7 Natural Soaps for the Clean Beauty Awards

Natural soaps full of suds is what today's review is all about!  Discover seven eco friendly entries to 2022's CertClean Clean Beauty Awards and learn all about the beautiful bubbles they create...

Cert Clean 2022 Clean Beauty Awards soap entries

Finding a sustainable soap is a great first step to take when choosing to go green, and Cert Clean have made it choice all the easier thanks to all the wonderful options introduced during 2022's Clean Beauty Awards.  There were so many super sudsy entries this year, and I was thrilled to get to try out such a selection of body washes, shampoos, and hand treatments.

Are you ready to see all the eco friendly alternatives I tried out while judging?  Be sure to let me know which stand out to you and if you have tried any of these entries before.  And if you have any other favourites, do share them in the comments below - it's always a joy finding new staples like this!

natural sustainable foaming soap for CertClean 2022 Clean Beauty Awards entries

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Birch Babe Aloe Vera & Seaweed Shampoo & Body Bar

Birch Babe have created a large and in charge plastic free shampoo and body bar that ticks a lot of boxes.  It's pretty easy to use as you just need to massage the product into hair and body, though I do find the bar is a little big for my child sized hands (but that's just a me problem I think!).  I love how it lathers up without any real effort and rinses with ease. Unfortunately, I did found the bar kind of drying on both skin and hair. It left my hair stiff and dried out, so I much preferred it for washing my body.  It also started falling a part a bit after a month or so of use (which is why it's not pictured). That being said, I was happy with the fragrance free smell though which is faintly sweet thanks to coconut milk with a delicate note of nuttiness. It's calming and gentle on the senses, and is my favourite part of this Aloe Vera & Seaweed bar.

Boyzz Only Energizer Combo Wash

This is a classic body wash that is so easy to use, and one that really wowed me.  Don't let the name fool you - this isn't one just for the boys!  The Energizer Combo Wash has such a gorgeous scent, and I couldn't help but adore the spearmint notes that dance along with the blend of juniper and eucalyptus.  This pairing works really well for energizing and invigorating body and mind as it's refreshing and just what I want after a long day or to kick off my morning.  Plus, the antioxidant rich formula is really silky and has a nice lather, and it doesn't feel at all drying on the skin. It's not as nice in the hair, though it does a good job of cleaning both.  I very much enjoyed this body wash, and even though it's 'boyzz only' I find this is the perfect unisex formula.

Carina Organics Citrus Body Wash *

Oh Carina Organics - you have won me over!  This hypoallergenic Citrus Body Wash has a beautiful fruity aroma that is nostalgic and really calming on the senses. It's sweet and tangy, with hints of green apple and citrus, and I really enjoy breathing in the moreish scent.  The full bodied gel feels so silky on the body, and the formula gives a gentle lather that doesn't irritate the skin at all.  Ingredients like chamomile, clover, and dandelion work to create a soothing treatment that cleans skin so well while also feeling like a luxury.  This is a greener beauty option that I highly recommend.  Everything from the scent to the texture is really lovely, and the large size and classic design are sure to suit people's needs. Plus, it's hard to find a truly moisturizing body wash, but this delivers on its promise. I love how calm my skin feels after use, and it's ideal for washing away the day while adding a touch of TLC to your routine.

Desert Essence Foaming Hand Soap PodsRefills

Desert Essence have made a unique soap that aims to cut down on waste while also offering an enjoyable treatment that is uplifting and bursting with citrus scents. I really enjoyed the aroma as it is so crisp and clean, with the mix of tea tree, lemongrass, and green tea creating a fresh experience perfect for daily use.  Plus, it really adds a dose of positivity while you wash your hands. I was also impressed by how easy the pods are to use - it only takes a minute to whip this up! However, you need a special type of bottle otherwise the soap is just a wet liquidy solution. Unless you already have one on hand or are up for an extra purchase, you might be out of luck... That being said, the formula is gentle on your skin and leaves everything feeling super clean without being dry or tight. And with the right type of bottle the foam texture is magical!

Buck Naked Soap Company The Old Fashioned Bar

This is a bar of soap to keep you going for ages - the size of the Buck Naked Soap Company soap is impressive, and it is definitely a showstopper in terms of looks. I like the rough cut edges which show off the handmade qualities, though it is a bit tricky to hold if you have small hands and it doesn't fit perfectly on the average soap dish until it has shrunk down a little. The smell is pretty unique, with a more "masculine" edge that offers a warming and spicy aroma that feels really cozy. It actually reminds me of nights around a fire and is pretty calming on the senses because of this. It's not the most moisturizing bar of soap, but it doesn't dry out your skin and does a good job of cleaning your hands. Plus, the scent lingers for a while so you can have that nice comforting fragrance with you that little bit longer...

Simply Organic Soap Organic Charcoal Face & Body Soap

This Face & Body Soap from Simply Organic offers a detoxifying treatment for your skin that thoroughly cleanses and leaves it squeaky clean.  I love the plastic free element, and it makes for a sustainable swap in a lot of ways.  However, the multi-tasking element just didn't live up to my expectations as the soap isn't moisturizing.  It left my face feeling tight after use, so it's not ideal for cleansing. The blend of tea tree, grapefruit, and clove makes for a lovely uplifting scent that helps tackle issues with acne, but I was left wanting more. I do love that the size is ideal for storing and holding though, and it actually holds its shape pretty well which is a big plus.

Obm Natural Beauty Chamomile Butter Bar

This was another entry that arrived well after judging had completed, so I haven't had a long time to really delve into the product yet.  However, Obm has given great first impressions with their dreamy Chamomile Butter Bar.  The tranquil vibes are truly sumptuous, with notes of lavender offering a peaceful and soothing experience from the start.  The soap doesn't seem very drying so far, and it lathers easily so I am excited to see how I get on with this plastic free soap longer term.

Cert Clean 2022 Clean Beauty Awards soap entries

So what do you think?  Do any of these sustainable soaps grab your eye?  I certainly found a few favourites, and I was impressed by the amount of multi purpose products in this year's entries for the Clean Beauty Awards.

Be sure to leave your thoughts either here or over on Instagram,  Twitter, or even Facebook.  It would be great to know which body wash, shampoo, or soap you're excited about, and to hear what products you love using too!

And be sure to check out all the other fab eco friendly treatments I have been testing for Cert Clean and the 2022 awards.  There is just so much to discover! xx

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