Ethical and Eco Friendly Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's Day is coming up quick, so why not get a head start on shopping for gifts that will make the moment extra special?  And this year, go for ethical and eco friendly treats that will have your loved one smiling and leave the planet protected too!

low sugar vegan gluten free pink cocktails from Mindful Mixology

Valentine's Day isn't something I get super excited about, as I believe that showing your love should be an every day occurrence.  However, I know many really appreciate the acknowledgment or adore sharing a special gift.  That's why I wanted to offer a few ethical and sustainable ideas for Valentine's Day this year!

Whether you are long in love, fresh in fancy, or single and sassy, these eco friendly goodies are sure to brighten the day.

Sustainable Jewellery:

Paguro Upcycle:

Paguro is an online retailer inspired by individuality, quality, and sustainability.  Founded by designed Yen, the shop aims to provide products created with repurposed and recycled materials without skimping on creativity or craftmanship.  With a wide range of eco friendly items available, this is a great place to checkout if you are looking for a gift!

Their jewellery in particular has struck me, I am totally smitten with their recycled wood and gold earrings.  I have a pair of the Ocean design, and I think they hit that perfect balance of unique and timeless.  The design is beautiful as it captures the colours and movement of the sea, and they are the perfect size - not too clunky or big and making a great accent to any outfit.  Handmade with offcuts of teak, redwood or oak that are salvaged from furniture factories, these sustainable earrings are truly something special.

But the options don't stop there.  Choose from vegan pieces like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks and more.  You'll find reused and reclaimed materials like electrical wire, skateboard, wood, plant resin, bicycle chain, and even inner tube.  Can't get more unique than that!

Jana Reinhardt:

I've raved about this ethical jewellery brand before, but I'll do it again.  Jana Reinhardt is a sustainable and eco conscious business with a focus on using recycled metals, eco friendly packaging, and ethical suppliers (that are RJC certified!).  They have timeless and adorable pieces that can be customized to any customers preferences, and even have a line that donates to animal charities.

I'm obsessed with my tiny kitty necklace, and find it so dainty and beautiful.  The smooth lines really add to the charm, and I find myself impressed by the quality every time I wear it.  This is a design that goes with any outfit and any occasion, plus the lightweight but sturdy feeling is positively perfect.  The chain hits at just the right place (but if you like them longer or shorter don't fret - this is just one of many aspects you can adjust when purchasing as all Jana Reinhardt jewellery is made to order and created by hand!).

Cats not your thing?  They have pretty much every animal you can think of PLUS their other collections too.  From wings and birth flowers to gemstones and family trees - this is a brand that has all bases covered.

reclaimed wood earrings with blue wave design from sustainable jewellery brand Paguro Upcycle

Ethical Alcohol:

Cantina Goccia:

A bottle of wine is always welcome, but even more so when it is created with sustainability in mind!  With the world's first wine in a paper bottle, this is a gift that will hit all the right notes this Valentine's Day.

Cantina Goccia released 3Q, a grapetastic drink with a carbon footprint up to six times (84%) lower than the average glass container.  This Frugal Bottle launched in 2020 and has been impressing palettes everywhere since then.  Not only is the packaging more eco friendly than your normal tipple (up to 77% less plastic than lightweight alternatives and even the paperboard is 94% recycled!), but it tastes great too.

I'm a big fan of a small glass of wine in the evening, and this really surpassed my expectations.  I was worried it would just be a talking point for show rather than a delicious wine, but that was not the case at all.  This is a smooth easy drinking red bursting with flavour and a moreish finish.  A blend of Merlot and Cabernet, it's a higher percentage wine than I normally go for, but it's one that makes a statement for a special occasion and will go down a treat for Valentine's Day.  I really hope to see even more from Cantina Goccia and the Frugal Bottle in future, as this was top knotch.

Mindful Mixology:

Whether you are looking for alcohol or booze free drinks, Mindful Mixology is the brand to check out if you are a fan of cocktails!  This is the healthier choice and suited for all lifestyles as the blends are low in sugar, gluten free, and vegan friendly.  Plus, they opt for eco packaging and high quality ingredients - it's everything you want in a cocktail and more!

Mindful Mixology offer alcohol free options alongside their core range, and customers can choose from all the staples you would expect to find in a bar.  But unlike those overpriced drinks that contain more sugar than a can of Coca Cola, these ones are much more guilt free!  From martinis and margaritas to old fashioneds and more...  The selection is pretty impressive and there is a drink for everyone.  My favourite has to be the Lychee Martini so far - it's so fruity and refreshing, and just the right strength.  Plus, it's pink, so it's a clear choice for Valentine's Day.

The art on each label is super stylish too, with each different drink having a unique piece of art designed by MC Cashback and inspired by various music icons.  They're great to look at, delicious to drink, and each box sold contributes to a range of charities!  It's a gift that keeps on giving.

art pop style labels showing off music icons with Mindful Mixology cocktails

paper bottle wine from Cantina Goccia and Frugal Bottle

Eco Friendly Chocolate:

Cocoa Loco:

Cozy up this Valentine's Day with a piping cup of rich hot chocolate from Cocoa Loco and then nibble on their organic handmade truffles.  It will be a night to remember!

Cocoa Loco has been a chocolate brand I've enjoyed for a long time now, but over Christmas my wonderful husband got me a few treat boxes from The Vegan Kind and inside I discovered the most intense and creamy hot chocolate I've ever had.  That's right, the hot chocolate spoons from Cocoa Loco!  After that, I was hooked.  These vegan friendly treats are so easy to use and intensely chocolatey.  As someone who can't have too much caffeine on weekdays, this has become a fast favourite as an alternative to coffee.  One cup of this and my cravings are sorted, plus it leaves me feeling so pampered.

Cocoa Loco also do hot chocolate bombs (which are AMAZING), plus normal goodies like truffles, buttons, bars, and other delicious treats.  All of them are Soil Association approved organic, Fairtrade certified, and packaged using compostable materials.  There is also loads of vegan options!

Creative Nature Gnawbles:

Sometimes chocolate is the perfect addition to a special day, so why not stock up on a few packets of Gnawbles and indulge in a crunchy snack throughout the day?  These allergen friendly, vegan, and ethically produced goodies are low in sugar but very moreish.  With each bite the flavour builds, and the satisfying texture will leave you looking forward to having just one more...

Made by Creative Nature who pride themselves on using the best possible ingredients, Gnawbles are free from the top fourteen allergens like gluten, nuts, and dairy.  They also moved to fully recyclable packaging this year so they are thinking about a sustainable future step by step.  And with three flavours to try out, there is bound to be at least one you'll love - Cheeky Choc Hazelnot, Creeamy Mylk, and Super Salted Caramel.

bright and cheerful pattern with colourful Gnawbles chocolate packaging laid out on display

Organic Perfume:


Looking for a natural and vegan friendly perfume that doesn't cost the earth?  Flaya is the perfect choice!  Handmade in Scotland, this small family run business carefully blends precious oils and natural aromatic compounds to create stunning eau de parfum that is suitable for all occasions and is also safe for skin and the planet.  Plus, they are pretty affordable too!

With a selection of purse size vials (10ml) and showstopper bottles (30ml), this is a natural perfume brand that tries to suit all budgets and needs.  I love the minis for trying out different scents and for travel, while I tend to choose my all time favourites for the full sizes.  However, whichever you choose you will find yourself impressed by the simple beauty of the branding, packaging, and fragrances.

Each perfume is 80-92% organic ingredients, and all their aromatic formulations are vegan friendly.  There are six scents to choose from, and each is unique and special in its own way.  My personal favourites are the dreamy and tropical inspired blends like Forever, No. 48, Island, and If...  But honestly, they are all incredible and will be well received this Valentine's Day (or any day for that matter!).

Balm Balm:

Sometimes perfume isn't about perfectly paired fragrances - and Balm Balm showcases the power of single note aromas with their range of organic perfumes.  With five essential oil EDPs available, this is a brand to check out if you are a particular fan of one specific scent.  For example, those who adore the floral notes of rose will be overjoyed to have a bottle of the Rose Geranium on their shelf.  It's a great way to make the most of particular aromas, plus it can even double as a room mist!

Affordable and available in sample packs as well as full sizes, these organic perfumes are ideal for those who like a clean and simple scent rather than more complex blends.  They're also fab for anyone who likes to try their hand at making their own unique smells, as the Balm Balm range can overlap beautifully.  I love meshing the sweet and creamy ylang ylang with the zesty tang of mandarin in particular.

With bright and colourful labels, long lasting fragrances, and a budget friendly price point, these vegan and organic perfumes make perfect gifts.  Why not surprise someone this Valentine's Day with a bottle (or two!?).

organic perfume from Flaya and Balm Balm

While Valentine's Day is always hyped as a day of love, remember to show those dear to you how you feel all year round.  It's not the gift that counts, but the continued respect, kindness, and support that you offer.  Though let's be honest - a gift every now and then doesn't hurt either!

What will you be doing this Valentine's Day?  I would love to hear your thoughts on giving gifts, alternative ideas, or hot takes on this commercial holiday - drop your ideas in the comments! xx

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