5 Natural Perfumes for the Clean Beauty Awards

Looking for a natural perfume?  Get ready to discover a selection of the green beauty entries for 2022's CertClean Clean Beauty Awards!

CertClean Clean Beauty Awards 2022 Perfume entries

Natural perfume is full of beauty, and 2022's CertClean Clean Beauty Awards was packed with entries that offer aromatherapy benefits as well as statement scents.  I adore eco friendly fragrances, especially ones that attempt to stand out from the crowd.  So imagine how thrilled I was to find out I would be helping judge a selection of natural perfumes along with several other categories for this year's awards!

I tested five formulas, from sweet smells to woodsy aromas, and it was such a pleasure getting to experience such a wide range of perfumes - especially since so many were totally new brands to me!  Being introduced to green beauty brands is always thrilling, but it's even more so when they are confident in their effectiveness, ethics, and eco credentials.

So without further ado, welcome the five natural perfumes I tested for 2022's CertClean Clean Beauty Awards!:

CertClean Clean Beauty Awards 2022 Perfume entries

Vahy Ember Haze Perfume

"Inspired by fireside evenings in cosy log cabins and alpine resorts. Ember Haze fuses smoky woods with the rich, luxurious warmth of amber and vanilla. 

Scent Notes
Top Cardamom | Almond Bitter |Clove

Heart Ambrette Seed Abs (Amber) | Patchouli |Sandalwood

Base Guaiac wood | Vanillin Natural (Vanilla) | Vetiver (Madagascar)"

What an entrancing perfume! Vahy has created an experience that grows on you with each application.  It's neither masculine nor feminine which makes it really versatile, and the blend of citrus, herbs, and vanilla work together to create a really complex fragrance that feels mysterious and fresh. This is a unique scent, and one that will work perfectly for evenings where you want that little extra boost of confidence. Plus, I love how it mellows out after a few minutes and transforms into a much softer aroma.  It's long lasting as well as special, and it was definitely a stand out for me.

Valeur Absolue Harmonie Essentielle Perfume

"A soft and woody composition inspired by the sweetness of childhood and centered around the soothing scent of neroli. Harmonie Essentielle is an anthology of notes recognized in aromachology to soothe the body and mind. Amethyst stones dance in the bottle radiating harmonious energy."

Refillable bottles, crystals, and certified organic?  Now that's a stellar natural perfume!  This is a delicate, sumptuous scent that is full of romance and intrigue.  It is certainly a lighter presence than some of the others, but it stays for hours and hours and really works to ease your mind.  The neroli and vanilla notes are incredible and make for a really calming experience that feels really special. The perfume has a soft and subtle fragrance, but it offers a harmonising boost to the senses throughout the day and you can't help but smile when you breathe in the aroma. Plus, the added amethysts make this look and feel all the more magical!

Megan Potter Ella Perfume

"Ella by MEGAN POTTER is a fresh contemporary floral with cheerful citrus tones.

This original fragrance cleverly blends florals, musk, vanilla and fruity essences with a subtle exotic spiciness and upbeat citrus.

Think modern romance, femininity and confidence, this scent is timeless and will take you from daytime casual to formal events."

Megan Potter has crafted a beautiful Australian perfume that warms the senses. The aroma is fantastic as it strikes the perfect balance between sweet and heady - the vanilla is so moreish, and I found myself drawn to this perfume more and more. This has richer notes than the other natural perfumes, and therefore is all the more noticeable throughout the day.  I appreciate the natural ingredients as they are much gentler on my lungs, and I was impressed by how long lasting the scent is.  It lingers, and I love catching the aroma throughout the day as it's such a delight.

Wild Coast Perfumery Jasper Perfume

"A hike through an alpine wildflower meadow to the sanctuary of a cozy cabin where delicious scents linger in the cedar walls and unfurl around you like a deep, comforting hug. 

Notes - Oud, Cuban tabacco, tamarack pitch from the Rockies, toffee, vanilla, vetiver, tonka bean, sandalwood, clementine, & a floral hint.   Made with sustainably sourced vetiver from Haiti."

If you want a perfume that challenges what you know about typical fragrances, this is one to try. Wild Coast Perfumery has made a powerful perfume that is fresh and evokes thoughts of the outdoors thanks to the blend of smoky and sweet essential oils, absolutes, and resins. The aroma of Jasper is full of strength and is forward facing, so you feel adventurous every time you spritz it on.  It's one of the more 'masculine' fragrances, and the purse size bottle I tried was really convenient for carrying around too.

Raw Nature Soft Rose + Sandalwood Perfume

"Blush roses and tinges of soft creamy oak make this scent fresh and classic, yet new.

Top | Soft Rose

Middle | Delicate Citrus

Base| Sandalwood and Vanilla"

A plastic free perfume that lasts and lasts? That's what this tube from Raw Nature offers! The solid formula is super easy to apply, and a little goes a long way. Plus, while it is bursting with a delicious scent it is actually really gentle on the skin. I love the clean and clear aroma that combines heady florals with creamy citrus and vanilla. It's really peaceful and uplifting, and the fragrance lingers for many hours so you can enjoy it throughout the day.  This was a fast favourite, and it's a natural perfume I will keep reaching for!

CertClean Clean Beauty Awards 2022 Perfume entries

2022's CertClean Clean Beauty Awards is going to be packed with exceptional winners, and I cannot wait to see who ends up being featured.  For me, many of my favourites from what I have tested have come from the perfume category.  I was wowed by the mix of delicate and mysterious notes, and the lasting power was impressive too.  Many new favourites were found this year!

But what about you?  Which of these five natural perfumes catch your eye (or nose!)??  Are you more of a sweet scent sort of person or do you prefer more unisex aromas?  I would love to hear, so drop your thoughts in the comments below or over on InstagramTwitter, or even Facebook xx

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