2019 Beauty Shortlist Awards - Judging Winners + Top 5 Memorable Products

Friday saw in the first day of Spring, the first day of March, and tons of excitement over at The Beauty Shortlist -- and what a brilliant time it was!  2019 was the eighth year running for both the Beauty Shortlist Awards and the Beauty Shortlist Grooming Awards, and saw in the launch of the brand new Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards.  It was a day of surprises, joy, and (at least for me) an overwhelming sense of hope and elation for the world of ethical and indie beauty.

2019 Beauty Shortlist Awards winners

This year there were so many amazing green brands recognized for their hard work and exquisite formulas, including The Rose Tree, Apothaka, Inner Senses, Mallow + White, Green People, Guiltless Skin, Anita Grant, and so so so many more.  You can find a partial rundown over on my Insta stories.

I was so pleased to see that these nontoxic and eco friendly products shined through so many other entries, and it made me really hopeful for what is to come in the future.  With clean ingredients being recognized as stars, I think more and more people will begin to make the change over to these ethical brands!

In case you are not familiar with The Beauty Shortlist, they are internationally renowned for their 100% sponsor-free awards.  Not only are they totally free from advertisements and partnerships, but they are known for being the most impartial and inclusive.  When you see a brand or product has been recognized by BSL, you know it's the real deal!

I was honored to be part of the judging panel this year, and I got to get a glimpse at and experience first hand how much work goes into the event.  It all began back in September of last year.  Boxes would arrive, I would unpack them with anticipation (as I never knew what would be popping up), and then I would carefully store them in their designated areas in our dining room.  I had a makeshift Awards corner that I set up so everything stayed in order -- a spot for cleansers, moisturizers, oils, serums, aromatherapy treatments...  Plus a special spot in my bathroom for the products I had on the go.  I was careful to introduce things one at a time so I could see how each individual formula worked, and trialed each for a lengthy amount of time so my comments and marks were as accurate and fair as possible.  I was so aware that my reactions and opinions would be influencing whether or not a brand was acknowledged for their hard work or not, so I spent a lot of time and effort making sure I got all my thoughts down.

Then, after months and months of testing, I submitted my sheets so they could be compiled with the rest of the judges and the final results could be generated.  Six months -- six months of hard work from all the judges, from Fiona, from Edwina, from those in charge of posting all the products off, from all the people hard at work behind the scenes...  I have so much respect for all these people, as I only knew the half of what needed to be done.  Taking part in the process has made 2019's Awards day all the more incredible, as it highlighted just how much has to get done for them to happen.

I wanted to feature my top pick from the whole list of winners, but honestly it is impossible to pick just one favourite.  Instead, what I can try to do is share some of my top products that I helped judge.  Even this has been incredibly difficult, as there truly were tons of stunning formulas I tested over the months.  I have narrowed it down to five of the green goodies I gave top marks that were also really memorable or unique, but just know there were many more I fell hard for.  And since I have so much respect for all the winners, this won't be the last you hear about BSL entrants!  Don't worry, I will definitely be reviewing more of the stand outs soon, and as always, if there is something you would love to hear more about just let me know.

But for now, let's focus on a handful of this year's stars!

Here it goes... My top 5 most memorable beauty and wellbeing products that I had the joy of judging from 2019's BSL Awards!

1] Inner Senses Deep Blue C Facial Oil - BEST FACIAL OIL (AGE 40+)
Inner Senses actually took home four awards this year, including one for Best Healing Oil in the newly introduced Wellbeing Awards.  You all know I adore this British artisan organic beauty and wellbeing brand, so imagine my excitement when I discovered I would be trialing two of their formulas.  I had been lucky enough to trial a sample of Deep Blue C when it first came out, but I had not yet tested the formula thoroughly.

Inner Senses Deep Blue C Facial Oil

This 97.5% organic facial oil was designed to treat problematic skin, be it spotty, congestion prone, irritated, sensitive, or inflamed, and it does this by utilizing naturally antiseptic and healing ingredients.  The formula contains black seed, pomegranate, baobab, turmeric, blue tansy, blue chamomile, tamanu, blue yarrow, and prickly pear, amongst other wonders.  When applied, the beautiful elixir helps calm and clear the complexion while also offering an antioxidant boost and a powerful dose of much needed moisture.

Deep Blue C has a deep, earthy, slightly sweet, medicinal scent which I find very grounding.  I breathe in the aroma before beginning to apply, and this helps me reconnect with my surroundings and let a bit of my daily stresses slip away.

I found my skin loves this oil, especially when it is having a spotty flair up.  I admit I was worried at first that regular use might prove to be too much for my fussy skin, but it actually helped with my hormonal spots and gave my face a radiant glow.   So while it is incredibly nourishing, I did not find it overly heavy at all -- in fact, it absorbs fully and does not leave your face looking shiny at all, making it a great face oil day or night!  And as you know, I am under 40 by a fair margin, so even if you are not in the age range this oil is worth giving a go!

You can find a rundown of all of Inner Senses products here, and if you decide you want to try one of their award winners, remember you can grab a free trial size product with any full size order by using my Brand Ambassador code, BRYANNA -- no minimum spend required, and samples range from £3.25 to £10 across the face and body range so this is a great way to trial a blend you are not 100% sure about yet.

2] Anita Grant Creamy Cafe Latte Vanilla Leave-In Detangle Conditioner - BEST HAIR CONDITIONER
While Anita Grant was a brand on my radar for a while, I had not actually ever tried any of their products prior to judging in 2019's BSL Awards.  So imagine the thrill of opening up a jar of their Leave-In Detangle Conditioner for the very first time and falling hard for the mouthwatering aroma and delightfully rich texture straight away.

Anita Grant Creamy Cafe Latte Vanilla Leave-In Detangle Conditioner texture in lid

This product is described as the "perfect emollient solution to detangle your worst knots," and I have to say I agree.  My hair has always been prone to tangles, partially because I hate brushing my hair and do it as little as possible, and partially due to it being a really strange mix of waves, curls, and straight.  I have never 100% understood my hair's texture or what it wants to do, but after having introduced Anita Grant's hair butter I have to say it is noticeably more manageable.

"Pure Brazilian Coffee Oil stimulates the follicles while the wholesome goodness of Organic Fijian Virgin Coconut oil nourishes your naturally curly hair. Decadent Organic, Unrefined, Ghanaian Black Cocoa Butter conditions each coily, spiral, curl. Allowing the vitamin enriched velvety suppleness of Australian Macadamia Nut Oil to lovingly caress each strand leaving you with soft, weight-less, frizz-free definition."

One of my favourite things about this formula (other than it helping me sort out my nest) is the smell.  The Creamy Cafe Latte Vanilla aroma is incredible -- it is rich, full, and dessert like in all the best ways.  Honestly, if you are tempted to taste this I wouldn't blame you (but don't -- leave it for your hair!).  I catch myself getting a whiff of it periodically throughout the day and I am filled with a warm happiness each time.  And don't get me started on the consistency -- it is perfectly smooth when warmed up, applies so easily, and doesn't leave your hair matted up or looking oily like many leave in products do.  I love how it helps define my wavy locks and leaves them looking more like the luscious mermaid hair I dream of having.  Plus, my damaged ends look healthier since introducing Anita Grant's Leave-In Detangle Conditioner into my routine, and that is a huge win.

I have actually placed an order with Anita Grant since submitting all my judging sheets as I was so keen on trying more of their range.  And since I have signed up for their rewards program (as I plan on repurchasing many of the goodies I have tried, plus picking up new ones!), you can use my link to get £10 off your first order if you are hoping to try this award winner or any of their other fabulous products.

3] Hayo'U Xiuyan Jade Beauty Restorer - EDITOR'S CHOICE - BEAUTY
You've heard of the jade roller, and maybe even the jade contour tool, but have you heard of a jade  comb?? Neither had I until I opened one of my boxes of products to judge for The Beauty Shortlist!  But I was soon swept up in the age-old Chinese self-massage therapy treatment, and I could not get enough of it.

Hayo'U jade comb

The comb is made with high quality 100% certified Xiuyan jade which is known for its restorative properties.  According to Hayo'U, you can use this tool in a "daily ritual to promote healthy hair, while reducing stress and tension, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed."  While the results in terms of hair growth and health are not instant and require repeated use, the relief you feel after a scalp massage is definitely immediate and so restorative.  Plus, the comb looks so beautiful that you can't help but want to show it off on your nightstand or shelf!

The 'teeth' of the comb feel surprisingly sharp when you start to use the tool - they don't look or feel it until it touches your head, so just be careful!  Begin with just the very lightest touch and learn what works for you as you proceed.  I find the crown of my head requires a delicate hand, whereas the base can have a bit more oomph as that is where I carry most of my tension.  I love to use this when I feel a headache or migraine coming on, or if I am feeling overly stressed (which lately seems to be pretty constant to be honest!).  The jade feels so cooling, and the ritual so soothing, more often than not I can come away from a brief session feeling so much more calm and with the pressure released.

Also, for any of you lovelies who have brittle locks or hair prone to tangles, I have found Hayo'U's tool perfect for managing my nest.  The jade is pretty gentle, and I noticed there was far less tugging when using this comb.  Less frequent pulling means less breakage, so this aspect is brilliant for hair health.  Paired with the increased circulation from the massage itself, you've got a real winner here!

You can find all of the Hayo'U range here, including their Beauty Restorer.

4] Mallow + White Coffee Scrub + Mint Soap - EDITOR'S CHOICE - BEAUTY
You may have seen Mallow + White recently launched a range of artisan soaps -- well I was lucky enough to get early access to some of these beauties for judging purposes!  These soaps are plastic free, have the cutest bright and cheerful colours on the cardboard box, and are all hand blended and hand cut meaning every single one is unique.  The passion and expertise that goes into each formulation really shines through which is part of why I think Mallow + White came away with three wins this year!

Mallow + White soaps - coffee mint bar, lemon clay bar

Of the blends I was judging, I was immediately drawn to the coffee and mint variety as a) I LOVE coffee and adore all things mint, and b) I liked the fact that this one had exfoliating properties.  I was quickly won over by the reviving aroma, and as I continued to use this bar soap I discovered a whole host of benefits.

Joanna says “ Customers tell me they find that this is a great scrubby bar for exfoliating away rough skin on the body. But the reason I initially created it was as a kitchen soap - it’s great for washing away persistent garlic and onion smells that linger on the hands after cooking."

The Coffee Scrub + Mint Soap is faff free, so you get the perks of using coffee grounds without the mess that usually gets left behind.  Coffee grounds aren't great for your pipes, so being able to get the same effect without worrying about having to eventually call a plumber is fab.  And since the exfoliant is pretty gentle, this works great for daily use.  I find it keeps your skin feeling soft and smooth and looking healthy thanks to the effective buffing it offers with each wash.  Plus, as the soap does not give that tight and dry sensation many bar soaps leave (you know, that stripped feeling??), I actually ended up using this as both a hand soap and a body wash.  Mallow + White's product makes you feel clean, smells fantastic, and is overall just a great multi-functional soap!

You can pick up this beauty direct from Mallow + White, plus maybe give some of their other award winning skincare a go (or a few other bars of their newly launched soap!).  I couldn't resist grabbing a few more to try, but to be honest I am gutted I did not rebuy the Coffee Scrub + Mint with my last order as it is my alltime favourite!

5] Kure Bazaar L’Huile Biologique Rose Infusion 100% Organic Cuticle Oil - BEST CUTICLE OIL
Last, but certainly not least, in my top five most memorable products I judged that were winners in this year's 2019 Beauty Shortlist Awards is Kure Bazaar's L'Huile Biologique Rose Infusion oil.  This 100% organic cuticle treatment is made with an exclusive blend of 10 precious oils, including borage, cameline, hazelnut, virgin bean, and hemp.  The formula has been designed to deeply hydrate and strengthen dry and brittle nails while also softening and soothing the skin around the cuticle.

Kure Bazaar organic rose cuticle oil

I find everything about Kure Bazaar's product breathtaking - from the presentation to the consistency, this formula has achieved perfection in my opinion.  Suspended within the oils is a pinch of rose petals, so the first thing you see after opening the gift box is a pop of sensual red.  The overall impact is one of beauty through and through.

One of my favourite things about Kure Bazaar's cuticle oil is actually the application method as odd as that sounds.  This is one of the most unique methods I have come across, and since it is so quick and easy to do I am not sure why more products haven't tried this!  The oil is applied via the brush, just like a nail polish, meaning you get total control over how much product you are using and where you are putting it.  Another thing I love is the thickness of the blend, as I find this means you use less without skimping on your nails.  Not only does Kure Bazaar's Huile Biologique Rose Infusion oil have the look of a luxury salon product, it feels like it too!  In fact, this is far more gentle and effective than any professional manicure treatment I have ever had done.

The oil definitely gave my sad cuticles the boost they needed to start looking healthy again, plus it seemed to make my nails grow faster and retain their strength longer.  I did not have as many splits while using this oil, meaning I got to keep my long nails for longer -- and for me that is a huge deal as I love doing more intricate patterns and designs that require a good length!

You can pick up Kure Bazaar's product from a variety of retailers, including Love Lula, and maybe consider grabbing a few of their 10-free polish formulas while you are at it!

2019 Beauty Shortlist Award Winners

I had such a wonderful time judging in 2019's Beauty Shortlist Awards, and while the process was challenging, a wee bit stressful, and required a ton of organization, I would do it all again in a heartbeat because it was such a rewarding experience, especially on awards day itself when all the excitement came to a head!  It was incredible witnessing brands' happiness as they learned their products won, and I loved seeing the support that came in waves throughout the day.  Friday was just so uplifting and positive, and I hope I can participate again for the 9th annual awards!

Either way, I will always be following The Beauty Shortlist as they provide such an extensive list of the best of the best, and I know that I can trust their picks.  Plus, they offer some pretty fantastic insights throughout the year, so the fun doesn't stop on Awards Day!

In terms of what I would like to see for next year, I would love for even more entries to come in for plastic free products and the wellbeing categories, as well as even more floral waters/toners, bath treats, face masks, and nail products.  I hope to see even more green brands taking home awards, and for the fantastic support from customers, followers, and creators to continue.  And of course, I hope to see even more fantastic formulas from both leading brands in the industry and from the 'underdogs' -- it's amazing the amount of new names I discover each year, and I have these awards largely to thank!

If you are a brand who is interested in entering for next year, you can keep up to date with all the deadlines and dates over at The Beauty Shortlist -- but just as a heads up, the 2019 Mama & Baby Awards open 1 April (closes 15 May), and entires for 2020's Beauty Shortlist & Wellbeing Awards opens 2 September 2019.  So if you are thinking 'hey, maybe I'll enter!' then head over to get more information!  These awards put all brands, big and small, new and long established, on an equal playing field, so this is a great way to get international recognition in a fair and trusted way!

And if any of you lovelies are super keen to hear more about any of this year's award winners, let me know!  I would be happy to share my thoughts on any of these amazing products!  Or, if you have tried and tested any of them yourself, let me know what you thought and what your favourites are!


  1. I can see why they've been shortlisted! They all sound amazing, especially the facial oil.

  2. Some great sounding products, I've heard so much about the great benefits of jade combs that I am tempted to get one for myself x


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