Cheap and Cheerful: Greenfrog Botanic Solid Shampoo Review *

Plastic free products are a sustainable beauty solution that many are embracing, but finding the perfect shampoo bar that actually works and doesn't break bank can be tricky.  Does Greenfrog Botanic meet the cut??

bright coloured plastic free shampoo bars from Greenfrog Botanic stacked up

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About Greenfrog Botanic:

Greenfrog Botanic is a brand I was first introduced to many many years ago, and their efforts have always been appreciated.  They are focused on spreading the joys of soap berries, a natural surfactant that is gentle, eco friendly, and multi-tasking.  Founders Nick and Julie discovered this little wonder ingredient on their travels in Delhi, and Greenfrog Botanic soon followed...

"We are extremely proud that our unique and original Greenfrog Botanic premium natural skincare range is registered by the Vegetarian and Vegan societies, with minimum 72% organic dry content, 0% paraben, SLS, palm oil, phosphates and no nasty chemicals."

Greenfrog Botanic have a range that includes body lotion, hand wash, haircare, and more.  Each of their products are formulated with soap berries, including the focus of today's review: their plastic free shampoo bars!

Greenfrog Botanic plastic free shampoo bars in low waste wrappers lined up in a pyramid

Greenfrog Botanic Plastic Free Shampoo Bars:

Greenfrog Botanic offers three versions of their plastic free shampoo bars: Argan & Jasmine Oil, Orange & Cinnamon, and Argan & Rose.  I had the joy of testing out the Argan and Rose bar during 2022's Beauty Shortlist Awards, and when I saw the jasmine formula was recognized I knew I had to try out the whole trio.

These shampoo bars come in a low waste wrapper and are made with between 96-98% natural ingredients.  They are also vegan friendly, cruelty free, and don't contain any harsh additives.  Greenfrog Botanic also steers clear of things like palm oil and SLS, meaning these offer guilt free haircare that save you time and money.

But really - for a shampoo bar under a fiver, this is definitely a product to check out!  Each version provides so much lather and cleanses your locks perfectly.  With just a few quick swipes, the bar gives a ton of bubbles that makes it easy to fully coat your head.  And despite all this foamy action, the formula doesn't dry out hair or leave it looking frizzy!  It's surprisingly gentle on the scalp, and had me impressed.  

I like how the Greenfrog Botanic shampoo bars refresh your locks and leaves everything shiny, feeling lightweight, and looking like new.  It's a great reset.  Plus, the colours of these bars are so bright and eye catching!  The Argan & Rose is a vivid pink with purple undertones, the Orange & Cinnamon is a fresh and fierce orange, and the Argan & Jasmine is a pure white shade.  Do keep in mind though - the colourful bars do 'bleed' a bit so don't leave them on the edge of your shower or sink unless you are okay with a bit of transfer.

vibrant colour plastic free shampoo bars from Greenfrog Botanic

These bars are small and compact which fit great in your hand, but I did notice that because of this the product doesn't last quite as long as other shampoo bars I have used in the past.  They have a unique texture, kind of like shaved soap in a solid form which gives it extra sensory details, and while this makes it feel really different it also leads to the bar breaking down more easily.  But with the price point being so affordable, this isn't too big of an issue.  And if you are careful with storing them, you can extend their lifespan even longer.

Each bar is pretty to look at, but that's not where the beauty ends...  They all smell lovely too!  Argan & Rose is fairly delicate with a distinct rose aroma that is not too heady or in your face which is nice.  Argan & Jasmine has an even softer scent that is peaceful and perfect for those wanting a bit of extra calm during their haircare routine.  I have to admit my favourite is the Orange & Cinnamon though - it's just so warming and full of familiar comforting notes that leave me feeling cozy and cheerful.  That being said, each one has something special.

Have you tried these shampoo bars yet?  I would love to know which is your stand out! xx

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