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Today I am sharing a totally different kind of post, and one that is extra special as it features the words of five amazing, talented, and brilliant green beauty and wellbeing enthusiasts.  That's right, the Inner Senses Ambassador team is joining forces and featuring all their favourite formulations from this fabulous organic skincare and wellbeing brand!

This collaborative Inner Senses review features all our top picks of products, a chance to build community, an exclusive free gift with purchase offer, and more -- told you today was exciting!

So tuck in, get ready for a lot of clean beauty love, and enjoy the read...

Bryanna from The ecoLogical says:

Oh boy, how can I choose just a few favourites from seventeen sensational formulas??  I'll admit, there is no way I can select one single product, as I do adore so many -- but I will do my best to limit my choices to three current obsessions!

It wouldn't feel right if I didn't start off by mentioning the magic of Vibrant Earth.  Of course I have so much love for her sister Quiet Earth too, but this moody face mask won me over with its multi-tasking potential and colour shifting powers!  With rare micro-algae, indulgent cacao, clays, and more, Vibrant Earth is a total powerhouse and I have been wowed by its fast acting (and long lasting!) effects since day one.  It leaves my skin incredibly smooth, bright, and refreshed, plus the detoxifying benefits help keep my complexion clean and clear!  Read more here.

Inner Senses Vibrant Earth Review

I also love how you can customize Vibrant Earth to suit your needs at any given time.  I use a bit of Greenhouse Renewing Oil Cleanser before masking, as I find it elevates the whole experience and offers an added level of softness to my skin that really makes the treatment extraordinary, plus I activate Inner Senses' powder with a hydrosol and a few drops of oil to even further boost the benefits.  Lately I have been adding in a bit of Raspberry Rose, the newest arrival to the range.  This is a great addition to any masking session, but also a stand out creation all on its own!  The latest launch is a replenishing facial oil that combines the headiness of damascan rose with crisp raspberry seed oil.  Such a nourishing, healing formula, and I'm finding it perfect for the colder weather.  It's keeping my face so soothed and protecting it from the cold, dry air, and I can't wait to see how it works longer term!

Last, but certainly not least, I have to mention Inner Senses' body oils -- these are actually what first drew me to the brand, and captured my attention.  Each one offers something special for both skin and senses: calming Tranquil, period hero Active, exotic and warming Golden Sunset...  They're all brilliant and I find myself drawn to one or another depending on the season.  Right now, I can't get enough of Vitality.  I've been working through a sample and find it so uplifting that I have decided I must have a full size bottle ASAP!  The aroma is complex and full, and I really like how quickly it absorbs as that means I don't have to worry about slick or greasy arms and legs.  Plus, it's just so good for keeping both your mood and your skin thriving even during the grey and chilly months!  Read more here.

And that's it for my current favourites -- as you can see I have a lot of green goodies from Inner Senses I adore, and honestly I could go on and on about this range!  But I'll stop for now, and see what everyone else is enjoying...

You can find Bryanna (me!) over on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin, and of course here on The ecoLogical!  (I do also have a YouTube if you want to come join me, but I've not started posting green living content -- though that will be coming soon!)

Inner Senses Raspberry Rose face oil Review

Emma from BeautyFolio says:

Choosing just one favourite Inner Senses’ product is incredibly difficult as each one is so special in its formulation, with the passion and dedication to great skincare and holistic experience realised in each one. If I had to choose my current favourite, I think it would have to be Inner Senses’ Quiet Earth Face Mask.

I feel at this time of year, as we approach the Winter, my skin begins to feel a little irritated and in need of some TLC. I’ve been reaching for Inner Senses’ Quiet Earth in my weekly masking routine as the calming and healing face mask certainly makes my skin look and feel softer and smoother, with any irritation and redness immediately soothed after use.

I like to mix my mask with rose or chamomile hydrosols and calming face oils like Inner Senses’ Deep Blue C to create a nourishing yet soothing formulation to keep my skin clear, reduce any redness and leave my complexion looking radiant. The best news is that Quiet Earth works perfectly on any skin type as it helps to balance oily skin, moisturise dry skin types, calm sensitive areas and help maintain a clear complexion for normal skin types. Quiet Earth is a great all-rounder and the generously-sized 150g jar means that you’ll have enough masking magic to keep your skin in tip top condition all Winter.

I certainly wouldn’t be without Quiet Earth in my beauty regime as anytime my skin feels out of sorts, Quiet Earth comes to the rescue to make it look and feel at its best.

You can find Emma over on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and her wonderful blog Beauty Folio.

Laurence from Biotistas says:

It’s very hard for me to choose only one product from Inner Senses because I do love them all. Each oil has a wonderful scent and a particular benefit for the skin. But if I have to choose only one product, I think it would be 7 Wonders Skin Panacea.

This oil is really amazing on my legs: my skin is more hydrated and moisturized. I use it after each summer to repair the skin from damages done from sun, sea and the swimming pool.  I do appreciate the herbal scent from this oil. In a few days, my skin is healthier. That’s why I would choose this one... But if I wanted to cheat, I would also talk about Vibrant Earth, a wonderful mask.  Like 7 Wonders, this mask can dramatically repair my skin.

You can find Laurence over on Instagram, YouTube, and her delightful blog Biotistas.

Inner Senses 7 Wonders Skin Panacea Review
photo taken by the lovely Roberta (BeautyRo)

Paula from All Things 7 says:

My fav Inner Senses product would be Deep Blue C. I like all the other products but this one is special. I loved the special edition cocoa cleanser as well. 

Inner Senses Deep Blue C Facial Oil is one of my favourite facial oils. I find that it balances my oily skin. Breakouts heal faster and red scars fade away a lot quicker when so use it. Deep Blue C oil is a vital part of my daily morning and evening routine since it was launched late last year. 

Read her full thoughts on this gorgeous oil here.

You can find Paula over on Instagram, Facebook, and her fabulous blog All Things 7.

Roberta from BeautyRo says: 

It is no mystery that Inner Senses oils are made artfully to suit every need - there's an oil for every skin type and age and most oils created by Lisa can be used by different skin types and regardless the age of the consumer.
And still some of her oils seem to be especially effective for a skin like mine, which has always been combination and is now a bit prone to fine lines/wrinkles - I'm in my 30s.
The first oil I want to draw your attention to today Deep Blue C. I was attracted to it for its name, in the first place. Lisa decided to call this beautiful face oil playing with some characteristics of the product and a word pun: the blue refers to the color of three essential oils in the formula (blue yarrow, blue tansy and blue chamomile - all wonderfully soothing, ideal for sensitive or reactive skin) and the C, which recalls the sea, stands for "calming", because this oil is incredibly soothing, and for vitamin C, which baobab and prickly pear oils - also in the formula - are very rich in. From a sensory point of view this is a stunning oil: golden, smooth, fluid, it's easy to massage on skin and gets quickly absorbed (pumpkin, black cumin and tamanu oils are so lightweight that they make each formula serum-like, pleasant to apply), it sinks into skin as if it was water-based and leaves no greasy film. Its earthy, peppery, spicy scent embraces your skin and conveys the idea that good things are about to happen to it (well, black cumin and turmeric extract, which are according to me the most perceivable scents, do work wonders)! I use it every time I feel my skin needs some nourishment but also some extra care to maintain sebum under control. And it never disappoints me!

Inner Senses Deep Blue C Review
photo taken by the lovely Roberta (BeautyRo)
7 Wonders Skin Panacea definitely is my other pet oil. The name hides no secrets about this greenish oil with a pleasant herbal smell, which is housed in a handy and convenient 100 ml bottle with a pump. This regenerating blend, free of essential oils and therefore suitable for the most sensitive skins too, bursts with omega 3 and 6 from chia, babobab and black cumin oils, and from arctic blackurrant CO2 extract, coenzyme Q10 and vitamins A, B and C (which are natural components of some of the oils in the formula). This pool of antioxidant, antiaging and anti-inflammatory ingredients will help revive any skin type together with vitamin E and apricot kernel oil, which have great skin conditioning properties. The best part of it is that it can be used both on the face and on the body to see results on your whole body. I love to use it on my face when I go through a stormy day (not only weather-wise...) and on my body - virtually any time - because the skin on my body is especially reactive and prone to redness and skin rashes.

 You can find Roberta over on Instagram, Facebook, and her stunning blog BeautyRo.

Yasmine from Mienelien says: 

I came across Inner Senses a few years ago and I was immediately impressed by the quality of their products. When you know, you know and I have yet to try an Inner Senses product that doesn't meet (or even exceed) my expectations! Choosing a few favorites is like choosing between my children, but I'll do my best. 

The first product that really took my breath away is RESET facial elixir. Reset supports the skin in fighting the effects of pollutants and stress as it soothes, moisturises and rejuvenates the skin. I have combination skin that can get very sensitive due to stress and hormonal changes. This is why I opted for this oil, to bring some relief and calm to my skin which it does amazingly well! Besides that, I also really adore the scent of Reset. It starts of herbal but upon application the fruity notes from the strawberry come forward. It's so lovely and luxurious!

A second favorite is VIBRANT EARTH Revitalising detox powder mask. As my t-zone is quite oily and I have a lot of blackheads, I like to use a detox mask once or twice a week to clear them out. I absolutely love Vibrant Earth for that as it cleanses my pores very effectively but also very gently. Whereas most masks of the same type dry out and sensitize my skin, this one does quite the opposite. You can also choose the intensity of the mask as you can just wash it off with water or perform a manual scrub just before removing the mask. The scent of this mask is also amazing, a rich spicy chocolate, I love it! Vibrant Earth leaves my skin revitalised, clear, smooth and radiant. It has very quickly become my number one detox mask.

Inner Senses Golden Sunset body oil review

Even though I'm not the biggest fan of body products, GOLDEN SUNSET Exotic body oil has won me over and makes taking care of my body a real joy! It's the perfect 'partner' for summer, although I must admit I use it all year around! This island-inspired blend of Vanilla, Cocoa, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang is seriously intoxicating and let me tell you, extremely addictive! The oil feels lightweight upon appliction but feeds the skin deeply and makes it feel ultra soft, especially when applied on damp skin after a bath or shower.

You can find Yasmine over on Instagram, TwitterFacebook, and her lovely blog Mienelienable.

Inner Senses skincare review - ambassador top picks

This collaboration was so fun to put together, and I have enjoyed discovering everyone's current Inner Senses obsessions -- it's brilliant seeing what we have in common and what is preferred!  And it has also helped inspire me to go back to certain products and reconnect with them all over again -- how great is that??

Did you see any of our favourites described here?  Or find yourself tempted to test out a new concoction??  Let us know -- we would love to hear your thoughts!

You can do a big one stop shop to pick up your own favourites and new finds over on any of Inner Senses stockists (including Love Lula*!), and of course do remember that anytime you are picking up any Inner Senses products direct from the website you can grab a free gift with your purchase so you can try even more of these beautiful creations!  Just pop an ambassador code in at checkout and leave your pick in the notes section!  The codes are our names, so use any of the following and you'll get a special deal:



And do be sure to go show your support to all the lovely Ambassadors (and of course Inner Senses too!) -- building a friendly, supportive, and positive community is one of my biggest aims, so connecting us all like this was super important and I would love if we could all keep at it!  Plus, this is the best way to keep up to date with all Inner Senses offers -- there are exclusive codes, giveaways, reveals, and more to be had by following over on our socials, plus reviews and in depth looks at products on our blogs!  xx


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