Clear + Calm - Lena Wild Harmony Rescue Mask Review

Hey natural skincare lovers - what's paler than a pistachio, contains the healing power of nature, and is as calming as a warm hug??  The Harmony Rescue Mask from Lena Wild of course!!

Lena Wild Harmony Rescue Mask review - from Origins of Beauty

Origins of Beauty and Lena Wild:

Hands up if you've treated yourself with an order from Origins of Beauty before!

This fab ethical retailer has consistently made it into my top eco retailers since I first discovered the shop, as they offer an easy to navigate space full of guilt free brands plus a reliable and fast service.  From natural and organic to vegan and halal, makeup and skincare to home fragrance and daily staples...  You'll find there is something for everyone here!

And each product featured is free from common nasties, including "harmful ingredients, chemicals, animal derivatives, alcohol, parabens, SLS, GMOs, nano particles, formaldehyde, mineral oils, fillers, synthetic fragrances and preservatives products" meaning you are presented with safer alternatives that are high performing and totally gorgeous.

I adore their founder, Gayathrie, who is such a kind soul and hard working businesswoman, and the selection featured on the online shop is fantastic, spanning more budget friendly brands alongside luxury beauty and wellbeing products.  One of those gorgeous eco-luxe brands, and one I have been lucky enough to try previously, is Lena Wild.

Previously known as Wild Beauty Apothecary, the London based brand was founded by Yelena (another beautiful spirit) and Dany in 2017 and has been making waves ever since.  Centered around the belief that nature and beauty "should be within everyone’s heart, mind and home," Lena Wild strives to utilize carefully selected ingredients in an effort to encourage moments of selfcare through skincare.  With aromatherapeutic qualities, skin and planet friendly extracts and oils, and lots of love, the formulations are expertly crafted and intentionally designed so you can place full confidence in this beautiful capsule collection.

Earlier in the year I was asked if I wanted to review an item from Lena Wild for Origins of Beauty, and I was so grateful and excited.  Not only is this award winning brand one that had been on my wishlist for a long while, it is one I had only ever heard positive remarks about and I couldn't wait to try it out for myself.  After spending time testing the stunning Harmony Bloom Oil, I found I had nothing but positives to share about this golden nectar.

And then I was asked if I would like to explore the range even further.  Of course I accepted!

Yes, you heard that right -- today I'll be presenting the beauty of the Harmony Rescue Mask, the sister product to the oil I already know and love.

application - Lena Wild Harmony Rescue Mask review from Origins of Beauty

Harmony Rescue Mask Review:

Lena Wild's Harmony Rescue Mask is mineral rich facial treatment that offers a comprehensive remedy for most skin, especially those with imbalanced, oily, combination and spotty skin types.  So perfect for me!  You all know I suffer from fussy skin that is congestion prone, semi-sensitive, and suffers from hormonal acne, so when I heard this mask might just be an answer to reducing inflammation and helping my skin stay clear, I was ready to welcome Harmony into my routine!

The delivery from Origins of Beauty arrived promptly, and with minimal packaging as usual which I really appreciate.  No excess plastics to be found here!  Like the facial oil, this mask comes inside a crisp white box made from 100% cotton which is a byproduct of the fashion industry.  The design is so clean and beautifully minimalist, it really stands out on my shelf as something special -- an impression that strengthened all the more when I opened the box and discovered what is inside!

This is not your average jar for a face mask.  No black pot or twist off lid, nor a frosted glass container that hides the formula housed within.  No, Lena Wild has opted for a bottle as transparent as their business practices!  You can see the soft powder clearly above and below the prim white label, and you can easily tell how much you have used which is a huge help.  And the top is really unique too, made completely from glass (yay for being plastic free!) with the cute sticker label designed to help fasten the stopper in place.

And guess what -- the mask itself is even more stunning than the packaging!

Lena Wild Harmony Rescue Mask review - from Origins of Beauty

Like fresh mint infused with fluffy clouds, the raw powder looks airy and light making it so pleasant to view.  Made with a blend of white and green clay, and mixed with matcha, willow bark, green algae powder, yarrow oil, and other potent ingredients, Harmony Rescue Mask is a total powerhouse.  The formula has been developed to detoxify, cleanse, brighten, and remineralize the skin, and offers gentle exfoliation as well as a renewing treatment that will leave you glowing.

There is nothing dense or heavy about Lena Wild's creation at any point (powder or activated paste), and the healing qualities are hinted at in every detail.  I love when a product represents its purpose in every aspect, and Harmony Rescue Mask most definitely delivers on this!

Underlying notes of spice that inspire calm drift up to your nose as soon as you remove the lid, and a medicinal aroma is softened by light but powerful lavender that lies quietly beneath the surface.  Everything about this face mask, from its shade to its scent, works to heal on every level, addressing both mind and body in a holistic approach I greatly admire.

I have to say, this mask might just be the perfect winter treatment based solely on the smell -- it's like Christmas in a bottle!  The spicy quality provided by the yarrow is incredible, and it reminds me so much of the festive fragrance that accompanies the holiday season.  It brings to mind cloves and myrrh, and inspires such a sense of joy.  And when I want more of the lavender at the forefront, I find mixing with a splash of lavender water instead of plain water or my usual hydrosol works a real treat.  It offers even more peaceful vibes, and turns this into an amazing pre-bed masking session!

close up texture - Lena Wild Harmony Rescue Mask review  from Origins of Beauty
up close and personal with the activated Harmony Rescue Mask

The magic continues as you activate the powder, with a fab shift in colour that really helps personify the nutrient rich formulation.  The pale pistachio transforms into a shade reminiscent of a rainforest made fresh from a gentle storm.  As you begin to mix, the powder becomes a loose paste, darkening into a deeper green and smoothing out easily so there is no clumping or large deposits of dry clay.  It's really easy to work with, making it a great option for those not keen on a lot of prep for a mask.

And once it is all thoroughly blended together, it's just a matter of applying!  I use a mask brush, but you can just as easily use your fingers or another method.  I find this goes on well, spreading evenly and not at all drippy or scratchy like some masks can get if you don't get your measurements right.

It does begin to dry down pretty quickly, so be sure to have a little mister on hand to keep the mask 'wet' -- this helps the formula achieve results more effectively and provides the best performance.  I also find keeping the mask moist helps prevent your skin from feeling tight afterwards.

Clay, while wonderful for a deep detox, can make your skin feel a bit dry after use sometimes, so keeping the paste activated is key to making the most out of your treatment and to ensuring your skin is totally pampered.  I use rose water to maintain the moisture, or if my masking session coincides with my weekend bath I just hop in the water and let the steam keep everything fresh for 15-20 minutes before rinsing!  And if I know my skin needs more TLC or I'm worried about my skin feeling dry, I just add a few drops of facial oil when preparing the mask.  Harmony Bloom Oil is beautiful for this!

Lena Wild Harmony Rescue Mask (from Origins of Beauty) Review

Overall, I have been loving Lena Wild's Harmony Rescue Mask.  I find it incredibly gentle, and my fussy skin has not had a single issue with the blend of natural ingredients.  No irritation, no redness, no itchy feeling -- just calm and clear skin that feels soft, smooth, and totally restored.

This treatment has definitely helped clarify my skin and keep my complexion free from pesky blemishes.  I love how it removes impurities, tightens pores, and gives me a fresh start every week, and I so appreciate the calming effects it brings to the table.  I've also noticed that my skin looks more radiant after use, which is a huge deal during the dark winter months.  I usually find it tricky to keep that summer glow going, but thanks to the light buffing offered by Lena Wild's creation and the gorgeous green ingredients within the mask, my face is noticeably more vibrant, less blotchy, and pretty much picture perfect.

And when paired with a high performing facial oil (like the sister product, Harmony Bloom Oil) I'm left with healthy skin all season long!

Lena Wild Harmony Rescue Mask Review

Have you tried Lena Wild yet??  I would love to hear about your experience with either this detoxifying face mask or their gorgeous facial oil!

Personally, I have been wowed by both, and find them exceptional in every aspect.  Packaging, aroma, texture, colour, and results...  All have delivered on their promises and have left me wanting more!  I even have a feeling this might find its way into my Best Of series for 2019!

If you are wanting to add either of these beauties to your Christmas wish list, or are hoping to pick them up for yourself to try, you can find both over on Origins of Beauty.  And guess what - if you are a new customer you can use my link to save 15% off your first purchase!  Plus, you will be saving on shipping (free UK delivery, plus great rates for EU/abroad!) and reducing packaging since there is no excess waste involved.  What better way to indulge in such a beautiful brand??

Already a loyal customer with Origins of Beauty?  No worries, I have got a deal for you too!  Just use code BSKYE10 and you can grab 10% off both the Lena Wild range AND Ilapothecary!  (I'll be sharing more on the latter soon, but you can also find my past thoughts here!)

Do let me know if you pick up Harmony Rescue Mask, and share your thoughts in the comments below - I would love to hear how you get on with this gorgeous treatment! xx

Ingredients: Illite (Green Clay), Oryza Sativa (Rice) Powder◊, Kaolin (White Clay), Camellia Sinensis (Matcha Tea) Leaf Extract◊, Salix Alba (White Willow) Bark Powder◊, Myrciaria Dubia (Camu Camu) Fruit Extract◊, Chlorella Vulgaris (Green Algae) Powder◊, Salix Alba (White Willow) Bark Extract, Achillea Millefolium (Yarrow) Oil∆, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil◊∆, Limonene*, Linalool*
◊ Ingredient from organic farming
∆ Wildcrafted ingredient
* Naturally occurring in essential oils


  1. You had me at the opening line, it sounded wonderful without reading any further. Although I'm pleased I did, as my skin is in terrible shape and this sounds like something I could utilise to help give it a helping hand.

    1. it's so lovely on the skin -- really calming and helps manage the spots I get around my chin etc :) it's such a treat! x

  2. You certainly sounded like you enjoy this brand and this product. It looks and sounds wonderful.

    1. I really do! They're wonderful, and I can't recommend enough :) x


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