7 Natural Moisturizers for the Clean Beauty Awards

CertClean's Clean Beauty Awards is full of natural skincare and beauty treatments to discover, and as a judge I'm excited to share some of my thoughts on the green goodies I experienced from 2022's entries!

CertClean Clean Beauty Awards moisturizer entries on a blue board showing their texture and colour

CertClean showcases the best in clean beauty, and offers a wide range of categories to be featured each year.  Entry standards are strict, with thirteen ingredients banned as well as plastic microbeads, and brands hopeful to have their creations judged face rigorous testing by a panel of over one hundred experts.  Competition is fierce, and the winners selected have proven exceptional in terms of performance, experience, and ease of use.

"Now in its 7th year, the Clean Beauty Awards celebrates the best performing products — products made without harmful ingredients. Hosted by CertClean and supported by an eminent panel of judges, the Awards is a global movement to recognize the clean beauty products that deliver results."

I was overjoyed to be chosen as a judge last year, and so when I was asked again to participate in 2022's Clean Beauty Awards of course I said yes!  And when I saw the categories I would be judging I was even more thrilled...

I'm excited to be sharing my thoughts on the products I tested over the last several months, and as summer begins to shine I thought it would be great to start off by showcasing the moisturisers I was sent to judge.  It's so important to nourish the skin, especially after long days in the sun.  So how did these treatments fare?

CertClean Clean Beauty Awards moisturizer entries lined up on a floral fabric

Green Bee Botanicals Quench Moisturizer:

I'm a sucker for a moisturizer that looks as good as it performs, and Green Bee Botanicals certainly delievered.  Quench has a satin smooth texture and an inviting colour you can't help but enjoy.  Plus, with a lightweight feel, this is a great choice for many different skin types. The CBG and CBD infused formula has a lotion like consistency that sinks in beautifully, and it doesn't leave any oily residue on the skin. I like how hydrating it feels, and found myself loving it for my neck especially as it softens and replenishes. It's gentle, and while I wasn't super excited by the scent (it has an odd aroma- a bit earthy - but is very subtle) I was very happy with the consistency and texture.

Pura Botanicals Azure Dream Cloud Moisturizer:

One of my favourite moisturizers that I got to test this year has to be this pale blue treatment from Pura Botanicals.  Everything about this product is stunning, and I was wowed from start to finish.  Azure Dream Cloud is the perfect name for this moisturizer because EVERYTHING about it is an absolute dream. The pastel colour gained from blue tansy is magical, the delicate sweetness of the aroma is out of this world, and the results I had were impressive to say the least. This calms your senses and your skin, and it leaves you excited to do your skincare routine each day. After a week I noticed less redness in my cheeks in particular, and the sensitivity I had been experiencing due to the weather had calmed right down.  The pairing of hyaluronic acid, fruit acids, cold pressed natural oils, and yuzu make for a powerhouse product.  If you need to repair and protect your skin, this is the perfect choice. It's lightweight, softening, and just so stunning!

Ayelet Opulence Super Fruits Defense Cream:

Pretty in pink plus rich in nurturing ingredients, Ayelet offered a moisturizer to remember for sure.  The Opulence Super Fruits Defense Cream has such an eye catching colour, and an aroma that pairs perfectly - a softly sweet and floral scent that is soothing on the senses and feels romantic and calming. Created with a blend of phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, this offers an intensive dose of moisture as well as a protective barrier that is ideal for cold and windy weather. I do find it a tad rich for my skin, and while the satin finish it leaves on the skin makes your face feel incredibly soft and smooth, it also feels a little waxy. This makes a great emergency treatment to tackle dry patches, but my congestion prone skin did have trouble using it every day which was so sad since it does a fab job of plumping the skin and toning the complexion!

Youth Anti-Age Day Cream:

Youth offers a day cream that targets aging skin, and the sensation this moisturizer gives your skin is well worth trying.  This is a lightweight moisturizer utilizing tomato stem cells and Solanum Lycopersicum stem cell extract.  It leaves your skin touchably soft and baby smooth, and I was impressed by how quick I could feel those results.  However, it's not gentle so those with sensitive or acne prone skin in particular may struggle with this treatment. I also found the fragrance overwhelming as it was very strong and harsh, and unfortunately the formula irritated my face pretty quickly.  That being said, I loved the smooth and silky texture of the cream, and it visibly plumps the skin, so for those seeking a way to rejuvenate tired complexions may well get on well with this moisturizer.

Gachala Skincare Luna Amazonian Goddess Cream:

Another stunning shade for an effective moisturizing treatment - Gachala has truly created a night cream that is interesting to experience.  The consistency is thin yet really rich and intensively nourishing, and the colour is fascinating with the pale green shade catching your eye immediately on opening the jar. Add a soft floral aroma to these features and you have the Luna organic night cream!  With potent ingredients from the rainforest like sacha inchi, illipe, and cupacu, this is a formulation that offers hydration and anti-aging properties.  It does leave an oily residue on the surface of the skin until it absorbs (about 10-15 minutes after applying), but remains gentle as it works to rejuvenate your complexion. I did find it led to a few breakouts for me personally as coconut oil just doesn't get on with my skin, but I was impressed by how this hydrates and repairs over night.

Aremes Fermentis Multipotent Regenerative Night Cream:

Everything about Aremes Fermentis screams high end, and your skin will thank you for the indulgence.  The Multipotent Regenerative Night Cream is an absolute treat for the senses, and I think 'inspired' is the best way to sum up this treatment!  With a blend of peptides, botanicals, and bioactive metabolites extracted from carrot and algae ferment, this is a product that protects and nourishes while you sleep. Everything about it feels luxurious, from the lightweight texture that glides across skin like a dream and leaves your face feeling like satin to the divine scent that fills your senses.  While it is not the most intensive moisturizer it offers a replenishing touch that slowly revitalizes your complexion. And the dreamy jasmine aroma takes you on a journey and totally calms your mind as you apply the cream each evening. It's regenerative in every sense of the word.

SprucedFern Calming Moisturiser:

As a late arrival, I have not had as much time with this natural treatment.  However, with the slightly sweet and astringent scent and fast absorbing formula, I am very much looking forward to seeing how my skin gets on with this moisturiser.  Packed full of B vitamin rich ingredients like banana extract, soothing botanicals like calendula, and 10% niacinamide, this cream is intended to "restore clarity, resilience and help to smooth the look of the skin."  It offers anti-inflammatory properties to relieve stressed out skin and offers a nurturing touch at the same time.  The colour is really rich giving it a deep yellow tone, and while I do find that the formula separates really easily so I keep having to stir everything thoroughly before using, it isn't overly heavy on the skin.  I can't wait to see the results over time!

CertClean Clean Beauty Awards moisturizer entries

Overall I was really impressed by this year's Clean Beauty Awards entries, and CertClean have introduced me to so many brands I had not previously experienced which is always a joy.  I found several new favourites, and I am very much looking forward to seeing the winners list announced later this month.  Are you excited too?? xx

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