and clove) and Winter Woodland (pine and frankincense).  I always make sure I have both on hand, as they really make the house feel like everything has been transported to the Santa's workshop - and if you have a total snow bunny in your life, a selection from this special edition range is sure to go down a treat.

  • Lola's Apothecary Breath of Clarity Body Polish (££: N, V, PPF)
    Not only does this body scrub promise a fresh aroma that brings to mind a crisp winter's day, but it has some major benefits too!  The base of Himalayan crystal salt and raw cane sugar work to buff away dead cells so you can maintain healthy skin all season long, and the expertly blended mix of eucalyptus, rosemary, sweet marjoram, peppermint, and lemon create a fragrance that smells brilliant but also helps ease headaches, stuffy noses, and aching muscles.  This is seriously a perfect treatment for the holiday season, and anyone who unwraps this on Christmas day is sure to be thankful!

  • Winter Kit
    Why not help deck your snow bunny out with winter gear this Christmas, and support some small businesses at the same time?!  Etsy is full of talented creators, and you can find an array of organic hats, scarves, and gloves on the platform.  Not only is this a practical gift, as it will serve your friends and family all season long, but it is one that will keep on giving year after year.  You can pick out colours and designs that suit the person perfectly, select what material works for their lifestyle and preferences, and even add a little gift message to your order to make it extra special.

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019

One who adores aromatherapy:

  • Bodhi & Birch Bath & Shower Therapy (£: N, V, O):
    When Bodhi & Birch say these gels are the perfect way to "luxuriate the body and inspire the senses" they are not exaggerating -- their Bath & Shower Therapy formulas are stunning!  I have been using their Mint Thé, Ylang-Ylang Incensa, and Chamomile Sky all year long, and I've been hooked since my first application.  These are highly aromatic, drawing on the natural powers of plant based oils and extracts to nourish the skin while also bringing aromatherapeutic properties that can ease tension, energize, and uplift your mind and body.  The gels also foam up well while still remaining gentle, meaning you can use them in the shower as a body wash or in the tub as a bubble bath.  Either way, whoever opens this on Christmas day is going to be over the moon!

  • Ilapothecary Beat the Blues Room Spray (££: N, V, PPF)
    It's not often you find a room spray that is long lasting and so potent you only need a single spray -- but Ilapothecary is something special.  It's no wonder the likes of Demi Moore include this in their favourites lineup!  Beat the Blues contains a powerful blend of clary sage, rose geranium, petitgrain, and tuberose, with underlying soft citrus notes from sweet orange oil, and it is truly a fragrance that needs to be experienced.  The aroma immediately sparks a release when you breathe it in, and you feel all the negative energies begin to lessen -- perfect for those whose emotions are in turmoil, who suffer from anxiety, or who are in need of balance.

    P.s. you can save 10% off the whole Ilapothecary range over on Origins of Beauty by using code BSKYE10 (or if you are a new customer, grab 15% off your whole order using this link!)

  • Tisserand Aroma Spa Diffuser (££: V)
    This is a gift that keeps on giving -- and what better way to show you care than with a wellbeing system that can be tailored for whatever life brings throughout the year??  Tisserand's ultrasonic diffuser quietly produces steam inside the chamber and then releases this as a fine mist throughout the room.  Perfect for a bit of aromatherapy, this diffuser is seriously soothing, as it very quietly bubbles while it mists.  If you close your eyes it almost sounds like a babbling brook.  If you want to keep your eyes open, the machine offers some exciting functions like soft mood lighting for chromatherapy.  I think this could be a great addition to any aromatherapy lover's life!

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019

One who loves a bath:

  • Bath Salts (££: N, V)
    What better way to treat the bath lover in your life than with a big old jar of salts!  This kind of treatment helps relieve muscle aches and reduces tension, and added essential oils bring even further benefits.  Two you can't go wrong with gifting are Nini Organics Blue Lagoon Bath Soak and Maison Meunier Tranquility Bath Salts.  Both come inside large jars (that are great for repurposing once empty by the way!) and are just as beautiful to look at as they are to use.

    Nini Organics' creation is my go to for days where my mind needs a bit of clarity or I need to reboot my body and brain.  The blend of irish moss, green clay, spirulina, eucalyptus, and spearmint oils are so revitalizing, and it's a great all-rounder.  Maison Meunier is more of a stress relieving blend, with gorgeous dried petals, kaolin clay, and a mix of himalayan and epsom salt.  The added lavender, sweet orange, and ylang ylang essential oils bring blissful vibes and reduce tension as you soak, making this ideal for evening use.  Either you choose to gift this year is sure to bring a smile!

  • MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion (££: N, V, PPF)
    The smell of MOA's Fortifying Bath Potion is intoxicating, and is one of the first elements that made me fall for this oil.  The fullness of the peppermint is perfectly complimented by fir needle, fennel, and sweet birch, and the cooling tingles it leaves on the skin is perfect for sore muscles.  Sometimes I just rub a little of this on a particularly sore spot during the day, and then when I shower later in the evening I get that sensation all over again!  Honestly, this bath oil is ideal as a Christmas gift as it is luxurious, smells amazing, and captures some of the holly jolly vibes of the season -- what's more to ask?

  • Kathleen Bubble Bath & Shower Gel (£: N, V)
    Kathleen offer one of the best foaming bath products I have tried, and boast clean ingredients as well as lovely bubbles (unlike some others I have tested in the past!).  There are three varieties available: Citrus Cheer, Tranquil Fields, and Sensual Rose.  Each smells divine and offers aromatherapeutic qualities, plus they are all free from any nasties like SLS.  This 100% natural and vegan-friendly bath treat is also surprisingly affordable for something so high in quality!  If you have a bath lover in your life, this is definitely a selfcare treat they are sure to appreciate.

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019

One who is a minimalist:

  • Skin Alchemists Humble Warrior Complete Cleansing Oil (££: N, O, V, PPF)
    I picked up a bottle of this with the intention of reviewing it as part of a Brand Spotlight, but quickly realized this was a star in its own right.  Yes, it is a cleanser, but it is also a high performing hot oil treatment and hair oil, a nourishing massage oil, a soothing sensation for dry or chapped skin, a beard softener, an anti-frizz solution...  The list goes on and on!  If you know someone who hates having multiple products on their shelf, this is the product to pick out for them as it is a brilliant multi-tasker and work to soften, smooth, hydrate, defend, replenish, dissolve fat deposits, and totally reset your complexion along with all the other uses you can think up!

  • Charitable Donation!
    There are so many brilliant organizations out there that need help, so why not donate in your friend's name??  If someone genuinely has everything they need and does not have any further wants, find out what causes they support and donate the money you would have spent to that charity -- this is truly a wonderful gift.  If they don't have a particular charity they direct you to, one I contribute to every year is Project For Awesome (yes, this is a real thing!).  People share all the brilliant organizations, both large and small, from around the world, and everyone votes on the ones they want all the money to go to.  Last year the community raised over $1,500,000, and 27 charities were assisted!

  • Experience Day!
    Rather than buying the latest craze or a gift that may just end up in the corner collecting dust in a few weeks time, you could arrange a holiday or fun day out with that special someone.  You can fully tailor this to your giftee's interests and your budget, and make it a trip to remember!  This is wonderful for one on one time, and the memories made will last a lifetime.  If you're looking specifically for a getaway that aligns with your ethical lifestyle, check out Ethical Holiday -- they have plenty of destinations, and offer reasonable pricing as well as a focus on environmentally and culturally responsible trips.  Or, if looking for a spa retreat, consider asking your favourite skincare brands if they are partnered with any facilities in your area!

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019

One who is always stressed:

  • Skin Alchemists Skin Treatment Candle (££: N, O, V, PPF):
    The Intensive Skin Treatment is a multi-tasking marvel, simultaneously a candle that fills the room with a beautiful aroma and warm flickering light, a massage oil that offers an effortless experience, and an all over body moisturizer that provides deep nourishment and soothing properties that heal, repair, and soften.  And if that isn't enough, the fragrance is delectable.  Both Midnight Serenade (with jasmine, elemi, lavender, rose, and geranium) and Sweet Dreams (with amyris, lavender, and passion flower) inspire such peace, and ease tension both through their sumptuous scents and through the gentle touch of muscles being worked during the massage.  If you want to treat a special someone to something special, this is definitely a product to pick up!

  • Kiss the Moon Glow to Sleep Gift Set (££: N, V, PPF):
    There is no better way to destress than with a total selfcare session, and this gift set from Kiss the Moon offers a package of goodies perfect for a pamper!  Inside this beautiful box is a selection from the GLOW range, including the mini candle, a full size jar of bath salts, and a bar of the pure essential oil soap.  Each shares the same base aroma of warm citrus orange and gentle floral geranium, which is an uplifting fragrance that brightens the mood and eases tension.  This set has everything you need for a long soak, and is guaranteed to reduce some of those anxieties and worries your giftee has been holding on to.  And if that special someone in your life does not have a bathtub and you want an option better suited to them, perhaps go for the Beautiful Sleep Gift Set instead!

  • Saskia's Essences Calm & Confident (£: N, O, V, PPF)
    Looking for a unique gift that benefits wellbeing?  Saskia's Flower Essences are brilliant, and she seems to have a blend suited for every scenario.  Calm & Confident is one I have been taking for a while now, having picked it up during the height of my PhD stress.  If you know someone who struggles with social interactions, panic attacks, nerves, or who fears new situations, this combination is the one to share with them.  With vibrational energy from walnut, buttercup, rock rose, borage, wild garlic, and cherry plum, the Calm & Confident blend targets self confidence, courage, and calm -- and who can't benefit from a dose of that??

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019


  • Po-Zu (£££-££££: N, VO, PPF)
    This ethical shoe brand creates some fab footwear, but my favourite range by far from them has to be their officially licensed Star Wars collection!  From high tops and trainers to sturdy boots, Po-Zu has an option for everyone -- including vegans!  My star pick was the adorable Porg trainer, but they've sadly discontinued the design (seriously, I am GUTTED).  However, I recently picked up a pair of trainers, high tops, and ballet flats during one of their sales and I have to say I'm so happy to have found a sustainable footwear brand I can rely on!

  • Amalena Jewlery (£££-££££: N, V, PPF):
    Truly sustainable accessories are hard to find, especially ones that are beautifully designed and totally transparent in their practices.  Amalena is a brand that I discovered last year, and I have been totally head over heels for my 18ct eco-gold bracelet ever since.  The quality is exceptional, and the simplicity of these pieces adds to just how stunning they actually are.  Intricate designs, bold colours, and an intention behind each and every choice make for a memorable creation that can be paired with any outfit, on any occasion.  You can pick out earrings, bracelets, charms, and necklaces for that special someone, and make their smile sparkle as brightly as the gold in the jewelry!

  • Guppy Bag (££: V)
    Even if the person you are buying for is not one for choosing eco friendly clothing, this is something I am sure they would appreciate receiving.  Guppy Bag has been developed to capture micro-plastic fibres in the laundry so they won't end up being washed away into rivers and seas.  The bag is made from 100% polyamide and can be fully recycled if the user ever chooses to dispose of it.  This is a gift that benefits the entire world, and I think that is something truly amazing.  The Guppy Bag means your giftee can continue to wear the high street pieces they have already invested in, but feel better knowing they are doing their part to ensure their fashion does not have a continuing negative impact.  And maybe it will kickstart a conversation later down the road about clothing too!
The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Book Worm:

  • Silent Spring (£):
    An absolute classic for environmentalism, and one that would be appreciated by any lovers of reading and sustainability.  Rachel Carson's text launched an entire movement, and her words are still just as powerful today as they were over fifty years ago.  This book delves into the effects of synthetic chemicals on habitats, water supplies, and wildlife, and examines the link between DDT and cancer.  It's definitely a serious piece, but also one that combines descriptive prose with scientific research making it easy to work through for all types of readers.  This could be a great gift this holiday season, and would make for a great conversation afterwards as well!

  • The Mindfulness Colouring Diary (£):
    With everything in the world seeming to crumble, there is a lot of pressure and stress in day to day life -- so why not offer some peace this Christmas with a book designed to minimize anxiety, focus the mind on something 'in the moment,' and bring awareness to individual choice.  I received The Mindfulness Colouring Diary as a gift myself several years ago, and I found it such a lovely surprise.  Simple creative pursuits always help let off steam, and this version has the added benefit of having a practical purpose too with the scheduling aspect.  As it serves as a diary, you can bring it wherever you go and pick up your pens for a moment of wellbeing even while on the go!

  • Wear No Evil: How to Change the World with Your Wardrobe (£):
    A style guide with sustainability in mind?  That's exactly what Greta Eagan's book promises to bring!  Exposing the 'real' cost of fast fashion, this is definitely a text that will shed light on the crisis facing our planet while also offering tangible tips that can help the reader create an eco friendly wardrobe.  I love the Integrity Index within Wear No Evil as it creates an easy to use rating system based on brand ethics, and there are just so many astounding facts within this book that even someone who has been following along with the news will be shocked.

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Crystal Lover:

  • Earthwise Beauty (££-£££: N, O, V, PPF):
    Know someone who resonates with crystals?  Then an Earthwise Beauty set is a great pick this Christmas!  You can choose from the stunning Cistus and Moonlight Face Mist which comes with your choice of quartz cluster, or the ultra nourishing Tigress Face Balm that can include a raw tiger's eye gem.  And the skincare items themselves are incredible.  I have been lucky enough to extensively trial the range, with both full sizes, minis, and samples, and I have yet to find a formula I am not wowed by.  If you want to impress someone this Christmas, Earthwise Beauty is definitely a brand that will help you succeed in that effort.

  • Mono Naturoils Chakra Anointing Oil (££: N, O, V, PPF):
    Honestly, whoever you gift this to is bound to adore it, crystal lover or not!  Mono Naturoils makes stunning creations, but their Chakra Oil blends are next level.  Each of the seven multi-functional roller balls are infused with a specially chosen crystal that amplifies the benefits of the formula, and contains pure organic essential oils in a base of jojoba and vitamin E.  They are ideal as aromatherapy treatments, perfume, or for healing with intention, and have been made to "clear, rebalance and energise the chakras, enabling energy to flow freely, promoting health, vitality, and harmony, as well as support balanced and well-functioning chakras."  Plus they smell beautiful!  Seriously, I'm obsessed with these little vials, and your giftee will be too!

  • Hayo'U Xiuyan Jade Beauty Restorer (££: V, PPF):
    You've heard of the jade roller, and maybe even the jade contour tool, but have you heard of a jade  comb??  According to Hayo'U, you can use this tool in a "daily ritual to promote healthy hair, while reducing stress and tension, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed."  While the results in terms of hair growth and health are not instant and require repeated use, the relief you feel after a scalp massage is definitely immediate and so restorative.  Plus, the comb looks so beautiful that you can't help but want to show it off on your nightstand or shelf!  This is a fab gift for those prone to headaches, tension, or who have brittle hair (yes, you can gently brush out your locks with this beauty too!), and I'm sure they will be thankful by your thoughtful choice.

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019


  • Little Pod (£-££: N, V, PPF):
    Have a baker in your life, or know someone who is always whipping up a sweet treat to eat?  Surprise them with some wonderful organic ingredients that they can incorporate into their recipes!  Little Pod specializes in sustainable vanilla, and also have a variety of natural extracts that are all housed in plastic free bottles.  I've been using their products for several months now, and I have to say I am super impressed by the potent and complex flavours I have achieved in my baking -- all with just a small dash of Little Pod's creations.  Choose from vanilla, coffee, or chocolate, or better yet, pick up all three and make a memorable present that will make delicious cakes all year long!

  • La Fauxmagerie Box (£-££££: V, PPF):
    This one is perfect for cheese lovers in particular, even if they are not vegan!  Tim and I discovered La Fauxmagerie soon after they opened their shop in London, and we have been fans ever since.  They sell the BEST vegan cheeses, along with chutneys, meat alternatives, biscuits, and more, and recently they started offering selection boxes that can be shipped straight to your door.  From nut bases to coconut and more traditional soy, there is such a variety available that you always find a new favourite.  La Fauxmagerie's boxes are such a great way to introduce your friends and family to alternatives or to provide your bestie with some delectable cheesy treats, and I can't rate them enough.

  • SodaStream Crystal (££££)
    Looking for a gift for the master of cocktails?  Or have someone who loves fizzy drinks but isn't so keen on the waste their taste generates?  SodaStream can help reduce plastic bottle use by an average of 1,282 disposables per year, and is super versatile in terms of how you use it.  Basically it turns tap water into a sparkling sensation fit for G&T, cola, wine spritzer, or kombucha fizz -- all with the simple press of a button.  This bit of tech can be a great new feature for any kitchen, and is perfect for those looking to reduce their reliance on plastic beverages.

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019


  • Pokito (£: V)
    If you have been around for a while, you will probably have heard me rave about my Pokito cup a few times already.  But this year I am showing my love for this innovative mug once more by recommending it as a gift for those travel bugs you know!  Whether they commute on the daily for work, like to hop on a bus and discover local hot spots, or are an adventurer always on the go, the Pokito will serve them well!  This collapsible cup is ideal for those looking to take their tea or coffee with them, but who don't want the faff of carrying around the empty container.  It can squish down to fit inside a pocket, and has three sizes in one: espresso, medio, and grande.  Mine has been a trusty staple for years now, and still looks and feels like new, and has traveled everywhere with me.  And now you can share the same gift with those in your life!

  • OneNine5 Wash Bag (££: V)
    What better way to show them you understand their desire to explore than treating them to a reusable travel toiletry case?  One I have come across (note: I have not personally tried this) that looks brilliant is from OneNine5.  This seven compartment wash bag comes in three different colours, features a detachable TSA approved airport liquids bag, and is totally waterproof (because we all know accidental spills do occasionally happen in transit!).  The bag uses 100% recycled plastic lining to prevent plastics from ending up in landfill and our oceans, and is super stylish too.  Sounds pretty good!

  • Travel Kit (£-££)
    I still stick by my recommendation from last year, and say why not put together a bundle of eco friendly and sustainable goodies that your traveler can use on all their excursions!  A bundle of  frequent flyer and travel friendly beauty products would make a brilliant gift, so consider picking up some solid shampoos and conditioners like Beauty KubesFriendly Soap, or Heavenly Organics, toothpaste (maybe Georganics), and maybe a multi-purpose balm.  Or if you want a pre-made set, you can always pick up one from Low Tox Box -- their Travel Essentials Kit is filled with everything you need to maintain a green lifestyle on the go.

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019


  • Soap Folk Natural Soap Gift Set (££: N, O, VO, PPF):
    A great bar of soap has so many uses, and Soap Folk has created the perfect gift set that will have even the biggest homebody happy on Christmas day.  With six varieties all in one beautiful box, you will have a soap for all occasions.  One for the kitchen sink, one for the bathroom, one for the shower room, one for the tub, one for travel, and one on deck!  Soap Folk's bars are lovely, being super gentle, lathering nicely, and providing a delightful scent that can uplift your spirits or calm your mind depending on the fragrance.  And there is a vegan friendly option available too - yay!  One of my favourites (and one that is newly launched) is the Spiced Apple bar which is extra bubbly and so yummy smelling.  But honestly, every single one is a delight to experience, making this gift set a great pick for the holidays.

  • Tea (or coffee) (££: N, V)
    Yes, this seems simple, but trust me -- they'll appreciate it!  There's nothing more cozy during winter than a nice cuppa, and if your giftee spends most of their time at home then why not get them a tea they can enjoy morning, noon, or night.  I love a caffeine free tea, with herbal concoctions bringing flavour as well as warmth and a dose of calm.  One of my personal favourites is Lola Apothecary's Clementine Calamity.  This is not your average tea.  A base of honeybush flavoured with apple and orange is expertly blended with lemon balm, passion flower, oat straw, linden flower, and adaptogenic herbs like gynostemma and rhodiola.  This is delicious, and truly promotes a moment of peace.

  • Panda The Cloud Duvet (£££-££££: N, V, O, PPF)
    A homebody will always appreciate anything that adds coziness to the space, and one brand that has caught my eye lately that promises to deliver comfort is Panda.  This London based company creates eco friendly bedding from organic bamboo, a naturally antibacterial material that is great for temperature control.  Each of their products is in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, meaning they are free from potentially toxic chemicals, and the duvet even comes with a five year guarantee.  This looks so cozy, and I will be releasing a full review here on the blog soon!

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Skincare Enthusiast:

  • Odylique The Selection Box (££: N, O):
    Introducing family and friends to brands I enjoy is so fun and exciting, and Odylique is one I have shared with many -- including you!  They have a number of gift sets, including The Selection Box which contains seven generous trial sizes, all of which are beauty editor and blogger top picks and customer favourites.  Inside you will find the Creamy Coconut Cleanser, Calming Rose Super Tonic, Timeless Rose Moisturiser, Superfruit Concentrate, Coconut Candy Scrub, Gentle Herb Shampoo, and Ultra Rich Balm.  This is such a great way to learn what Odylique offers, and is like a full routine all in one super cute box!

  • Okoko Cosmetiques (££-££££: N, V, O, PPF):
    Oh how I adore Okoko Cosmetiques, and I know their products will excite whoever opens them on Christmas morning.  They offer pure luxury, with a range that is incredibly unique, unlike anything else on the market.  Whether your skin is dry and dehydrated, lacklustre and in need of a glow up, super oily, or totally acne prone, you can find a solution that will become a hero product in no time.  My personal favourites have to be the Moisturizing Renewal Lip Serum, L’Élixir de Manuka, and Secret Du Dragon Gel-to-milk Hydrating Mask.  Okoko Cosmetiques are such a wonderful representative of the potential plants offer us for health, wellbeing, and beauty, and you can't go wrong gifting their beautiful creations.

  • Love Absolute (£-££: N, V, O, PPF):
    A brand that stole my heart with their focus on sustainability and bee-friendly ingredients, Love Absolute is a must for skincare lovers out there!  Everything about Love Absolute works in harmony and highlights the importance of sustainable living, from their use of English grown wildflowers that support biodiversity to their efforts to source from ethically harvested and sustainable wood and trees resins.  Their mission is to "create holistically designed skincare, with every part working toward healing and supporting skin health," and that is just what their range of multi-tasking natural products has proven to do.  My top picks?  Amoral Calm Blue Cleansing Balm, Soulful Spice Mask & Balm, Rose Glow Clay Mask and Balm, and Amoral Vital Daily Facial Oil.

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Face Oil Fiend:

  • Myroo Super Boost Drops (£: N, V, PPF):
    This holiday season, why not give the gift of calm and clear skin?  And with Myroo's latest creation, that can be possible in all seasons thanks to their Super Boost Drops!  There are three to choose from, so you can pick up one or the entire trio -- either way you'll be sure to make your giftee happy.  Each of the oils are suitable for all skin types as there are no added EOs, just pure and potent cold pressed oils  Brightening Blackberry is ideal for those wanting to address an uneven complexion or add a natural glow to the skin, and has the subtlest nutty scent; Protective Buriti is perfect for healing thanks to its high levels of beta-carotene, defending against weather and blue light and posing no noticeable aroma (though if you breathe deep you'll find find earthy tones); and Calming Marula is great for anyone who needs the gentlest touch, as the oil works to soothe irritations and add support to the skin's natural barrier.

  • Inner Senses Face Discovery Set (££: N, V, O, PPF):
    You all know how much I adore Inner Senses -- I wouldn't be an Ambassador if I didn't fully support, trust, and love the range!  Their facial oils are gentle on the skin, but bring a host of benefits, from a glow boost to preventing breakouts.  And what better way to try out the range and share the beauty of the brand with your friends and family than with a trial set of all their formulas??  The Face Discovery Set includes four facial oils (Reset, Deep Blue C, Raspberry Rose, and Glow) as well as the Greenhouse cleansing oil and an organic muslin cloth.  While the bottles may seem small, most should last about seven to ten days (or more!) as you only need a few drops.  This is a great way to learn which formulas are favourites, and I'm sure anyone would be pleased to open this on Christmas morning!

  • Hyaluronic Acid (££: N, V, PPF):
    Not sure what your giftee would like, but know they love facial oils and nourishing creams?  Well, you can still make them happy this Christmas by giving them a present that can work in tandem with their existing routine AND boost the benefits of their beloved oils!  Hyaluronic acid is an oil-free treatment that is deeply penetrating and helps retain moisture in the skin.  I find applying an HA prior to my oils or creams leads to my face looking and feeling healthier, smoother, and softer, and it's most definitely the perfect step to add into a winter ritual.  My current favourites are from Kri Skincare and from Elan Skincare, and I'm sure these would be warmly welcomed by any skincare enthusiast over the holidays.

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Master Maskers:

  • Inner Senses The Mask Edit (£££: N, V, O, PPF):
    With this beautiful set you are gifting not only a stunning facial treatment, but all the accessories that make a masking session so relaxing and luxurious.  The kit includes a full size jar of Vibrant Earth, a bamboo spoon, an adorable masking bowl made from sustainable Acacia wood, and two samples -- a 5ml bottle of Raspberry Rose Replenishing Facial Oil and a 5ml mini of Reset Vibrancy Facial Oil.  It's basically a complete facial in a box!  Vibrant Earth is a face mask that captures all the best possibilities of natural beauty, offering an all-in-one treatment that works to detox, add radiance, regenerate, tackle spots, brighten, exfoliate, and repair.  And the facial oils are just as stunning, providing needed nourishment and softening the skin even further!  Now that's a special gift.

  • Lena Wild Harmony Rescue Mask (££: N, V, O, PPF):
    A mask that removes impurities, tightens pores, and gives me a fresh start every single time -- that's what you can rely on with Lena Wild's Harmony Rescue Mask!  This is a mineral rich facial treatment that offers a comprehensive remedy for most skin, especially those with imbalanced, oily, combination and spotty skin types, and it comes housed inside a gorgeous glass bottle with a unique glass stopper.  This mask wows me in every way, from the shade of the powder and how it transforms when activated to the slightly spicy scent and the smooth but gently exfoliating texture.  Lena Wild has created an effective face mask that works even for my fussy skin!  If you want to bring a smile to a master maskers' face, this is definitely a gift to give this year.

  • Lani Tropical Cacao Detox Mask (£: N, V, O, PPF):
    Want to gift a detoxifying treatment that is truly delectable?  Lani's Tropical Cacao Detox Mask is the one for you!  This mask smells and feels just like whipped melted chocolate, and is airy, light, and totally luscious both in scent and feel.  The formula is such a treat for your skin and senses, and the blend of rich cacao, creamy coconut milk, detoxifying clays, and healing tumeric work to hydrate, nourish, and clarify all in one session.  If you know someone who loves chocolate and also is a ritual masker, you will make them so happy by gifting this scrummy face mask over the holidays!

  • BONUS -- for those who prefer a pre-mixed mask, treat them to the wonderful Purifying Face Mask from Maison Meunier.  This has been a favourite of mine all year long, and I've helped create fans of this gentle and mineral rich dead sea mud mask as far away as America!  Yep, my sister has been begging me to get her a replacement ever since running out a few weeks ago -- that's when you know a mask is brilliant!

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019


  • Tisserand 3 Step Ritual to De-Stress Kit
    University is a lot to handle, even for those who are super prepared.  What with exams, meeting new people, balancing social lives with studies, and figuring out how to research for yourself -- it's no wonder so many students are totally stressed!  So why not help ease the burden with a tailored set of aromatherapy treatments?  Tisserand's set comes with a mood-fix mist, roller ball, and oil, all of which contain a fusion of geranium, nutmeg, and orange that helps keep panic at bay and provides a much needed sense of calm.  As Tisserand states, "this entry-level product features a taster of the benefits aromatherapy has to offer," and might just help that student make it through the semester with a smile on their face!

  • Vegan Snack Box (£-££: V):
    Know someone who loves trying new vegan treats or who has recently transitioned into a vegan lifestyle?  Or just want to treat a student to a regular box of yummy snacks that will help them get through studying??  A subscription might just do the trick this Christmas!  There are several on the market, with one of the most popular being The Vegan Kind.  I've been getting this box for about a year, and I'm always happy with the mix of savoury and sweet eats as well as the bonus lifestyle item that comes inside each edit.  It's a great value for money, and introduces so many brilliant brands!  Another box that has gotten a lot of attention is Life Box Food, as their Classic Box service delivers healthy vegan snacks, drinks, and wellness products straight to the door every month.

  • Back to School Stash (£-£££: PPF):
    Like last year, I highly recommend making up a little bag of eco friendly goodies for the student in your life!  It is crazy hard to live a zero waste life as a student, but you can help them cut their impact by quite a bit just by helping them switch to plastic free and recycled products.  There are some brilliant backpacks and laptop cases out there made from organic fabrics, or you can pick up an especially unique one like these satchels.  Fill it up with pens, pencils, and notebooks from The Green Stationary Company or Natural Collection, and you've got the perfect functional prezzie!

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019


  • Reco Plastic Free Shaving Starter Box (££: V, PPF):
    Why not give the gift of a lifelong habit this Christmas and pick up a safety razor set from Reco?  Not only is this way more eco friendly than the high street options, it's also super cost effective (costing as little as 30p per blade) and can save a person over £400 in just the first five years!  Reco's starter set includes a stunning silver double edge safety razor (made from zinc alloy with chrome plating), a pack of five blades, and a bar of all natural shaving soap.  The razor itself has such a nice weight to it, and means you barely need to put pressure on your skin while using it.  It gives a great close shave, and leaves your skin smoother than even a 'traditional' product!  Plus, the soap is also 100% plastic free, suds up well, and smells so nice!  This will definitely be a gift that will keep on giving.

  • Reusable Lunchbox Set (£: V, PPF):
    For those always on the go or who have to scrounge for lunch during their work break, a reusable lunchbox set can save time, money, and the planet!  While some options are a bit pricey (with costs reflecting size, materials, and branding), this super cute and compact option from Shlurple (note: I have not personally tried this) is super budget friendly plus comes with a fork and spoon so your friend has everything they need for their lunch.  The container is made from wheat composite, and comes packaged in recycled paper meaning there is minimal waste involved.  And the lunchbox even has a vacuum seal to keep the food fresh and to ensure there is no leakage in transit!

  • Subscription Box (£-££):
    Know someone who is just getting started on their eco adventure or who needs a bit of help switching to safer products that are also super effective?  The right subscription box can really serve them well!  Figure out what their main aims are to start, whether that is changing up skincare, makeup, food, or something else, then choose a service that suits those goals!  You can find recommendations here on The ecoLogical, with some of my top rated picks for beauty and wellbeing being The Natural Beauty Box, Love Lula, The Cruelty Free Beauty Box (now Freedm Street), and Natural Wellness Box.

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Subscription Box edits that make great gifts, including The Natural Beauty Box, Love Lula, Freedm Street, and Natural Wellness Box

Plastic Free Newbie:

  • Awake Organics Deodorant (£: N, V, O, PPF):
    Putting together a bundle for your plastic free buddy, or hoping to help someone start their journey with a minimal waste lifestyle?  Awake Organics' natural deodorant is a great goodie to include in their gift!  These plastic free deos are practical, but also have super cute designs and effective formulas that lasts all day long.  Choose from the classic Aura blend, Moon Goo, Space Cat, or Star Cloud.  Want even more plastic free awesomeness from this brilliant brand?  Maybe pick up their newly launched shampoo too to include in your Christmas hamper!

  • Low Tox Box Zero Waste Starter Kit (£-££: V, PPF):
    Rather than a recurring month to month box, the company is instead offering a series of Ethical Gift Boxes alongside their usual shop offers, including a zero waste starter kit that would make the perfect gift for that person who is trying to minimize their impact!  This set comes with everything a newbie will need to kickstart their journey: a cotton tote, two produce bags, and a stainless steel curved straw and cleaning brush.  You can also add in extra items, including reusable food wraps, a stainless steel spork, a thermos and/or water bottle, and even a book!  Plus, a tree is planted for every gift box purchased!

  • Soap Nuts
    Okay, so these might not be the most exciting item to open on Christmas day, but they sure are practical!  Soap nuts are super affordable, last for ages and are reusable for several washes (creating more savings), and are totally plastic free.  They have proven really effective, so have been a staple in our household for several years now.  You just add a few drops of essential oil on the cotton bag you store them inside, and pop them into the washing machine, dish washer, or hot water if you are creating your own detergent or liquid soap.  Soap nuts also require less water and energy to use, meaning they are doubly good for your budget and the planet.  Christmas is a great time to introduce these into someone's life, especially when paired with an essential oil set.

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Nail Artist:

  • Kure Bazaar Organic Cuticle Oil (££: N, V, O):
    This 100% organic cuticle treatment is made with an exclusive blend of 10 precious oils, including borage, cameline, hazelnut, virgin bean, and hemp, and it is pure luxury.  The formula has been designed to deeply hydrate and strengthen dry and brittle nails while also softening and soothing the skin around the cuticle, and it feels so lovely. Not at all heavy, but ultra nourishing, and applying like a dream thanks to the applicator brush -- Kure Bazaar's L'Huile Biologique Rose Infusion oil is far more gentle and effective than any professional manicure treatment I have ever had done.  If you want to impress your friend who is all about nails, this cuticle oil will definitely do the trick! 

  • Nailberry Luxury Nail Polish (£: N, V):
    I have tried my fair share of free-from nail varnish brands, but Nailberry definitely comes in near the top of my list in terms of variety, price, formulation, and quality.  Free from twelve of the most used toxic ingredients commonly found in varnish, their formulas offer smooth and stylish options that don't risk your health.  I love how smoothly these apply, how long they last, and the actual shape of the bottles too (as I find they fit into a cupboard much more easily!).  Two of my favourite colours are Stardust and Love Me Tender, shades I find super wearable and suited to all occasions.  But I think anything from the L’Oxygéné range would be a fab treat! 

  • Reusable Bamboo Nail Polish Wipes (£: N, V):
    Every nail lover will need to erase their creations at some point or another to start a fresh design, and usually they turn to tissue or other disposable methods to help remove the polish.  Well, you can help start a new habit by gifting them reusable wipes or even cotton rounds!  I've been using these for several years now, and while my organic cotton pad has transformed from a clean white cushion to a multi-coloured marvel, it still works as good as new.  But staining isn't really a concern with Tabitha Eve's Reusable Bamboo Nail Polish Wipes, as the handmade felt is black as well as washable!  These will definitely prove useful, and make a great gift.

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Makeup Junkie:

  • PHB (£: N, V, O):
    Budget friendly, high quality, vegan, cruelty free, natural ingredients, effective, and pretty widely available -- this stellar clean beauty brand is one of my top picks for makeup, and I know any makeup junkie would be pleased to open a present and discover PHB inside!  The ingredients do more than just paint, as they provide a mini moisture boost that helps keep skin nourished and healthy, working in tandem with any skincare routine.  And the shades available are stunning (and long wearing!).  Why not share my HG mascara (the Mesmerise Mascara) with your buddy who adores makeup, or perhaps a lovely lippy and a liner?

  • Fat & The Moon (£-££: N, O, PPF):
    Founded by herbalist Rachel, Fat & The Moon is a natural beauty brand which provides intentionally made potions that are simple, healing, and good for both body and the environment.  This is translated into minimal ingredient formulations, minimal packaging, and an artisanal vibe that carries through every aspect of their range.  I have been wowed by their products so far, and I'm sure your giftee will be too!  You can pick up individual items (some of my favourites being the Beam Highlighter and potted lip paint) or go for a selection box that contains some of their best selling makeup goodies!  The Cosmic Cosmetics Gift Set is a great option, containing an eye coal, lip and cheek stain, highlighter, perfume balm, and a cleanser to take the day off with!

  • BYBI Lip Kit (£: N, V, PPF):
    Okay, so makeup related rather than full on glam, but trust me, any makeup junkie will be thankful to have some BYBI in their life!  Both Buffer and Plumper are perfect for prepping the lips, and make for a super smooth finish for any lippy.  Buffer is a lip scrub that feels like a balm but works to gently exfoliate dead cells with sugar while also moisturizing them.  It's not scratchy or rough like other scrubs on the market, as the thick paste protects your lips even as you massage this formula in.  Plumper uses the natural plumping power of capsicum and peppermint to enhance the lips, and also leaves them looking ultra glossy thanks to the nourishing oils and butters.  Get ready for picture perfect lips!

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019


  • Seedball (£: N, V, PPF):
    Perfect for the eco conscious friend with a green thumb, Seedball offers plastic free wildflower mixes that are super easy to plant.  You just scatter the specially made balls (which contain clay and peat-free compost as well as up to 100 seeds!) wherever you wish flowers and herbs to grow, and wait for the seedlings to sprout!  Seedball offer a variety of blends as well as a few 'singles' options, all of which are native species to the UK.  They even have a few festive tins ready for the holidays which would make an especially great Christmas present!

  • Kiss the Moon LOVE Night Cream for Hands (££: N, V, PPF):
    There is one hand cream that outperforms them all -- Kiss the Moon's LOVE Night Cream for Hands.  This is a next level treatment that softens, heals, and soothes the skin, and can tackle even the driest of hands.  With a luxurious formula that has a whipped texture and a consistency like thick frosting, the cream is ideal for those needing extra TLC.  Plus it smells so calming, with notes of frankincense, rose absolute, and ylang ylang.  Gardeners spend tons of time with their hands in the soil, pulling up weeds, and tending to their seedlings, so offering them a high performing treatment that can restore their skin at the end of the day is a lovely way of showing you care this festive season.

  • Bee Hive (££: V, PPF)
    All gardeners know how much plants rely on bees, so why not give the gift of a bzzzy garden with a wooden home for bees this Christmas?  There are loads of designs to choose from, but I love the overall look of this one from Natural Collection.  It's super cute, but also practical and easy to install since you can tuck it in amongst the bushes and flowers.  Or, if you would rather, you could easily nail it to your fence or outbuilding.  Offering shelter to solitary bees is crucial for maintaining their safety, and the small holes in this "hive" replicate those they would be attracted to in wood piles, trees, and garden sheds.  Plus, you're giving a gift that also gives a gift to pollinators!

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019


  • Toys are obviously a great source of fun (and learning!) for kiddos, so picking up a few more traditional gifts is perfectly reasonable.  However, you can skip the plastic tat and single use battery gadgets and buy something that won't end up in landfill after a few months if you are worried about your gift's impact -- consider shopping for toys made from recycled materials, organic textiles, sustainable wood, or ethically sourced metals.  Classics like Lincoln Logs are a great alternative to Legos, craft sets always go down well, hands on activities like a 'grow your own vegetable garden' are fab, and dress up costumes make for a fun and imaginative gift -- the possibilities are limitless, while also being much more eco-friendly than high street options.
  • Clothes are a great go to for children who are not in need of further toys or activities.  Especially good for wee ones who are ever-growing, a set of like-new secondhand outfits can really help out a new family and are a great way to ensure you are not contributing to landfill.  You can browse charity shops (you might be surprised how much you find that still has the tags on!), mobile apps like Depop, or see if there are any local groups on Facebook (or IRL) dedicated to lightly used clothing.

  • Books are a great bet for a young child, as stories before bed tends to be a favourite time -- I know I have all of my most read picture books from when I was a kid tucked away safely, as they became so meaningful and full of lovely memories that I couldn't bear parting with them.  One thing I like to do for the little ones in my family is pick up as-new copies in charity shops throughout the year, then bundle them all together to make a little stack!  Or, if you are looking for something a little different that can generate thoughtful discussions, maybe check out titles like Tin Forest or George Saves The World By Lunchtime.

Gift Box Guru:

  • Adorli Kind Beauty Deluxe Set (££: V)
    Adorli is a newly launched online retailer that specializes in "kind beauty," including cruelty free, vegan, natural, and organic products.  Not only do they have a fully stocked shop, they also offer gift boxes like this Deluxe Set that includes six skincare and makeup goodies.  Inside the kit you will find a V Lace Cosmetics Matte Lipstick, Honeypie Minerals blusher, Kathy-Sue Ann’s Lip Balm, Chaaboo soap, and samples of Ezápé Naturals' Ylang Ylang and Lavender Body Oil, Rosemary Body Butter, and Chamomile Body Balm.  I love that you get to select shades and scents, as this allows the kit to become personalized making Adorli's Kind Beauty Deluxe Set perfect for a Christmas prezzie!

  • The Cruelty Free Beauty Box BYOB (££: V)
    You all know I love The Cruelty Free Beauty Box as a subscription service, but did you know they also have a fully stocked shop you can order from at any time?  And included in this shop are a range of gift sets plus a Build Your Own Box option!  The process is super easy, as you just select four main items and then pick out your bigger ticket product before adding the whole set to your basket.  The items are always changing, so there is always something new to discover.  And now you can even add snacks and lifestyle items to your box as well as the beauty items, making this a well-rounded present to present this Christmas!

  • Meadow Skincare Starter Kit (££: N, V, PPF):
    I've been loving Meadow Skincare for a long while now, and I think their products would make a wonderful gift for Christmas.  They even have pre-made gift sets that come beautifully packaged so you don't have to stress about extra wrapping!  Their Starter Kit includes generous try me sizes of the Gently Nourishing Cleansing Balm, Hydration Boost Moisturising Balm, Soothe and Calm Face Mask, Gently Resurfacing Facial Exfoliant, and Overnight Replenishing Oil, PLUS a wooden spoon for application and a super soft bamboo face cloth.  This capsule collection is super versatile, ideal for even fussy skin, and everything smells incredible, making it a fab present for anyone.

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019
Photo from Meadow Skincare

Perfume Perfectionist:

  • Flaya Perfumes (£-££: N, V, O, PPF):
    Handmade in Scotland, this small family run business carefully blends precious oils and natural aromatic compounds to create stunning eau de parfum that is suitable for all occasions and is also safe for skin and the planet!  I've been loving this range ever since I first picked up a mini bottle from Love Lula, and have since bought six of the seven scents!  They last way longer than other natural perfumes I have used (several hours minimum), and if I am overly zealous with spritzing then a few days later I can still get a hint of the perfume on my scarf or clothes.  Each starts out powerful and a bit in your face, but evolves into a more delicate and complex scent as it wears.  I've been impressed with the overall quality, and just love how they look in their little glass bottles too - perfect for displaying on my perfume shelf!

  • Walden Natural Perfumes (£-£££: N, V, PPF)
    This perfume brand offers seven varieties (one of which the men in your life are sure to love!), each with their own draw: A Different Drummer, A Little Star-Dust, Castles in the Air, See the Moonlight, The Solid Earth, Two Eternities, and A Gentle Rain.   However my all-time favourite has to be See the Moonlight.  With notes of jasmine, sandalwood, rose, bergamot, and ambrette seed, this absolutely gorgeous blend captures the romance of warm summer evenings outdoors.  I personally adore the roll on products, but Walden also have traditional spray bottles available as well.

  • Adoratherapy (££: N, V, O, PPF):
    I've been enjoying Adoratherapy ever since I first picked up a bottle over the summer, and have since grabbed one more because I needed more in my life!  This US based perfume brand offers room sprays, roller balls, and traditional perfumes, all designed to "get you back to your healthy center and purpose."  Each scent has been created to address a particular intention, and all the blends I have tried so far have been heavenly.  I particularly love the soothing lavender notes of Peaceful and the softly sweet floral qualities of Beautiful.  Whatever you choose this Christmas, your friends and family are sure to be pleased!

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2019

And that wraps up this year's Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide!  Wow -- there sure is food for thought here in this roundup of eco friendly, plastic free, and sustainable present ideas, and I can't wait to hear what is around the tree this year.  Whether you opt for new or used, a product or an experience, I wish you the very merriest of holidays!

Do you have any other ideas you think would make fantastic gifts?  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.  And if you want to learn more about any of the goodies listed above, do let me know, or feel free to have a search here on The ecoLogical.  I've reviewed most of the products for the blog over the years, or mentioned them on social media at some time or another!  I'm always happy to give more guidance and answer questions.

One last thing before I sign off for today -- I have been busy behind the scenes arranging a giveaway for all you lovelies who have supported me, and that will be launching next week!  Rather than one giant prize, I've decided to split this up so even more people can take home some amazing gifts.  This is something I have put together on my own (all products supplied by me) so I really do hope you all love my 12 Days of Giveaways!  It will run here on the blog, on Instagram, and on Twitter -- so keep posted xx


Want to take part in the giveaway??  There are 12 chances to win, extra surprises in store, and lots of excitement in the lead up to Christmas day!  Enter below:

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