Love Absolute Skincare: Naked Rose Nutrition Cream Review *

Natural skincare packed with rose and other nourishing organic ingredients?  Love Absolute delivers a moisturizing cream that will have your skin replenished in no time!

Love Absolute Skincare Naked Rose Nutrition Cream on a purple succulent pillow

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Love Absolute Skincare:

Vegan friendly and fully focused on sustainability, this small business prioritizes bee and bug friendly ingredients while also delivering exceptional results with their stunning formulations.  This ethical brand stole my heart a few years ago, and I have been hooked ever since.  Their founder Sarah is such a hardworking and thoughtful person, with a mission to make "holistically designed skincare, with every part working toward healing and supporting skin health," and that is just what their range of multi-tasking natural products has proven to do.

I've been a big fan of Love Absolute Skincare for a few years now, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that one of my top recommendations for natural skincare brands to check out is this eco friendly business.  I adore their cleansing balms, obsess over the texture and colour of their formulas, and love how effective each treatment is.  And late last year I was super thankful to be sent a couple green goodies - and today I will be sharing all about one of them!

Love Absolute Skincare Naked Rose Nutrition Cream and Rose Glow Balm

Naked Rose Nutrition Cream:

With the blustery winds and central heating wreaking havoc to skin, Naked Rose Nutrition Cream is the perfect solution for winter worn faces.  With a rich creamy texture and replenishing benefits that can soothe and plump tired and dull complexions, this is a brilliant addition for anyone needing that extra oomph.

Organic and English grown ingredients help set this stunner apart, with a blend of poppy seed, rosehip, blackcurrant, red raspberry, and elderberry oils that pair perfectly with the moreish aroma of geranium and rose.  It's a stellar combination for a daily treatment that is bursting with natural ceramides and hydration.

As the Naked Rose Nutrition Cream is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, it does a great job of revitalizing the complexion and so dry patches, lackluster skin, and flakiness become problems of the past.  The nurturing moisturizer's richness tackles it all, and helps give your face the pick me up it needs.

Love Absolute Skincare Naked Rose Nutrition Cream texture

This is initially heavy with an ultra indulgent texture, it doesn't weigh down your skin at all.  Instead, it sinks in and leaves it feeling conditioned and super smooth.  The organic oils within the formula offer a protective barrier against the elements, and help minimize damage during windy days - I can really feel the difference after time spent outdoors.  And while I do find this a bit rich for my skin on an everyday basis, it's fab for overnight as an intensive treatment.  It works wonders and is just so luxurious.  It's like having a spa facial at home, and I wake up with plump and fresh skin whenever I use it!

With a gorgeous scent of rose, this eco friendly moisturizer is aromatherapeutic as well as soothing for the skin.  I love breathing in the floral scent and letting a wave of calm wash over me.  It's romantic, not overly heady, and reminds me of the heart of summer with sunsets and warmth and endless positivity.  This is a beautiful cream that will spread joy all year round, and leave your face feeling restored.

Love Absolute Skincare eco friendly Naked Rose Nutrition Cream

Have you tried the all natural Naked Rose Nutrition Cream yet?  Love Absolute is sure to wow you, so definitely check them out soon if you haven't already!  And remember, you can grab 15% off your first order by using code LOVENATURE at checkout!  What better way to discover your new favourites??

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