Eco Swaps: Proverb Skincare Refillable Deodorant Review

Sweat sustainably with a natural and refillable deodorant from Proverb Skincare!  Today's post checks out this eco and vegan friendly swap and puts the low waste deo to the test...

Proverb Skincare Refillable Natural Deodorant Starter Pack in yellow case

Proverb Skincare:

"Based on the ethos that you ‘get out what you put in’ across all areas of your life from work, to family through to making your mark on the world, founders Kirstie and Luke Sherriff, wanted to create a brand that would be part of helping people feel, look and think better – to get the most out of every day."

Founded by duo Kirstie and Luke Sherriff, Proverb Skincare is a brand that is "built around a morning routine for consistency, marginal gains and a healthy mindset."  With a selection of natural skincare and eco friendly staples, and loads of professional expertise to back up their line, this eco-conscious business is out to make some much needed change.

I remember when I heard about the launch of Proverb Skincare - I had tried a few Pinks Boutique organic products by this point, and so I was excited about this new business venture and could not wait to see what was in store.

Well, I was not disappointed that's for sure.  

I tried their sanitizer pretty early on, and recently I was offered the chance to test out their natural and refillable deodorant.  I was certainly excited, as it had been on my radar for a while!  This vegan treatment is free from aluminum, artificial fragrance and colourings, parabens, phalates, PEGS, petroleum based products, and alcohol.  It's also thoroughly tested - according to the founders it is rendition number 89! - so you know that your pits are protected.

And after weeks and weeks of my own personal testing, I'm finally ready to share my thoughts...

Proverb Skincare Refillable Natural Deodorant Starter Pack in yellow case hanging in a handmade net

Natural Deodorant Starter Set:

"93% of customers agreed ‘it worked all day long at home, work and the gym’. Subtle, not overpowering and scents that last all day long so you can stay confident and fresh. Rigorously tested on sweaty athletes."

The Proverb refillable deodorant is available in a Starter Set which includes the case and one natural deodorant stick.  You can select from white, yellow, or grey for the container, plus choose your fragrance of choice.  There are three available (as well as two active formulas), so you're bound to find one that suits your tastes.

The scents Proverb has created are Wild Mint and Eucalyptus, Coconut and Tonka, and a fragrance free option for an extra gentle touch.  There are also Active versions that are specially crafted for those who are heavy sweaters or struggle with more intense body odour (note: these options contain sodium bicarb).  Proverb really do cater to all lifestyle needs and skin types, and that's something I have to appreciate.

I was sent a full size of the Sensitive stick and samples of the Coconut & Tonka Active and Wild Mint & Eucalyptus to try out.  All three are brilliant, but for me the bicarb free options are ideal as I sometimes develop a bit of sensitivity over time to this natural deodorant staple ingredient.  I decided to go with sensitive this time, but I am super tempted by the others as they smell incredible.  You can't go wrong with any of these in my opinion.

The Sensitive & Unfragranced deodorant from Proverb is everything I want in a product like this.  It's so smooth to apply, creamy and comfortable on the skin, dries down quickly and doesn't leave any gritty texture behind, and it doesn't transfer to clothing.  I was also impressed by the strength, as it worked well all day long and I didn't have to worry about reapplying.  I was left fresh until the evening, and my underarms were nourished and soothed.  It's really a winning formula.

Proverb Skincare Refillable Natural Deodorant in yellow case

Eco Friendly Refill Option:

"The paper wrap and sticker can both go straight into your normal paper recycling stream. The wrap is 100% plastic free. The sticker adhesive and paper is biodegradable & made from sugar cane, hemp and linen."

I love a refill option, especially when the packaging is as simple as it is with Proverb Skincare.  There is no excess here.  Rather than unnecessary plastics, you are greeted with a 100% recyclable outer box that protects the deodorant stick from any bumps in transit, and a single paper wrapping that keeps the product fresh until you are ready to slot it into your reusable casing.  And that's it!

I find it refreshing to have an option that actually takes every element of their packaging seriously.  Not only do the Proverb deodorants come in eco friendly wraps and are designed to be refilled, but the brand even has a returns program in place for the one bit of waste these refills generate.  Each stick has a little wheel inside that allows the product to twist up when more is needed.  All you have to do is set these aside until you have six, and then email Proverb.  They will then send out a pre-paid envelope, you post it out to their HQ, and then these pieces will be sterilized and looped back into their production cycle.

These refills are totally faff free to re-install too.  You just unwrap the paper, pop the new stick onto the spindle, and twist down.  And with the subscription service available, you can just set up your delivery and never have to worry about running out of deodorant again!

Proverb Skincare Refillable Natural Deodorant samples

I've been impressed by the Proverb Skincare refillable natural deodorant, and I might just have found my perfect match.  Often there are one or two bugbears I have with formulas like this, but there was not a single fault I could find with this treatment.  Yes, the price is a bit higher than other options on the market, but the product is so smooth and creamy, gentle, and effective, plus has sustainability in mind from start to finish.  What's not to love?

Have you tried Proverb yet?  I would love to hear your thoughts, so let me know in the comments below...

And if you have not had a chance to test this refillable deodorant yet, be sure to check it out.  You can pick out your case and fragrance in a starter set, and you can even set up a subscription to save even more on this eco friendly alternative.  It's green living made easy, and award winning at that!

Proverb Skincare Refillable Natural Deodorant Starter Pack

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