The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide! *

Mark your calendars and get ready for the Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide -- with less than 25 days until Christmas, it's crunch time in terms of getting all your shopping done, and I am here to help!

Like I mentioned on Twitter recently, even though the corporate hounds are pressuring us to grab the latest and "greatest" goods, we do not have to let our ethics slide during the festive season.  That's why I have brought together the best of the best in this holiday present guide!  There is a gift here for everyone in your life, and each and every one of these brands and products is high in quality, effectiveness, and ethical standards!

And as I said in my first gift roundup, this year I will be sharing not one, but TWO special holiday guides on The ecoLogical. The first contained natural beauty brands, boxes, and retailers I have widely tried, tested, and loved throughout 2018, and this one will cover the best of the best of all ethical products -- skincare, travel, makeup, clothing, homeware, aromatherapy, and more! Every area, and at every price range.

I hope both of these offer you help in your present search and shopping, and maybe you can even add a few extras to your own Christmas wishlist!  And who knows, maybe if you have been very very good and find yourself on Santa's Nice List, you may just end up with a special treat at the end of this post...  Be sure to stick around to the very end for a special sneak preview of an exciting event I have put together!

PRICE KEY: you will find this on all entries
£ - 0-20
££ - 20-50
£££  - 50-100
££££ - 100+

LIFESTYLE KEY: you will find this on the majority of entries
N - all natural
O - organic ingredients
VF - vegan friendly

PPF - primarily plastic free (meaning either all or the bulk of the product is free from plastic)

* this post contains affiliate links -- this does not influence my reviews! :) 
**Keep in mind, there are definitely other products from brands that have made an impression on me this year -- these are just some that have really stuck out and I think would make exceptional gifts to loved ones (even those who may not be super interested in ethical living!) 

So without further ado, these are ethical gifts specially chosen for the...

One who REALLY loves winter: You know who I mean... That person who starts listening to Jingle Bell Rock well before December starts, and who is the first to have their Christmas decor exquisitely finished before anyone else!  These winter themed treats are just their cup of tea:

  • Lavera Winter Love Body Butter (£: N, O, V)
    This limited edition body cream comes in white packaging decorated with Christmas branches that evoke a natural wreath-inspired design -- and that's not where the winter love ends.  The ingredients come together to create a scent that is somewhere between a Christmas pudding and a glass of eggnog.  It has a light sweetness to it, but also a delicate musk, and the cream itself is the perfect mix between a lotion and a butter.  This is a great and affordable gift to give this holiday season!
  • Christmas Aromas (£-££: N, V, PPF)
    Who doesn't love the smells of Christmas??  Cinnamon, clove, pine, mulled spices, orange, gingerbread, candy cane, cranberry...  They all bring memories of the holidays rushing back whenever you get a whiff.  So what better way to celebrate your buddies love of all things festive than with a candle that captures some of these scents?  Celtic Herbal has created two blends for their soap and candles, Christmas Cwtch and Winter Woodland, and Myroo has their beautiful Winter Spice three wick candle -- there are just so many options!
  • (Not) Ugly Christmas Jumper (££: N, O, V, PPF)
    Rather than getting a cheap jumper that is poor quality and was probably made under terrible conditions, why not offer your Christmas obsessed giftee something they can proudly wear and enjoy year after year.  There are many organic and fairtrade jumpers on the market now, and you can be sure to find one that suits the person you are buying for, whether they love Mean Girls or prefer something a little more classic.

One who needs a break: Over busy, over tired, and at the end of their rope, these gifts will give that person the break they need:

  • Inner-Soul Organics Silk & French Lavender Snooze Mask (££: N, O, PPF)
    Inner-Soul Organics' eye mask works wonders, and I am so thankful for finding this product over on Love Lula.  This is perfect for those needing help dozing off, or who have frequent headaches, eye fatigue, or migraines.  When I feel a poor spell coming on, I can lie down, pop the mask over my eyes for some much needed darkness, and just let the cooling pillow and gentle floral notes help ease the pain in my head.  You can even change the insides to whatever herbs/spices you wish, making this a gift that keeps on giving!
  • Inner Senses Tranquil Body Oil (££: N, O, VF, PPF)
    All of Inner Senses oils are brilliant, but Tranquil definitely brings that extra ounce of calm needed for the stressed out or overworked.  Neroli's delicate sweetness brings such positive feelings and helps ease anxiety and feelings of tension, and the lightness of lavender further soothes the spirit and lulls the body into a state of peace.  Apply a bit in the evening and your giftee is sure to have a restoring night's sleep (and will wake up with silky smooth skin to boot!).

    And remember, if you want to try Inner Senses or are planning on making a purchase, you can use my special Brand Ambassador code to grab yourself a free trial size product with any full size order by using BRYANNA at checkout -- no minimum spend required, and samples range from £3.25 to £10 across the face and body range so this is a great way to trial a blend you are not 100% sure about yet.  You can find a rundown of all of Inner Senses products here to help you make your sample selection!
  • Kiss the Moon Love Pillow Spray (££: N, VF, PPF)
    This pillow spray gorgeous in every way -- the packaging is reminiscent of Parisian boudoirs or 40's era glamour, and the formula is absolutely dreamy with heady floral notes and a gentle hit of spice.  More than just a sleep aid, Kiss the Moon's product brings relaxation, romance, and a much needed sense of peace.  Rose, ylang ylang, and frankincense combine to bring the perfect evening pre-bed treatment, and I love drifting off to this beautiful blend. 

One who adores aromatherapy: The therapeutic benefits of botanicals, extracts, and oils are so varied and powerful, and this is a gift that can really help boost wellbeing!

  • Made By Coopers Atmosphere Mist Set (££: N, V, PPF)
    These mists are each designed with a specific intention in mind -- to energize, to calm, to restore...  I love that this set contains minis of each aroma, so the person you gift this to will be covered no matter what life throws their way.  I've been using Happy and Restore lately, and find them just what I need.  Whichever mist you use, the room is filled with the scent with just a few spritzes, so this set will be sure to last a long while.  And once a few favourites are settled on, the full size bottles are very affordable!
  • Join Apothecary Pebble Scented Soy Wax Candle (£: N, V, PPF)
    This candle is scented with pure essential oils, and it is inspired by "childhood memories of skimming stones on Cornish beaches."  The fragrance is deliciously zesty thanks to bergamot with just a hint of woodiness from the black pepper.  I find this candle so invigorating and refreshing, and it is just what the dark winter days need -- a bit of sunshine!

    And remember, you can grab 15% off your order over £30 from Origins of Beauty with code BSKYE15!
  • Organdle Wax Melts (£: N, V, O)
    I discovered Organdle in January, and after following on social media for a while I ended up buying several of their wax melts as well as the mini-candle gift set -- this is the perfect way to test out every one of their signature scents and decide which suits your needs best.  One of my favourites is Felicity: Inner Peace, as it is so incredibly calming and makes my stresses float away.  Each wax melt lasts between 8 and 12 hours, and fills the house with positivity and calm.

One who has it all: There is always that one person who just doesn't need anything more, and has already bought all that they want.  These are some gifts well suited for them:

  • Donate in their name!  If someone genuinely has everything they need and does not have any further wants, find out what causes they support and donate the money you would have spent to that charity -- this is truly a wonderful gift.  If they don't have a particular charity they direct you to, one I contribute to every year is Project For Awesome (yes, this is a real thing!).  People share all the brilliant organizations, both large and small, from around the world, and everyone votes on the ones they want all the money to go to.  Last year the community raised over $2,000,000, and 27 charities were assisted!
  • On a similar note, you could always gift a sponsorship of an animal, child, or family.  This act of kindness can help give the support needed to someone who is struggling, or provide the necessary food and shelter for an animal whose life is on the line.  Usually a sponsorship comes with a letter of appreciation that goes into some details of the one you are assisting, along with a photo, certificate, and occasional updates!  There are many organizations that offer such opportunities, including Viva, Action Aid, SOS Children's Villages, PLAN, and WWF.  I can't think of a more meaningful gift than helping those in need.
  • Okoko Cosmetiques Secret du Dragon Lip Serum (££: N, V, O)
    If you want to give a physical gift that will be used and appreciated, Okoko's Secret du Drago Lip Serum is a brilliant option.  This is not your average lip balm, nor is it a typical lip mask, and this is most definitely a treat that even the person who has everything will not have seen the likes of before.  This serum treatment contains the incredible dragon's blood extract along with nourishing and healing oils like spirulina, moringa, broccoli, tomato, coconut, and prickly pear.  Each ingredient works together to soothe, hydrate, regenerate, and protect the lips, and the serum is gentle enough to use on the daily -- ideal for winter weather!

Traveler: Help your friends and family embrace their love of exploring the world while also keeping their journeys as clean and green as possible!

  • Reusables are the perfect gift for the person who is always on the go or who has the travel bug but wants to keep things as eco-friendly as possible!  Products like the Pokito mug, Que water bottle, and a utensil wrap set are seriously useful for getaways.  Plus, they will be thankful for your thoughtfulness for years to come!
  • Kiss the Moon Inflight Beauty Sleep Set (££: N, V, PPF)
    Traveling long distance via air or public transportation can be tiring, so why not make it easier for your loved one by giving them the gift of sleep?  Kiss the Moon's Inflight Beauty Sleep Set comes with their popular Calm Balm (which smells AMAZING) along with a satin-soft eye mask, ear plugs, and a mini size face oil that helps lock in moisture while also soothing senses.  Perfect for the keen traveler!
  • A bundle of  frequent flyer and travel friendly beauty products would make a brilliant gift, so why not grab some plastic free shampoos and conditioners like Beauty Kubes, Friendly Soap, or Heavenly Organics, and some all natural skincare and makeup goodies.  Or if you want a pre-made set, you can always pick up one from Low Tox Box -- their Travel Essentials Kit is filled with everything you need to maintain a green lifestyle on the go.

Student: Students are under so much pressure with studies and keeping up a social presence, so why not gift them something that will keep them calm or on top of things?

  • Tisserand Aroma Spa Diffuser (££: V)
    Tisserand's ultrasonic diffuser quietly produces steam inside the chamber and then releases this as a fine mist throughout the room.  Perfect for a bit of aromatherapy, this diffuser is seriously soothing, as it very quietly bubbles while it mists.  If you close your eyes it almost sounds like a babbling brook.  If you want to keep your eyes open, the machine offers some exciting functions like soft mood lighting for chromatherapy.  I think this could be a great addition to any students life!
  • Why not help the student in your life by finding the perfect eco-friendly uni kit??  It is crazy hard to live a zero waste life as a student, but you can help them cut their impact by quite a bit just by helping them switch to plastic free and recycled products.  There are some brilliant backpacks and laptop cases out there made from organic fabrics, or you can pick up an especially unique one like these satchels.  Fill it up with pens, pencils, and notebooks from The Green Stationary Company or Natural Collection, and you've got the perfect functional prezzie!
  • Bodhi & Birch Mint The Balm (£: N, V, O, PPF)
    While I typically use this balm to soothe tension, help with migraines, or if I have the sniffles, I also think this could just about do the trick to ease those throbbing and messy hangovers.  This balm is such a great multi-tasker, it can help with just about anything thanks to its potent mix of white camphor, eucalyptus, cajeput, and frankincense.  Even the most well intentioned student is going to have days where they have the lurgy or the occasional night where they had a wee bit too much to drink, and rather than having them skip their early morning seminar, why not give them a leg up and offer up something that can get them fighting fit.

Chefs & Bakers: Finding prezzies for the ones who love to be in the kitchen can be tricky, but these three options are perfect for their love of culinary creations!

  • QÄSA QÄSA Sugar Scoop (£: N, V, PPF)
    If you haven't checked out QÄSA QÄSA yet, I highly recommend you have a browse of their website, as they have a wide range of handcrafted homewares that would make excellent presents this year.  From utensils and baskets to stunning glass display jars, their handmade products are all beautiful.  These sugar scoops are made in Tanzania by ADEA Africa, and are made of Mninga wood, a gorgeous and durable material that is indigenous to the region.  The scoop itself is ideal for scooping small grains, powders, and granules like sugar, sesame seeds, ground coffee, flour, or salt.  It is super lightweight and looks so stunning that whoever you gift this to will want to showcase it somewhere that everyone can see.
  • Feed Me Vegan by Lucy Watson (£)
    Okay, so I never understood cookbooks until recently -- why would you buy a physical book when you could just browse Pinterest for ideas or do a quick Google search for recipes?  Once I really got into cooking more though, I really saw the draw of having a few staples always available on my kitchen shelf -- and Lucy Watson's is one of my favourites.  While her instructions are not always super detailed, there are pictures of most of the meals which I find really important.  I need visuals to recreate the recipe!!  This book offers a great variety of foods, from soups and puddings to pasta and burgers.  You'll never go hungry!
  • Organic Food Box (£-££)
    There are so many subscription boxes on the market now, ranging from national services like Abel & Cole or Riverford, to ones that are only available locally.  Whichever you choose, gifting a box that provides fresh organic seasonal fruits and veggies could make the perfect gift for someone who loves to prepare homecooked meals every day.  Not only does it save time by eliminating frequent trips to the shop, but it can help support the local farmers if you find one available nearby!  

Kiddos: Kids can be the most difficult to buy an ethical gift for, as there is just such a push from all sides to buy the latest release on the high street.  But guess what -- ethical gifts can be just as fun and exciting as those plastic packed boxes!

  • Rather than buying the toy that is the latest craze (that may just end up in the corner collecting dust in a few weeks time), you could arrange a holiday or fun day out.  You can fully tailor this to your child's interests and your budget, and make it a trip to remember!  This is wonderful for family time, and the memories made will last a lifetime.  If you're looking specifically for a getaway that aligns with your ethical lifestyle, check out Ethical Holiday -- they have plenty of family friendly destinations, and offer reasonable pricing as well as a focus on environmentally and culturally responsible trips.
  • Books are a great bet for a young child, as stories before bed tends to be a favourite time -- I know I have all of my most read picture books from when I was a kid tucked away safely, as they became so meaningful and full of lovely memories that I couldn't bear parting with them.  One thing I like to do for the little ones in my family is pick up as-new copies in charity shops throughout the year, then bundle them all together to make a little stack!  Or, if you are looking for something a little different that can generate thoughtful discussions, maybe check out something like How Pippa Became The Queen of the Ocean which is made from ocean plastic.
  • Toys are obviously a great source of fun (and learning!) for kiddos, so picking up a few more traditional gifts is perfectly reasonable.  However, you can skip the plastic tat and single use battery gadgets and buy something that won't end up in landfill after a few months if you are worried about your gift's impact -- consider shopping for toys made from recycled materials, organic textiles, sustainable wood, or ethically sourced metals.  Classics like Lincoln Logs are a great alternative to Legos, craft sets always go down well, and dress up costumes make for a fun and imaginative gift -- the possibilities are limitless, while also being much more eco-friendly than high street options.

Reader: To be totally honest, I do not recommend buying books as gifts unless you know the person will a) read it and b) keep it.  Otherwise, you run the risk of the book collecting dust for a while before then being dropped off at the nearest charity shop.  And that's coming from an avid reader and book collector!  Digital copies are the ideal if the person owns an e-reader or tablet, or even something like Audible for those who have a long daily commute.

  • The Little Green Book of Beauty by Sarah Callard (£)
    I got this book in a limited edition gift box from The Natural Beauty Box last year, and I still find myself flipping through it regularly as it is so full of useful tips and facts about eco-friendly beauty and green living.  This would be the perfect addition to anyone's Christmas present, and is even suitable for all ages.  I know my tweenage self would have been just as interested learning about all of this stuff as I am now!
  • The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard (£)
    I'm guessing you have heard of The Story of Stuff, as the powerful video made the rounds several years ago.  But have you heard of the book?  I think this is a must read for anyone questioning the amount of waste generated personally and globally, or who is just interested in sustainability in general.  As the cover says, it's about "how our obsession with stuff is trashing the planet, our communities, and our health -- and a vision for change." 
  • The Sustainable Fashion Handbook by Sandy Black (££)
    If the person you are buying for is interested in the effects of fast fashion or is looking to learn more about sustainable fashion, this is the book to get!  Sandy Black has created what many are calling the 'bible' of eco-fashion, and this is definitely the most comprehensive guide I have come across.  It's filled with facts, figures, visuals, interviews, and more -- well worth the price (and if you are lucky you can find it for far less than Waterstones lists it for -- just have a quick Google search!).

New Mummy: Let's be honest, the fuss is mainly going to be over baby this first Christmas, but be sure mama is not forgotten!  These are a few goodies that should make the adjustment to #momlife that little bit easier.

  • Mia & Dom (£: N, V, O, PPF)
    Gather up a selection of handmade organic skincare and wellbeing treats from Mia & Dom to help ease pregnancy or post-birth living for mamma.  Their range offers stretch mark remedies, nipple balm, solutions for congestion, massage oils, lip balm, and more, and is all safe for both mother and child.
  • Inner Senses Precious Moments Collection (£££: N, V, O, PPF)
    This stunning gift box (which is made from 40% recycled material and is fully recyclable itself!) contains three full size goodies for both mother and child -- a bottle of Glow face oil that will help maintain a healthy complexion without any added effort, the multi-award winning Bloom pregnancy oil which can help minimize the appearance of stretch marks, and a Little Miracles baby oil that can help calm and soothe little ones.  This is a lovely gift that can help celebrate such a special time -- and comes with a savings of £17!
  • Low Tox Box Vegan 'New Mum' Gift Box (££-£££: N, V, O, PPF)
    Want something with a lot of variety?  Low Tox Box has a lovely set they have put together for new mothers, and even better, it all free from plastic AND can be customized!  It includes delicious chocolate, pampering treats, and has scents that will relax and soothe body and mind.  You can get the standard box, or choose add ons to make it even more special -- and let's face it, she deserves all the extras!

Foodie: I think Christmas is the perfect time of year to gift food related items, especially those that the person would normally be hesitant to splurge on themselves.  Whether it be wine, chocolate, truffle, or luxury herbs, this is something that is sure to go down well!  I've picked out a few goodies I have enjoyed over the year that I am sure will make that foodie in your life very very happy.

  • Vegan Snack Box (£-££)
    Know someone who loves trying new vegan treats or who has recently transitioned into a vegan lifestyle?  A vegan subscription box might just do the trick this Christmas!  There are several on the market, with some of the most popular being The Vegan Kind.  Another one that has gotten a lot of attention is Life Box Food, as their Classic Box service delivers healthy vegan snacks, drinks, and wellness products straight to the door every month.
  • Kypwell KypCalm Organic Herbal Tea (£: N, O, V, PPF)
    There is no time like Christmas time for a great cuppa, but one worry that has come to light recently is the potential to have plastic particles making their way into your body via simple pleasures like tea and coffee.  Well, not only is this plastic free in terms of packaging (though sadly the inside does still come in a plastic pouch for 'freshness'), but it is loose leaf meaning there is no worrying about what material the bag is made from!  Kypwell's tea is also organic, so there are no pesticides or other nasties lurking in the leaves.  The KypCalm blend is perfect for relieving stress (and let's admit, the holidays tend to be a bit tense sometimes) and is so moreish -- good thing it is caffeine free!
  • SodaStream Crystal (££££)
    Looking for a gift for the master of cocktails?  Or have someone who loves fizzy drinks but isn't so keen on the waste their taste generates?  SodaStream can help reduce plastic bottle use by an average of 1,282 disposables per year, and is super versatile in terms of how you use it.  Basically it turns tap water into a sparkling sensation fit for G&T, cola, wine spritzer, or kombucha fizz -- all with the simple press of a button.  This bit of tech can be a great new feature for any kitchen, and is perfect for those looking to reduce their reliance on plastic beverages.

Fashionista: This is another category where you can really personalize the gift to the person's interests -- have someone who is obsessed with a specific film?  There's an organic or fairtrade scarf, tote, and t-shirt out there that reps it I bet!  Just check out some of these staple pieces:

  • People Tree (£-££££: N, O, V, PPF)
    In light of all the attention given to fast fashion in recent months, I feel like I have to include some of my recommendations for long-lasting staple pieces that are both environmentally responsible and fair to workers.  People Tree make stylish and comfortable clothing, and while some of it can be a bit pricey, it definitely is made to be worn for years and years.  I love that they offer a wide range, so if you want a fierce print or a classic solid, you can find it -- my current favourite is the Meow Tee (which you can also get semi-matching socks for!).
  • Po-Zu (£££-££££: N, PPF)
    This ethical shoe brand creates some fab footwear, but my favourite range by far from them has to be their officially licensed Star Wars collection!  From high tops and trainers to sturdy boots, Po-Zu has an option for everyone -- including vegans!  My star pick has to be the adorable PORG Low-Cut Sneakers.
  • Handmade should be the new high street in my opinion, so if you are wanting to shop ethical AND support small business, why not pick up something for your fashion forward friend from somewhere like Etsy or even a local shop??  You can find gorgeous pieces of jewelry from Ellieshandmadeart and stunning plant dye scarves from Saffron Handloom!  Small business owners are usually very open to answering questions about supply chains, so if you are unsure about the source or the ethics of certain raw materials you can just ask.

Minimalist: We all know that person who never wants a gift, or who would rather skip the present exchange.  Well, a booking for an experience you can share together could be the answers, or a functional all-in-one treat that can effectively tackle different needs might just be the 'less is more' thing that finally gets them excited!

  • Inner Senses Oil (££: N, O, V, PPF)
    One of the most versatile products in the beauty world is oil -- you can use an oil for hair, body, face, bath, and more.  They are so nourishing and when blended with fragrant botanicals and extracts, bring therapeutic qualities along with their skincare benefits.  While all of Inner Senses oils are stunning, I would suggest the 7 Wonders Skin Panacea Face and Body Oil if you are wanting to pick up a great all-rounder -- this one has been "formulated to be a deep treatment, with a selection of superb cold-pressed and organic oils chosen for their specific benefits."  And guess what -- you can even get 15% off your purchase by using my Ambassador code BRYANNA15
  • Consider grabbing tickets to a gig or theatre show they have expressed an interest in, or perhaps make a booking for high tea!  Not only will this honour their wishes in regards to not getting a gift that would be wasted on them, it also offers some quality friend/family/partner time you can share together!  This is such a thoughtful present, and will be sure to bring a smile to their face.
  • Guppy Bag (££: V)
    Even if the person you are buying for is anti-gift, this is something I am sure they would appreciate receiving.  Guppy Bag has been developed to capture micro-plastic fibres in the laundry so they won't end up being washed away into rivers and seas.  The bag is made from 100% polyamide and can be fully recycled if the user ever chooses to dispose of it.  This is a gift that benefits the entire world, and I think that is something truly amazing.

Crystal Collector: I wouldn't recommend trying to pick out a crystal for someone else (partially because often there is a personal draw to a specific crystal, and partially because it can be tricky figuring out which ones they have and love already!), but what you can do is gift them a gorgeous handmade product that utilizes the power of crystals!

  • Awake Organics Sea Quartz Crystal + Algae Cleanser (££: N, O, V, PPF)
    When I first saw this, I could not get over how beautiful it was.  Emerald in colour, and sparkling in the sunlight thanks to finely ground quartz crystal, this cleanser is unlike any other on the market.  Combing superfood spirulina, hydrating hemp seed, and clear quartz crystals, this vegan friendly formula works to transform the skin and leave a lasting glow.  I'm not joking when I say I noticed a difference after just a single use. This stuff is the real deal!!
  • Alexa Sky Botanicals Cactus Fruit Eye Serum (££: N, O, V, PPF)
    This brightening, smoothing, and firming roll on is a completely oil based eye serum that targets puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines.  It is charged with amethyst, a crystal that can assist with tension relief , skin irritations, and eye strain, and I have to say my eye area  definitely looks less dull and tired since starting to use this lightweight blend!
  • Urban Lune Crystal Candles (£: N, V, PPF)
    There is a reason I included Urban Lune in my recent post on aromatherapy -- their eco-friendly crystal candles are gorgeous and offer a multitude of benefits!  All of their products use cotton wicks and hand-poured coconut/soya wax, plus they are infused with local organic flowers and contain charged crystals!  UL also sage and bless each creation before sending off to the new owners!  My favourites right now are Palo Santo which uses pure essential oil, and Lammas which uses nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon oils which creates the perfect blend for the holiday season.

Bath Lover: There is no better time for a bath like the icy cold winter, so giving the gift of a long soak is the perfect bet for someone who loves a bit of tub time.  Here are some of my favourites:

  • GK Natural Creations Bath Truffles (£: N, V, PPF)
    These bath bombs are smaller than the traditional size, but each half is perfect for a soak.  The set comes with rose, lavender, and orange, and each kind smells incredible!  The lavender one especially is gorgeous, and when the steam starts to fill the room you can't help but start to relax.  Also, unlike many other bath bombs, these truffles are incredibly moisturizing thanks to cacao seed and shea butter, making them a dual tasking skin treat.
  • MOA Dreamy Mineral Soak Bath Salts (££: N, O, V)
    These salts have a completely different scent from MOA's bath potion, but the mix of lavender, cardamom, pine, Himalayan pink salt, and sea salt make for a perfect fusion of calming herbs and sharper spice.  It truly is a 'dreamy' soak.  This gentle, cleansing, therapeutic treatment is really soothing for sore muscles and works to help unwind the mind -- so as a gift, this is one that will really work to de-stress the one you give to!
  • Alexa Sky Botanicals Rose & Rooibos Bath Oil (££: N, O, VF, PPF)
    I have talked about this ASB bath oil a few times now, but that's because it is just so lush!  Rooibos and Roses is the ideal bath oil for an experience driven by tranquility -- the formula is indulgent in both feel and scent, and the fragrant notes of neroli, frankincense, sandalwood, orange, and bergamot assist in calming the mind, prompting positivity, fostering creative thoughts, and restoring energies.  Plus, there are added benefits brought by amethyst which has been infused into the finished product.  This is soothing, nourishing, and just pure bliss!

Makeup Junkie: Know someone who is always after the latest high end release and you want to show them the quality of natural goodies?  Or have a friend who recently switched to a cruelty free or vegan lifestyle?  These treats will be sure to get them smiling about how 'on fleek' their finished look is!

  • Zao Essence of Nature (££: N, O, V, PPF)
    I usually keep things simple for makeup, and since I don't wear it regularly I opt for less expensive brands.  However, I got to try one of Zao's eyeshadows this year and was so impressed that I have added several full sizes from their zero waste / refillable range to my basket for post-Christmas treats!  The Golden Sands eyeshadow I got from The Natural Beauty Box is stunning -- it catches the light really well and reflects beautifully, but the shadow is still subtle enough when blended to avoid being too flashy which is something I can appreciate!  Zao is great for the makeup lover who wants to switch over to refillable products, and offers such a wide range that there is something available for everyone.  What's on my wishlist?  The Kiss Kiss Bang Bang palette!
  • Inika Vegan Lipstick (££: N, O, V)
    While not perfect for dry lips (it does catch on dry patches), the product itself feels nourishing and doesn't dehydrate your skin like a lot of other traditional lipsticks on the market.  The formula has both shea butter and jojoba oil, along with several other moisturizing oils.  A huge plus in my book!  I adore Naked Kisses and Flushed, but each shade I have tried has held up to long days and multiple coffees -- and you can't get much better than that!
  • PHB Pressed Minerals 18 Piece Professional Palette (£££: N, V, O, PPF)
    PHB makes some of my favourite affordable natural makeup, and this palette combines eye shadows, lipsticks, blusher, bronzer, and finishing powder into one handy spot.  It even has one of my latest favourite shades from their eyeshadow range -- Rose Quartz!  If you have someone in your life who is makeup obsessed, this is a fantastic gift to give!

Face Oil Fiend: It was incredibly hard selecting just a few to represent, so I decided to go with some of my latest discoveries that have been loving my skin that I have not had a chance to review on the blog yet.  These three are sure to make that face oil fiend in your life very happy on Christmas day!

  • Ilāpothecary Vitamin A C D & E Face Oil (££: N, V, O, PPF)
    This face oil is ideal for skin that struggles with seasonal changes, and will be the perfect holiday treat.  Packed with super nourishing ingredients and including, you guessed it, vitamins A, C, D, and E, Ilāpothecary's oil works to plump, calm, firm, smooth, soothe the delicate facial skin which is so important over this dry season.  Plus, it has such a lovely smell!

    And remember, you can grab 15% off your order over £30 from Origins of Beauty with code BSKYE15!
  • Sofia Latif Face Oil (££: N, V, O, PPF)
    I was kindly sent this face oil a while ago, and while it took me a while to finally find time to test it out, once I did I was hooked.  The smell has top notes of rose and jasmine which reminds me so much of Kiss the Moon's "Calm" (but with fewer EOs) and because of that it automatically makes me relaxed and more balanced.  The oil itself is so smooth and sinks in fully, and leaves skin radiant.  This is perfect for a winter reboot!
  • Mallow + White Soothe Facial Oil (££: N, V, O, PPF)
    Looking for an oil that is ideal for someone with super sensitive skin?  Well, Mallow + White's Soothe Facial Oil is my top pick for a face prone to irritation.  This facial oil is gentle, hydrating, and helps create a healthy glow without sacrificing the longterm state of your skin.  It contains only five pure and organic ingredients, and it's simply beautiful.  Along with being great for nourishing the face, it is also my go to pick for a oil to mix in with masks -- since there is no strong aroma that comes along with this formula, this is super versatile.

Face Cream Queen: You can't go wrong with these creams:

  • Guiltless "Timeless" Moisturiser (££: N, O, V, PPF)
    If you want to gift a moisturizer that will work for all seasons, Timeless is a great pick!  This formula feels ideal for any season, plus it is the perfect solution for those who struggle to find the perfect day cream -- it is lightweight but nourishing, leaves no residue, and is fast absorbing.  Plus, it protects against environmental stressors!  I'll be doing a full review of this product in an upcoming Brand Spotlight, so keep your eyes peeled if you want to read more.
  • Skin Elixir Organic Frankincense & May Chang Moisturiser (££: N, O, V, PPF)
    I was sent a sample of this a long while ago, and it really made an impression on me.  If the person you are buying for needs a heavier duty face cream, this will definitely do the trick while also smelling incredible.  The hand-blended formula is nutrient-rich and verges on the consistency of a balm rather than a traditional moisturizer -- but that means it is all the more nourishing.  The blend of oils and butters works to repair and heal the skin, bring a natural glow to the face, and balance out sebum production.  This is an absolute delight.

  • Terre Verdi NeroliPom Moisturiser (££: N, O, V, PPF)
    I have been mesmerized by this moisturizer since I first tried a sample of it over a year ago, and when I got a full size bottle to review I was so excited -- it was like Christmas morning!  NeroliPom is technically formulated for dry or mature skin, but my skin is neither of those things, but this somehow still works a dream.  Light, smooth, fully absorbing, and satin-soft, this is a moisturizer that is near weightless yet still so hydrating.
    P.s. For a limited time you can grab £7 off orders of £30 or more using code Ecological7 -- just pop this offer in at checkout and the discount will be applied! 

Balm and Butter Beauty: Perfect for winter skin, these beauties all pack a super nourishing punch:

  • Magical Tree Body Butter (£: N, O, V, PPF)
    I have only tried a sample of this so far, but that was enough to know that this body butter is exceptional.  There are four scents to choose from: Velvet Touch, Choko-Kiss, Sweet Delight, and Flower Power.  I tried Velvet Touch, which smells so fresh and fragrant, feels incredibly nourishing, and just leaves you feeling that little bit happier.  During these dark winter months I think having something that brightens your day is so important, so why not give the gift of sunshine in the form of a butter?  
  • The Ilex Wood Calendula Balm (£: N, O, V, PPF)
    More of a salve than a balm, the formula of this product from The Ilex Wood is incredibly delicate -- a hybrid between an oil and a balm -- and has such a light texture that it almost feels like air.  It is much more 'wet' than a typical salve, but this makes the moisturizing properties that much more effective.  I love the little detail of the calendula petals sprinkled on the top, and I find this the best smelling calendula-based item I have ever used.  I think the mix of lavender helps balance out the scent, and it makes the floral qualities just so dainty and refreshing.  Serious perfection here.
  • Guiltless Skin Rosehip Creme Butter (£: N, O, V, PPF)
    If you know you want to give the gift of soft, moisturized skin, but don't want a product that has any added essential oils or extracts, then this body butter from Guiltless Skin is the perfect match.  This formula is so indulgent and rich while also being incredibly gentle, and I love the purity of the ingredients.  The Rosehip Creme Butter would make a lovely gift all on its own, or as part of a beauty bundle you put together -- either way, it is a fantastic choice for winter skin.

Self Proclaimed Skincare Enthusiast: Looking for a collection that will make jaws drop?  Look no further than these three skincare sets!

  • Evolve Organic Beauty Get Up and Glow Giftset (£££: N, O, V)
    I have been so impressed by every product from Evolve I have had the opportunity to try over the last year or so, and so I can say with confidence that this gift set will bring joy to whoever opens it on Christmas day.  The set includes some of my favourites, like the Hyaluronic Eye Complex and Gentle Cleansing Melt, along with the Miracle Mask, Hyaluronic Serum 200, and Daily Renew Facial Cream.  It also contains a headband so you can push your hair back during your home spa treatment!

    And remember, if this is your first order, you can sign up for the Evolve newsletter and grab 15% off plus three free samples!
  • Bodhi & Birch Superfoods Series Mini Discovery (£££: N, O, V, PPF)
    One of the releases that had everyone in the green beauty world buzzing this year is Bodhi & Birch's Superfoods Series, and they launched a discovery set that is perfect for the holiday season.  Including five deluxe sizes, this kit offers the chance to try out each product in the range to make sure the formulas work for your skin.  I have been lucky enough to try the whole Superfoods Series, and I have to say every single one is stunning - the Avo Bao Cleansing Balm has the most gorgeous colour and texture, the Tomato Seed Cleansing Oil is silky smooth and leaves your face feeling fresh and soft, the Lemon Water Hydrosol Tonic is next level and feels unlike any other mist I've ever used, the Renshen Root Exfoliant and Mask leaves my skin glowing and clear, and the Super25 Botanical Serum is pure magic.  This Mini Discovery set also includes a luxurious organic cleansing cloth so your giftee has every base covered for their new skincare routine.

    There is also a full size set available if you know the person you are buying for is already a fan of this Bodhi & Birch series.  Plus, until 12/12 you can get free gifts if you spend over 50 (FESTIVE50) or 120 (FESTIVE120) -- just add the codes at checkout!  P.S. You'll be seeing a Brand Spotlight on this gorgeous range early in the new year.
  • Balm Balm Starter Kit (££: N, O, V, PPF)
    If you have been around on The ecoLogical for a long while, you know my love for Balm Balm -- they offer affordable organic beauty products that are also very effective.  Some of my favourites are included in this starter kit, like the Rose Floral Water and Little Miracle Rosehip Serum, along with a cleanser, mask, and beauty balm.  The different scent ranges from the brand are represented here, so this offers both a great chance to test them all out and figure out what works best -- plus you get an organic muslin cloth and a handy canvas carrier cosmetics bag!

Nail Artist: Know someone who is totally obsessed with having the perfect mani?  These nontoxic brands will be sure to give some nailspiration!

  • Maggie Anne (£: N, V)
    Maggie Anne is probably the brand I have the most nail goodies from overall, and that is because they offer a wide variety of high quality clean products that are also affordable.  Ranging from bold shades to pastels, holographic to chrome, they really do have it all.  The formulas are 6-free, and each is a gel-style effect which makes your mani and pedi last that little bit longer.  I would be hard pressed to be a go to colour, but Deborah definitely gets me excited.
  • Nailberry (£: N, V)
    I have tried my fair share of free-from nail varnish brands, but Nailberry definitely comes in near the top of my list in terms of variety, price, formulation, and quality.  Free from 12 of the most used toxic ingredients commonly found in varnish, their formulas offer smooth and stylish options that don't risk your health.  Two of my favourites are Stardust and Glamazon -- perfect shades for the holiday season!
  • Pretty Woman NYC (£: N, V)
    Okay, so this can be trick to find in the UK, but this is one of my latest loves in the nail polish world.  I picked up a few bottles (and by a few I mean 12...) when I was in the US and I have been well impressed by each!  Besides just having a killer name, Pretty Woman is 10-free and actually the most affordable nail brand I use.  The majority of bottles come in around $7.99 each, and for the quality you are getting this is exceptional.  I adore their holographic formulas and their Confessions of a Mermaid kit especially.

Beauty Guru: Searching for a gift for the person who lives and breathes the beauty life?:

  • Isla Apothecary Ceramic Scoop (£: N, V, PPF)
    Isla Apothecary have created a plastic free solution to those who love to mask, use salts, or who regularly exfoliate -- a ceramic scoop that has been handmade by local ceramicist Ricky Grimes (not to be confused with the recent star from The Walking Dead).  These scoops look so amazing and will make even the most seasoned of beauty gurus excited thanks to its unique appearance!
  • Foreo Luna 2 (££££: V)
    I heard a lot of hype around the Foreo products, and when I saw the price tag I thought no way could it be worth it.  But guess what -- it is!  My skin has never felt softer or smoother, and it looks so healthy.  While the brand itself is not one with a green ethos, I think this beauty tool is exceptional in terms of the amount of waste it cuts down on.  The product is rechargeable, there are no new "heads" you have to keeping buying to replace the old one, and the high grade silicone is so sturdy making this most definitely one that will be around for years to come.
  • Jade Face Roller (££, N, V, PPF)
    An ancestral Chinese skincare tool that has been making its way around the social sphere, jade facial rollers are something that everyone and their mother seems to own now!  The jade stone is renowned for its spiritual connections and healing properties.  The mineral is meant to be useful for solving dreams, boosting creativity, gathering tranquil wisdom, and is believed to help open one's heart.  And in skincare??  Jade rollers "are meant to boost blood circulation, reduce swelling, and help your skincare products penetrate deeper through a skin massage.  The increase in circulation can also help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles."  You can find these face rollers in rose quartz as well if that is more your giftee's style.

Perfume Person: If you need ideas for an all natural perfume, these three are incredible!

  • Walden Natural Perfumes (£-£££: N, V, PPF)
    This perfume brand offers six varieties, each with their own draw: A Different Drummer, A Little Star-Dust, Castles in the Air, See the Moonlight, The Solid Earth, and Two Eternities.   However my all-time favourite has to be See the Moonlight.  With notes of jasmine, sandalwood, rose, bergamot, and ambrette seed, this absolutely gorgeous blend captures the romance of warm summer evenings outdoors.  I personally adore the roll on products, but Walden also have traditional spray bottles available as well.
  • Awake Organics Natural Perfume Oils (££-£££: N, V, PPF)
    This all natural perfume duo was only released recently, but it is already making waves because of how complex the creations are.  I had the opportunity to test them out while at the Indie Beauty Expo, and I was taken back by how utterly stunning the scents are. Fire Spirit brings notes of vetiver, vanilla, and and wooded amber, and Water Dreamer has neroli, clary sage, and frankincense -- and guess what, they are just as impressive alone as they are when they combine.  Whether you choose to get one mini size or the complete set, whoever opens this on Christmas day is going to be totally wowed.
  • Balm Balm Single Note Perfumes (££: N, O, V, PPF)
    Unlike the two other perfume suggestions I have made, these fragrances from Balm Balm are not a blend, but a single note, meaning the name of the perfume perfectly describes the scent.  For example, Mandarin offers a zesty and uplifting nose, while Lavender is calming and relaxing.  What I think is especially good about these products is that they can be worn alone or blended together -- I especially like mixing a bit of Geranium with Ylang Ylang for a subtly sweet romantic vibe.

Master Maskers: I love a good mask session at least once a week, and these three beauties are sure to bring radiance and moisture through this winter season:

  • Nini Organics Natura Miracle Mask (££: N, O, V, PPF)
    Does your giftee ove chocolate?  Then this face mask is a must try treat for them!  Combining cacao with tropical coconut, floral hibiscus, earthy pink clay, and bold spirulina, NINI Organics' Natura Miracle Mask packs a powerful punch.  This British brand has created a superfood blend for your face that is high in BHA enzymes, antioxidants, and detoxifying ingredients, all of which work together to become a "pollution solution!"
  • Max & Me Sweet Serenity Mask & Wash (££££: N, O, PPF)
    This mask is not like ANY other mask I have ever tried -- the texture is almost mousse-like, and it is so light and airy, but also incredibly hydrating.  I'm convinced this is a magic potion, as it does wonders for my face and feels out of this world.  The ingredients are calming and work to brighten and heal both your skin and soul.  Plus, it smells divine, with notes of lavender, neroli, ylang ylang, and just a hint of cacao.  If you want to give the gift of luxury and balance this year, this mask is definitely the one to go for.  You'll be seeing a Brand Spotlight on this gorgeous range early in the new year.

    If you spend €200 or more on Max & Me before the 24th of December, you can take home a curated travel kit worth 70 -- just use code TRAVEL-COLLECTION at checkout!
  • Okoko Cosmetiques Secret du Dragon Gel-to-Milk Mask (££££: N, O, V, PPF)
    This organic skincare masterpiece is both a face mask and a cleansing oil, and it contains one of Okoko Cosmetiques' most precious and notable ingredients - sang du dragon, or dragons blood.  Okoko Cosmetiques'  luxury mask/oil cleanser is definitely rich, but this does not lead to any breakouts after use.  Instead, you are left with radiant, glowing, super nourished skin that is clean and clear and ready to take on winter!

I have done my absolute best to represent the best of the best here in this guide, and be as inclusive as possible to ensure you have an ethical gift option for every person in your life.  There is no need to pick up a gift that only will get a few weeks of use, or that will not last the year -- instead, prezzies that give back or that are genuinely useful and show thoughtfulness should be the gift of choice this year!  

If you are still missing a present for someone in your life, let me know in the comments and I am sure we can all come together to offer up some ethical and eco-friendly ideas!  

And as a thank you for all your support this year -- all your kind comments, views, and shares -- I want to give something back during the holiday season.  So, every few days I will be revealing another part of the GRAND PRIZE I have put together!  There will be twelve reveals in all (with multiple items in many!!)  This is huge (£300+), and is just my way of saying thanks :)  Want a hint as to some names that you may find in this haul??  Well, Kiss the Moon, Balm Balm, and Inika are just a few!

Reveals for prizes will be posted on Instagram and Twitter, and this blog post.

This giveaway will run from midnight tonight until Christmas Eve -- and then I will draw the lucky winner on Christmas Day!  Whoever wins will be getting a MASSIVE selection of natural goodies, a few of which have been contributed by some of the wonderful brands included in this Christmas Gift Guide!  This is my biggest giveaway to date, and has been set up to celebrate a wonderful first year with The ecoLogical and all you green beauties -- I really wish you luck!


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