The Eco Friendly and Low Waste Ethical Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is coming, and that means it's gift guide season. Get inspired with eco friendly and low waste ethical gift ideas, and remember that it's about the memories made, not the amount you spend!

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In past years, The ecoLogical has delivered the ultimate ethical gift guides for the holiday season.  However, this time around I'm focusing on a more minimalist approach.  The pandemic left so many families struggling financially, and the hike in energy costs hasn't helped one bit.  Pair this with ever growing landfills and the ongoing environmental crisis, and it makes it hard to have a holly jolly Christmas...

Or so you might have thought!

Well, I'm here to remind us all that we can still spread the gift of Christmas cheer without putting pressure on our wallets or our planet.  It's time to re-imagine what this season is all about.  I'm not saying to skip giving presents.  Gifts are a good way to show someone you care.  But you don't have to max out your credit card to do so, and you can buy from more ethical sources to support small business, reduce waste, and find something really unique.

Rather than aiming for a massive pile of presents, why not choose items that will last and be loved?  That's why this year's gift guide is all about...  Choosing thoughtful and practical presents that will bring joy while also reducing the impact on your bank balance and the environment!

I'm excited to share twelve eco friendly and low waste gift ideas that are bound to be appreciated this year.  And if you need even more inspiration, don't forget that you can always find even more ideas in guides from Christmas past!

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Zero Waste Gift Ideas

Digital Games:

If you have children or gamers in your family, video games are almost always on their Christmas lists.  Unfortunately, these games come packaged in shrink wrap and hard plastic.  It's not eco friendly in the slightest, but there is a way to cut down on waste while still bringing smiles.  Instead of picking up physical copies of the latest hit games, why not purchase a digital gift voucher instead?  This way, they can choose their favourite game and skip the unsustainable materials involved.  Or, if you are buying for your old kiddos, treat them to a big surprise by purchasing the games from the online shop and downloading them straight to their device.  Imagine the excitement!

Nintendo Switch with digital download games next to cozy slippers

Day Out:

Sometimes a gift is great, but an experience day can be even more memorable. Why not plan a weekend getaway or a day out?  You can go somewhere local that has been on your radar for a while, or you can visit somewhere totally new.  A restaurant, a theme park, a museum... Anything goes!  Even just going out for tea can make a great gift, as it offers time for conversation and lots of laughter.  You can tailor it to any budget, and it's such a good way to catch up with people you don't get to see as often as you might like.

espresso cup in Paris restaurant

Ethical Beauty Gift Ideas

Proverb Plastic Free Body Wash:

Body wash is a stocking stuffer staple, but most liquid treatment come inside plastic bottles that are designed to be tossed as soon as they are empty.  Why not choose a more eco friendly and ethical option this festive season instead?  Proverb have launched a refillable low waste alternative that is kind to your skin and the planet, and it would make a great Christmas gift.  I've been using the Wild Mint & Eucalyptus the last few weeks and I can't get enough of the fresh and uplifting aroma.  This natural body wash is great for cleansing away dirt and grime, plus it doubles at a mood booster too!  It's affordable, lasts a long time, and looks really high end too.  And with a paper refill pouch, it's as close to zero waste as you can get.

Proverb Refillable Wild Mint and Eucalyptus Body Wash

Earthy Nail Polish:

Beauty gifts are always a great idea, but I think nail polish makes an especially good present.  Even just one bottle can keep on bringing joy for months and months, and you can make so many different designs so it never gets boring.  However, most nail polishes contain harsh chemicals that can damage your skin, health, and the environment.  But don't fret -- there are some awesome brands out there that are taking a more natural approach.  Earthy Nail Polish is one I have been loving lately.  They create their bold colours using bio-sourced ingredients, and they even go that one step further by choosing more sustainable packaging.  I've tried four different shades so far plus one of their nail oils, and I'm beyond impressed.  Each colour goes on opaque, it doesn't chip easily, and I love the variety of shimmers and creme polishes -- and I'm sure everyone else will too!

Earthy Nail Polish nontoxic polishes lined up on red tinsel

and Fragrance Natural Perfume:

We all know someone who likes to spritz with perfume each day.  This Christmas, surprise them with a luxurious and all natural fragrance that they can use again and again.  Who knows, you might even end up finding their new favourite scent in the process!  and Fragrance is an ethical perfumer that I discovered only recently, but I'm already obsessed with their range.  Using recycled materials and pure essential oils, this is a business that is out to make a difference.  They offer loads of different sizes so everyone can find an option suitable for their price point, and I appreciate that they have solid perfumes as well as your traditional sprays and candles.  and Fragrance even offer a sample pack that includes their whole collection!  My favourites have to be Frank (a magical, soft, complex aroma with frankincense, myrhh, and lemon) and Mad (a delicately uplifting, silky, creamy fragrance with vanilla, buchu, and bergamot), but you can't go wrong with any of these stand out natural perfumes.

seven mini bottles from and Fragrance Natural Perfume sample set

Sustainable Fashion Gift Ideas

8000 Kicks Hemp Waterproof Trainers

Getting a new pair of shoes is always exciting, and that's why gifting trainers is such a good idea for Christmas.  Not only is this a practical present that can be used over and over again, it is also a way to show you understand your friend or family's style.  Unfortunately, not all trainers are made equally.  A lot of the big names are guilty of using sweatshops, child labour, and other unethical practices.  That's where 8000 Kicks comes in.  This ethical footware business not only treats its workers fairly, it also invests in a sustainable future.  They've developed the world's first waterproof hemp shoes, and they have created them to be strong, durable, lightweight, and fashionable.  I've been wearing their Explorer V2 style, and I can't believe how airy and comfortable they are.  They fit true to size, keep my feet dry and warm, and the minimalist design matches with everything.  I'd be over the moon to receive these as a Christmas present, and I think they would make the perfect gift this year.

8000 Kicks Sustainable Shoes in green paired with mustard yellow stockings

Ohne Period Pants

Periods happen.  What doesn't need to happen is the mass amount of waste that comes with bleeding every month.  Say goodbye to uncomfortable tampons and pads, and embrace the super simple and sustainable alternative -- period pants!  That being said, a lot of people are hesitant to take a chance on this eco friendly swap because they just are not sure about how they will feel or fit.  That's why period pants make such a great gift.  You can help them make the change and show them how comfortable and easy this switch is.  One of my favourite brands has to be Ohne.  These are the softest, stretchiest, cutest ones I have tried so far, and they keep you protected all day long.  The high waisted style is my go to, but each design is next level when it comes to comfort and performance.  I can't recommend enough!

Ohne high waisted period pants in orange

Spark Company Embroidered Hat

Winter seems to drag on and on, and a hat is a necessity when keeping warm during this frigid season.  That's why I think an ethically made beanie is such a great gift for Christmas.  It's practical, cute, and can be used for years to come.  And while normally I only recommend totally natural brands, I have an ethical business that has won my support that I think would be the perfect choice for finding a new hat.  Spark Company is a brand founded in equality.  They specialise in feminist and LGBTQ+ apparel, and donate profits to charities close to their hearts.  With Spark Company, there is no sweat shops, no child labour, and no toxic dyes used to produce their products.  Plus, everything is really well made.  I have several t-shirts and jumpers from this range, and their knit hat is my latest love.  It's so cozy and warm, not itchy at all, and I like that there are colour options for each design.

Spark Company black knit hat with hot pink feminist embroidery

Christmas has become really commercial, but I think it's time to start changing this.  Rather than spending tons of money on gifts that are not necessary or wanted, try to choose things that will be memorable, well loved, and used frequently.  It can be something you buy in a shop or an experience you arrange for your family or friends.  The key thing is to minimize waste and maximize joy!

Of course there are so many amazing ethical and eco friendly gifts out there, so I want to hear what ideas for sustainable presents you have this year.  What brands will you be supporting, and what products have caught your attention?  It would be great to hear your thoughts! xx

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