Sleepytime Sisters - Kiss the Moon Hand and Foot Cream Review *

If you have been around for a while, you will know my love for all things Kiss the Moon - their essential oil blends are divine, their approach to beauty aligns with mine perfectly, and they have such a kind and supportive team behind the scenes that the products quickly became a staple in my house.

This English-based natural beauty brand focuses on the importance of restful sleep.  The idea of promoting sleep through skincare routines is such a great holistic approach, and the ethos really drew me to Kiss the Moon, as I wholeheartedly believe plant botanicals and extracts hold great power.  Plus, not only does a full night of sleep assist in the cell renewal process, it reduces blood pressure, stabilizes heart beat rate and insulin sensitivity, lowers stress, and helps the body make healthier choices the next day.  And if we can boost our health through skincare, who doesn't want to try??

Kiss the Moon Night Cream Review

Each of Kiss the Moon's restoring ranges target a different need, and there is an option for every skin type.  "Dream" utilizes the power of lavender, cedarwood, chamomile, and bergamot, and is ideal for sensitive skin.  "Love" contains rejuvinating blends of ylang-ylang, rose, frankincense, and palmarosa, and works especially great for more mature skin.  The mood brightening "Glow" range contains litsea, myrrh, orange, and geranium and is the perfect choice for balancing complexions and increasing the skin's natural glow.  And "Calm" is fantastic for those needing a natural stress relief, as the jasmine, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, and chamomile are designed to "help to ease away the pressures of the day."  I've had the delight of trialing a wide range from this fabulous brand, and today I'm excited to share not only their latest release, but a companion product!

A good hand cream can help restore the skin and keep our hands looking smooth, healthy, and ageless, but did you know you could also use this type of product to induce sleep and a sense of ease?  Well, Kiss the Moon developed a multi-award winning product to fuse the benefits of skincare and sleep once again with their Love Night Cream for Hands.

Kiss the Moon LOVE Night Cream for Hands Review

This luxurious formula has a whipped texture, with a consistency like thick frosting, and it is ideal for those with older skin or hands that require extra TLC.  The LOVE blend contains nourishing shea, hydrating rose water, and vitamin A rich rosehip seed along with relaxing frankincense, rose absolute, and ylang ylang, all of which come together in a potent fusion of reparative ingredients to help restore smoothness and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

The aroma is complex, full, and oh so beautiful.  Not overpowering, the scent floats like falling petals, and is so smooth that you are instantly at ease.  The LOVE blend is slightly sweet, delicately balanced, and lightly floral, with grounding tones lurking beneath the surface to round out the experience and create a depth to the smell that leaves you craving more.

LOVE Night Cream for Hands feels rich without being heavy, and it absorbs beautifully so you do not have to fret about having greasy or slick hands.  Within seconds your skin is left feeling super soft, smooth, and replenished, and you can breathe in the aroma to begin the perfect pre-bed treat.  This is most definitely the best treatment for hands I've ever tried, both in texture and in terms of results, and I find you start to feel the difference immediately.  The cream soothes irritated, raw, cracked, or dry skin, and begins to heal from the first application.  It's truly something special.  And despite containing coconut oil, I never once have had my delicate and fussy skin break out!

Because I adore how healing this hand cream is, Kiss the Moon's formula has actually been a staple in my nightly ritual for well over a year now, as it helps lead me to sweet dreams.  Applying this satin sensation to my hands is the final thing I do before lying down and closing my eyes.

Well, that is until now...

That's right, Kiss the Moon has released a new creation!  And it is one that has been greatly requested by customers -- a sister product to accompany the hand cream, and one that is the perfect pairing: DREAM Night Cream for Feet!*

Kiss the Moon DREAM Night Cream for Feet Review

The formula shares the same ultra-nourishing base as the LOVE Night Cream for Hands, but with a few key alterations.  First, the gentle and super soothing essential oils include calming lavender, relaxing chamomile, brightening bergamot, tension easing cedarwood.  This DREAM blend is ideal for those with more sensitive skin, or for those wanting to slip peacefully into a restful night's sleep at the end of a long day.  The aroma is much more pronounced, but not too strong -- it retains the balance of the previous product, but with more medicinal undertones.

Another change is that rose water has been exchanged for chamomile water, a switch that really suits this version of the formula.  Not only does it compliment the DREAM scent profile, but it is super mild and promotes regeneration, can reduce itching and irritation, and it helps softens skin.  It's the perfect addition to this foot cream, and such a well thought out swap that shows how much care Kiss the Moon puts into their range.

The texture surprised me, as it is very different from its' sisters despite sharing the same base ingredients.  The product replaces the white airy frosting consistency with one much more firm and concentrated, like a pastel yellow whipped buttermilk.  Very thick (thicker even than LOVE), and with a little tack to it when first applying, perfect for feet which need a heavier duty treatment.  Yet  the cream remains surprisingly light in feel once it has absorbed.  In fact, as you massage it in, it's like you can almost feel the chamomile water dispersing from the product to deliver a hydration boost alongside the moisture -- I've never experienced anything quite like it before!

Kiss the Moon Hand VS Feet Night Cream texture Review

Again, there is no slick or greasy feel once it has had time to sink in, and I can wear my slippers in the evening without fearing they will get coated in cream.  It does sit a little bit more on the surface, as it forms a kind of protective barrier that shields against dry conditions or minor irritants, but it doesn't feel wet or heavy on the feet.  It's almost like a second skin, protecting against the elements and healing both the surface and the deeper layers so you are left soft, smooth, and repaired.  DREAM Night Cream for Feet really is such a unique formula, and continues to dazzle me with its beneficial qualities.

I will say, if for whatever reason you just aren't super keen on one of the smells (either LOVE or DREAM), you can probably opt for the other and use it just the same -- that's the beauty of these sleepytime sisters sharing a base formula!  I've tried switching out the hand cream for my feet, and the foot cream for my hands, and both deliver the same supercharged moisture boost.  The main differences are the consistency, with LOVE being much lighter and smoother in application (ideal for hands which require a gentler approach), and in aroma, with one leaning more towards the sensual side and the other being more traditionally tranquil.

I would say the richness of DREAM definitely suits feet in terms of year-round application, but come the cold and dry winter it could be just what you need for those problem areas you want to sort out.  And if you know you aren't prone to chapped, rough, or cracked skin, then LOVE will be an excellent addition into your routine.  I'm loving the pair, and find they work brilliantly in tandem - Kiss the Moon has really covered the bases with these two beauties!  Both are lovely, and both help create an atmosphere of comfort that helps ease your mind and body before bedtime.

Have you tried the new DREAM Night Cream for Feet yet??  What do you think?  How do you think it compares to LOVE Night Cream for Hands??  I would love to hear your thoughts!

Kiss the Moon Night Cream for hands and feet Review


  1. I have never heard of Kiss The Moon but as soon as I saw the whipped consistency of the hand cream I couldn't wait to try it. It looks absolutely amazing, really nice and thick and as with someone with older hands - it looks super nourishing. I can't wait to give it a try.

    1. it's brilliant! it's my #1 recommendation for a super effective hand cream :) Kiss the Moon is gorgeous xx

  2. OOh both of these sound just divine. Its been a while since I used anything from Kiss the Moon, but these two sound like the perfect addition to any routine x


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